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  1. Samie Shoestring

    Samie Shoestring44 minutes ago

    Both my father and his oldest brother spent WWII in those islands.

  2. chill fill

    chill fill44 minutes ago

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  3. Brea Cooper

    Brea Cooper45 minutes ago

    Hey! From Cook Middle School in Houston Texas!

  4. bali song

    bali song46 minutes ago

    it's unlikely that a big animal will come on your little 2.5 sq miles of land at ALL while you're there, much less do so in daylight and MUCH less chance that it will give you a decent bow shot. So a dozen baited traps are far more likely to score for you. Sure, you should always have some of your take-down arrows, slingbow and clayballs on your person, but dont expect them to amount to much. The projectile weapon is necessary for finishing off big critters that you've foot-snared to a drag log.and for bow-fishing.

  5. Ben Walters

    Ben Walters46 minutes ago

    This decision did not age well :)

  6. Candi Wallace

    Candi Wallace47 minutes ago


  7. bali song

    bali song49 minutes ago

    it all comes down to knowing what gear to take. when i see that a contestant takes the gillnet, paracord, ferrood, sleeping bag, axe, saw, and belt knife, I know that they dont know what they are doing. That's been every one of them so far. When I ALSO see them waste a week on a shelter build, which is so pee-poor that it needs a fire inside of it, it's guaranteed that thay are ignorant of what needs to be done. Then, when they waste an hour per day processing firewood, it's a lock that they will just starve, unless they get very lucky, which only two have in 7 years. It's just flat stupid to base a million $ upon luckily getting a bow shot at a big animal. You have to have a MUCH better plan and be able to work that plan much more effectively than any have managed so far.

  8. Duane Hampton

    Duane Hampton50 minutes ago

    LUCIFER 🔭. that's a question?

  9. Charlie Stuart

    Charlie Stuart50 minutes ago


  10. Big MacMane

    Big MacMane51 minute ago

    Dulles was in office 53 not 63 🤨 but other than all information very interesting

  11. My Phone

    My Phone53 minutes ago


  12. Lex Garza

    Lex Garza53 minutes ago

    And at the end they are trying to make amends by saying it’s okay to gather and meet as if they actually got in and saw this. The ending is dumb cause you can tell they are trying to say it’s okay they do wired stuff but it’s okay....ROTFLMAO

  13. Abigail

    Abigail53 minutes ago

    As always, I had to search Sohla’s name to find this video 🙄 (her videos never get recommended to me, even on channels I’m subscribed to) But anyways I love seeing Sohla everywhere 😍😍

  14. Jampa Surprenant

    Jampa Surprenant55 minutes ago

    That's was great filming I appreciate and enjoy it.

  15. Armando B.

    Armando B.57 minutes ago

    Is that like a rel life documentary or a fictional one?

  16. Daryl Espenilla

    Daryl Espenilla57 minutes ago

    Noah was Albino from black race. Thus paving the way for different races. Japeth was white, Shem was of Asianic.

  17. Lex Garza

    Lex Garza58 minutes ago

    Why don’t they fly a drone in there I think that would be the best option and you could get great footage

  18. s mcanally

    s mcanally58 minutes ago

    Phony and contrived program.....next, these guys will be looking for King Kong

  19. Heraldo Medrano

    Heraldo Medrano59 minutes ago

    The real is Mexicas.

  20. vail8150

    vail8150Hour ago

    Should have sold it on eBay

  21. Mandie Davis

    Mandie DavisHour ago

    Charging ports for ships... a form of airstrip for vehicles that launch upwards, not sideways like our planes perhaps?

  22. Travis Deer

    Travis DeerHour ago

    History channel can you please make these available in Canada please

  23. minami

    minamiHour ago

    bro Jordan is amazing

  24. Marcelo Silva

    Marcelo SilvaHour ago

    My intelligence cannot take anymore History channel non facts stories.

