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  1. 언제 바른세상이될까요???

    언제 바른세상이될까요???17 hours ago

    sound 👍good~

  2. Williams Johnson challes

    Williams Johnson challes17 hours ago

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  3. Williams Johnson challes

    Williams Johnson challes17 hours ago

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  4. Night Thunder

    Night Thunder17 hours ago

    The worst console

  5. Torgnoles et Gaudriole

    Torgnoles et Gaudriole17 hours ago

    Not paying for music is stealing. Streaming that pays peanuts to independent artists is a scam. Promoting the whole thing is being a crook. Bankrupted artists means having a shitty culture with only mainstream music. Mainstream music works with politics ideas, culture manipulation, censorship. THINK! SUPPORT GOOD ART BUY PAYING FOR IT.

  6. Didi Tek1

    Didi Tek117 hours ago

    LG good for 4 jears or earlier. Qled ist better for Long Times and No Refresh and No burnin risk.

  7. vusireddy maheshreddy

    vusireddy maheshreddy18 hours ago

    Which tv is best A9G or A8H

  8. Rishabh Sachin

    Rishabh Sachin19 hours ago

    can you make a tutorial on how to install a graphics card into a built in cpu desktop please?

  9. Deepak ladla

    Deepak ladla19 hours ago

    No one can beat Sony TV .. Sony all tv are very eye shooting Samsung just keep high contrast to look tv better but Sony s colour s are awesome whenever you want to buy a tv just check the red colour of every tv you will know the perfect difference between Sony and other brands SONY IS THE MASTER OF TVS ..

  10. ann

    ann19 hours ago

    I stream/watch movies a lot and have a ps5 (mostly play RPGs ), which one is better for my usage - the x900h or x950h?

  11. 19 hours ago

    Thank you *pro_hack12* for helping me get access to my husband mobile device it was easy ...follow *pro_hack12* on Instagram

  12. Sean Hoyt

    Sean Hoyt20 hours ago

    I’m considering the 77” version for photography display using Airplay 2.0 and a MacBook Pro. When a static image is sent to the tv, will it output sdr brightness or hdr brigtness? Do the images need to be 32-bit?

  13. Chris Remero

    Chris Remero22 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about Cruptocurrency at this moment? It's on a bull run and a lot of people are defintely gonna miss out on that just like the last time

  14. Ceasar Salad

    Ceasar Salad22 hours ago

    Why the fuck are these headphones named like freaking car plate numbers

  15. Roland Rohde

    Roland Rohde22 hours ago

    I run my Xbox into a Denon X6700 and have a full 7.2.4 Speaker System. In terms of Sound modes I prefer DTS:X on the Xbox.

  16. Hà Nhật

    Hà Nhật22 hours ago


  17. Emilio Rzk

    Emilio Rzk22 hours ago

    hi i have the lg c6 oled and somehow my xbox series x says that my tv version of dolby vision is old .. can someone help ? thank you

  18. Rob Gillingwater

    Rob Gillingwater22 hours ago

    Apple are at it again! Show but expensive go

  19. Maria Castillo

    Maria Castillo23 hours ago

    Ok I need to know if it's safe and secure Im chatting with a guy but he's in the army and he' says for me to download this app because when he's on base they can't be using social media and Facebook

  20. Marty Bee

    Marty Bee23 hours ago

    I have been watching Caleb since I bought my Panasonic Plasma years ago ( still have ) this is my next TV. But his content is always outstanding.

  21. Sayyid Fadel

    Sayyid Fadel23 hours ago


  22. Donald Baker

    Donald BakerDay ago

    All his videos are great , I even watch some on products I don't even intend to buy.

  23. Francesc Box

    Francesc BoxDay ago

    Good video, but I think you totally ignored the Bose. In the end, I had the impression of watching a Sony vs Apple video. And you missed to compare the mic, as a lot of people use them nowadays for zooms or video meetings. But that’s easy to say from the comfort of my couch, so thanks for the vid. To the point, no nonsense talk. I liked it!

  24. Rodeo 1141

    Rodeo 1141Day ago

    If you own a LG CX you can turn the tv into a PC monitor by switching the input from game to PC. That way 4:4:4 chroma is enabled which in turn allows you to calibrate the Xbox with HGIG enabled for very nice accurate colors.

  25. Draknad

    DraknadDay ago

    I'm a basshead, I go for sub bass & bass response on headphones first. Currently use Sony Wh-xb900n as they are rated down to 2hz. With electronic music, in my opinion, the sub bass adds so much shape to the bass. Just a bonus they come with a decent feature set too.

  26. ENDER360Hz

    ENDER360HzDay ago

    If you love music and resolution you really need to return your airpods max and sony xm4's like I did and get the Hifiman Ananda BT's the world's highest end audiophile Bluetooth headphones with AAA amps an ultra hq dac built'in. No more muddy bass. I even returned my drop pandas.

