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  1. Givenchy Homme

    Givenchy Homme9 hours ago

    She should have got a Mac.

  2. Дамир Птицын

    Дамир Птицын9 hours ago

    This is just... Eh.

  3. Vicarious

    Vicarious9 hours ago

    I cry

  4. J

    J9 hours ago

    Only $100?!?!?

  5. Aaron Cheromiah

    Aaron Cheromiah9 hours ago

    That's pretty cool 😎

  6. Salty Soldier

    Salty Soldier9 hours ago

    should be quicker now all those fake ballot forms are out of the system

  7. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler9 hours ago

    You can never ignore history

  8. P L A M O O T I L

    P L A M O O T I L9 hours ago

    Unless you’re one of those who believed you were called to teach, I can’t find a single reason (other than summers off but even that is questionable) why anyone would take out hundreds of thousands in student loans to attend college, earn a degree, and work for a teacher’s wage anymore.

  9. Casa Grande

    Casa Grande9 hours ago

    Wow, So many comments by "SS" sympathisers ,we wonder why they are increasing what a dangerous World, Gig

  10. Ododoeye

    Ododoeye9 hours ago

    She smiles at him like he really could see her

  11. Cumar Mohamud

    Cumar Mohamud9 hours ago

    No matter what people wants you to be dead or any negative things.Know that they didn't create you first of all.They just using mouth and lips just like you can.Your body and every body belongs to Allah the creator,killing yourselves is bad to do or killing someone.Almighty God will punish those who do this two I mentioned.Every body will taste death like God Almighty Lord said in Quran.Those who fell doing suicide,killing someone,or loneliness and even more.Islam is the only path can save you.Listen Quran and learn it no matter what religion you believe it or not.This can save you from suicide and others I mentioned. Hope you guys the best and what I said is very important see for yourself try it.

  12. Pseudo

    Pseudo9 hours ago

    "why did u shoot me?" " *My racist sense got the best of me sorry.* "

  13. Vince McMahon

    Vince McMahon9 hours ago

    For the love of God their friendship should be taught in schools.

  14. Daniel j Cor-i-ca

    Daniel j Cor-i-ca9 hours ago

    Cancel the post office... plenty of other carriers can do it better and cheaper

  15. Bres De Danann

    Bres De Danann9 hours ago

    Why would you take a vaccine for a virus that 99.8% of people recover from and most people who contract it have zero or very mild symptoms.

  16. Ododoeye

    Ododoeye9 hours ago

    Awwwww No words to describe the beauty of this.

  17. John Sotelo

    John Sotelo9 hours ago

    Cost of living is still expensive in 2021 .

  18. Anthony Grizzel

    Anthony Grizzel9 hours ago

    When the mail dont go...the people in charge of delivering it need to!

  19. Ob scured

    Ob scured9 hours ago

    I know they telling the truth because the one kid only said “he’s rad”


    O&E AUTOBODY9 hours ago

    Covid bill has a line item to subsidize USPS. They are buying electric vehicle's. My postman said due to online ordering they are getting mad overtime. $35+ per hour adds up. Don't know why they not hiring new people.

  21. William Overby

    William Overby9 hours ago

    I retired from the postal service after 32 years, it was reasonably efficient when i started, a joke run by absolute clowns when i left. The waste and mismanagement is a disgrace.

  22. bent outofshape

    bent outofshape10 hours ago

    I just recieved a letter sent to me dec.5th. Yes it is Feb. 25th. You can't slow it down more than that!

  23. Vicarious

    Vicarious10 hours ago

    She looks familiar

  24. Savannah May

    Savannah May10 hours ago

    He’s there to Sabotage USPS

  25. Lindsay

    Lindsay10 hours ago

    Breaks my damn heart. To have these intelligent creatures locked up in a concrete pool.

  26. James Robin

    James Robin10 hours ago

    USlikes is also easily the “Monday Morning QuarterBacking” headquarters of the whole planet earth....

  27. boomer 60

    boomer 6010 hours ago

    C’ mon man , mommy change my diaper !

