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The Best Travel SSD?

    POTATOMAN 7410 hours ago

    Mxm.😤😤😤 No more kunai.... Boooooooo......Boooooooo!!!!

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    Financial Shinanigan10 hours ago

    Show us your Gundam collection!

  3. Mick Soucheray

    Mick Soucheray10 hours ago

    2:03 man it’s 12:15 am 😂

  4. StrikeDemonX

    StrikeDemonX10 hours ago

    love the shirt, where you get that

  5. NOYAN khan

    NOYAN khan10 hours ago

    Apple Removes everything from the box. But not a notch 😡😡😡😡

  6. TA Gaming

    TA Gaming11 hours ago

    Unboxing episodes are my favourites🔥

  7. Whalmercs

    Whalmercs11 hours ago

    LG CX OLED is the best TV all round

  8. Kirk State

    Kirk State11 hours ago

    Just don’t use Adobe with a 5 year old MINI MAC because you’ll be Guerrilla Glued

  9. Yusuf Akhtar

    Yusuf Akhtar11 hours ago

    Luv the vids

  10. Vaja Rakesh!

    Vaja Rakesh!11 hours ago

    You are not a average consumer 😂😂

  11. Lakkimsetty Pushpa

    Lakkimsetty Pushpa11 hours ago

    I used to have a handheld with the same games

  12. Ashot Poghosyan

    Ashot Poghosyan12 hours ago

    Isn't anyone gonna talk about the fact that apple shipped the apple watch in that huge box but doesn't include charger in the boxes of the new Iphones as a way to protect the inviroment 🤔

  13. tech meister

    tech meister12 hours ago

    i have that knife. great to use

  14. Anand M

    Anand M12 hours ago

    13:48 TechSource Edgar received the same, that he showed on his latest unboxing.

  15. Kamaludin Mohamed

    Kamaludin Mohamed12 hours ago

    Yo don't disrespect anime

  16. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman12 hours ago

    I think the craziest perfect grade is Exia

  17. Prasad Tandel

    Prasad Tandel13 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the song he played with glasses?

  18. Gary

    Gary13 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting for this judd you made us wait too long! - got my, got my snacks and .... play!

  19. Ethan W

    Ethan W13 hours ago

    The UI on Xbox is great! So easy to navigate and get round, the Ps UI feels a little dull and 2D and too similar to the ps3/ ps4 could argue it has less!

  20. Darran Paul

    Darran Paul13 hours ago

    Judd lo-key getting rid of the kids bracelet thinking no-one would notice 😂🤯

  21. Sherman B. Mason

    Sherman B. Mason13 hours ago

    I need that Apple Watch

  22. eatcheesekobe

    eatcheesekobe13 hours ago

    TBH, the ear cleaning thing is a nice touch, but honestly you should still just go to the physicians (an ENT) and have them check and clean your ears for you every few months or so. Even if you now have the ability to see, you still have no idea what you're actually seeing, what is normal supposed to look like, etc. So do yourself the biggest favor and go to the ENT.

  23. Vinit khatri

    Vinit khatri13 hours ago

    i have a 11 pro cant afford a 11 pro max

  24. Cizling

    Cizling13 hours ago

    What breed of dog is cookie?

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    Hariz Haziq13 hours ago

    EA Gunpla !!!!!

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    Xerxes Berry14 hours ago

    MagSafe meeeee

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    Erics Movies14 hours ago

    I have that exact same bestek power station as you. Same color and everything

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    Reece Keyz14 hours ago

    He put that disclaimer in the beginning because he is tired of people saying that he isn’t an average consumer anymore

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    Amirul Azrai14 hours ago

    Gosh he sure did recommend Food Wars?!? Rip kiddo

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    ForDaWin15 hours ago

    I know that's ya little man and all but the boy look exactly like his moms lol

  31. ForDaWin

    ForDaWin15 hours ago

    lets see one of them upload speeds hit 300 then ill start doing the jay z head nod meme

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    Vansh Khyani15 hours ago

    Thumbnail Wallpaper please

  33. jacob abraham

    jacob abraham15 hours ago

    When is Austin’s room tour coming 😍

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    Alexandra Arrieta15 hours ago

    25:22 Amazon codes both already claimed :(

  35. Axco TheBruh

    Axco TheBruh15 hours ago

    Valentine's day special Xbox controller exists: MKBHD: I gotta get that one

  36. Bheesham Yadav

    Bheesham Yadav15 hours ago

    Bro quick question did order them by yourself or companies send these to you?

