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Royalty Exotic Cars is the premier leader in supercar rentals across the United States. Based in Las Vegas, REC features a fleet of over 30 supercars. With over 20K+ satisfied customers, we strive to excel and innovate the rental industry on a daily basis. Follow us on our journey to becoming the largest exotic car rental company in the world.

  1. TheMr3742

    TheMr37424 minutes ago

    Did he say he wanted you to take him home so he can get some head from you

  2. Harrison Hunter

    Harrison Hunter20 minutes ago

    Expects his boys to be mind reader's when he's stressing over cops typical.

  3. Multiple Uppercuts

    Multiple Uppercuts20 minutes ago

    He didn't pose a threat? He was threatening to kick all you guys asses.

  4. Multiple Uppercuts

    Multiple Uppercuts23 minutes ago

    What a bum. You guys should have gave him a beat down instead of a ride.

  5. Andre Guilbeault

    Andre Guilbeault54 minutes ago

    The king of lowball.....不不不不不不不

  6. A K

    A KHour ago

    Me personally if i cant buy or lease it renting is never an option

  7. jaycorvus1

    jaycorvus1Hour ago


  8. A K

    A KHour ago

    Artist name ? Who rented the car them or the label ?

  9. jaycorvus1

    jaycorvus12 hours ago

    Outdoor kitchens should be paying you money for all the publicity.... I think every video I've watched so far you've drove past their store.

  10. jaycorvus1

    jaycorvus12 hours ago

    Jealousy makes people do dumb things

  11. Chris Racer

    Chris Racer2 hours ago

    Gallardos are cooler than huracans.You cant change my mind

  12. Micah Quinlisk

    Micah Quinlisk2 hours ago

    That was fucking embarrassing. I can't believe you posted this.

  13. TACOMA98405

    TACOMA984053 hours ago


  14. TACOMA98405

    TACOMA984054 hours ago

    Masonic temple next to boulder city pd hmmmm

  15. Joe Robinson

    Joe Robinson4 hours ago

    The Ford dealer here gives away a free puppy with every you will have a friend to walk home with! 不不不

  16. Joe Robinson

    Joe Robinson4 hours ago

    Ye the caliper color need to be green for sure!

  17. Rammu Ammu

    Rammu Ammu4 hours ago

    How does this biz even make profit

  18. Patricia Munsch

    Patricia Munsch4 hours ago

    I would never lease or rent fancy cars. I'd go nuts seeing my car messed up

  19. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker5 hours ago

    Do you have nothing better to do than to post videos of yourself talking?

  20. jon barns

    jon barns7 hours ago

    i dont like it

  21. Horikost

    Horikost7 hours ago

    9.41 jeeps mirror?

  22. jesse roscosky

    jesse roscosky7 hours ago

    Any video or audio of the interaction with the 5-0? What happened to the car?!

  23. YurMomsC00chie

    YurMomsC00chie8 hours ago

    I dont think these foos know what the ghetto is

  24. Crypto Is The Way To Go

    Crypto Is The Way To Go9 hours ago

    This place is annoying to deal with

  25. Divine Drift

    Divine Drift9 hours ago

    Love the gallardo exhaust

  26. Divine Drift

    Divine Drift9 hours ago

    7:07 what brand of sub is that?

  27. Yashimar LKR

    Yashimar LKR10 hours ago

    Hey Houston, i am from a backward area from India and i have been a huge fan of your channel and you as well. I am a huge car guy as well and si... can i work for you? It would mean the world for me and will help my family. Please reply

  28. Maybe Someday

    Maybe Someday11 hours ago

    Rolls Royce cash can sounds dumb tbh

  29. Shawn

    Shawn11 hours ago

    I'm from the east coast yes, 100% cool tits is something we say. As well as corn ball for someone being extra goofy, foolish, stupid.

  30. Rob Andera

    Rob Andera11 hours ago

    Go to LEADBELLIES in Lincoln, or Omaha,NE... Best Frankenfood And bring me that plum Lamborghini 不不不

  31. Chyna Daniels

    Chyna Daniels11 hours ago

    Glad I got insurance with glass coverage and those fees are waved

  32. Htown pride

    Htown pride11 hours ago

    The best burger is whataburger cant beat em just try me

  33. Deji Femi-Pearse

    Deji Femi-Pearse12 hours ago

    Yea that really looked like the ghetto

  34. Montage Stop

    Montage Stop12 hours ago

    I wanted see the whole DAWN but love their content and hope they reach the peaks of their channel

  35. Spencer Winston

    Spencer Winston13 hours ago

    "Fast" and furious lifestyle in the slow, frustrating lane of Las Vegas mayhem, insurance claims, and upset customers. Consider making the all inclusive insurance mandatory for use of the cars. Beautiful cars, but you know you have a duty to tell people Las Vegas is rampant with professional thiefs. To allow a visitor to lease such an expensive car without insurance to cover damages seems negligent and not watching out for the customer. You run such a first rate service seemingly yet why not be up front with the customer about the rampant vandalism in the city. Less stress for you, the customer is not surprised, and you know if you visited a city with extensive criminal activity you would want to know why full insurance is required for such engineering marvels. The Golden Rule from the Rock of Ages applies even in the fast and furious "business" world of exotic sport cars. Learn from this incident and have the customer take out the insurance. Otherwise, you are not being "professional" or straight forward imo with the total lease experience knowing the mayhem in Las Vegas parking lots.

