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  1. Veki Veki

    Veki Veki37 minutes ago

    99% Americans dont Know where is Europe 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  2. jose martinez

    jose martinez38 minutes ago

    I have faith in my Chicago Bulls

  3. jose martinez

    jose martinez38 minutes ago

    Just wait for my Chicago Bulls to get good I have faith for my bulls To dominate in 2022 and 2023 2024

  4. Scott Starr

    Scott Starr38 minutes ago

    very ironic to hear some of the most privileged/multi millionaires to ever walk this planet call working class people privileged. mean while the left has been rooting all year took over a city renamed it chaze and held it for months with no repercussions. we are being divided and soon will be conquered and these satanist billionaires will have there new world order us has to fall for that to happen along with the currency. Yeshua jesus christ is king .Do not take the mark it goes in your right hand or forehead and u will not be able to buy sell or trade without it

  5. Benoh

    Benoh41 minute ago

    Shit easy asf

  6. George G

    George G44 minutes ago

    Rip Kobe

  7. Dirty Mike And The Boyz

    Dirty Mike And The Boyz44 minutes ago

    The next big thing coming behind Lamelo

  8. tae MAC

    tae MAC49 minutes ago

    Didn't think he had that in him🔥🔥🔥

  9. Andrew Da Man

    Andrew Da Man49 minutes ago

    He shoulda said hold em upside down!!

  10. Triumphant Music Group and Productions

    Triumphant Music Group and Productions52 minutes ago

    U can tell how big Shaq hands are by the water bottle. 😆

  11. Christian Perez

    Christian Perez56 minutes ago

    This team giving up 180 points a game💀

  12. Johnny B Perkins

    Johnny B Perkins57 minutes ago

    Kenny Smith sounds like he voted Trump - that's cool Kenny (kool aid).

  13. M.i.c. hael

    M.i.c. hael57 minutes ago

    “I know who you is now cuz” 😂

  14. Michael W

    Michael W58 minutes ago

    They ain’t takin him serious watch him leave and start goin crazy somewhere else

  15. Nicklaus Christofono

    Nicklaus Christofono58 minutes ago

    Watching him since high school.. glad to see him doing his thing!

  16. AD Manassas

    AD Manassas59 minutes ago

    😂 these guys

  17. WRDSMF

    WRDSMFHour ago

    Inside NBA is easily the best sports show.

  18. Cameron Lundgren

    Cameron LundgrenHour ago

    If it was a three then why did the score go from 120 to 122?

  19. Will

    WillHour ago

    *Shaq remembered that*

  20. AG

    AGHour ago

    Look at LaMelo with the HoF pass man that was crazy, next Michael Jordan!

  21. LasttWhisper

    LasttWhisperHour ago

    Christian Wood looking like a nba2k character. legit thought it was video game.

  22. Kevin Masters

    Kevin MastersHour ago

    Let's face it. He's a nice guy, plays with passion and is a crowd pleaser, but he's never going to amount to much as his skillset is just not there. Love his heart though.

  23. 7wnb

    7wnbHour ago

    You can’t let anybody find out about the magnets 🤷‍♂️


    ILUFFAYOUHour ago

    luka smiling cause he carrying that team pssssh

  25. Karnige

    KarnigeHour ago

    vince carter in his 40s can do windmills and 360s. this is nothing

  26. Roderick Rembert

    Roderick RembertHour ago

    Demarcus i salute him cause we all know once upon atime it would have not been nice

  27. El Varon de Dios

    El Varon de DiosHour ago

    Jesus is Coming soon

  28. Erik Brice Ledford

    Erik Brice LedfordHour ago

    I can already tell you this now.. this is not going to beat the Lakers

  29. OwenNewo

    OwenNewoHour ago

    Dont read if you dont want your day ruined. They counted it a 2 :( like wtf?

  30. Leon Teodosio

    Leon TeodosioHour ago

    Harden looks like he already fit in with the team on his first game.

