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  1. Kiesha Chien Lacson

    Kiesha Chien Lacson15 hours ago

    When chungha started rapping I was like YASSSSSS QUEEN👸

  2. Aariya Dewan

    Aariya Dewan15 hours ago

    Chungha is a multitalented queen

  3. Nisha Kapta

    Nisha Kapta15 hours ago

    0:28 I love this line so much 😘

  4. Luqman Hariss

    Luqman Hariss16 hours ago

    Is so realy good song,music also dance fron Chungha.Maybe i become like and love this song slowly.Hihi.✩✩✩✩★★★★★♡♡♡♡♡♡↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑.

  5. Melisa Özdemir

    Melisa Özdemir16 hours ago

    Beni aşırı sinirlendirdiler o yüzden devam

  6. martiigiordanoo

    martiigiordanoo16 hours ago


  7. Melisa Özdemir

    Melisa Özdemir16 hours ago

    Yok siz şarkıyı dinlemiyorsunuz geridesiniz bilmem ne dediler ayrıca chungha ya resmen başarısız dediler okey kuduruklar

  8. Melisa Özdemir

    Melisa Özdemir16 hours ago

    Chungha hakkediyordu yani 1 kere olsa kazanmalıydım dedim kıyamet kopardılar

  9. Melisa Özdemir

    Melisa Özdemir16 hours ago

    Abi Iu fandomu ne toksik miş

  10. Chase Cummings

    Chase Cummings16 hours ago

    Ms Chungha I Love Your Music By The Way Great Job 🎤🎧👏🏻

  11. Maria Tavares

    Maria Tavares16 hours ago

    TOP 3 BEST CHUNGHA's PERFORMANCE 1st place - Bicycle 2nd place - Stay Tonight 3rd place - PLAY She only gets better! THIS IS EVOLUTION GUYS.

  12. Saihajleen Kaur /

    Saihajleen Kaur /16 hours ago

    Does she have 45M subs?!

  13. Almas

    Almas16 hours ago

    I hear it for 1 million times...I suppose that i am gay 3:-)

  14. Almas

    Almas16 hours ago

    ♥ omg, why are you so sexy ?! ♥

  15. 로미

    로미16 hours ago

    코로나도 걸리셨던 분이 턱스크만 몇번인지.... 확실히 문제가 있네요 이거는....경각심 좀 가져주세요

  16. Barry m

    Barry m16 hours ago

    집합금지를 안푸는 이유.avi

  17. K-pop

    K-pop16 hours ago

    Жги зажигай девчуля

  18. you better run run

    you better run run17 hours ago

    ستان تشونغها لحياة اجمل

  19. Nadira Begum

    Nadira Begum17 hours ago

    She's the best soloist out there

  20. brayden furze

    brayden furze17 hours ago


  21. Nadira Begum

    Nadira Begum17 hours ago

    I just came from mamamoo singing Pikachu Don't know why I said that

  22. rii mur

    rii mur17 hours ago


  23. 온리탱렙

    온리탱렙17 hours ago

    청하야 이번 앨범 너무 좋다 ㅎㅎㅎ 빨리 나아서 다행이야ㅠㅠㅠ앞우로도 아프지말고 좋은 음악 많이 해줘 화이팅!!!!

  24. jasmynnaudrey

    jasmynnaudrey17 hours ago

    Seeing her so bubbly in every Behind really shows she loves what she's doing. 🥺

  25. madison taetae

    madison taetae18 hours ago

    почему на этом шедевре ТАК МАЛО ПРОСМОТРОВ!?

  26. Ксения Симакова

    Ксения Симакова18 hours ago

    Боже, красотка.

  27. Im Ji Ho

    Im Ji Ho18 hours ago

    My kind of Queen

  28. Thomi Zch

    Thomi Zch18 hours ago

    that bicycle must be really fun to ride

  29. 손준범

    손준범18 hours ago

    2:11 “밤비”는 미사일인가?

  30. 한지

    한지18 hours ago

    Q U E E N

  31. shalu uniyal

    shalu uniyal18 hours ago

    She copied starting music from gippy grewal Indian artist "nach nach" song and jass manak song butterfly .gippy grewal is punjabi artist .maybe its sample but starting music is similar.

  32. 고령희

    고령희18 hours ago

    10:30 왼쪽 검정조거팬츠 입으신분 인스타아이디 있나요ㅠㅠ

  33. 66 Sinchana Chandan

    66 Sinchana Chandan18 hours ago

    An Ahgase here Literally gave me goosebumps........

  34. Tsuki San

    Tsuki San18 hours ago

    It's so amazing and beautiful in the same time. I see the video the lasts year but u don't say nothing because I Don't know speak inglish 🤣🤣😚

  35. Chungha Vii

    Chungha Vii19 hours ago

    She is still my queen. Love u

  36. Eugeneee_ 21

    Eugeneee_ 2119 hours ago

    I saw her on odg and she changed from ☺️🥰 to 🔥👸🔥 when she dances

  37. HunMo Kim

    HunMo Kim19 hours ago

    턱스크 할거면 걍 쓰지말든동..

