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  1. Leslie M

    Leslie M2 hours ago

    Is Qanon some fiction created by the MSM? I’d never heard about it until a few weeks ago. And now it’s not just some radical groups, their rhetoric is stating its Christians and they are terrorists. What the heck? It has to be made up.

  2. Tham Ghoul

    Tham Ghoul2 hours ago

    Enemy of the people

  3. Kayce Crews

    Kayce Crews2 hours ago

    They can't admit that Trump is the most popular president ever. They have to make up conspiracy theories.

  4. letfreedomring43

    letfreedomring432 hours ago

    I guarantee his real name is not Colin Clarke. CC? Oh I'm sure that's just a coincidence. The very best name they have used was the LAX shooter, Paul CIA N CIA. CALL me a theorist if you like. I'm sure that's also just another coincidence.

  5. tankthefrank100

    tankthefrank1002 hours ago

    Cbs a major news source... just compared qanon to ISIS. This is reckless and irresponsible. Speculation and conspiracy theories are one thing. But in no way shape or form could Qanon even come close to the evil ISIS has bestowed on humanity. I hope these journalist have a serious look and their conscience before they continue on this path.

  6. John Woodard

    John Woodard2 hours ago

    No cbs can’t be covering for one of YOUR murderers, don’t be shitting on the murderers aides

  7. Beth

    Beth2 hours ago

    We are only out of time when we don’t want the public to hear the truth!!!!!

  8. Alvin B.

    Alvin B.2 hours ago

    Yall's views are free-falling lol

  9. Antonio Williams

    Antonio Williams2 hours ago

    It would have been a massace.

  10. William Stuller

    William Stuller2 hours ago

    You call this news

  11. kimberly guerrero

    kimberly guerrero2 hours ago

    Lets talk about a real issue like the migrant issue at the boarder

  12. Wezleigh Prakasim

    Wezleigh Prakasim2 hours ago

    The father's first name is Randall

  13. Kimberly Carpenter

    Kimberly Carpenter2 hours ago

    As one human to another that has to live on this messed up planet, I will say that these "journalists" are not on the side of anyone other than those that pay them. They get paid lots of money to lie to the public. Why? Because you trust them. You believe them. Without question. If they said it, it must be true. They would never, ever lie to you. Wanna bet? No intelligent human should ever take anything of any importance at face value out of anyone's mouth. But most of all, from these people. There is not one single news outlet, including FOX news, that is not actively and on the daily, lying through their teeth to you, the American people. No matter what side you are on. They lie to you to control you. They want you to fight each other. Because if you believe everything they tell you, you will never notice the utter raping of your wallets and your rights they are stealing from you. Case in point. The new Covid Bill. 9% of 1.9 trillion dollars, goes to you, the American people. But if you listen to these clowns, they don't tell you where that other 91% is going. Don't you want to know? You are paying for it. Your grandchildren will still be paying for it. But they sure play up how much 1400.00 will help you pay your now 10 months back rent. Wake up. That isn't Q, that isn't a conspiracy theory. That is reality. And it will get worse.

  14. Alvin B.

    Alvin B.2 hours ago


  15. King Bee

    King Bee2 hours ago

    These people don't want to HEAR the truth so why does everyone expect the rest of us to coddle THEM? They know the truth, it just doesn't fit what they want it to be. These are adults and they are responsible for seeking accurate information. Oh wait they're white so they can't be expected to be accountable!!👌✌️🖕

  16. Sir Tinnley

    Sir Tinnley2 hours ago

    Until the Q author/authors are rounded up... Q is a psyop made by leftists to derail the right. Arrest evangelicals just for being CUFI.

  17. yumri4

    yumri42 hours ago

    I think the people who did not have power should not have to pay for what they were not able to us while the people on the variable rate plan should pay according to the terms of the contract they agreed to. The issue is how to tell one apart from another as how their recording is set up according to them is when your meter reads 0 it reads the avg of the last 10 days of usage when it did not read 0.

  18. Dee 24k

    Dee 24k2 hours ago

    If her child wasn’t in the car I would think she set them up

  19. Josh Ball

    Josh Ball2 hours ago

    This is what you call " the art of misdirection'! In the end..the good will be perceived as bad and the bad will be perceived as good. We're seeing it now!

  20. Kevin Ander

    Kevin Ander2 hours ago

    This is not a news source, this is biased gossip and lies!

  21. David Nordstrom

    David Nordstrom2 hours ago

    I trust no one in WASHINTON DC!!!

  22. 1henryfication

    1henryfication2 hours ago

    Democrats and Republicans will never work together.. this is the fact of American politics. Every president has said they want bipartisanship but none has achieved. Some fundamental changes needed before politicians can work together for the benefit of the country not their own agendas.

