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Tommy RETURNS To Stream!
A New SMP?

A New SMP?

7 days ago

Tommy Shouts At KSI
Dream SMP Finale Stream
Tommy Is Betraying Tubbo
  1. Ralsei

    Ralsei4 seconds ago

    Meanwhile sans' theme (the chill one, NOT MEGALOVENIA) be playing in the background of the first story:

  2. Ginger Root

    Ginger Root32 seconds ago

    Twitch chat:FOUR MILLON LET'S GOOOO WOOOO Me: Looks at Tommy's sub count The sub count: 6.58M Me: The fuck, how that make sense

  3. Evarhart

    EvarhartMinute ago

    This dude really makes wooden tools to have them for a whole 3 seconds

  4. Oceana _

    Oceana _2 minutes ago

    Lol Sleepover XD

  5. Dylan Stansill

    Dylan Stansill4 minutes ago


  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous4 minutes ago

    44:00 Tubbo: I need you! Tommyinnit: awwwww Tubbo: probably.....

  7. Louie The indent

    Louie The indent4 minutes ago

    👦🏼👩🏻 👕👚 👖🩳 👟👠

  8. maxiviano 100

    maxiviano 1005 minutes ago

    que pro

  9. Sans Errortale

    Sans Errortale5 minutes ago

    I laughed as soon as i heard the scream when he saod let me listen to relaxing sounds

  10. Demonic Anime420

    Demonic Anime4206 minutes ago

    What anime are u watching

  11. Jacqueline Dore

    Jacqueline Dore6 minutes ago



    UNSTOPPABLET33N7 minutes ago

    Wait is it serious or super chill

  13. natalie Moore

    natalie Moore7 minutes ago

    Wow the fact that you can see dream and his master plan of destroying Tommy you can so tell it wow I like this side of dream

  14. Celyn Wolfhard

    Celyn Wolfhard7 minutes ago

    30:34 was the scariest jumpscare-

  15. Kyle Montgomery 2011

    Kyle Montgomery 20117 minutes ago

    Me and Tommy have a lot in common :0

  16. Cindy Tierney

    Cindy Tierney8 minutes ago

    It’s good u do these tommy

  17. Cousin Gaming

    Cousin Gaming8 minutes ago

    Why is Tommy's hair different every stream/video lol

  18. {Ash_Angel}

    {Ash_Angel}9 minutes ago

    Me commenting knowing no one will see is: 🥲

  19. Natieblu

    Natieblu10 minutes ago

    Hey uh..since people say that the smp is history repeating itself... Anyone remember that it started with an empire? Tommy’s first vod (I think?) about the camarvan and l’manburg was even titled “TommyInnit and WilburSoot Start an Empire on the SMP.” Do with that as you will :)

  20. Avery H

    Avery H11 minutes ago

    Honestly I quite liked this stream it was pretty chill and I was able to homework too!

  21. Louie The indent

    Louie The indent12 minutes ago


  22. Faraday Mills

    Faraday Mills12 minutes ago

    here before the amazing thumbnail!

  23. Leia Kay

    Leia Kay13 minutes ago

    It's amazing watching this now after he hit 570k on his most recent lore stream lol

  24. Louie The indent

    Louie The indent13 minutes ago


  25. Weird_Coconut

    Weird_Coconut13 minutes ago

    I love how tommy just vibes to music during this stream 10/10 very relaxing

  26. SareTheBunnie

    SareTheBunnie13 minutes ago

    Techno٫ i like looking stupid because it will make your enemy think your not a threat٫ when you are an actual threat (like i would even be a threat)

  27. Emintjuh

    Emintjuh13 minutes ago

    Am i the only one who feels bad for dream?

  28. its yo boi RAZORchad

    its yo boi RAZORchad14 minutes ago


  29. Jacob Maz

    Jacob Maz14 minutes ago

    Where can I find the first episode of this

  30. Ikillthin0

    Ikillthin014 minutes ago

    37:41 I'm surprised I'm not seeing people talking about how Tommy starts calling for Ph1l.

  31. Axxro PVP

    Axxro PVP16 minutes ago

    I have a prediction for the TNT, there are 2 people online who arent Tommy or Dream or Sam. Those people are FoolishG and Ranboo the more likely option is Ranboo with the brain washing ect. Or it would be interesting if FoolishG had a cannon arc. Like so more people see!

  32. Darkside Gaming

    Darkside Gaming16 minutes ago

    The old outro music gave me Skyblock vibes

  33. harukkuu

    harukkuu17 minutes ago

    Techno just fucking ONE SHOTS THE ENDER DRAGON

  34. jumpman The3rd

    jumpman The3rd18 minutes ago

    Just fucked up my solo for some mandatory band shit.