  27. András Hollik

    András HollikDay ago

    A similar video would be useful to the PS5.

  28. Ramin D

    Ramin DDay ago

    Roku deleted the only (non-english) channel my grandfather could understand. as a joke I told him so it's a brick now, my grandfather didn't understand me, but now he uses it under the TV Stand to balance one of the legs.

  29. Abul Quamer

    Abul QuamerDay ago

    Nothing to set-up really, it's not a pc (oops I shouldn't have said that!)

  30. Angela Holt

    Angela HoltDay ago

    Good thing I don't fly

  31. Alexander Sullivan

    Alexander SullivanDay ago

    Game mode changes to 60 FPS? Why...?

  32. Darrell Wood

    Darrell WoodDay ago

    It’s called Steal The tech and sell It cheap to gain market share because you are CCP owned

  33. Otoniel G

    Otoniel GDay ago

    My set up is as follow Series X Sonos Arc with Sub LG CX I’d love to hear the best settings for sound! As of now it sounds amazing but was wondering if I could make it sound better?

  34. Devilmaycry- Joker

    Devilmaycry- JokerDay ago

    After 3 years of the video being uploaded we are finally only 5 years away from Micro LED hitting the market. I guess I’ll go with either SONY A90J or LG G1 when they drop for now. And if burn in happens I can buy Micro LED TV that hopefully will last for a very very long time.

  35. N0 One454

    N0 One454Day ago

    My current TCL 55 inch is 3 years old and I look at these videos just in case it goes out.

  36. mell_man79

    mell_man79Day ago

    Good luck finding a reasonably priced AV receiver that has HDMI 2.1 connections.

  37. horayiso

    horayisoDay ago

    I think people overlook the pixel 5 because you're paying software experience which uses to sell ads back to you. Is a hard stigma to get rid off.

  38. Craig Steven

    Craig StevenDay ago

    Thanks for the video. I am going from series x to soundboard then from soundboard to tv via arc. Works great but I only get audio from xbox none from the roku apps on the roku TV. Any suggestions? I wanted to just be able to use one remote from the TV. TV hisense 58 " 4k has arc. Soundbar little bit older. LG sj5y wireless sub and wireless surround

  39. al r

    al rDay ago

    The problem I have with xbox X is it does atmos on every sound on my receiver which is untrue there's no way I'm getting atmos on my Satellite TV

  40. xxBaki Orexx

    xxBaki OrexxDay ago


  41. bimalbk4u

    bimalbk4uDay ago

    I am sorry mate you are wrong here, Sony is the king of noise cancellation , you are the first person who voted Bose 700 has better noise cancellation!! 😃

  42. EFSN

    EFSNDay ago

    I want to buy a LG OLED55CX5LB, because looks good for gaming and TV as well is the only 55" I found that stand included is less than 74cm tha is the space that I want to put it. Right now is £1299, do you think I should wait for 2021 TV, I don't want to expend more that that, thanks

  43. rogerio leal

    rogerio lealDay ago

    A Samsung 8k perdeu para a oled da LG, quanto mais esta que também é 4 k. A oled só precisa mudar o vidro, pois em algumas cenas perde algo! Eu tenho a oled c9, achei que as 8 k qled a superariam, mas ainda não!

  44. GameOverCharly

    GameOverCharlyDay ago

    I have a noticeable audio delay with my series X with Dolby Atmos using bitstream output on the console. My setup is LG OLED C7 and and LG SK10Y sound-bar with the extra wireless speakers for a 7.1 setup. Console is connected directly to TV and from TV to the surround with ARC. Both TV and sound bar support only ARC!!

  45. Joel Monserrate

    Joel MonserrateDay ago

    I got a Xbox x series and a PS5 but I'm playing the Xbox more

  46. Derek Bove

    Derek BoveDay ago

    I've got an LG CX with a Yamaha A3070 and I'm using an HDMI 2.0 18gbps cable. 7.1 uncompressed works for me, but bitstream Dolby Atmos won't sync with my receiver and I don't get any audio.

  47. F M

    F MDay ago

    The bug you're talking about I had it for a while and it went away, I think it might of have to do with enabling YCC 4:2:2? Could very from model to model?🤔

  48. Adam Mwangala

    Adam MwangalaDay ago

    I hate how I have to switch out of Dolby Atmos when I use the USlikes app otherwise the USlikes app sounds like s*** when I play a video and I don't switch out of bitstream

  49. Jesse Phillips

    Jesse PhillipsDay ago

    Anyone still have one of these ill buy it

  50. Marco

    MarcoDay ago

    Big problem with this Bose - they only support SBC Bluetooth codec for Android. This is a low-fi codec and if you listen, like I do, to lossless files, then it sucks big times. You can clearly ear the loss of quality. It is a questionable decision from Bose, especially nowadays that many streaming services have moved, or are moving to high quality streams.

  51. spaz co

    spaz coDay ago

    Atmos with Hifiman sundara and V moda boom pro. Saving for Audeze lcd-x.

