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  1. Andy Hobaugh

    Andy Hobaugh9 hours ago

    The best part about this show is the failures. It's a beautiful realism that other shows just don't understand.

  2. Kerry Jones

    Kerry Jones9 hours ago

    Glad you didn’t kill a rag horn. You need to only chase mature bulls. Let the baby’s grower!

  3. dean ladd

    dean ladd9 hours ago

    :) 1st day kill , done on 1st day ,,, but after waiting 4 yrs. its day 1,457 :) . 7:38 , oooohhh man . and steve , the sunsets and breaks , some of us do say that :) , being from indiana i dont pay the big bucks to hunt , it aint elk like i`d prefer but the little things about nature are always there if people would see the whole picture . and our public lands should STAY public lands instead of being only for the rich to buy . great vid and experience bud .

  4. Jonathan Proctor

    Jonathan Proctor9 hours ago

    That puppy won the dog lottery! There's nothing most dogs like better than roaming around the bush

  5. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones10 hours ago

    The bear charge is great for tv! But really bad for your underwear. Whooooeee!

  6. M17

    M1710 hours ago

    "Life is sacred"!! Lol. Tell this to all creatures. Our understanding of life is so disturbed by modern day comforts.

  7. Tim McKelvey

    Tim McKelvey10 hours ago

    The first deer could have been a miss also...ugot the ballz 2 show the miss... anyone who says they never have or never do miss.. they are simply the meat not the horns.... T3ME.....

  8. Patriot's Constitutional Party

    Patriot's Constitutional Party10 hours ago

    My Thanksgiving party got the cops on my ass. They kinda forcefully broke it up. Now all the venison and goose is mine all mine!!!

  9. Joe M

    Joe M10 hours ago

    Ol Cal saved everyone's ass!

  10. RTeezy

    RTeezy10 hours ago

    heart and liver tastes awesome 🤤🔥

  11. Richard Espiritu

    Richard Espiritu11 hours ago

    From Canada here, Steves's video has gotten me thru this quaratine times. I love the way he preps food out in the field and how he does them at home. His kitchen is your everyday kitchen, none of those fancy, expensive studio built for tv ones. Keep up the great work Steve..and crew...much respect from Canada🇨🇦

  12. Tyler G

    Tyler G11 hours ago

    Great video... Thanks for sharing Steve. 👍

  13. bum snogger

    bum snogger11 hours ago

    When steve starts to talk about the heart and old traditions my mind went back to red dawn and drinking blood of a deer and of course the 80s a raw heart

  14. TheDanielsanti

    TheDanielsanti11 hours ago

    My home town hunting baby I love it

  15. Norbert Herterich

    Norbert Herterich11 hours ago

    would you recommend practicing on a few dogs first or do i just play the video next to it and im fine?

  16. Megan Carleton

    Megan Carleton12 hours ago


  17. Eric Pitre

    Eric Pitre12 hours ago

    When yu mentioned s riechlin yu hooked me! I can watch him and you for hours. Do yu hv a book for huntin, cookin in field, and at home?

  18. Eric Pitre

    Eric Pitre12 hours ago

    We need more Men like you on here + in the Wild!! Love your style btother.

  19. chris brunette

    chris brunette12 hours ago

    Gross, that's like eating a dog🤮🤮🤮

  20. underdog outdoors

    underdog outdoors12 hours ago

    Heart is great, cooked fresh, once frozen- not so much.

  21. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones12 hours ago

    2:15 Anyone else catch the Chevrolet center cap on the wheel at 2:15?Rinella is in a Ford pickup! Clearly the Chevy truck was so ugly, it had to be used for the camera crew only.

  22. Vince Liardi

    Vince Liardi12 hours ago

    What a fake tough guy. Walking through the woods with a high powered rifle, shooting animals that are just minding their own business. I wish that moose tore you a new one. You are absolutely pathetic.

  23. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones13 hours ago

    Rinella in a g string? I just ate breakfast man! Thanks a lot!