  35. Joseph McManus

    Joseph McManus19 minutes ago

    Dream : I am the God Tommyinnit annoyer person Red box: hold my red bull

  36. Sarah Austin

    Sarah Austin19 minutes ago

    Cant you just jump in lava then you spawn on the other side cause you slept

  37. Sohail ツShah

    Sohail ツShah19 minutes ago

    Me just wondering why not to just use The darn lava to die and spawn on the other side

  38. jj ._edits

    jj ._edits20 minutes ago

    When you realise ur notifs are off so that’s why you didn’t see this stream and didn’t see this video till now 👁💧👄💧👁

  39. XenoGamerXerx

    XenoGamerXerx23 minutes ago

    I mean, its Obama man, I would crack out all the Obama jokes I know, take the money, then watch this. 3:36

  40. PUNK boy

    PUNK boy23 minutes ago

    What's the mod called

  41. He's in your bed but I'm in your twitch chat-

    He's in your bed but I'm in your twitch chat-24 minutes ago

    How the heck can a stream be both chill and serious at the same time- Oh wait

  42. r3swag56

    r3swag5624 minutes ago

    *𝕡 𝕠 𝕥 𝕒 𝕥 𝕠*

  43. Red Blueberry

    Red Blueberry25 minutes ago

    tommy set his spawn with a bed, he can just swim in lava

  44. Alyssa _

    Alyssa _26 minutes ago


  45. Chippy88 ?

    Chippy88 ?27 minutes ago

    thing that happend 10:00 he enters and talks loud 11:10 he ask questions 13:46 he put all his loot in a chest 14:56 tommy got killed 15:20 floors come up 16:20 locked vault door 16:47 open door 17:08 close door and tommy slept bed 17:15 tommy ded 17:55 question will he eascape?.? 18:57 fire rez 19:17 epic bridge 19:47 climb stairs 19:53 click bed 22:20 epic bridge to dream

  46. Abigail Games 101

    Abigail Games 10127 minutes ago

    me and my gf who are obsessed with tommyinnit: Me: tommyinnit =bad liar,stutter,wtf etc. the next day: Me: OMG IM WATCHING TOMMYINNIT AND IM DYING IUFVYFVHJFJ Her: OMG UGYIR&RIFI&FGO our friends thinking were phsyco

  47. David Ma

    David Ma27 minutes ago


  48. Shoc King

    Shoc King27 minutes ago

    Nobody: everyone gets stacked with armor Big Q: yeezy

  49. Paige Eklov

    Paige Eklov28 minutes ago

    Dream: We are gonna have fun together for a whole week back to back! Me: Just pretend its a sleepover. TvT That's what I'd do.

  50. Anonymous

    Anonymous29 minutes ago

    24:29 when you remember you deoped yourself at the beginning of the server

  51. Surge

    Surge29 minutes ago


  52. Duckeh Quack

    Duckeh Quack29 minutes ago

    day 7, I've resorted to watching a Tommyinnit stream for potato content.

  53. What Loneliness Does To A Person

    What Loneliness Does To A Person30 minutes ago

    Ayy, chill streams are back

  54. Emperor Aerospray

    Emperor Aerospray30 minutes ago

    Just listened to this while inventory sorting in Minecraft. One of the best background things you can watch while doing chores. 10/10 reccomend!

  55. Alex Tpk

    Alex Tpk30 minutes ago


  56. Šleepy_Mystëry 101

    Šleepy_Mystëry 10131 minute ago

    Wait, can’t he just die in the lava and respawn in one of the beds out of the prison

  57. Unimpressed Plum

    Unimpressed Plum31 minute ago

    Love this vibe so much!!!

  58. Denniz T

    Denniz T31 minute ago

    Respect to Tommy getting Harry to laugh that is quite the challenge

  59. The Lazy Gamer

    The Lazy Gamer31 minute ago

    Tommy's SERIOUS stream?! this has to be a dream. Tommys to funny to by serious

  60. ABU ReNeon

    ABU ReNeon31 minute ago

    Tommy gets into drama Tommy: Who? What? When?

  61. Eliza Artripe

    Eliza Artripe31 minute ago


  62. Paige Eklov

    Paige Eklov31 minute ago

    **Tommy freaking out about the TNT** Dream: **Acting completely calm** Me: OvO What's going on? Are people trying to free dream? ovo

  63. Samuel Törnquist

    Samuel Törnquist32 minutes ago

    I am 14 and this is deep.

  64. ted Smutko

    ted Smutko33 minutes ago

    YEE YEE TIME mother got it for me

  65. Lexus Perez

    Lexus Perez33 minutes ago

    It was calming to watch this while doing a project for school

  66. Spartan _

    Spartan _33 minutes ago

    Techno= my favorite character

  67. •Icy Hot•

    •Icy Hot•34 minutes ago


  68. Paige Eklov

    Paige Eklov34 minutes ago

    Me: **Barely hearing faint screams in the background** OoO Egg.

  69. rainbowbear

    rainbowbear36 minutes ago

    1:06:51 just savin

  70. bAll sAck

    bAll sAck38 minutes ago

    stream now

  71. etttnaam

    etttnaam38 minutes ago

    Im Swedish

  72. Liam O’Dea

    Liam O’Dea38 minutes ago

    henry nodded back

  73. Jessicamore Tree

    Jessicamore Tree39 minutes ago

    I really enjoyed this stream. You should definitely do more chill streams :)

  74. •Icy Hot•

    •Icy Hot•39 minutes ago

    LMAO “Dream is like Jared” XD

  75. Stella Gianni

    Stella Gianni40 minutes ago

    Tommy: *Angry kid noises* Tommy a few minutes later: have any more potatoes..?

  76. suckitgreenboy

    suckitgreenboy42 minutes ago

    *7 nights at dream's*

  77. Arnold Yonkee

    Arnold Yonkee42 minutes ago

    the thumbnail made him look like he was on drugs

  78. Lisa cyr

    Lisa cyr43 minutes ago

    Is what you get for being rude to dream

  79. Vincent Kusko

    Vincent Kusko43 minutes ago

    Omg I love kai dreams

  80. Danieloew `

    Danieloew `43 minutes ago

    Imagine one of your favorite artists knowing who you are im so proud of tommy