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Leo Moracchioli runs a studio in Norway called Frog Leap Studios. This channel contains music covers, gear review, studio updates and other shenanigans.

Pokemon (Frog Leap Live)
A Look Back At 2020
  1. 4inksempire

    4inksempireHour ago

    Thats fake. Bunnies can´t play the guitar ...

  2. DancingStiff _o0ps_

    DancingStiff _o0ps_Hour ago

    love to see u @LEO Moracchioli doing a one with violet orlandi , first to.. , Halocene ands Lauren Babic​. wow that the be awesome!

  3. Günter Flohr

    Günter FlohrHour ago

    My absolut Favorit. ... Thanks Leo....I love all your stuff. ..What about Status Quo with Down Down or What ever you want or Rocking all over the world. .....Greatings from Cologne Germany


    FIRE HANDHour ago

    This is one sample of simplest music video cover ever

  5. James Butler

    James ButlerHour ago

    That deserves a like just for the big ones it takes to stand there in the camera and dance goofy like that.

  6. Clockwork Rex

    Clockwork RexHour ago

    Thank you,this made me happy.

  7. Günter Flohr

    Günter FlohrHour ago

    Like Ozzy saying : "Let's go fucking crazy..." Oh i love this stuff. ...Greatings from Cologne Germany

  8. Daniel Jedlicka

    Daniel JedlickaHour ago

    Love your songs!

  9. JTRW

    JTRWHour ago

    Jump in the Line - Harry Belafonte

  10. Braffl

    BrafflHour ago


  11. zσнyρє

    zσнyρєHour ago

    This riff right here 0:33, Oh holy mfng damn!

  12. Adam Brandon

    Adam BrandonHour ago

    Damn after listening to sultans 10000s of times this is so cool 😂

  13. Craig Vicarey

    Craig VicareyHour ago

    Sultans of swing got me here, this has made me stay

  14. Synthlogue

    Synthlogue2 hours ago

    This totally needs to be the theme for a re-release of the tv show

  15. Maciej Czumaj

    Maciej Czumaj2 hours ago


  16. Squirelockholms

    Squirelockholms2 hours ago

    In the words of Sexy Rajesh... my English not gud but. THIS VIDEO IS A FUCKING.

  17. Blake Stormcrow

    Blake Stormcrow2 hours ago

    Infinity Tone - I love you!

  18. Forside

    Forside2 hours ago

    Vaiolet Arlandeyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Dimitrije Stojsin

    Dimitrije Stojsin2 hours ago

    "My mother told me" in old Norse, or Norwegian please :)

  20. King Lord

    King Lord2 hours ago

    Astig nice

  21. Azza Bacon

    Azza Bacon2 hours ago

    You need to do meatloaf paradise by dashboard lights pleeeeeeeease

  22. Bob Beane

    Bob Beane2 hours ago

    That rabbit scares me! Awesome video though!

  23. Christophe Ravel

    Christophe Ravel2 hours ago

    Slt leo. Je suis français et je kiffe ce que tu fait.tu et excellent. J adore toute tes reprises que tu fait. Je suis un grand fan de métal. Merci a toi de nous donnez tant de bonne humeur et continue comme ca. Vive le métal et leo

  24. Franz Pattison

    Franz Pattison2 hours ago

    Somehow it loses its magic

  25. sam phoenix

    sam phoenix2 hours ago

    man dec 20 2019 last normal 10 days before all went to hell in a handbasket , and a very good song to loose your mind in quarantine lmao

  26. spN

    spN2 hours ago

    It's just fucki** incredible.

  27. stefan schumacher

    stefan schumacher3 hours ago

    Ist er ein Berliner?! Sehr geil gemacht 👍

  28. 77dris

    77dris3 hours ago

    Better than the original? I bloody well think so. And I'm not a metal head at all. Yikes.

  29. Sani San

    Sani San3 hours ago

    Speed x1.25 wooah, 😅😁

  30. xeonic84

    xeonic843 hours ago

    If you don't like this then you turn down for what?

  31. Garret Hopwood

    Garret Hopwood3 hours ago

    Interesting addition of gospel styling. Another great collab!

  32. spN

    spN3 hours ago

    I SAID HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. eufonius486

    eufonius4863 hours ago


  34. Papa Otit

    Papa Otit3 hours ago

    great metal arransement bro !!! very very best !!!!!!!

  35. Jones Xy

    Jones Xy3 hours ago

    gimme the tabs pls

  36. Budiyanto Wahjudi

    Budiyanto Wahjudi4 hours ago

    WTF :o ?? That... that... is so awesome ! Oh I Liked.

  37. Pagan Wynters

    Pagan Wynters4 hours ago

    Leo I admire you so much. You are epic at everything you do. I would love to collab with you. You're an inspiration. I'd love to hear you sing Hollow Skies from Final Fantasy 7's remake.