  31. MSUHitman

    MSUHitmanHour ago

    The only kick Parkey has ever missed in the post season is the double doink.

  32. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas DoyiHour ago

    thats some great team chemistry edit: i mean this in a good way edit 2: people in the replies are saying "oh no they are just joking" i know im not dumb

  33. Johnny Manziel isn't a bust

    Johnny Manziel isn't a bustHour ago

    Ig since the ratings are down they can only buy one ball

  34. Peter White

    Peter WhiteHour ago

    Right when video started i thought harden had a tail, ref leg matched up perfectly. Haha

  35. Stu ray

    Stu rayHour ago

    Love these guys

  36. Lemuel Reyes

    Lemuel ReyesHour ago

    I miss Jordan interviews because he was so articulate, nowadays these superstars just give one line answers.

  37. Calarco5

    Calarco5Hour ago

    Harden: (doesn’t show up; shows up late; shows up fatter than ever; doesn’t follow Covid rules). Rockets: (do literally everything for Harden in all 9 years.) Harden: ive given everything I can to this org.

  38. daeshawn williams

    daeshawn williamsHour ago

    Slow news week

  39. Wilzz Faith

    Wilzz FaithHour ago

    Even in 2k this little Speed freak gives me a hard time 2 guard. Lol Him n C.J McCollum

  40. matt's TV

    matt's TVHour ago

    New things ball dominant players

  41. Kilo Gotti

    Kilo GottiHour ago

    Josh was a staff member at a group home I was in back in 2008. He use to get us in the Coastal Carolina games for free. My guy 💪🏾💪🏾

  42. ChromaticTempest

    ChromaticTempestHour ago

    Like, so many questions with a narrative spun behind. Journalists, you suck at your jobs if you do this. I get why you do it, but for the benefit of basketball? You are sinners. May the basketball Gods have mercy on your souls because I don't. I also don't read your articles, or write-ups.. hacks. Like, I stopped watching or reading almost all media outlets b/c it's all biased crap. You're not journalists. You soulless lot are marketers and add nothing of value to the world. Burn in fire, heathens.

  43. Slim Jin

    Slim JinHour ago

    Lopez you’re soft 1v1 me

  44. Ameth Reyna

    Ameth ReynaHour ago

    Está basura fue sin robo a gordon

  45. MikeAngelic

    MikeAngelicHour ago

    I'm 50 and can still dunk so they just pay him because he sold out

  46. Davi Lima

    Davi LimaHour ago

    congrats Wood

  47. Madiou Bah

    Madiou BahHour ago

    What Shaq said was lowkey facts tho💯

  48. John Davis

    John DavisHour ago

    20 years ago the Nets went to the finals but came up short and if they go to the finals they will come up short

  49. Alvin J.

    Alvin J.Hour ago

    SHAQ, Barkley, and the rest are nobodies!!!

  50. Dok Egs

    Dok Egs2 hours ago

    durant, harden, green = OKC reunion

  51. Edipcan SINS

    Edipcan SINS2 hours ago

    uglytan egovic.

  52. david wilson

    david wilson2 hours ago

    shaq would've bodied that little guy 🤣🤣💯👈🏿

  53. Nestor Dumaguit

    Nestor Dumaguit2 hours ago

    We sing 4199

  54. Are We Alone

    Are We Alone2 hours ago

    The United Hypocrites of America! So when "protests" happen in other countries you label it "freedom" fight for "democracy", but on your stolen soil it's domestic terrorism. I think the world is sick of US lies, deceit and rubbish. When is the next war happening, or has it already been planned.

