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Supermoto: 09 Drz 400SM
Pit Bike: 140cc Thumpstar Pit Bike
Car: I drive a 2015 WRX Stage 2

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  1. AC1981

    AC19816 minutes ago

    Where is this lot at????

  2. G

    G14 minutes ago

    Quick question, what job do you work besides USlikes and stuff. Or do you just work on your USlikes

  3. Brandon Schott

    Brandon Schott15 minutes ago

    I would a hopped off my bike and threw down . Should have rooster the shit out of them to

  4. Shotgunz124

    Shotgunz12426 minutes ago

    Drz back to yellow...

  5. Isaac Loyd

    Isaac Loyd40 minutes ago

    Can i pls get one i cant afford one ive been looking for a cheap one but cant find one🙏

  6. Gator Nation

    Gator Nation43 minutes ago

    How about you keep your kids off the road. Those ass clowns don't own the road. He understands you with the helmet on, pulled a shovel and then threw a beer, because he had his crew. Just because he was in the military don't mean shit. Just because he was in prison dont make you tough. All they do is try to intimidate with their cockholsters.

  7. Steven Fleming

    Steven Fleming44 minutes ago

    I flippin' ride ALL my bikes inside. Especially when no one lives there,....mostly.

  8. GREY Knight 2.0

    GREY Knight 2.0Hour ago

    Why dislike?

  9. Sam’s Garage

    Sam’s GarageHour ago

    Yo the bike life out there is real.

  10. Sambax324

    Sambax324Hour ago

    Dont you love having the nhs and free health care😂😂

  11. NonEclipz oG

    NonEclipz oGHour ago

    Do you know where I can get a pit bike for cheap?

  12. Steven Fleming

    Steven FlemingHour ago

    Wrong Attitude/ Wrong reasoning. He does not deserve to wear a badge. No mental competence test needed to uphold the law in that state. I'll bet he hates his own mom. Thanks for yer vids. Just subscribed. 58 yrs old with a fresh 09 YZ450F. LET'S ROCK... Crazy Steve in Alaska.

  13. ilanikR

    ilanikRHour ago

    Its 140cc right?

  14. Marie Kaufusi

    Marie KaufusiHour ago

    5:30 bro the little boy gives you the charm city vibes 💯🐐

  15. Jason Rainwater

    Jason RainwaterHour ago

    Long story short words vs words is one thing but a throwing a beer can at someones back is assault and a cowards move. Glad it wasnt my crowd they aint about resolutions once disrespect is shown. Great job man.

  16. maso0550 maso0550

    maso0550 maso0550Hour ago

    Have you ever crashed in the middle of a wheelys

  17. WESTIE

    WESTIE2 hours ago

    LARS!!!!! I HAVE POOPIES!!!!

  18. Judy Corbridge

    Judy Corbridge2 hours ago

    It's about the kids. I guess the dirt road behind is unsafe. For that group... Drink up John nny

  19. Richard Derrick

    Richard Derrick2 hours ago

    “I’m tryinna have a civil convo” Grabs rake

  20. okdunk :/

    okdunk :/2 hours ago

    May I please get a chance to rip again g

  21. Lee Howarth

    Lee Howarth2 hours ago

    I like pit bikes 🏍😎

  22. fastest eaton lightning in socal

    fastest eaton lightning in socal2 hours ago

    I’m a military vet ?? What difference does that make

  23. Ktm boy15

    Ktm boy153 hours ago

    Getting famous off of comments day 23, so I can go big on USlikes😎😎 love the video bro

  24. Cody Vance

    Cody Vance3 hours ago

    My man Lars a foot brake killer

  25. P2DAPIPE

    P2DAPIPE3 hours ago

    I started on a 140cc pitbike. 1 month in and i already wanted a bigger bike ✌🏼

  26. self destruct

    self destruct3 hours ago

    Who’s in that white subi in that back 👀🤩

  27. Justin Howard

    Justin Howard3 hours ago


  28. Malgen Arminion Gumawa

    Malgen Arminion Gumawa3 hours ago

    Ohhh can i have it plls🤗

  29. Cale Phillips

    Cale Phillips3 hours ago

    Im a yamaha guy but the new 2021 works edition crf450r race ready is paid for and about to be in my garage. Waiting on delivery to cycle world in athens ga.

  30. R W

    R W4 hours ago

    I'm buying a apollo dbx19 125 to mob around my neighborhood and explore the nature trails areas. Gonna b cruising nice around my area lol. I'll practice wheelies on that because it's hard to practice wheelie on 250 2 stroke

  31. Lil Kobe

    Lil Kobe4 hours ago

    Hey he right in all but he threatened you bro if I was there I would kill them with my hands cuz of the golden gloves and mma hahaha they dumb bro

  32. Shiloh mar

    Shiloh mar4 hours ago

    Do it got a clutch

  33. Beaver Sanchez

    Beaver Sanchez4 hours ago

    What kimd of pit bike is that

  34. Jared

    Jared4 hours ago

    Lol I know I was not doing this shit when I was 11

  35. elmer diloné

    elmer diloné4 hours ago

    Motobro is the Best 🇩🇴👌🇺🇲

  36. Stever

    Stever4 hours ago

    Also they wanna talk about legal, they are literally drinking on "public roads" with their children playing on that same road. PRIME ROLEMODELS

  37. David Kushniryuk

    David Kushniryuk4 hours ago

    They all drunk and had guns, no point to fight them they’ll loose the fight but then one of them pulls a gun