  28. James Robin

    James Robin10 hours ago

    The kid on the video and the kid his parents know are essentially 2 different people...

  29. Rachel Woodruff

    Rachel Woodruff10 hours ago

    Hes effing up the usps mail to give private companies an edge. Get rid of the republican creep

  30. loganbaileysfunwithtrains

    loganbaileysfunwithtrains10 hours ago

    You mean slow it down even more to boost your stakes in private parcel service providers?

  31. DWG Herkemasnurdbird

    DWG Herkemasnurdbird10 hours ago

    You all have only 2 speeds, slow and stop. But at least you suck at everything else too. 😳. The USPS has lost billions and billions of dollars.

  32. Nwo Nwo

    Nwo Nwo10 hours ago


  33. S L

    S L10 hours ago

    I don’t understand how anyone can justify separating children from their parents. Never.

  34. Barbie Dahl

    Barbie Dahl10 hours ago

    Biden needs to fill the USPS Board of Governors' three empty seats with three Democrats and get rid of this hack now!

  35. Doug Buse

    Doug Buse10 hours ago

    He wants to" Texas" the post office! Why can't I get a comment on this?

  36. Doug Buse

    Doug Buse10 hours ago

    The only government agency that everyone is happy with. Of course Republicans want to destroy it! 60 years and I've never missed sending or receiving a letter. comments?

  37. Isreal Obannon

    Isreal Obannon10 hours ago


  38. Miguel Ortiz

    Miguel Ortiz10 hours ago

    We need to fire his behind out of the post office. Why this is else so difficult to do? Get some body that will bring back our mail quality in place.😡

  39. Dave the Aubergine

    Dave the Aubergine10 hours ago

    Ok he was like the next stalin tf did ı miss ( and yes ı did copy a comment )

  40. K Z

    K Z10 hours ago

    stupid to slow down usps ugh just going have to switch to UPS because i have ton of customers on my nerves because parts supposedly be arriving on time but two weeks behide late n i want my ex cash back because of late n still havent received anything from USPS

  41. Quit Ask'n

    Quit Ask'n10 hours ago

    The Native Americans deserve respect, but bones that old should of been tested if it were in fact their ancestors give them back. Who knows they could be lying about the orgins. I think most Natice American came from Mexico area. United States is a land that was very far away from all the other old land. Were living in the newest founded land in the world only about 200 years here in West side of Washington State. The things that are in the ground is amazing

  42. l

    l10 hours ago

    he destroyed around 700 fast mail sorters right before the election. why is he not gone? he wasted taxpayer cash. is wasting taxpayer cash. why is he still there ?

  43. Teresa Wright

    Teresa Wright10 hours ago

    Why isn’t he fired? I don’t understand?

  44. aero mtb

    aero mtb10 hours ago

    something has to give. unfortunately they are structured to fail. they need to charge market rate for first class, slow delivery, something different. they are always asking for money to shore their expenses.

  45. Quit Ask'n

    Quit Ask'n10 hours ago


  46. Slikki da Stray

    Slikki da Stray10 hours ago

    Lets get rid of him

  47. Astral Bastard

    Astral Bastard10 hours ago

    Where is Lee Harvey Oswald's when we need him???

  48. Marguns21

    Marguns2110 hours ago

    Without cogs the machine wont run. Well they just would have filled that cog with another cog.

  49. Жамолиддин Узаков

    Жамолиддин Узаков10 hours ago


  50. Scotty Walker

    Scotty Walker10 hours ago

    Slower snail mail is that possible?

  51. Y McCormack

    Y McCormack11 hours ago

    Well..Some boys need their father..and He contributed to what his son became..I am not asking Christ and his twelve disciples..Absent fathers produce dysfunctional sons..

  52. kathleenirish

    kathleenirish11 hours ago

    Government sucks

  53. Akariakuns

    Akariakuns11 hours ago

    Why do people care when someone wants to die? If they want to then let them it's their choice


    LSU SAINTS11 hours ago

    Fake news!!!!!