  23. Achilles Manterra

    Achilles Manterra2 hours ago

    CBS is 🐂💩

  24. papacoyne

    papacoyne2 hours ago


  25. Eternal Darkness

    Eternal Darkness2 hours ago

    I wish “ALL” whte people would die off by “NS” or get locked up. I don’t care if they are a republican or democrat they are threatening the lives of others in this country. And when they are fighting amongst each other they are trying to use blk people in America to further their “EVIL” scripted agenda like they have done, since they’ve “DISCOVERED” this country. #COLONIZERSAREDANGEROUS

  26. End Times 2020

    End Times 20202 hours ago

    It's all on him

  27. Moosefist

    Moosefist2 hours ago

    Everythings a conspiricy theory until its not. Cuomos a pervert and a murderer. Lets see who helped him hide both.

  28. Sammy Westenberger

    Sammy Westenberger2 hours ago

    I Wish COVID-19 is Over

  29. DONNA B. lll 2A

    DONNA B. lll 2A2 hours ago

    Q is run by DemocRats

  30. Sonic Goku Jiren

    Sonic Goku Jiren2 hours ago

    I started my own thing such as “all races matter” I support black lives but Mexican lives are actually being hurt more than black lives and I’m Republican and wight when I look at things I don’t see race I see people we need to stop fighting each other and fight for peace

  31. Rachel Walsh

    Rachel Walsh2 hours ago

    How did she say all this with a steady voice and without crying? I would be shaking with anger. She did so well!

  32. Dave A

    Dave A2 hours ago

    I’m a Christian conservative, who’s QAnon ?


    RAVINDRA AK2 hours ago

    I Proud of you🌹🌹🌹

  34. Shadow Wolf777

    Shadow Wolf7772 hours ago

    Im such a anime fan that i thought it said evangelion

  35. Señor Benito

    Señor Benito2 hours ago


  36. Chris the Beast

    Chris the Beast2 hours ago

    Thats a clown mask?

  37. Leslie thats me

    Leslie thats me2 hours ago

    I saw the video footage of him in the chambers saying prayers to Jesus and thanking the capital police for all their hard work and I saw him walking out at sunset because he was behind somebody who is doing an interview

  38. S2pidMedia

    S2pidMedia2 hours ago

    Imagine peddling an evidence free Russian conspiracy theory for 4+ years, then whining about qanon....

  39. Mel Rose

    Mel Rose2 hours ago

    If the MSM says “Q” doesn’t exist, it exist.

  40. Scott Martin

    Scott Martin2 hours ago


  41. Micheal Tull

    Micheal Tull2 hours ago

    This a truck load of Bull s#%t. The real danger is anti Christian communist in the Democrat party .

  42. aamerican aaron

    aamerican aaron2 hours ago

    I like how when it comes down to something like Islam or BLM when people commit violent acts in the name of these ideas and groups we are supposed to repeat the narrative that "Only a small amount actually become violent, most believe these things and are peaceful".... yet even though far less violence and destruction has been perpetuated by those who believe these QAnon theories, the media tells you they must be defeated at all costs. This is how you know they have a political motivation behind all this constant reporting on Q... The vast majority of ppl who are interested in these theories are just free men and women who should be allowed to think and believe what ever they want. Just like any muslim or BLM supporter, right? Or because they disagree with you politically they should receive different treatment?

  43. Brooke Taylor

    Brooke Taylor2 hours ago

    The only cult that encourages you to think for yourself.

  44. Captain Howzz

    Captain Howzz3 hours ago

    Ahhhhh???? Notice the push of the narrative. False flag coming and I’m guessing it’s going to be big. Hint,,,, everything that comes out of MSM flip it 180’ for the truth.

  45. Garth Gaspar

    Garth Gaspar3 hours ago

    "An unforced error"? This lady has to be stupid or should not be reporting on this issue because the real reason why he tried to cover up the amount of deaths is because his original executive Order forced nursing homes to accept Covid positive residents instead of keeping them in the hospital where they probably would have had a better chance to fight and survive the battle against the virus.

  46. colieconiglietta

    colieconiglietta3 hours ago

    Can we acknowledge how gorgeous that woman is??? She’s a real life Helen Mirren.

  47. Spuds

    Spuds3 hours ago

    Is this the same Reporter that Trump's Attorney Slammed?

  48. Peter dureska

    Peter dureska3 hours ago

    They need to do a story on the connection between white liberal democrats and their connection to domestic terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa.

  49. Alex P.

    Alex P.3 hours ago

    He needs to be removed, please. And this is coming from me, a dem. This is disgusting.

  50. Medic 135

    Medic 1353 hours ago

    Jesus Christ they'll draw lines to connect ANYTHING

  51. Paul Brown

    Paul Brown3 hours ago

    He's talking bollox, ofcourse the brain dies, this guy is peddling snake oil.

