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The Legend of Dream - Part 2
Change is Coming

Change is Coming

5 months ago



6 months ago

Evanmcgaming VS P0LAND
Evanmcgaming VS Oavey
  1. Grapes

    Grapes10 hours ago


  2. Gibi

    Gibi10 hours ago

    This is epic

  3. ATG 9

    ATG 910 hours ago

    My teacher would be proud of your description

  4. Vondal Ironfist

    Vondal Ironfist10 hours ago

    Dude should have 1 mil subs by now.

  5. Ghibli Boo_playz

    Ghibli Boo_playz11 hours ago


  6. Biscuits

    Biscuits11 hours ago

    you mean, L'manburg

  7. Vodka

    Vodka11 hours ago

    I love how Dream made Schlatt try to assasinate the candidates

  8. Annabelle Roy

    Annabelle Roy11 hours ago

    I honestly wouldn’t have changed a single thing about the voting. L’manburg is such an important part of why I am happy in life and it’s almost nostalgic now which is why I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  9. SleepyJackTM

    SleepyJackTM11 hours ago


  10. Alen Keric

    Alen Keric12 hours ago

    who cares about technoblade all i care about is the man,the myth,the legend tecnoblode

  11. Mister Cleff

    Mister Cleff12 hours ago

    Now that I know everything, I am even more assured that tommy was never a good person hahaha goooo techno!

  12. CamoNinja0311

    CamoNinja031112 hours ago

    I beat 🇵🇱 in deathrun once

  13. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo12 hours ago

    The undertale songs are so sad and chill for me

  14. Red Mini crewmate

    Red Mini crewmate12 hours ago

    I actually think techno deserve more likes even Tom.y got 7 million sun techno deserve like many

  15. AlexTheChosenOne

    AlexTheChosenOne12 hours ago


  16. Pauline Conroy

    Pauline Conroy12 hours ago


  17. Jadonis_pro

    Jadonis_pro12 hours ago

    I need part 4 now!!!

  18. charles ballard

    charles ballard12 hours ago

    I feel like I just watched an Anime series recap.

  19. Lewis Jamieson

    Lewis Jamieson12 hours ago

    myyyyyyyyyyy l'maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnbbbbbbburrrrrrrrrrrrg, myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy l'maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrggggg

  20. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo12 hours ago

    The undertale theme is so chill !

  21. Phoenix Productions

    Phoenix Productions12 hours ago

    Yo the unas annus music!!!!!!!!

  22. maac angulo

    maac angulo12 hours ago

    TechnoBlade and Dream, team up with 2 Withers againist people, looks like a movie

  23. maac angulo

    maac angulo12 hours ago

    Conclusion: Dream have the reason when he refused to permit LeMenBurg"

  24. Suicide Goat

    Suicide Goat13 hours ago

    still need pt.4

  25. YurOK

    YurOK13 hours ago

    I want this guy to be my history teacher.

  26. rkon

    rkon13 hours ago

    Manburg do be taking L’s.

  27. Atharv Shah

    Atharv Shah13 hours ago

    EvanMCgaming: Schlatt The auto generated captions: Schlepp Schlock

  28. Pancho The Pomeranian

    Pancho The Pomeranian13 hours ago

    Long Live L’Manburg

  29. 304 DGH

    304 DGH13 hours ago

    i cried bro

  30. Your Dead342

    Your Dead34213 hours ago


  31. Phantom Dragon

    Phantom Dragon14 hours ago

    Hey I have merch (not)

  32. Danny Aniston

    Danny Aniston14 hours ago

    Technoblade part is the best

  33. Hoshang Kohsar

    Hoshang Kohsar15 hours ago

    this ain't even the dream amp anymore, this is a dam Netflix series!

  34. AhmedZee2981

    AhmedZee298115 hours ago

    if only i would've voted POG2020 and schlatt2020 would have a draw schaltt2020 won just because of me lol

  35. Papimations

    Papimations15 hours ago

    57:43 I expected to see a netflix original series pop up on my screen

  36. BeepDuck

    BeepDuck15 hours ago

    uhhh... they didn’t win. the fight began with tommy having a chest plate and two discs and ended with tommy having two discs and dream having the chest plate, which was his plan from the beginning.