  52. Jean-luc Dinello

    Jean-luc DinelloDay ago

    I have a sony z9d with wireless satellites. It's a simulated Atmos soundbar. I want to get the Vizio Elevate but can't justify the purchase because I mainly game with headphones. I am planning on buying the vzr model one headset when it drops

  53. Joseph Ronber

    Joseph RonberDay ago

    Do it work without WiFi ?,,, I mean I have internet but I prefer to use tv to just watch the normal cable channels

  54. Mark McGranahan

    Mark McGranahanDay ago

    I'm using Digital Optical from TV to 5.1 surround receiver.

  55. Chum lee

    Chum leeDay ago

    This guy is not a pro fyi

  56. RotaryPerfection

    RotaryPerfectionDay ago

    This video was right on time. I never realized my LG CX77" had erac. All this time I was preparing to buy another receiver, now I don't have too. 😁

  57. mystikmeg

    mystikmegDay ago

    I just spent an hour adding tonnes of the tracks from the link. Wow, what a music discovery. Amazing tracks. Thanks. And I think I’ll buy some XM4 to listen to them 🥳

  58. ConnorTk

    ConnorTkDay ago

    Running bitstream introduces a slight delay between audio and video (You shoot your gun and hear your shot half a second later) in general it does sound really good, but there are a lot of people who are experiencing a slight delay (I’m running a Sonos Arc on a B8 OLED)

  59. Andy Ramphal

    Andy RamphalDay ago

    I just got my Yamaha R-N803 to replace a 30 year old Fisher. I am wonder if its ok to use the old Fisher speakers until I decide what speakers to get. Hmmm

  60. Buddydude Guy

    Buddydude GuyDay ago

    This tv is amazing. Couldn't be happier.

  61. Tarun Sharma

    Tarun SharmaDay ago

    Any thoughts on Google's ear buds?

  62. Fern

    FernDay ago

    Love them and bought them. Tried the Sony's XM4 and the M&D 65 but chose the B&W PX7.

  63. panatha tube

    panatha tubeDay ago

    S21 Ultra is the clear winner 🏆

  64. Squeaky Betz

    Squeaky BetzDay ago

    I have the Bose and I love them , they are amazing. You hear every instrument in every song it might be the drums in the right ear or the guitar and the left you will never ever wonder is my left ear is playing

  65. genius313

    genius313Day ago

    i i i... you did. one of these inputs are bad for you. it will hurt you with your roku ultra. and your tv.

  66. Hi-TyCh

    Hi-TyChDay ago

    You can get dolby atmos for free. And it works great. Just Google how to get it.

  67. W L

    W LDay ago

    I have HDMI 2.1 from XSX to tv, then have HDMI 2.0 from TV to Atmos sound bar. Is that 2.0 cable hurting me in the eARC? My sound bar doesn’t support 2.1

  68. Segun Lekan

    Segun LekanDay ago

    Kudos to hackercalvin on Telegram he's so amazing

  69. Hellenback

    HellenbackDay ago

    Sony, with its far fewer zones may have the occasional blooming in non critical areas when watching cropped content. But all round, even the 2019 950G is an exceptionally accurate and beautiful TV with next to no brightness fluctuation and incredible upscaling. Their processing and algorithms for backlighting are unbeatable.

  70. Linda Hall

    Linda HallDay ago

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    Rita MonezDay ago

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  72. Angela Frank

    Angela FrankDay ago

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  73. Angela Frank

    Angela FrankDay ago

    I don't panic when I'm dealing with *FASHACKS* on !!!nstag cos I know I'm the the right place to make a lot of bitcoin already !!!!

  74. Erick Caoudal

    Erick CaoudalDay ago

    I have this PC. i7-8700/32Go RAM/GPU GTX1060 6Go/ SSD M.2 256Go + HDD 2To. For 2 years, I'm very happy with it!! I am considering to buy the 2021 version, which is the XPS 8940 with the i7-10700. Any feed back or advices ?? Thanks ;)

  75. The AntClans

    The AntClansDay ago

    Image quantum computer comes out and it starts mining millions of bitcoin in seconds and bitcoin price drops to nothing

  76. W L

    W LDay ago

    A few pairs of headphones and an Atmos enabled LG sound bar.

  77. FIGNAS83

    FIGNAS83Day ago

    Why is there a big empty space with a sticker on it?

  78. darekpe pe

    darekpe peDay ago

    When I plug my xsx to tv and then to Onkyo with Atmos I get sound delayes. Someone have such issues?

  79. Josh Maddox

    Josh MaddoxDay ago

    My setup is One X with Polk 2.1 sound bar connected via optical. Just went 4k (Sony 900H) and will upgrade to Series X and considering new sound bar also

  80. Vegeto Blackity Black

    Vegeto Blackity BlackDay ago

    If y'all put it on 1440p on Cold War u get better frame rates.