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Players BANNED From NFL
  1. Wolfpack Reds

    Wolfpack RedsHour ago

    I was at the Titans game were the flame thrower blew up

  2. Nia Granger

    Nia GrangerHour ago

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  3. Isaiah Boudreaux

    Isaiah BoudreauxHour ago

    AB has CTE, get him help

  4. Mcmemes Basement

    Mcmemes BasementHour ago

    As a dog person i have hated Michael Vick with a passion after the allegations of him doing dog fights were released



    The garrison hearst injury gives me nightmares...

  6. Michael Raad

    Michael Raad2 hours ago

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  7. Michael Raad

    Michael Raad2 hours ago

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  8. Reaper The Minecraft YouTuber andthe fortnite

    Reaper The Minecraft YouTuber andthe fortnite2 hours ago

    Wow I scared but be strong don’t say anything can stop you

  9. Stephen Taylor

    Stephen Taylor3 hours ago

    Me to TB12: Liar liar plants for hire

  10. Danny Phantom

    Danny Phantom3 hours ago

    Here because patty mahomes

  11. Meghan Carlson

    Meghan Carlson3 hours ago

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  12. Vlogger guy and more Also when I go to place

    Vlogger guy and more Also when I go to place3 hours ago

    I want deshaun Watson to go with the raiders

  13. david chijioke

    david chijioke3 hours ago

    Good edited my guy

  14. Nordic FNCS

    Nordic FNCS3 hours ago


  15. Ryno

    Ryno4 hours ago


  16. Shonda Mccree

    Shonda Mccree4 hours ago

    Hopefully the GOAT Tom Brady don't become the cover of madden

  17. Hunter Millan

    Hunter Millan5 hours ago

    Sub to Hxnt On YT

  18. Mac Mitchell

    Mac Mitchell7 hours ago

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  19. Kelton Williams

    Kelton Williams7 hours ago

    Patrick Mahomes had dislocated his knee

  20. chingy ho

    chingy ho8 hours ago

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  21. Kingston scott

    Kingston scott9 hours ago

    I described you like so you better give me my $500

  22. David Kasper

    David Kasper10 hours ago

    Why did you say can I see your butt?!

  23. Matte Syl

    Matte Syl12 hours ago

    Jared L. was known as the Pillsbury throw boy. I loved watching him in college!

  24. Greene Town

    Greene Town12 hours ago

    My favorite team is the Eagles πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰

  25. Peggy Gaines

    Peggy Gaines12 hours ago


  26. Jokage

    Jokage16 hours ago

    AB got a Super bowl ring with Tampa the same year the signed him. i guess staying in shape gives you an opportunity for the greatest super bowl run/Victory in history with the biggest flex ( opposing team scored no touchdowns and first NFL team to win in their own stadium). Staying true to his character. i’m glad he did what was best for him. Stay true to you!

  27. Jason Galbert

    Jason Galbert18 hours ago

    AB won a SB 😑

  28. Dwayne Anthony

    Dwayne Anthony19 hours ago

    The nba channel is rebound

  29. Ryan Adams

    Ryan Adams20 hours ago

    Hi like this

  30. Koo MacQueen

    Koo MacQueen20 hours ago

    They picked them

  31. Jinxed_ !!

    Jinxed_ !!20 hours ago

    I wasn’t Surprise the patriots were on their

  32. Video Maker

    Video Maker20 hours ago

    So who next? Julio jones?