  37. jacob abraham

    jacob abraham15 hours ago

    What do you do with all this tech?? That’s a lot

  38. The Fullsterkur

    The Fullsterkur15 hours ago

    19:40 bro who all remembers peter mckinnon when this thing comes up..

  39. Jonard Doctolero

    Jonard Doctolero16 hours ago

    you know what.... i like your zeta gundam shirt

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    Vino Delros16 hours ago

    You, Sir, just won over a new subscriber. Apart from the Cool Tech reviews, you also watch a ton of cool shows. Truly, a "Man of Culture". Thumbs Up!

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    Mahmudul Haque Ratul16 hours ago

    Does galaxy earbuds pro supports other phone like realme or xiaomi?

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    Whalmercs16 hours ago

    All the LG CX owners where you at?? 👍🏼

  43. Whalmercs

    Whalmercs16 hours ago

    I'm looking forward to trying the new xbox wireless headset

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    Arya kumar16 hours ago

    how much is the glasses btw, i got an exam coming up🤣

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    Victor Madsen16 hours ago

    Anybody know what those awesome floor lamps are called?

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    Prince Neupane16 hours ago

    Well someone remember the gaming paradise or no?

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    Peter Simon16 hours ago

    Jud says: you know the deal.. Me: skips 10 seconds

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    Kelsey16 hours ago

    I want to see the video after this called "my massive take out the trash" haha after seeing that huge pile of boxes in the corner

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    Suryansh Byadwal16 hours ago

    Uravgconsumer is certainly not-uravgconsumer

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    LIGHT17 hours ago

    Is he mean killua from HXH!!! 05:12

  51. Javier On The Run

    Javier On The Run17 hours ago

    That Govee lamp has different modes on the app you can also make a DIY lights/music mode on the app it’s pretty cool

  52. JustMaytelin 35

    JustMaytelin 3517 hours ago

    Question can I get like a Phillips hue and bridge I wanna have a dope set up just broke 😂

  53. Saabastian A

    Saabastian A17 hours ago

    10:00 That mgex unicorn 🤤

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    David Levett17 hours ago

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    Philip Lane17 hours ago

    Do a colab with Austin evans

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    oBserA17 hours ago

    That room is worryingly small. Not comfortable to watch!

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    ashwin george17 hours ago

    Poor Jud, *Jay always goes for the biggest box*

  58. John Romashko

    John Romashko18 hours ago

    gotta ask why even botther with any physical media like 4k blu ray? really that is like 10 years ago. i love receivers but even that at best is almost not worth even having anymore.

  59. Rishi Jobanputra

    Rishi Jobanputra18 hours ago

    The vedio i been waiting liike crazy

  60. Prfction Music

    Prfction Music18 hours ago

    My question is, why don’t companies push 4k 120hz? Like we all know it could work on 5g because I can play 1080 at 120hz (I don’t have a 4K 120hz display) with 5g and I’m really far from the router. Like it looks more realistic but nobody will believe it because companies don’t push it, yes I’m looking at you USlikes.

  61. Toonee Animation

    Toonee Animation18 hours ago

    Yoo that mgex and the pg is dope!!! And the ea gunpla custom epicc

  62. YuGod23

    YuGod2318 hours ago

    Echo really following up after Bose with the glasses

  63. Veena Agarwal

    Veena Agarwal18 hours ago

    At the end of the video he didn't have the bracelet the fan gave him

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    Peter Abou Gharib18 hours ago

    saving for that expansions storage lol

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    Billy me18 hours ago

    damn the video doesnt fit full screen damn again

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    Ben18 hours ago

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    RufioChris18 hours ago

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    N0 One45418 hours ago

    Are You REALLY Using 5G? Nope......

  69. YouTuber Baylee Xiong

    YouTuber Baylee Xiong18 hours ago

    Some say these are like the best headphones some say there are good but I haven't heard bad news so they must be about the best or top few in it's class and price

  70. TheChickenNugget

    TheChickenNugget18 hours ago

    just want to say that i just picked up some late night mcdonalds and saw ur video...... This completed my saturday night

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    aaditya bhartia18 hours ago

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    Patrick C18 hours ago

    New Ultimate Tech kit video. Make it so!!!

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    Sebas Vargas18 hours ago

    I love that the camera men talk it makes videos better

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    Samson C Roy18 hours ago

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  77. KID AWESOME111

    KID AWESOME11119 hours ago

    I’ve been looking at getting a drone for USlikes but they are expensive expensive. Found a $200 drone on shoptechnmore for only $60 with code- drone70 (not sure if I’m supposed to share that with people) anyone else know of any good ones.

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    Random Rick Reviews RRR19 hours ago

    Wow looks like tech ideas are running LOW.

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