  25. spike datycoon

    spike datycoonHour ago

    Do you gentlemen check the balance on this kukri I have one and it's amazing it holds its balance on edge of it's blade

  26. EyesWideShut

    EyesWideShutHour ago

    Where's the pizza ad, you enlighteners usually miss no opportunities to giggle.

  27. Marcelo Silva

    Marcelo SilvaHour ago

    Speculations is all History Channel can do

  28. John Tieppo

    John TieppoHour ago

    A wall? In california? Ya you read that in the oak island narrator voice...

  29. tony wu

    tony wuHour ago

    So the last passage was 700BC. That have us the Maya civilization, end of the Egyptian empire and pandemonium erupted to the Zhou dynasty. 🤷

  30. Dawn Trimble

    Dawn TrimbleHour ago

    They don't care who saw them there only in the area to get measurements

  31. Antonio S85 Smith874

    Antonio S85 Smith874Hour ago

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  32. Jesee Finley

    Jesee FinleyHour ago

    thires a rune stone in turly oklahoma

  33. peter 999

    peter 999Hour ago

    what if they crash by a plane again?

  34. Romiyo Sarvan

    Romiyo SarvanHour ago

    She looks like a gold digger man !

  35. Lylah Boling

    Lylah BolingHour ago

    Yes and I believe that American Indians ( indigenous people ) are of asian decent. When I was young I was told they traveled here and crossing over an expanse of land that fell away trapping them in this area of the world. DNA should be able to extend the theory..

  36. pete v

    pete vHour ago

    We are overdue, people way to comfortable.🛸🌋🛸🤯

  37. P0lly Willis

    P0lly WillisHour ago

    Wow!! I do follow horse racing and I can't believe someone actually sold this!!! Affirmed was definitely famous but had this been Secretariat's triple crown trophy, it would have been no question that it would have been worth $500k.

  38. Biff Teutsch

    Biff TeutschHour ago

    Talk about your “ Climate Change”!!!! 😂🤣😂

  39. Antonio S85 Smith874

    Antonio S85 Smith874Hour ago

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  40. Brett

    BrettHour ago

    It's the end of the world as we know it ......and I feel fine .

  41. A A

    A AHour ago

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  42. Lynn Barber

    Lynn BarberHour ago

    No ETS just Jesus coming.

  43. James Kong

    James KongHour ago

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  44. gesteho letijmek

    gesteho letijmekHour ago

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  45. ziblot123

    ziblot123Hour ago

    Berkeley! There’s your first mistake. Those people aren’t after the truth. They want data to buttress their leftist beliefs. There are plenty of Caucasian fossils that they say are fake. And what’s a geologist doing archaeological work? You aren’t qualified.

  46. Michael Wilkinson

    Michael WilkinsonHour ago

    Could we create some gravities to bring it just enough back to us to be enough to buy time

  47. Ivan Chevez

    Ivan ChevezHour ago

    Back when history channel actually covered some history.

  48. bali song

    bali songHour ago

    In half an hour, you can make the 20x20 tarp into a single thickness, completely enclosed, easily accessed , plenty large enough shelter with a floor. That will suffice for the first 50 days. Gather a bit of dry grass or other debris every day, and store it out of the rain/snow in your shelter. Then, when it's colder, you can convert the big tarps shelter into a 6 ft long, A frame 4x4 ft sleeping shelter, with 18" of compressed, dry debris all aorund you, trapping the air that insulates you in several layers of tarp. You can make a sleeping bag out of the 10x10 tarp and debris, also., in an hour or so. So dont waste a pick on a sleeping bag, nor on the belt knife, axe or saw., When you dont need a warming fire, you dont need to process much firewood. That means that the Cold steel shovel, modified to have 8" of real-deal saw teeth on one edge, suffices to process as much firewood as you need. This saves you one gear pick. You dont need the sleeping bag, or the ferrorod, if you know what to take and do. If you take the rope hammock, you can make 10x as much netting and cordage out of it as you can take in the form of the gillnet and the paracord. In half a day, you can make as much netting as you're allowed to take. So dont waste picks on the cordage or the gillnet. You can save 4 picks in this way. This lets you take the 3 lbs of salt, the duct tape, the 12x12 tarp and the snarewire. you want a slingbow, baked clay balls for small game and take down arrows for big game.