  52. A Remnant

    A Remnant3 hours ago

    Real or fake, the next mass shooting will most likely be a Q supporter. This is just predictive programming that the elite media is setting up with pieces like this on CBS.

  53. Al Kent

    Al Kent3 hours ago

    This is nothing more that hate speech against Christians.

  54. Red River Aerial Photography

    Red River Aerial Photography3 hours ago

    This report is complete bulls!!t

  55. letfreedomring43

    letfreedomring433 hours ago

    Q is an intelligence community psyop. That's why the MSM keeps talking about it and they haven't found nor or looking for this thing called Q. Obviously someone or someone's was posting stuff, you can't tell me with today's technology the government doesn't know exactly where those posts generated from. Being as they know it came from within they aren't stopping it.

  56. fhds hdsjh

    fhds hdsjh3 hours ago

    This is what CBS actually believes

  57. Russell Scott

    Russell Scott3 hours ago

    Christians don't follow Trump, QAnon, Biden, or any other politician. They know who the King of Kings is. Jesus made it clear that His Kingdom has nothing to do with this fallen world. Satan gets to play pretend god until evil runs its course. Nobody will have to tell you when Christ brings His Kingdom to Earth. Until then, love your neighbor regardless of their political or religious beliefs, and pray for those who despitefully use you.

  58. fenestrationpro

    fenestrationpro3 hours ago

    Who actually cares? Nobody cares. The USA is lost to grifters like Cuomo.

  59. teutonalex

    teutonalex3 hours ago

    The left and their hysterical Qanon insurrection - at - any - moment conspiracy theories are fun to watch.

  60. Fit4Life Nick Zagorov

    Fit4Life Nick Zagorov3 hours ago

    This is our LAST stimulus help boys and Girls so make it last. :)

  61. Rita Olan

    Rita Olan3 hours ago

    Why have they not done anything about him? Oh wait he is a democratic they are criminals so they get to get away with everything

  62. Jonathan Deutsch

    Jonathan Deutsch3 hours ago

    I'm amazed the comments are actually on. LOL This is a comical propaganda piece.

  63. Z rock

    Z rock3 hours ago

    Can I get a little feeding time🥰😍🤩

  64. Chris

    Chris3 hours ago

    I do not consider myself Q but I am MAGA. It is pro America.

  65. M Goody

    M Goody3 hours ago

    I hope illegals are still eligible to get some monies. I’ll be getting 12k

  66. Claudia Goldner

    Claudia Goldner3 hours ago

    CBS News it's time to get your heads out of where the sun don't shine.

  67. MyWasteOfTime

    MyWasteOfTime3 hours ago

    Quick look over here, while they slip something through! Think about it!

  68. Eric Schumann

    Eric Schumann3 hours ago

    The lady was the one telling the lawyer that a little false evidence was ok as long as it’s against trump

  69. Blue Finster

    Blue Finster3 hours ago

    Religious groups are more dangerous to society as their convictions are not based on any facts. Their viewpoint ignores the reality of life. Real life we all see and experience everyday. Religious groups demand that everyone else must ignore reality as well.

  70. Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan

    Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan3 hours ago

    Hmmmmm does the main stream media seem a little paranoid about a movement they insist is disproven.

  71. Naheel Khatri

    Naheel Khatri3 hours ago incompetent is the MSM. Not a SINGLE mention of the fact that Cuomo gave total immunity to nursing home execs? That’s literally the biggest part of the scandal. They act confused about why Cuomo hid the number, yet the whole point is that he hid the numbers to hide the irresponsible actions of the nursing homes.

  72. Ray Conger

    Ray Conger3 hours ago

    CBSN is clueless. If "Q" is something, it is running circles around you and everyone can see it.


    HACKER'S POINT3 hours ago


  74. Rita Olan

    Rita Olan3 hours ago

    Democratic are mostly criminals and all will see soon enough

  75. willie kang

    willie kang3 hours ago

    They are using q as their attack on all civil white people. Hey use q as a way to be racist and spread hate. The leftist and Democrats are the true terrorists, racist.

  76. Paul Brown

    Paul Brown3 hours ago

    I bet he's religious.

  77. Dan Harvell

    Dan Harvell3 hours ago

    Even the school my children attend has the sense to forbid Wikipedia from being a source. And you idiots call yourselves journalists? Do you write your own stories, or do you have a crew of specially trained hamsters cranking out your material? Because honestly, it is hard to tell.

  78. Ron Popeh

    Ron Popeh3 hours ago

    Nice goatee buddy...never seen a “genderless” person with such coarse facial hair. Let me guess, you identify as a white woman?

  79. Bo Walaszek

    Bo Walaszek3 hours ago

    The connection between Democrats and communist china.

  80. Pleiades Starr

    Pleiades Starr3 hours ago

    When the MSM keep talk about QAnon that mean they're scare of what Q knew.