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  1. Chad Pittman

    Chad Pittman2 minutes ago

    How do I make sure stupid videos like yes never pop up on my phone again

  2. Queen B

    Queen B3 minutes ago

    The guy who didn't want the money was probably racist :p

  3. avaree mayfield

    avaree mayfield3 minutes ago

    I think I got my swagger back !

  4. LJB Rides

    LJB Rides3 minutes ago

    She ugly ngl.

  5. Brad Ghamyan

    Brad Ghamyan6 minutes ago

    “we’re actually shooting all the way over there” point 5 yards away 😂

  6. TheOffroadGuy

    TheOffroadGuy6 minutes ago

    2 million likes 😂 did she think she's in a mrbeast video or something.

  7. #AllThingsFricken Sweet

    #AllThingsFricken Sweet6 minutes ago


  8. Alyssa Haynes

    Alyssa Haynes7 minutes ago

    He looks 17 lol

  9. Rosa Simms

    Rosa Simms9 minutes ago

    He is 0

  10. Mobil nation

    Mobil nation11 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that thought the girl in the back was his wife?

  11. Tina T

    Tina T11 minutes ago

    I have no flipping idea that they knew each other!!!!!!!😱🤯

  12. ServerMate

    ServerMate11 minutes ago

    Yeah I like this one

  13. Zoey Ray Dela Cruz

    Zoey Ray Dela Cruz12 minutes ago

    Bro. This is the kind of man we need. Besides bakugou-

  14. Lexie Weir

    Lexie Weir12 minutes ago

    This man is great

  15. Ice Man

    Ice Man13 minutes ago

    Okay ok what did he say

  16. ahansal mohamed

    ahansal mohamed13 minutes ago

    Even my uncle who believes everything in internet doesn’t believe this kind of acting

  17. Funny Videos

    Funny Videos13 minutes ago

    Littest prank ever😂

  18. John Occhipinti

    John Occhipinti14 minutes ago

    “Are you not on Xanax?” “Not particularly.”

  19. SN ibex

    SN ibex15 minutes ago

    His cash prop money🤣

  20. Sidnee Buffington

    Sidnee Buffington15 minutes ago

    Who wears those shoes with that dress like apparatus, jw.

  21. Alexis Skyy

    Alexis Skyy16 minutes ago

    It’s the staged 4 me

  22. JOSWAY787

    JOSWAY78719 minutes ago

    Are dudes actually this picky? I never disliked a girl because I didn’t feel the shoes or shirt she was wearing what kinda weak shit is that😂😂😂

  23. Corrupted Might

    Corrupted Might19 minutes ago

    Well shit........ 📱

  24. The Real Dog The Real Dog

    The Real Dog The Real Dog19 minutes ago

    She look like 60

  25. Queen Kimber

    Queen Kimber20 minutes ago

    Cuff em

  26. J B 3

    J B 320 minutes ago

    Obviously staged, but if it ain't....

  27. Doritoz Tacoz

    Doritoz Tacoz20 minutes ago

    I love how the baby is just there tryna eat the football xd

  28. Zoey Ray Dela Cruz

    Zoey Ray Dela Cruz21 minute ago

    Imagine asking someone who’s asexual that-

  29. TheOffroadGuy

    TheOffroadGuy21 minute ago

    This dude is trying so hard to go viral and get fame all his videos are staged asf

  30. foxy the pirate fox

    foxy the pirate fox22 minutes ago

    When the video finished I was like did the baby get the football back.

  31. Hilless.

    Hilless.22 minutes ago

    Plot twist : she’s not sixteen she stuck on an other dimension

  32. hamster for life

    hamster for life23 minutes ago

    My cousin is older than her..... Btw she is not 14 she looks like 17

  33. TJ Parker

    TJ Parker23 minutes ago

    I think he wants his woMAN to be 6'7"

  34. Sidnee Buffington

    Sidnee Buffington24 minutes ago

    That's so sweet, if only every man felt as such.

