The Secret Life of my Hamster
The Secret Life of my Hamster
The Secret Life of my Hamster

It's too boring to stay in a cage for the hamster. He wants adventure and travel!

Hamster Parkour Course
Hamster Pringles Maze
Hamster Stays at Home
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    Do you want to like a nice hamsters

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    Soy el comentario en español que tanto buscabas

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    You should have put two of them there

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    R.I.P steve hamster noms on creeper

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    Which hamster breed is the 🐹? I'll soon get a hamster 🥰

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    Rip estivi

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    Me watching that entire video to see that cute hamster

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    *Peta would like to know your location*

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    Caleb González9 hours ago

    the massacre of the hamster! 😮😰😬😨

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    8:05 for those who found this video absurd

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    Hamsters saying atoatotot

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    7:50 gived my a tear

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    You need to brush that thing

  25. Iak Ram

    Iak Ram10 hours ago

    The hamster was stressed thinking what a pain it is to eat lmaaaoooo

  26. it's britney bitch

    it's britney bitch11 hours ago

    That hamster looks extremely tired, why are you putting this poor animal through an 8 mintues obstacle

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    DHFCFYSV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bravissimoooooooo co

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    So many trips

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    7:42 I know that there was a fucking area to live

  32. MrGreenManWithShades

    MrGreenManWithShades12 hours ago

    I swear if that hamster gets boop on snoot ima try to pet that guy

  33. Aisha Najma

    Aisha Najma12 hours ago

    3:12 and 4:14 are funny moments

  34. 11ben1000

    11ben100012 hours ago

    Shame. I wanted it to die.

  35. Ale Azenon

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    Ah! Its foot got smushed

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    I love our videos thank u so much for them

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    What if he didnt know it was a prank and went through mental Vietnam for SHNACKKK.

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    Che noia

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    Wow that was a-maze-ing

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    Scrap Brain Zone in nutshell

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    Que bonito 😍🐹🐹🐹❤️

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    Usjqjdjdjdurj Juju p ônibus

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    No hamster is harmed in this video.

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    The big round cutter is not real it is a picture .........

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    очень понравилось видео про хомячка

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    Join the hamster cult🤑😎😈🤜💪

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    95 mil deslike porquê?

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    Who will reach the top to be the next........ AMERICAN HAMSTER WARRIOR!

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    Some people are just so creative

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    Too good

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    WHY IS THERE BUZZ SAWS Ok nvm the hamster got through them just fine.

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    Once my hammster bit me and wouldn’t let go because I had ice cream on my finger now it will live another 10 yrs because it got some of my youthful blood

  64. Milaina’s Movies

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    My hamsters would just walk strait off

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    9ñn .o n++

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    This is like a torture chamber for the poor little creature!!!!!! How could anybody enjoy watching this You're cruel and you're endangering this hamster just for views and likes😱😱😤😡🤬😖😖😖😭😭😭😤😤😤😤😤😰😰😰😰😰

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    This is bully of hamster! Stop

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