  33. Eric Tabor

    Eric Tabor20 hours ago

    Only reason berry retired was to not break Walter Payton’s rushing record

  34. Austin Jones

    Austin Jones21 hour ago

    The thumbnail

  35. TomBadee

    TomBadee21 hour ago

    Geez how much money does the man have

  36. Connor

    Connor21 hour ago

    Lamar actually said he chose 8 because it means redemption

  37. Riley Garner

    Riley Garner21 hour ago

    He deserves like 9999999999999999 cotillion subs

  38. Riley Garner

    Riley Garner21 hour ago

    5:23 when he said ew I died

  39. FBI Official

    FBI Official21 hour ago

    I got 77 because of my grandpa came to My games and supporting me during the championship we got a call that he wasn’t doing well so I was left with a choice stay at the hotel in Texas or go back to Louisiana to go see my grandpa one last time when I went home and I saw him one last time He was 77 when he passed and that’s how I got my number 77

  40. Psycho Snail

    Psycho Snail22 hours ago

    Any one just watch this in 2021 and be like Tom Brady is the best buck

  41. Susan Carter

    Susan Carter22 hours ago

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  42. bartbug1

    bartbug122 hours ago

    What a pack of fools!

  43. Gary Robinson

    Gary Robinson23 hours ago

    Good riddance

  44. Eric Wong

    Eric Wong23 hours ago

    Katherine should thank Brent for boosting her career

  45. Ella Terwey

    Ella TerweyDay ago

    Can y do part 2 plz !!!!!

  46. CW Volcano

    CW VolcanoDay ago

    Nobody: Him: but this next girl..

  47. Owen D

    Owen DDay ago

    its not tru

  48. Matryx

    MatryxDay ago

    this is the guy form rebound

  49. Jamison Bondison

    Jamison BondisonDay ago

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  50. Krew Bingham

    Krew BinghamDay ago

    nfl was my dream but i don't want to play if thats gonna happen LOL

  51. Jose Gil

    Jose GilDay ago

    now its patrick because of his concution and he was in the cover of madden 20

  52. Juan Herrera

    Juan HerreraDay ago


  53. Lane Ramos

    Lane RamosDay ago

    dang for 50,000 i will go away

  54. Jose Gil

    Jose GilDay ago

    also in the nba

  55. Millennial Travel Millennial-ish

    Millennial Travel Millennial-ishDay ago

    what the hell

  56. George Harison

    George HarisonDay ago

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  57. Ryno

    RynoDay ago

    woohoo 1 year university of this video

  58. solvere captcha

    solvere captchaDay ago

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    solvere captchaDay ago

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  60. ninjaj_610

    ninjaj_610Day ago

    i liked and subbed where is my money lol

  61. TomBadee

    TomBadeeDay ago

    Lol there just cleats




  63. Jeremiah Okyere

    Jeremiah OkyereDay ago

    What happend to ur lyrical central channel

  64. Lamonze Parker

    Lamonze ParkerDay ago

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  65. Matthew F

    Matthew FDay ago


  66. Hunter Brand new lambergen

    Hunter Brand new lambergenDay ago

    They should put Tom Brady in madden 22 to stop the curse he good

  67. Kelsey Frickelton

    Kelsey FrickeltonDay ago

    Lamar Jackson is my favorite football player. Especially after watching this video

  68. null null

    null nullDay ago

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  69. Kevin Clarke

    Kevin ClarkeDay ago

    It will be a cold day in.hell if you ever caught me wearing a pair of chuck taylors let alone a 20 thousand dollar pair

  70. Kire Prickett

    Kire PrickettDay ago

    Mahomes got on the cover last year and sprained his ankle and this year weeks before the super bowl he got injerd really bad

  71. Dguwopo

    DguwopoDay ago

    Antonio brown did just get a Super Bowl win

  72. Erl Teague

    Erl TeagueDay ago

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  73. Martin Garr

    Martin GarrDay ago

    This happens to every single player on the FIFA cover too

  74. Gage the Demon Slayer

    Gage the Demon SlayerDay ago

    I mean it is ea soooo....

  75. lil J King

    lil J KingDay ago


  76. μž₯인식

    μž₯인식Day ago

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  77. Peice Ctrl Merks

    Peice Ctrl MerksDay ago

    I feel bad for buying madden now.

  78. george modek

    george modekDay ago

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  79. george modek

    george modekDay ago

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    george modekDay ago

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