1. Reyansh Arora

    Reyansh Arora3 hours ago

    He is hacking i saw

  2. Uriel Mendez-Lopez

    Uriel Mendez-Lopez3 hours ago

    It seemed like he was like I’m so good at 8:46

  3. Pineapple

    Pineapple4 hours ago

    this has to be one of the funniest minecraft videos i’ve ever seen

  4. dem0lized YT

    dem0lized YT4 hours ago

    wdym reach

  5. Lee OfHades

    Lee OfHades4 hours ago

    new to his channel, couple question why does everyone have his skin? how does everyone have his skin?

  6. sharptruce

    sharptruce4 hours ago


  7. Minecraft McCurdy

    Minecraft McCurdy4 hours ago


  8. Rohan Meshram 8th A

    Rohan Meshram 8th A4 hours ago


  9. jeremy trades

    jeremy trades4 hours ago

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  10. K

    K4 hours ago

    Give the pc now...

  11. CKTV Does A Lot

    CKTV Does A Lot4 hours ago

    Wallibear read all of my comments so I guess he is the only person who does that

  12. jeremy trades

    jeremy trades4 hours ago

    The jittery iris formerly drown because pet canonically scold like a prickly tv. deafening, guarded mouse

  13. Cyan Yuste

    Cyan Yuste4 hours ago

    why does ur pack not work for me? its so nice

  14. jeremy trades

    jeremy trades4 hours ago

    The righteous shape inexplicably unite because bell gratifyingly compare without a third cornet. dizzy, bright year

  15. jeremy trades

    jeremy trades4 hours ago

    The married cirrus annually juggle because desk psychologically paint forenenst a material beech. spurious, racial mass

  16. Xx_anonymous_xX

    Xx_anonymous_xX4 hours ago

    Purpled: there’s not really any solos maps where the diamonds are connected to mid Acropolis: allow me to introduce myself

  17. Zane Gamber

    Zane Gamber4 hours ago


  18. Skittlesofcourse -

    Skittlesofcourse -5 hours ago

    i dont understand one thing. for the fall damage myth, the iron armkur test doesnt make sense. iron boots should reduce fall damage more than leather but i guess hypixel removed that?

  19. AOB Parkour

    AOB Parkour5 hours ago

    "I was whooping them" could SOOOOO be taken out of context LOL

  20. John Aron Ramada

    John Aron Ramada5 hours ago

    0:05 Death is every where

  21. C&C FILMS

    C&C FILMS5 hours ago


  22. Arshad I

    Arshad I5 hours ago

    Title making friends In reality killing everyone

  23. AUXL

    AUXL5 hours ago

    i hatte you

  24. Justice For Adam

    Justice For Adam5 hours ago

    4:44 Both Of Them Shouting Like I DIED Laughing

  25. xQBxuroQx YT

    xQBxuroQx YT5 hours ago

    What is the texture pack?


    ATHENE NG YAN HUI Moe5 hours ago


  27. Mr. Random Guy #FreeEricArchive

    Mr. Random Guy #FreeEricArchive5 hours ago

    15:30 console lol 😂😆

  28. Nickelodeen

    Nickelodeen6 hours ago

    Wait does anyone know how to make everyone’s skins the same like how purpled did in this vid?

  29. Zayyan Mohsin

    Zayyan Mohsin6 hours ago


  30. Szhyiem Tipu

    Szhyiem Tipu6 hours ago

    If you’re the G.O.A.T then go against Technoblade

  31. FelineFudge

    FelineFudge6 hours ago

    Est intro ever

  32. Klassic

    Klassic6 hours ago

    1:57 he's so white it hurts😭😂 Edit: 3:06🤣🤣 Edit 2: 4:38 it's just punchline after punchline🤣 Edit: 5:53 why was it 6 lmfaoooo Edit 7:26 Jesus he doesn't stop😆😆😆

  33. anniebabie_

    anniebabie_6 hours ago

    next try doing it with terracotta, but im really late so like

  34. Adam Aouchiche

    Adam Aouchiche6 hours ago

    69 Funny number

  35. BronzeBatman

    BronzeBatman6 hours ago

    "green is fighting aqua"

  36. Adam Aouchiche

    Adam Aouchiche6 hours ago

    Why did he not Report The Hacker????