  35. Aries Dinkelburg

    Aries Dinkelburg24 minutes ago

    Bahaha he got popped

  36. Sebastian Torres

    Sebastian Torres25 minutes ago


  37. tegsalise

    tegsalise25 minutes ago

    Haha no one can ever guess mine hehe


    TNT JOKER26 minutes ago

    Is fake

  39. Rhys Binney

    Rhys Binney26 minutes ago

    Or you could just lie

  40. Adam Moore

    Adam Moore27 minutes ago

    A bundle of fake bills what a fail

  41. Champ The Star

    Champ The Star28 minutes ago

    I think I got my Swagger

  42. Zamac Cobra Team

    Zamac Cobra Team28 minutes ago

    Her parents must be proud

  43. Dwoorf

    Dwoorf28 minutes ago

    Please, Ban me on this Channel

  44. Scotty Haines

    Scotty Haines28 minutes ago

    This needs to be reported as repulsive content

  45. Katarzyna Zbela

    Katarzyna Zbela28 minutes ago

    Im reporting

  46. Bayb James

    Bayb James29 minutes ago

    No one talks like that it's weird that this is obviously for kids I'm tryna put that *jumps turns around* wap on em

  47. AntoPyro

    AntoPyro29 minutes ago

    Do an update pls

  48. Hyper AF

    Hyper AF30 minutes ago

    She lied about it

  49. Siep Groot

    Siep Groot31 minute ago

    He a good guy 👌💯

  50. Ivan Silva

    Ivan Silva31 minute ago


  51. Andrew Chen

    Andrew Chen33 minutes ago

    All of his video are fake n stage

  52. Fred Akanji

    Fred Akanji33 minutes ago

    The most scripted video I’ve seen so far in 2021

  53. Evynne Maryniak

    Evynne Maryniak34 minutes ago

    I just got that it means:F*ck Me

  54. Никола Поюков

    Никола Поюков34 minutes ago

    She is on all of the drugs and then some. A drop of her blood would have mendeleev eating his papers

  55. hi hi

    hi hi34 minutes ago


  56. ÚNICO彡 ALI

    ÚNICO彡 ALI36 minutes ago

    He short asf

  57. Big Slim

    Big Slim36 minutes ago

    Not with those Wack ass contacts

  58. M R

    M R37 minutes ago

    When white girls speaks in distorted hood accent, know that generational demise has started.

  59. Janny C.

    Janny C.38 minutes ago


  60. Eleanor Fisher

    Eleanor Fisher40 minutes ago

    we have a true human in our presence

  61. Greta Rose

    Greta Rose41 minute ago

    his friends eye really finna pop outta his head xD

  62. cookies yumyum

    cookies yumyum43 minutes ago

    Man:Talking about the girl Baby:Num Num football


    NESSEII VLOGS45 minutes ago

    Need better actors.

  64. Malace From the Palace

    Malace From the Palace45 minutes ago

    :When you are ready to commit suicide

  65. Shadow Music

    Shadow Music46 minutes ago

    That was very wholesome

  66. GalaxyKane

    GalaxyKane46 minutes ago

    Black men really dont like shit like this. Its equivalent to simping

  67. Khylie Want

    Khylie Want47 minutes ago

    Cuff me?

  68. Yung Sloth666

    Yung Sloth66647 minutes ago

    Nigga does deserve the slap for being the shittiest content creator. Is this even content at this point?

  69. Jasmine Brown

    Jasmine Brown48 minutes ago


  70. Traps XD

    Traps XD49 minutes ago

    My man just gotta hook up

  71. Weekly dose of randomness

    Weekly dose of randomness49 minutes ago

    You are a mean guy you take away relationships that were from seven years ago

  72. Alejandra Martinez

    Alejandra Martinez50 minutes ago

    That’s lil tjay


    HELLISHHANDZ50 minutes ago

    How do you block people's short vids?

  74. mary Reed

    mary Reed51 minute ago

    Aww 😍

  75. steiner1710

    steiner171052 minutes ago

    This looks like somthing from gta5

  76. Crystal Tinoco

    Crystal Tinoco52 minutes ago


  77. Janny C.

    Janny C.52 minutes ago

    The boys a f wiredo

  78. Trevor Tuz

    Trevor Tuz53 minutes ago

    Lol dang why y’all always gotta hate on dude bro like chill don’t be mad because he stays balling and y’all don’t

  79. Tanylah Mullins

    Tanylah Mullins56 minutes ago

    The baby don’t like you

  80. Jewel Montalvo

    Jewel Montalvo56 minutes ago

    I don't like this cause all the photos shown of women there showing there body