  55. Nestor Dumaguit

    Nestor Dumaguit2 hours ago

    Download my songs we sing

  56. Kevin Love

    Kevin Love2 hours ago

    Why the FAKEASS CROWD 🥂 CHEERS????? SMDH😂🤣

  57. MB3D Gaming

    MB3D Gaming2 hours ago

    *Me and Kenny share the same date of birth*

  58. tbombinfluid

    tbombinfluid2 hours ago

    Chuck is crazy Splash Brothers to the Dribble Brothers... 😂😂😂

  59. Krafty 4KT

    Krafty 4KT2 hours ago

    Who’s hand is the ball going in for the buzzer beater. Kd, Kyrie or harden ima choose KD

  60. Waleed Dreegia

    Waleed Dreegia2 hours ago

    barkely is spot on- kyrie is a cry baby on his menstrual cycle

  61. Chris Pirtle

    Chris Pirtle2 hours ago

    Fake concern by Kenny Smith about an issue that doesn't exist. Gee I wonder why I don't take it seriously

  62. Chris Pirtle

    Chris Pirtle2 hours ago

    According to Kenny Smith's distorted and screwed up mind the vote leads to "systemic racism" why didn't Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter's presidency solve that fake and non-existent issue. Maybe because it hasn't existed for at least 50 years? Maybe because the only reason it is used just to try to get the candidate from the political party they've been programmed and radicalized to cheer for elected? It's fake concern about an issue that doesn't exist excuse me if I'm skeptical

  63. Lux Ignis

    Lux Ignis2 hours ago

    I stand corrected, the Nets can take it all the way this year and win an NBA Championship.


    GABOS GOON2 hours ago

    the hell is barkley talking about?

  65. Isaiah Freeman

    Isaiah Freeman2 hours ago

    c try

  66. MFG Tv

    MFG Tv2 hours ago

    Hey guy 36 aint old iduno why ppl think that if u take care of your body this isn't even his final form

  67. Jeff English

    Jeff English2 hours ago

    The smartest commentary I’ve heard in a bit. Allot of people probably took exception to those comments but that’s because they are 100% true. In the world, some guys want to be a leader but can’t due to lack of assertiveness, some guys are expected to be a leader but won’t due to lack of want to and lastly, some guys think they are a leader and are quite arrogant about it but but have done nothing to earn respect from your teammates. And then there are leaders who are humble, have a great work ethic and are very respected because they show up to win as a team, not a individual. All but the last part could easily describe those 3 players and it’s up to you to decide who gets what title. Either way, none of those guys possess the last statement about being a true leader. I’m glad Houston smoked out Harden and his BS. I’m not a rockets fan but it doesn’t take a genius to see that they were dysfunctional.

  68. Maher Abdu

    Maher Abdu2 hours ago

    serious question. How the hell can 00:30 not be any travel??

  69. PowderHeight

    PowderHeight2 hours ago

    But it's only a 2ptr, stop lying bleacher report


    DVRKSIDE CHUP_2 hours ago

    He traveled lowkey

  71. Jackson Jones

    Jackson Jones2 hours ago

    This looks like a real zoom call running off ideas. Love this guy! We all have this type cousin...From BOSTON’

  72. TH3 R3AP3R R3N

    TH3 R3AP3R R3N2 hours ago

    My nigga tacko twisted his ankle coming down off that dunk damn but kept moving like nothing happened

  73. Glorious Kev

    Glorious Kev2 hours ago

    Shaq has 5 championship rings and is a top 5 center in NBA history. He don't need to know who Christian Wood is. A guy who's been cut from every team he's played on thus far.

  74. What's Good

    What's Good2 hours ago

    They need a water sponsor

  75. Mr247star

    Mr247star2 hours ago

    This was her best breath controlled performance 👑

  76. A Healthy Snack

    A Healthy Snack2 hours ago

    Im not even a Rockets fan but im happy for them for finally getting Harden out of there.

  77. Alberto Ramírez

    Alberto Ramírez2 hours ago


  78. Carl Tony727

    Carl Tony7272 hours ago

    It was 2 byw

  79. Amd yt

    Amd yt2 hours ago

    When Zlatan's phone is in 0% it automatically gets 100%.

  80. JP Séguin

    JP Séguin2 hours ago

    Im still devastated by the loss of kobe and gigi...i still can't believe what happened. Kobe was my childhood idol and he will always be in my heart.