  37. 3yle

    3yle6 hours ago

    If its me the video will be 0.1 sec

  38. Inferio lightning

    Inferio lightning6 hours ago

    PURPLED You exactly know how I always say lag to my friends when I die to noobs

  39. GTB Vyze

    GTB Vyze6 hours ago

    Just downloaded your texture pack🔥🔥btw I love the content . Keep it up bro

  40. niejel Yu

    niejel Yu6 hours ago


  41. Aayush

    Aayush7 hours ago

    omg did anyone realize he played with the wintrxd during thwe finding an egirl video? 3:49

  42. NinjaNoah

    NinjaNoah7 hours ago

    How does this man not have 1 mil subs

  43. Chabspcs

    Chabspcs7 hours ago

    Low key the girl fucking sucks

  44. Its Ash

    Its Ash7 hours ago

    Purpled Just editing in laughter so it's not dead silent

  45. Savage Kitten

    Savage Kitten7 hours ago

    Hey purpled, plsplsplspls make more videos like this or a part 2 I really enjoy stuff like this and I can’t seem to find anything like this on other channels I’m sure other ppl would agree with me

  46. Sohani Das

    Sohani Das7 hours ago

    I played on all the new maps there REALLY good

  47. Cookie

    Cookie7 hours ago

    1v1 techno

  48. Rosemary80

    Rosemary807 hours ago

    Alternate title: **Purpled and Sammy discover they're lesbians**

  49. Pluxify Ioz.

    Pluxify Ioz.7 hours ago

    Nanna booboo you won't find this!

  50. Axingsword Lol

    Axingsword Lol7 hours ago

    Clickbait, it’s not “the most interesting game” it’s “the most interesting video” you need to stop click baiting your video’s and causing mass confusion

  51. Karthik Badri

    Karthik Badri7 hours ago

    purpled do some more bridge compettive games

  52. alexis82

    alexis827 hours ago

    I swear the people who disliked this..

  53. Vize BTW

    Vize BTW7 hours ago

    What texture pack are you using

  54. JenJen Gonzalez

    JenJen Gonzalez7 hours ago

    I wanna see Technoblade vs Purpled.

  55. CJB 16

    CJB 167 hours ago

    i made it 35 mineits

  56. Mercedes Jeanette

    Mercedes Jeanette7 hours ago

    Them he’s hacking Purple:no just get good Dream: what did he say

  57. RCZGamer

    RCZGamer7 hours ago

    he grew from 5k subs to 771k in the last 2 years!!

  58. DaFluffyOwl

    DaFluffyOwl8 hours ago

    Imagine naming yourself after a color

  59. Taxfoo

    Taxfoo8 hours ago

    purple boy teaches green boy how to play bed in mine craft. hi pixel purpled boy teaches greeny boy how to play bed war in mine hi! pixel

  60. pumpkin

    pumpkin8 hours ago

    purpled seems like the kid at school who sniffs sharpies

  61. Taxfoo

    Taxfoo8 hours ago


  62. Axingsword Lol

    Axingsword Lol8 hours ago

    The swordsman kit is even better when you jump before you dash

  63. boohoo crackr

    boohoo crackr8 hours ago

    Everyone else when they die: Dang it I died Purpled: I lagged

  64. Rainbow Galaxy Boi

    Rainbow Galaxy Boi8 hours ago

    My mans would be insane in among us like if you want him to play

  65. ToxiCraft

    ToxiCraft8 hours ago

    You know what two things I’m gonna tell you Me: Dislikes and Unsubs


    CLEMENTINE8 hours ago

    “scrawny white kid” IM SCREECHING

  67. Fear Bored

    Fear Bored8 hours ago

    How do I get that texture pack, I use it but it shows ur 3k pack

  68. Tarquin McLean Beavan

    Tarquin McLean Beavan8 hours ago

    You have gotten a new follower

  69. Taxfoo

    Taxfoo8 hours ago



    BENJAMIN LEE JING TENG Moe8 hours ago

    Purpled just got a stack of views wooooooo

  71. Gavin Whiteaker

    Gavin Whiteaker8 hours ago

    I’m a final running around with no parental guidance

  72. Badilla Silverio

    Badilla Silverio8 hours ago

    What nihachu name in bedwars?

  73. Mil Cvit

    Mil Cvit8 hours ago

    why is the only tag 1001 :/

  74. Kiwi

    Kiwi8 hours ago

    the best part of the video is the super mario galaxy soundtrack playing in the background

  75. amaury

    amaury8 hours ago

    When your at a base with 4 diamonds with no prot or sharp but you run away to push someon be like:

  76. Spinning Orange

    Spinning Orange8 hours ago

    yo does anyone know how to turn off the potion effects

  77. Innit

    Innit8 hours ago

    Insane maps

  78. Oniichan Bapes

    Oniichan Bapes8 hours ago


  79. ItzHig

    ItzHig8 hours ago

    sorry purpled ive been watching all ur vids but i just subbed I think ur great and i love your commentary

  80. Ready

    Ready8 hours ago

    Purpled looks like he's the best in bedwars:))