  24. Christopher Sullivan

    Christopher Sullivan13 hours ago

    Never pass an animal on day one that you'd be happy with on the last day

  25. El Nazgûl

    El Nazgûl13 hours ago

    What can be used in stead of a bone saw

  26. Christopher Sullivan

    Christopher Sullivan13 hours ago

    I've actually sent photos of cool sun sets to my wife from my hunting trips

  27. Duck Eggs For Breakfast

    Duck Eggs For Breakfast13 hours ago

    Steve, I love you and what you do brother. For meat eating non-hunters, I always direct them to your show because of how you relate things to food and the ups and downs of life. Your content is easily relatable and it's hard to argue with food on the table. You are a great spokesman for the hunting, shooting, and fishing sports. I particularly love the cooking portions of your show and I have learned a lot from watching you cook. Please keep doing what your doing. Your show is by far my favorite show to watch ever and I'm jealous of the life you have built for yourself. Well done. Lastly, for God's sake, please take an old veteran hunting or saltwater fishing at your cabin in Alaska. I have not yet been to Alaska, and fresh scallops, sea cucumbers, or shrimp would be a dream come true. Who knows, maybe I can teach you a thing or two in exchange.? Be well brother, Wes

  28. M00- HAM-HEAD

    M00- HAM-HEAD13 hours ago

    I like this series, but let's face it the guy does not look healthy in the thumbnail...

  29. Larry Croft

    Larry Croft13 hours ago

    Good hunter ignorant person tho

  30. BadassRandomness

    BadassRandomness13 hours ago

    Don't watch this when you're hungry!

  31. Elizabeth McCleary

    Elizabeth McCleary14 hours ago

    Juices ... you mean jizz

  32. Donald Farr

    Donald Farr14 hours ago

    I love watching Steve cook. I’ve been cooking longer than he has been alive but I always learn from him. Makes me sad how many hearts that I have left in gut piles.

  33. hac198582

    hac19858215 hours ago


  34. Lima Juliett

    Lima Juliett15 hours ago

    the puns at the beginning...

  35. scouse nofeyzulla

    scouse nofeyzulla15 hours ago

    Why would you kill an animal in he's area ?what we're u doing there


    ALEX MASON16 hours ago

    This is livin


    ALEX MASON16 hours ago

    This is livin

  38. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay16 hours ago

    Another GREAT video! :D

  39. SergioCH

    SergioCH16 hours ago

    Wich gun is that?

  40. Hunt 4 life

    Hunt 4 life17 hours ago

    Dont shoot spikes or two points we need more mature bucks

  41. Jeroen Schoondergang

    Jeroen Schoondergang17 hours ago

    I have always been reluctant to make scotch eggs from game, but you convinced me Steve. I have lots of roedeer neck and front leg meat which I usually use for burgers. But I am definitely going to make some sausage dough now for scotch eggs.

  42. Mr iLL WiLL

    Mr iLL WiLL17 hours ago

    Make the show an hour long you’ll get millions of views

  43. Mark Crisfield

    Mark Crisfield17 hours ago

    This man got me so excited to hunt

  44. rsll510

    rsll51017 hours ago

    Venison heart was the first venison that I cooked. A PA whitetail, that was bow shot through the heart and they wanted help with gutting and butchering the deer. I saw the heart in the gut pile and asked if I could keep it and the hunter just looked at me like I was crazy. I had never hunted, but I had grown up with a Dad who was a meat inspector in a massive meatpacking plant in northern Canada.

  45. James

    James18 hours ago

    Soapy water in the wetsuit first. You’ll slide in there like a sausage down a hallway lol!

  46. Frederick Rowe

    Frederick Rowe18 hours ago

    Thank you.

  47. Angelos SmilingFury

    Angelos SmilingFury18 hours ago

    Season 4 is a cooking show with hunts sprinkled in. This is like watching a construction show, and then they switch to a vacuum cleaning show, in the 4th season...🥸

  48. Fishigan Milligan

    Fishigan Milligan18 hours ago

    Heart is good. I barely tried it a while back and it’s something I like to take time to keep from the animal and make it into something tasty.

  49. 2612greg

    2612greg18 hours ago

    Lovely..... 🤤🤤.... I love deer heart.... Definitely I need to try all these recipes, unfortunately were I live there il only wild boars and deer’s

  50. dead eye

    dead eye18 hours ago

    what did you get cancer?

  51. Devon Edwards

    Devon Edwards18 hours ago

    After eating these 5 hearts Steven Rinella became the most powerful human alive.

  52. TheKingie07

    TheKingie0719 hours ago

    Such an awesome episode, thanks for showing me a part of my own country ill likely never experience in its rugged glory. Great hunt what a landscape to contend with!

  53. James

    James19 hours ago

    Love watching Steve hunt and cook. True passion and love for what he’s doing.