  37. Yaboibw

    Yaboibw15 hours ago

    Alyssas character in a nutshell BURN IN HELL

  38. wafflez and Tman

    wafflez and Tman15 hours ago

    I guess tubbo picking sapnap was the birth of big law (idk)

  39. maac angulo

    maac angulo15 hours ago

    Im latin and read "Viva la revolución" Gives me not a good memories T-T

  40. imasta6

    imasta616 hours ago

    should be what makes tommyinit cringe

  41. Unicorn OP

    Unicorn OP16 hours ago

    Plzzzz bring next part wuicker

  42. Joshtol Data

    Joshtol Data16 hours ago

    The music choice is perfect for this story. It fits very well. 👌

  43. HudWorld

    HudWorld16 hours ago

    Dream is better anyday

  44. Bilal32155

    Bilal3215516 hours ago

    the only thing i actually know is tht vikk comes to the server next and also lazarbeam. unfortunately neither of them stayed very long

  45. Kwong Wai Kit

    Kwong Wai Kit16 hours ago

    Nice videos ! subscribed ! :D

  46. E.M.P. 339

    E.M.P. 33916 hours ago

    Finally a new Episode on the SMP. I can't understand what's really going on since its all streams. I want to get invested. But this seems to be the only way. Now maybe I'll know why Dream was in Prison?

  47. grace vania

    grace vania17 hours ago

    the pubg backsound tho😭

  48. Tarik X

    Tarik X17 hours ago

    If techno had a party, he would win and he would legalize fighting.

  49. yes dog

    yes dog18 hours ago

    "just killed a women, feelin' good" -tommyinnit

  50. Negative

    Negative18 hours ago

    "If it pleases the court, I would like to say that my opponent is talking SHIIII-"

  51. CGrand DAN

    CGrand DAN18 hours ago

    The story of the Dream SMP is more intrestring than the american history

  52. Ben Levaot

    Ben Levaot18 hours ago

    Undertale music, noice.

  53. Litterally A Brawl Loser

    Litterally A Brawl Loser18 hours ago

    im litterally crying

  54. Shashi Bossard

    Shashi Bossard19 hours ago


  55. Hax

    Hax19 hours ago

    Commenting on every video on USlikes #122

  56. Ahmed Latif

    Ahmed Latif19 hours ago

    This should be in a book

  57. Aniket Prasad

    Aniket Prasad19 hours ago

    why was dream imprisoned

  58. Sharib Shams

    Sharib Shams19 hours ago

    L’manburg for life

  59. Sapinas Che

    Sapinas Che19 hours ago

    This is epiccc!!!!!!!

  60. SGamer

    SGamer19 hours ago

    This is the only history class I want

  61. Bella Addison Thompson

    Bella Addison Thompson19 hours ago

    jschlatt:dies out of nowhere tubbo:did he just have a heart attack?!

  62. xTOTEMx

    xTOTEMx19 hours ago

    It's so cool to see some of our favorite youtubers who have each accomplished their own share of great feats teaming up and facing each other in a war (Philza: 5 year hardcore. Dream: just a legend. Technoblade: 3 v 21, 158M+ potatos.)

  63. Mohammed Miyajan

    Mohammed Miyajan20 hours ago

    down below

  64. Bruce Eaton

    Bruce Eaton20 hours ago

    The filthy square decisively behave because butcher holoprosencephaly cover than a stale walrus. maniacal, sour peripheral

  65. Litterally A Brawl Loser

    Litterally A Brawl Loser20 hours ago

    why are u supporting tommy wth

  66. SkillsforFree

    SkillsforFree20 hours ago

    10:56 Ah yes... My favourite dream series..........Minecraft Unolved

  67. Niko Ima Silu

    Niko Ima Silu20 hours ago


  68. Shashi Bossard

    Shashi Bossard20 hours ago


  69. bin

    bin20 hours ago

    This was one of ths best minecraft storys I watched. and I like how Evan tell us the story of the dream smp war.

  70. Rea Luli

    Rea Luli21 hour ago

    LOL techo executed everyone

  71. jonah hollingermiles

    jonah hollingermiles21 hour ago


  72. Noor Zahra

    Noor Zahra21 hour ago


  73. bin

    bin21 hour ago

    L'manburg revolution story you did was a good story you told and the video.

  74. roblox player

    roblox player21 hour ago

    *''when you realize technoblade is older than pewdiepie''*

  75. Gogobim

    Gogobim22 hours ago

    will there be another video in this series

  76. Max Roderick

    Max Roderick22 hours ago

    without knowing what the rules are or how the minigames are played this all seems pretty meaningless to me. That's the sort of info that would really elevate this content and make it interesting for an audience, like me, who wants to know what the deal is with competitive minecraft but never played the game and doesn't want to go down a google rabbit hole just to follow the major story beats.

  77. bin

    bin22 hours ago

    This was a amazing story of the dream smp story part 1 and a good documentary you did evan.

  78. Sage

    Sage22 hours ago

    In the duel I was so split because I’m a big fan of both and had no idea who to cheer for >~<

  79. Hxvvoc-

    Hxvvoc-22 hours ago

    Don’t get me wrong I like tommy as a creator but idk why people thing he’s the main character. (There is no main character there are just characters) -ranboo