  49. Shanlyn Webb

    Shanlyn WebbHour ago

    The aliens didn’t freak me out it was the religion that did that in this clip.

  50. Michael Wilkinson

    Michael WilkinsonHour ago

    Primordial soup great name for a band

  51. James Kong

    James KongHour ago

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  52. Michael Wilkinson

    Michael WilkinsonHour ago

    A weird theory I have always had is that the moon is the core of another planet I mean it could be a core floating around

  53. Bessy Bessy

    Bessy BessyHour ago

    The hollyspirt that religon talks about what is that a. voice they say from (god) ?? Everything is changed maybe to be understanding and fearful the truth is always hiden for the control of humanity why?

  54. Anthony Jupiter

    Anthony JupiterHour ago

    Just wait until the pope removes his skin

  55. bali song

    bali songHour ago

    You can make 300 sq ft of 3" mesh netting per day out of the 2 person cotton rope hammock. You can make the pontoon outrigger raft in a day, In a day, you can cut all of the big fishooks in half, reshape their ends, bind them into being 16 treblehooks and get them baited and set out as trotlines. Your shelter, bedding, water source, fire, etc, can all be set up in a day. So you're going to be eating all of the fish you can choke down, in a week or less. Fasting for a week is no big deal. Sitting around unraveling the hammock, unraveling the rope, then separating out the threads, spinning them into cordage and weaving netting is tedious, but not really difficult. By knowing how to not need a warming fire and not waste a week on building a nearly worthless shelter, you save plenty enough time to make the netting. Then the netting will catch so much fish in a month (ie, averaging over 30 lbs per day) that you'll be able to just hole up for the second 50 days, after the lake freezes over. What have you got to lose by trying it my way? In less than a week, you'll know if making the netting is helping you or not. If you're not catching any fish, you're o worse off than you'd have been if you'd wasted that week on a debris shelter.

  56. Razz Rasmussen

    Razz RasmussenHour ago

    Just Beautiful Hooah

  57. Aravind Varsa

    Aravind VarsaHour ago

    Now these cards worth 10m dollar$😌

  58. Pale Dude

    Pale DudeHour ago

    I visited and it was too cold.

  59. Will 90

    Will 90Hour ago

    20:04 they couldnt find my guy a bigger vest"? 😂😂😂

  60. Kevin Cerce

    Kevin CerceHour ago

    In the 1960's my Father managing a crew of guys ripping up a sidewalk on one of the streets of New York City, only to replace it with new. To make a long story short they unearth one of Al Capone's underground hideaway. Later that day it was shown on all the local news stations.

  61. Fishing & Hunting

    Fishing & HuntingHour ago

    People are stupid

  62. adunik12 babosthan

    adunik12 babosthanHour ago

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  63. Sguikkeidag

    SguikkeidagHour ago

    Love all these outside the box theories. However with my interest in ancient mexico I know for a fact they have a bigger one in Cholula, which I visited too

  64. Ray Burgess

    Ray BurgessHour ago

    This video tries link the existance of Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ and aliens. It proposes that Mary is an alien. I found it unconvincing, and un-factual. Thanks for posting.

  65. danger trebor

    danger treborHour ago

    Most of this aged very poorly. Even “Global Warming” is an artifact of the past.

  66. Glenn Hitt

    Glenn HittHour ago

    All of these shows remind me of the opening of Al Capone's safe.

  67. Agam Zaini

    Agam ZainiHour ago

    The power of "kuli"

  68. Yograjsingh Thakore

    Yograjsingh ThakoreHour ago

    I Like This Show. Its Totally Free From Cringe.