  54. Sherman Mathieu

    Sherman Mathieu19 hours ago

    Watching from Montrose, Colorado and recognizing all the Scoot Rods and Ross Reels logos! Exciting to see our locally made gear being loved and used down South!

  55. Copper coleman

    Copper coleman19 hours ago


  56. Kevin Fransen

    Kevin Fransen19 hours ago

    Great cinematography, great cameramen

  57. The Push

    The Push19 hours ago

    I think there is new data stating that pig meat no longer needs to be well done to be safe. Michigan State University.

  58. lawrence garcia

    lawrence garcia20 hours ago

    Did you already drain the blood prior to starting the video.

  59. The Push

    The Push20 hours ago

    What a title! 🤣

  60. Steve G

    Steve G20 hours ago

    My tradition and favorite meal is heart chili. I cut the heart into little cubes, mix it with a pound or so of ground deer, make chili on the stove, then transfer it to the slow cooker. Black beans and kidney beans. I eat it over a week after I get the deer, reheating in the slow cooker every day, and it gets better each day

  61. Ekbird 2184

    Ekbird 218420 hours ago

    Steverinella Spiralis. Please come hunt Iowa with me. I would learn a lifetime of knowledge to pass on to my son and so on.

  62. Mark Penalora

    Mark Penalora20 hours ago

    Don’t add garlic until 5 min before your done

  63. Nick nack patty wack show

    Nick nack patty wack show20 hours ago

    Ah man. You lost me at the ketchup, your daddy was right, Fuckin catsup

  64. Boosted98gsx

    Boosted98gsx20 hours ago

    Instead of poaching, since what you're trying to achieve is basically pasteurization, why not sous vide it IN the brine?

  65. David Jarrah

    David Jarrah20 hours ago

    The second-hand missile oppositely wash because spinach classically branch unto a bumpy desire. berserk, acidic fahrenheit

  66. HakArt510

    HakArt51020 hours ago


  67. Frankie J. Enno

    Frankie J. Enno20 hours ago

    I got one more for you ... When you grabbed that heart from the gut pile you forgot to cut out the tongue...another delicious treat from the gut pile$!

  68. E- Explores

    E- Explores20 hours ago

    Really wish @MeatEater would hire Brad Leone

  69. David Jarrah

    David Jarrah20 hours ago

    The ugly interest fittingly ignore because panther interestedly realise than a earsplitting beat. fearful fearless, available mechanic

  70. Deandre Parham

    Deandre Parham21 hour ago

    He can cook his ass off

  71. Matthew Gray

    Matthew Gray21 hour ago

    Talk with the hands Steve, talk with the hands

  72. periesicsd

    periesicsd21 hour ago

    How you... F it.

  73. Frankie J. Enno

    Frankie J. Enno21 hour ago

    Threat wasn't a good choice to pass up shooting that buck cause you never know what's gonna happen, that would have been the best hunting episode- but you f ed it up....✌🏼

  74. lewis Thomas

    lewis Thomas21 hour ago

    Them clips of Callens kill showing the kids are fucking savage man

  75. Ronald Petetsen

    Ronald Petetsen21 hour ago

    Great video promoting nose to tail cookery that almost all of our ancestors practiced out of necessity. I usually break down the heart like any quarter of an animal and “seam” it and not core it like an apple...... But I will cook the stuffed heart this fall👍 After I seam the heart and remove the valves and heart strings I slice, cube or dice for the recipe I’m doing. Again, love this segment and hope to see one soon on tongue, my favorite cut!! And yes, at Moose camp here in AK I collect tongues from hunters near me and even cut out 3 that were still fresh from heads discarded at my grouse hunting gravel pit😳 My 3 Son’s fav dish is Moose lengua (tongue) tacos😎 Thanks Steve-Ron

  76. Stealth Stalker

    Stealth Stalker21 hour ago

    I think the main reason you hear so many people bad mouthing elk hunting in New Mexico is due to the low draw percentage for non residence hunters. Come back soon and catch another awesome sunset and hopefully an elk!

  77. Jojo Joe

    Jojo Joe21 hour ago

    Bears be like: I can't bear to see this.

  78. Jojo Joe

    Jojo Joe21 hour ago

    If a bear showed up would he eat the raw bear meat? 🤔

  79. Jared11B

    Jared11B21 hour ago

    You handled that beautifully. And articulately

  80. Steve Schumacher

    Steve Schumacher22 hours ago

    Steven, from a big fan who spells his name correctly, Stephen, this is my favorite video of yours. I heart!