  38. Indra Jukāme

    Indra Jukāme4 hours ago

    The covers are nice and funny. The only thing that annoys me are the long outros because I'm listening to the playlist. Otherwise- great job! Bra gjort!!

  39. popov2080

    popov20804 hours ago

    музон да , клип гуано!

  40. Дмитрий Шевченко

    Дмитрий Шевченко5 hours ago

    Guys you are great

  41. Balazs Barabas

    Balazs Barabas5 hours ago

    Banjo too??? Fuck it man...

  42. Plague Rebirth

    Plague Rebirth5 hours ago

    This is genuinely cursed

  43. Brad Scheie

    Brad Scheie5 hours ago

    Stacy's Mom. Fountains of Wayne possibly?

  44. Jarre kuusela

    Jarre kuusela5 hours ago

    Run dmc-its like that

  45. sharappaland

    sharappaland5 hours ago

    love from are exceptional.... my soundtrack in the car every day

  46. Koraodo Tv

    Koraodo Tv5 hours ago


  47. Michał Nitecki

    Michał Nitecki6 hours ago

    Make "Era - Cathar Rhythm" I believe u can cover it. It's a challange man....

  48. coral valenzuela

    coral valenzuela6 hours ago


  49. OttoMoBiehl

    OttoMoBiehl6 hours ago

    I want my empty v.

  50. Blair Guinea

    Blair Guinea6 hours ago

    Awesome Awesome Awesome !

  51. Elvis Mastaine

    Elvis Mastaine6 hours ago

    02:05 I was waiting for something like that 😅when I first saw the thumbnail 🤘🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  52. john jacobs

    john jacobs6 hours ago

    Yep EpiC! JJ

  53. Alex R

    Alex R6 hours ago

    Great Leo please cover the Russian rock song (King and Jester - Forester) Король и Шут - Лесник.

  54. coral valenzuela

    coral valenzuela6 hours ago

    This is sick

  55. coral valenzuela

    coral valenzuela6 hours ago

    I am High so I am a lil bit confused (ha!) does he really play all the intso for this song?


    JOHN WINN6 hours ago

    Sorry but, I guess I will never understand metal. Tried 3 or 4 of your videos but, can't watch any for more than 10 seconds.

  57. Stefan Wiest

    Stefan Wiest6 hours ago


  58. J H

    J H6 hours ago

    Actually... Crime Mobb "Knuck if You Buck". That would be hard af

  59. Maulana Rizqi

    Maulana Rizqi6 hours ago

    do you need permission from this place management's ?

  60. Christian Rodriguez

    Christian Rodriguez7 hours ago

    Me gusto mas esta version que la original.

  61. Christian Rodriguez

    Christian Rodriguez7 hours ago

    Bien me suscribo, este maje se pela.

  62. ZenAkulla

    ZenAkulla7 hours ago

    This is epic....

  63. Christian Rodriguez

    Christian Rodriguez7 hours ago

    No jodan venia a criticar que habian jodido la rola, pero no wey me encanto esta es una verson bin vergas, pero ese man del ojito raro esta bien pelado jejejejeej me ha hecho reir con esa actuacion.

  64. Jenny

    Jenny7 hours ago


  65. Broken Patriot

    Broken Patriot7 hours ago

    I've got a cross country road trip coming up in June. Arizona to Iow to Ohio and back to Phoenix. I'm gonna be jamming this all the way.

  66. Broken Patriot

    Broken Patriot7 hours ago

    My new favorite channel.

  67. Emaw Yohan

    Emaw Yohan7 hours ago


  68. A Bajaj

    A Bajaj7 hours ago

    Hilarious...nicely done

  69. Emaw Yohan

    Emaw Yohan7 hours ago

    Haha hello Pikachu.😂👊❤🤘🏼

  70. Sitijamilahmokhtar08 Mokhtar

    Sitijamilahmokhtar08 Mokhtar7 hours ago


  71. layne nadon

    layne nadon7 hours ago

    SiC vid man. Love his shit. And the singing add promo he does...again SiC, Alice In Chains

  72. scape goaty

    scape goaty8 hours ago

    This is real good

  73. Emaw Yohan

    Emaw Yohan8 hours ago


  74. Jera Sky

    Jera Sky8 hours ago

    so good!

  75. Chris Ruef

    Chris Ruef8 hours ago

    Dave would dig it

  76. Emaw Yohan

    Emaw Yohan8 hours ago

    Man, you are so gifted.❤🤘🏼 Filipino fan is waving.🙂

  77. Emaw Yohan

    Emaw Yohan8 hours ago

    Let's dance while we rock and roll.🙂✊

  78. Pure Alchemist

    Pure Alchemist8 hours ago

    Shape of My Heart- Sting metal cover... PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

  79. Emaw Yohan

    Emaw Yohan8 hours ago


  80. Emaw Yohan

    Emaw Yohan8 hours ago

    Haha wow.😍✊🎧