1. Serena Martinez

    Serena Martinez2 hours ago

    I’ve heard this song way to many times before lmao

  2. Marcus Talbott

    Marcus Talbott2 hours ago

    you guys are weps i out of here

  3. Michael Gaffney

    Michael Gaffney2 hours ago

    5 nights at nikocados its the scariest game I have seen in my life...

  4. gamer girl XD

    gamer girl XD2 hours ago

    Bruh WTF😫

  5. bl00dyc0tten

    bl00dyc0tten2 hours ago

    When my little sister does when my mom is not home:

  6. Cheyha Nepal

    Cheyha Nepal2 hours ago

    The intro thing tho😂

  7. A Gaming Water Bottle

    A Gaming Water Bottle2 hours ago

    It’s flaming hot beer, sponsored by Cheetos Now that’s my kind of sponsor.

  8. Panda Boi

    Panda Boi2 hours ago

    3:02 best part

  9. Cap

    Cap2 hours ago

    If I could I would join their vr chat and sing the full one punch intro in Japanese

  10. Hayzen Mcginnis

    Hayzen Mcginnis2 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are so funny

  11. Noah Gilbert

    Noah Gilbert2 hours ago

    55m views? wtf congrats

  12. Drew Nicholson

    Drew Nicholson2 hours ago

    Bruh you take that back starwars is amazing.

  13. Little Kitty

    Little Kitty2 hours ago

    I- ew

  14. Aland Hasan

    Aland Hasan2 hours ago

    The end so fanny😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. anto brontok

    anto brontok3 hours ago




    Nobody: My ear in a quiet room 9:42

  17. M’lady

    M’lady3 hours ago

    That’s sue he missed a lot of those notes I suspect no fail is on.

  18. Audi Psalm

    Audi Psalm3 hours ago

    This man will create the exact same song for 2021. It's true.

  19. Liv Makeup

    Liv Makeup3 hours ago

    me doing the edit for tim: i fucking kick in in the w and he says uwuh and falls in the water

  20. - MhCatLover -

    - MhCatLover -3 hours ago

    7:16 i LoVe ThE tAmBoUrInE

  21. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin3 hours ago

    When he drank the nicotine he should have turned into the fat lady skin

  22. laforest gamer

    laforest gamer3 hours ago


  23. Kiel Reyes

    Kiel Reyes3 hours ago

    6:59 LOL

  24. Kieran Mc

    Kieran Mc3 hours ago

    Kids don't do that he's crazy

  25. sundown gamer

    sundown gamer3 hours ago


  26. Noob World

    Noob World3 hours ago

    i am geting a vr headset can i play when i get it?

  27. jebs

    jebs3 hours ago

    thats a pretty sad origin story

  28. Thicc Boi

    Thicc Boi3 hours ago

    Yep I’m not gonna eat after watching this

  29. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin3 hours ago

    Narrator is the best sheriff

  30. Whizby Bros

    Whizby Bros3 hours ago

    I love your videos it’s so funny 🤪 >:)

  31. 獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ

    獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ3 hours ago

    Oh no, the chocolate rain again, it's giving me the chills.

  32. Rock Shot

    Rock Shot3 hours ago

    They never fail to amuse me

  33. dantal murad

    dantal murad3 hours ago

    Also subscribe to him

  34. dantal murad

    dantal murad3 hours ago

    What the hell why are his videos so funny

  35. Elias

    Elias3 hours ago

    I want more of this

  36. La pantera mirel

    La pantera mirel3 hours ago


  37. Dino chicken nuggets

    Dino chicken nuggets3 hours ago

    0:05 I'M HUNGRY😂😂

  38. Satan

    Satan3 hours ago

    Say it with me fuck 2020

  39. Yellow Gaming

    Yellow Gaming3 hours ago

    When i'm sad you make me happy.😊

  40. Shenita Martin

    Shenita Martin3 hours ago

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  41. Shenita Martin

    Shenita Martin4 hours ago

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  42. Radar9132

    Radar91324 hours ago


  43. Radar9132

    Radar91324 hours ago


  44. Ashleigh Er

    Ashleigh Er4 hours ago

    Juicy: do you know the gay guy that makes owl noises Narorator: who All the boys except narorator:...... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Me:FLIP HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  45. Shenita Martin

    Shenita Martin4 hours ago

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  46. Magnus Wahlgren

    Magnus Wahlgren4 hours ago

    Car car

  47. Shenita Martin

    Shenita Martin4 hours ago

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  48. Shenita Martin

    Shenita Martin4 hours ago

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  49. SnakooY Gamer

    SnakooY Gamer4 hours ago

    I was eating apples now am thinking I ate poop eww🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢😖😖😖😫😫😫🤯🤯🤯🤯

  50. R6 and rocket league gaming

    R6 and rocket league gaming4 hours ago

    Whats the game called

  51. Rhys dR

    Rhys dR4 hours ago

    "stay back ill fist ya" josh dum

  52. Ki-over 9000

    Ki-over 90004 hours ago


  53. Julian _K01

    Julian _K014 hours ago

    I want to see how Eddie reacts to this😅




  55. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin4 hours ago

    Narrator as: BOXXXX!!!

  56. Rhys dR

    Rhys dR4 hours ago

    the edita are 2 much and too good

  57. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin4 hours ago

    Nice German accent

  58. Zack knight

    Zack knight4 hours ago

    mesa revive NO NO DONT TOUCH ME THERE THIS IS MY NO NO SQUARE DONT TOUCH MY BONE MY MOM'S NOT HOME (i dont know the lyrics but i like them cz i cant find em)

  59. wieloryb

    wieloryb4 hours ago

    god deam simp

  60. Sebastien Douse

    Sebastien Douse4 hours ago

    Wow his content is shit now. Jesus Christ. It’s no longer entertainment it’s just 4-5 grown men pretending to be babies and talking about stupid shit and reusing unfunny jokes and avatars

  61. pig the pug

    pig the pug4 hours ago

    I’ve never seen the Kmart clown... Wait

  62. LX MX

    LX MX4 hours ago

    What game is this ehh?

  63. ching ho

    ching ho4 hours ago

    The free chalk diagnostically blot because edger coincidentally fancy afore a voracious beetle. furry furtive, deranged queen

  64. Adam Tamer10

    Adam Tamer104 hours ago


  65. Zach Black

    Zach Black4 hours ago

    And this is why, kids, you should never do drugs...

  66. Amber Jones

    Amber Jones4 hours ago

    Can i join you in minecraft

  67. Sheena b

    Sheena b4 hours ago

    I have watched this over10 times

  68. Paxton Hunter

    Paxton Hunter4 hours ago

    You’re a discrase

  69. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin4 hours ago

    If you didn’t have Australia you wouldn’t have wifi

  70. justgamer14

    justgamer144 hours ago

    check 1850

  71. Nicolas Vera

    Nicolas Vera4 hours ago

    2:16 the way aspen says this it gets me every time hahaha

  72. Padmaja Sundaramoorthy

    Padmaja Sundaramoorthy5 hours ago

    yOU haVe nOOoooOo rIGhtS tO enTEr MY hoME