    DEATHPRTNCIPAL 14 hours ago


  39. chris vance

    chris vance4 hours ago

    Is it me or does Moto bro sound like bubble boy🤣🤣

  40. Dylan Knight

    Dylan Knight4 hours ago

    Man either stoned or just a slow talker😂

  41. Krackedx

    Krackedx4 hours ago

    man i hate not having money to buy my first pitbike ffs

  42. Ryan Edwards

    Ryan Edwards4 hours ago

    I watch every video bro since I came across your yt and IM addicted bro

  43. Aisha Johnson

    Aisha Johnson4 hours ago

    Thank God you alive

  44. FaceDown

    FaceDown4 hours ago

    MotoBroo is like the rare youtuber that actually cares about his viewers just because i see him leaving comments and leaving a heart on a comment . That just makes my day even better

  45. BigStevie

    BigStevie4 hours ago

    4 stroke change oil less 2 stroke more as there totally different brother when you getting a YzedF not zee 🤣🤣 step up my G 🥰💯😎

  46. Adriaan Niemand

    Adriaan Niemand5 hours ago

    Thanks man! Cant wait to use it

  47. Lil J Shroom man

    Lil J Shroom man5 hours ago

    If you find an area you should maybe make a BMX /pit bike video 🔥

  48. snej

    snej5 hours ago

    It would be nice to have a pit bike then I can learn to drive But how should it go to Germany

  49. 27th Mx

    27th Mx5 hours ago

    Where was this

  50. Mereana 106

    Mereana 1065 hours ago

    Your a legend hands down 👍🔥

  51. Kicking it with Alvin Kinds

    Kicking it with Alvin Kinds5 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing your experience and this valuable information. Broo. I can’t wait to get out on my bike. 🏍🏍

  52. Aisha Johnson

    Aisha Johnson5 hours ago

    Move your kids in a safe zone

  53. Aisha Johnson

    Aisha Johnson5 hours ago

    Man seriously they ass holes

  54. Elliott Schidlo

    Elliott Schidlo5 hours ago

    Your fucking hating so hard on them omg 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 and than you say your not hating 🤦‍♂️

  55. Elliott Schidlo

    Elliott Schidlo5 hours ago

    Bra bro bruh. Just keep saying bra some more haha. They cappin they cappin. Dude how gay is this kid

  56. Hungarian

    Hungarian5 hours ago

    2:39 sweet

  57. Elliott Schidlo

    Elliott Schidlo5 hours ago

    Also if everybody there has a problem with it. Why don't you just be respectful and leave or respect them. Your a shitty person for real

  58. Lazaro Castellon

    Lazaro Castellon5 hours ago

    You gotta post the meet up spots I’m tryna pop out wit y’all

  59. Elliott Schidlo

    Elliott Schidlo5 hours ago

    If it's just for fun whys it called a skate park

  60. Elliott Schidlo

    Elliott Schidlo5 hours ago

    It's a skate park and he's asking what's the problem

  61. Elliott Schidlo

    Elliott Schidlo5 hours ago

    Wow down there starting shit with every single person. Just running his mouth

  62. Hungarian

    Hungarian5 hours ago

    9:44 one pac, two pac, 3 pac ...4

  63. Esteban BTW

    Esteban BTW5 hours ago

    Exactly my first bike was a pit bike y'all need one.

  64. faze slavi

    faze slavi5 hours ago


  65. The Rig Boyz

    The Rig Boyz5 hours ago

    I really wish I can meet you one day I’m starting a channel just to motovlog thanks for the inspiration

  66. The Thomas Family Rhys Ivana missy and baby Mia

    The Thomas Family Rhys Ivana missy and baby Mia5 hours ago

    Your said copper as in policeman that's such a british saying go on bro watching from here over the pond

  67. Elliott Schidlo

    Elliott Schidlo5 hours ago

    Dude what the fuck is up with this kid??? Where did this kid grow up to think it's ok to act like this??

  68. Poseidon Carroll

    Poseidon Carroll5 hours ago

    Suppppp motobro I love your bids I been watching you for alout 3years I liked and comment and can you shout me out and this is also 1 of my dreams is a dirt bike I had a 2 stroke and it was my first Bike buy man I love your vids

  69. phlufr

    phlufr6 hours ago

    How is he not getting pulled over 😂

  70. Tony Wilson

    Tony Wilson6 hours ago

    I never ever had a dirt bike before

  71. MotoLando1

    MotoLando16 hours ago

    I need that pit bike because I’ve been rocking an electrical dirtbike and it’s slow as crap

  72. Cameron Webb

    Cameron Webb6 hours ago


  73. Shakoy Dyer

    Shakoy Dyer6 hours ago

    Yow this is good

  74. Malaysia and garren

    Malaysia and garren6 hours ago

    I did it all

  75. Thomas Arango

    Thomas Arango6 hours ago

    U got punked

  76. Michael Garrett

    Michael Garrett6 hours ago

    Yo i want to learn how to wheelie i got a cr 80

  77. Chase Yuchno

    Chase Yuchno6 hours ago

    Karen’s so many at once ha ha

  78. EsoLagStrong

    EsoLagStrong6 hours ago

    What kind of bike do u have ?

  79. Adrian Demar

    Adrian Demar6 hours ago

    Can you plssssssssssss do a bmx bike video

  80. Zyme

    Zyme6 hours ago

    I wanna pit bike so bad!