  36. Mighty Moyan

    Mighty Moyan14 hours ago

    You should go ahead and get a new wheel from Carbontaastic on the diablo........If you are feeling charitable you can fix a sick mans broken GLI..........I want to come up and rent some hours in a GTR.

  37. Woodsie 72

    Woodsie 7215 hours ago

    I want to hear when you call the chick back or get her down to the shop

  38. Woodsie 72

    Woodsie 7215 hours ago

    In other countries if you can't pay restitution for damaged, it will come out of your assets and pay

  39. Woodsie 72

    Woodsie 7215 hours ago

    I'd heard the chicks voice and the dude that showed up; how did I know!

  40. Woodsie 72

    Woodsie 7215 hours ago

    Oh that exploding antifreeze problem 不

  41. Zach Bortmess

    Zach Bortmess16 hours ago

    Sell it to stradman

  42. Teo

    Teo16 hours ago

    Man i wouldn't sell the Gallardo, that car is sick, sick, sick.

  43. Upside down

    Upside down16 hours ago

    Thank you mario you made the ending absolute perfection, Influence, please Influence lol

  44. Rick Spoelstra

    Rick Spoelstra18 hours ago

    Just ask Hoovies Garage he has a diablo to :P

  45. Keanon Williams

    Keanon Williams20 hours ago

    Amazing sounding V10

  46. Keanon Williams

    Keanon Williams20 hours ago

    Spoon Racing Gallardo, nice

  47. Time to see the truth

    Time to see the truth21 hour ago

    They ripped down our 7-11, you are so lucky

  48. Divine Drift

    Divine Drift21 hour ago

    Lamborghini giveawaaaay lol

  49. Kristian Smith

    Kristian Smith21 hour ago

    I don't understand why the police weren't called.

  50. Anthony Valdez

    Anthony Valdez22 hours ago

    First video ever watched so far loving da vids

  51. Courtney Pettis

    Courtney Pettis23 hours ago

    0:58 he is a very good friend he put the visor down for him

  52. The Great Bambino

    The Great Bambino23 hours ago

    Nothing wrong with blue collar work but thats what happens when blue collar works in a white collar world. Those a** holes didnt use the seat cover

  53. Garretts Moms lover

    Garretts Moms lover23 hours ago

    Cant say I say supertits and Im from the east coast haha funny tho

  54. Noah Iler

    Noah IlerDay ago

    race car is a beaut予

  55. jose rodriguez

    jose rodriguezDay ago

    this operator is trash lol

  56. Dollarspodcast

    DollarspodcastDay ago

    a key is his beef?

  57. Kevvy Dawg

    Kevvy DawgDay ago

    @Tavarish can fix that

  58. Adam Haves

    Adam HavesDay ago

    This dude is so chill he isnt even mad that the Lamborghini is broken.

  59. Azuka Gaming

    Azuka GamingDay ago

    Thumbs from me. Can't wait to go back to Vegas.

  60. SkipTracer9501

    SkipTracer9501Day ago

    so did he get a ticket Again? his insurance company must Love him lol

  61. Me Yes

    Me YesDay ago

    I dont like the Lotus with the K series honda motor in it.

  62. Alyxx Parke

    Alyxx ParkeDay ago

    click bait

  63. Orion K.

    Orion K.Day ago

    The panel gaps man... I can't unsee it

  64. Pasta TheMechanic

    Pasta TheMechanicDay ago


  65. CHEWDUBE AutoMotive DetailTM

    CHEWDUBE AutoMotive DetailTMDay ago

    Ty MARIO荊荊荊荊荊

  66. CHEWDUBE AutoMotive DetailTM

    CHEWDUBE AutoMotive DetailTMDay ago

    Yo jim carrey.. ohh yeeiiiyyaaa 不不不不不不打打打打打打打打打

  67. CHEWDUBE AutoMotive DetailTM

    CHEWDUBE AutoMotive DetailTMDay ago


  68. CHEWDUBE AutoMotive DetailTM

    CHEWDUBE AutoMotive DetailTMDay ago

    That's right super

  69. AshburnM3

    AshburnM3Day ago

    Tony, please wear your bodycam next time. . We want pov footage. Btw, whose insurance is paying for the damages??

  70. Sanu Syal

    Sanu SyalDay ago

    Reminds Me Of The Good Days. No Masks, No Rona

  71. Q8 Fly

    Q8 FlyDay ago

    Gallardo body panels are all off

  72. Marcus Aries

    Marcus AriesDay ago

    Why would you have 15lb of m*****a on u in a rental car smh (Yes I can lip read lol)

  73. Doc.Cali

    Doc.CaliDay ago

    You can see on the turn where they came around hot. Looks like they hit the breaks hard and car did not steer anymore.

  74. Nyjel Alexander

    Nyjel AlexanderDay ago

    Title idea. I almost got my boss arrested

  75. Tyler Hall

    Tyler HallDay ago


  76. Turde Motors

    Turde MotorsDay ago


  77. Turde Motors

    Turde MotorsDay ago


  78. Turde Motors

    Turde MotorsDay ago


  79. Turde Motors

    Turde MotorsDay ago