  38. 『 ᴊᴜѕᴛ ᴏɴᴄᴇ 𓆙 』

    『 ᴊᴜѕᴛ ᴏɴᴄᴇ 𓆙 』19 hours ago

    ياحظ دراجة بس )؛..

  39. 『 ᴊᴜѕᴛ ᴏɴᴄᴇ 𓆙 』

    『 ᴊᴜѕᴛ ᴏɴᴄᴇ 𓆙 』19 hours ago

    برم برم )؛..

  40. 『 ᴊᴜѕᴛ ᴏɴᴄᴇ 𓆙 』

    『 ᴊᴜѕᴛ ᴏɴᴄᴇ 𓆙 』19 hours ago

    جعلني قبعة '.

  41. Asia Mohamed

    Asia Mohamed19 hours ago

    these comments are weird...

  42. Lulupam Blackpink

    Lulupam Blackpink19 hours ago

    chungha never gives up she is a queen 👑

  43. 안영주

    안영주19 hours ago


  44. Darklisas #WeLoveYouHyujin

    Darklisas #WeLoveYouHyujin20 hours ago

    QUEEN 💖

  45. Merve Eminoğlu

    Merve Eminoğlu20 hours ago


  46. Sofia Marques

    Sofia Marques20 hours ago

    Perfection. Idk HOW people dislike this.

  47. 양하란

    양하란20 hours ago

    나 오늘 청하님이 가셨던 타마디스코 타고 왔는데

  48. Multi Byulharang Ajum

    Multi Byulharang Ajum20 hours ago

    You always have byulharang heart matter she win or not..she did well..and you did well today..fighting!!


    JEEKIES SUPERIOR20 hours ago

    The *YAHS* are iconic

  50. K-pop

    K-pop20 hours ago

    Get 25M views

  51. Panganiban, Ian

    Panganiban, Ian21 hour ago

    Chungha placed 3rd again on SBS INKIGAYO today. It's okay, our competitors are really that tough But I know we can still work harder for her. Please don't forget to include atage performances into your [email protected] routine and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE :(((( LUV U

  52. Mehek Gaglani

    Mehek Gaglani21 hour ago

    To the Director of this mv, Hey you nice,keep going.

  53. Rana Zeynep Ay

    Rana Zeynep Ay21 hour ago

    She is the QUEEN of alllll

  54. Hery Hermawan

    Hery Hermawan21 hour ago

    Taylor Swift

  55. Lulu

    Lulu21 hour ago

    This music video is so cool omg

  56. Reese Jillian Torres

    Reese Jillian Torres22 hours ago


  57. Lulu

    Lulu22 hours ago

    Thank you for all the hard work!

  58. Shiela mae Lor retulla

    Shiela mae Lor retulla22 hours ago

    Iam addicted to this song 😍 so much

  59. Summertime

    Summertime22 hours ago

    She's the QUEEN!

  60. Brad

    Brad22 hours ago

    세번째 착장버전 댄스영상 없나여ㅠㅠ

  61. Sakura Sasuke

    Sakura Sasuke22 hours ago

    So cool omg!!😍😍

  62. leah _

    leah _22 hours ago

    3:27 존멋쁨

  63. Hw 9

    Hw 922 hours ago

    تاج راسنا

  64. Hw 9

    Hw 922 hours ago


  65. Hw 9

    Hw 922 hours ago


  66. Hw 9

    Hw 922 hours ago


  67. Hw 9

    Hw 922 hours ago


  68. Hw 9

    Hw 922 hours ago


  69. Jen Jen Jen

    Jen Jen Jen22 hours ago

    What’s the race of her dog?

  70. Mark lee is a bottom

    Mark lee is a bottom22 hours ago

    Me after watching the mv:🤰🏻

  71. R B

    R B23 hours ago

    Imagine Chungha in Bicycle performing on a stage with Sunmi in Tail.

  72. Speaker of Words

    Speaker of Words23 hours ago

    I know a lot of people who need that shirt lol. Chung Ha rocks it hard with the hat

  73. 한헴

    한헴23 hours ago

    카메라 앞인데도 마스크 쓰는거에 경각심이 없으시네 다들........ 청하분 양성떠서 격리까지 하다오셨는데ㅜ다들 조심 좀 해주지...

  74. Multi Byulharang Ajum

    Multi Byulharang Ajum23 hours ago

    Voteee for herrr..

  75. Panganiban, Ian

    Panganiban, Ian23 hours ago

    the results of voting do have a big gap :(( i know we can do this please vote for Chungha Bicycle on MWave, IdolChamp, Whosfan,

  76. K-pop

    K-pop23 hours ago

    This girl amazing

  77. Noha Mehmood

    Noha Mehmood23 hours ago

    I actually felt lost during the whole mv the power that she holds man

  78. Tamanna Singh Chandel

    Tamanna Singh Chandel23 hours ago

    50 million!!!!!!!!fighting!!!

  79. TaeTae Kim

    TaeTae Kim23 hours ago

    Queen Chungha