  55. Kevin Wilson

    Kevin Wilson11 hours ago

    He can't tell nobody he's not leaving if the president chose to let you go he will ,so please don't say what you not going to do

  56. Janson Gabuya

    Janson Gabuya11 hours ago

    0:57-1:01 I dont get it, How is a Savana A jungle? King of the Jungle? why call it a Jungle

  57. Dinga Velte

    Dinga Velte11 hours ago

    Nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  58. John Avila

    John Avila11 hours ago

    Cowards that r scared of ther shadow shouldn't b cops. Any excuse to shoot some 1 . AZ has been getting away with so much an good at controling wrong doings an hiding it. Especially COURT ROOMS as well. So sad an embarrassing we even have to pay them for it. Just to shut up an take it, Used to be working for the people , just to turn it around an take over. We Couldn't do anything even if we wanted too.

  59. half track mind

    half track mind11 hours ago

    Juuuuuust anotha biden lie

  60. Josuke Higashikata

    Josuke Higashikata11 hours ago

    Mans was smart though, they probably would have accused him of doing something to that cop

  61. Stan Webb

    Stan Webb11 hours ago

    To quote the last President!!! "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" You should have gone home with, Don the Con!!! So go home!!!!! Just another way of get back at Biden!!!!

  62. Life Hacks

    Life Hacks11 hours ago

    T seems to "pick the worst"... so his record is rather abysmal for picking winners.

  63. Halo 1022

    Halo 102211 hours ago

    He’s been nothing but bad news for the USPS. He needs to be replaced by someone who actually cares and wants the Postal Service to succeed.

  64. Lorenzo A

    Lorenzo A11 hours ago

    Why does Dejoy still have a job with USPS?

  65. Cosmic Brownie

    Cosmic Brownie11 hours ago


  66. chaseme81871

    chaseme8187111 hours ago

    he may??? it has been slowed down!

  67. danielandTeresa bowlin

    danielandTeresa bowlin11 hours ago


  68. Elijah Jones

    Elijah Jones11 hours ago

    Please Mr. President get someone else with Postal experience from the ranks to turn it around, someone's who wants the job for the better service to the people.

  69. Lorenzo Carmagnola

    Lorenzo Carmagnola11 hours ago

    Messed up. My dad works as a mail carrier. He’s a good worker and deserves better.

  70. farmrrick

    farmrrick11 hours ago

    Shut er down plenty of other options.

  71. mani yk

    mani yk11 hours ago

    The way they took her down seemed to aggressive, that's should've let her get down at her own pace But it brings a smile to my face knowing people are being saved right now

  72. April Love

    April Love11 hours ago

    Um. Is that a statue of baron trump in the background?

  73. Allan Turpin

    Allan Turpin11 hours ago

    This guy exemplifies the intentional failure attitude towards government Wall Street types use to advance privatization. Not one care for the harm he is causing Americans generally, or the employees he is supposed to be leading.

  74. Jussainwuturthinkn

    Jussainwuturthinkn11 hours ago

    Think about why they want this chick so bad. LoL she’s a liability

  75. Ygritte Snow

    Ygritte Snow11 hours ago

    So 1st class is now 3rd class labeled and charged as 1st class but still now just 3rd class. Wow what job in the world would you still be employed if you brought that kind of success to the job?

  76. Bella

    Bella11 hours ago

    This is not a lie. I ordered a package OVER a week and a half ago first class mail from California. In transit it has gone across the United States, currently processing thru MARYLAND, and I still have yet to get it. This absolutely corrupt imbecile needs to be investigated, indicted and convicted along his immediate dismissal. Dejoy is simply another degenerate relic of a corrupt abysmal failure of an ex-presidency. Pony express would of been faster and certainly more professional. Dejoy is DELIBERATELY delaying postal service and attempting to destroy the USPS.

  77. mariasam mariasam

    mariasam mariasam11 hours ago


  78. mariasam mariasam

    mariasam mariasam11 hours ago


  79. mariasam mariasam

    mariasam mariasam11 hours ago


  80. mariasam mariasam

    mariasam mariasam11 hours ago