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  1. Eron Bridge Tocgad

    Eron Bridge Tocgad7 hours ago

    Crazy to think that Falcons at one time had Prime time and Brett Farve

  2. TheyHateMarc

    TheyHateMarc8 hours ago

    Love the shook ones beat in the background

  3. Paul Bastianelli

    Paul Bastianelli9 hours ago

    I think a video on the mediocrity of the Minnesota Timberwolves is needed

  4. Minos Gr

    Minos Gr9 hours ago

    I mean pekka rinne is still too good, right?????

  5. Titanium SoulYT

    Titanium SoulYT11 hours ago

    This video aged well... 2020-2021 season 76ers are actually playing well

  6. DRWATF35

    DRWATF3513 hours ago

    7:51-8:03 I just had that similar photo finish race to that in a finals match in Mountains Run but instead of being on the unlucky side of it, I ended up on the winning end of that crazy finish and won the 5 rounds of the show to score the crown.

  7. Luke Walker

    Luke Walker14 hours ago

    Its getting even worse for Houston sports

  8. Tee Caston

    Tee Caston14 hours ago

    09:25, speak for yourself, you salty yinzer

  9. Thomas Srsich

    Thomas Srsich15 hours ago

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  10. Thomas Srsich

    Thomas Srsich15 hours ago

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  11. Thomas Srsich

    Thomas Srsich15 hours ago

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  12. Tyler Hartoon

    Tyler Hartoon15 hours ago

    So far the players on Nashville who play constantly is Forsberg and Rinne if either of them gets shut down or has a bad game that’s it, on the bright side the retro jerseys look better than the team

  13. Sheriff Allen

    Sheriff Allen16 hours ago

    Sabres next please

  14. impact zone

    impact zone16 hours ago

    wtf is a lolcow? like i know what "LOL" : Laugh out loud means but wtf is a lolcow?

  15. Rob Man

    Rob Man16 hours ago

    As a dolphins fan, tua is the only thing that worries me. Is he the future. Or should the dolphins sign a QB or draft another with the 3rd pick.

  16. Thomas Srsich

    Thomas Srsich16 hours ago

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  17. Jackie Moon

    Jackie Moon17 hours ago

    As a Mariners fan, I can’t wait to watch them waste kyle Lewis’s career

  18. Hunter Broxson

    Hunter Broxson17 hours ago

    Really sucks with the D-backs considering 07 and 11. They use to be a small market team with a large market budget. Shits painful to look back on

  19. Argen Polmerica

    Argen Polmerica17 hours ago

    *cough cough George Floyd*

  20. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard17 hours ago

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  21. Fiery Ninja dog

    Fiery Ninja dog17 hours ago

    One person's trash is another person's treasure: a chargers win is a falcons choke bowl championship

  22. hecksters423

    hecksters42318 hours ago

    Martavis weed habits are so bad, white people should be excused to say in his face: *"STAY OFF THE WEED, NIGGA!"*

  23. Turtlepond 24

    Turtlepond 2418 hours ago

    Whoever said jefferson was better than the receivers taken before him is a big brain 🧠

  24. Eddy D

    Eddy D18 hours ago

    Filip Forsberg to Florida who says no?

  25. louie Houston

    louie Houston18 hours ago

    Smoke weed everyday!!

  26. Chris Guastaferro

    Chris Guastaferro18 hours ago

    This one deserves a revisiting video

  27. XanderDDS

    XanderDDS18 hours ago

    'this team is a mess,' cries in sabres.

  28. Terry McMullen

    Terry McMullen19 hours ago

    11:42 rip that guys prediction lol

  29. Terry McMullen

    Terry McMullen19 hours ago

    Trees neighbor during this game be like: 🙄

  30. Caleb Kent

    Caleb Kent20 hours ago

    Lol he called it “to catch a predator”so clever

  31. Splash!

    Splash!20 hours ago

    Hence why I love pat mcafee and Tom grossi

  32. Winnie Ortiz

    Winnie Ortiz20 hours ago


  33. Goomba Master17

    Goomba Master1721 hour ago

    Gonna be completely honest tree that whole bucs shit posting aged really well

  34. DHVF

    DHVF21 hour ago

    You know who’s too good right now

  35. Delta99

    Delta9922 hours ago

    I do respect Daryl Morey's balls to stand up to China, and to a lesser degree, the NBA

  36. impact zone

    impact zone22 hours ago

    that thq's smackdown 1 theme distracted the shit out of me 3:57 while watching this

  37. Erik Stensaas

    Erik Stensaas22 hours ago

    Yes, because a strip club to go to is the true measure of a man. What an absolute joke

  38. Zach Stabb

    Zach Stabb22 hours ago

    This is gold to come back to

  39. Fred Aaron

    Fred Aaron22 hours ago

    I thought I heard you say "spray-painting over a rusty frame" twice in this video?

  40. T Lebron

    T Lebron22 hours ago

    Why am I mesmerized by your script and grammar? I feel like this is Fawful’s Minion levels of grammar, so freaking good!

  41. Ton Huyen Thu

    Ton Huyen Thu22 hours ago

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  42. Giovanni Piña

    Giovanni Piña23 hours ago

    Who the fuck care about the raiders

  43. Steven Reid

    Steven Reid23 hours ago

    Oo, oo, Now do one the BJs. Seeing as how they've only beat Trashville once out of 4 games so far.. 🙄. Talking about how bad Preds PK is and we couldn't even get a single PP goal today (Saturday)

  44. Just another bulls fan

    Just another bulls fan23 hours ago

    This just makes me more happy about the wildcard in this years playoff

  45. John Durfee

    John Durfee23 hours ago

    It was never Brady. We had zero weapons on offense. We acquired talented free agent weapons like brandin cooks but didn’t care to pay them for more than one year. Instead we end up losing all the talent in our receiving corps except julian edleman, who is starting to look washed. There’s a lot of reasons brady left but this is a big one. Belichick’s stubborn attatchment to old school football and our terrible draft classes in recent years has doomed our team. We have a chance to get the rebuild process going quick this offseason with a bunch of big names in free agency and the draft, but we can’t screw it up this time.

  46. Conrad Cash

    Conrad Cash23 hours ago

    Maybe it being over was a fluke.

  47. JetWing34

    JetWing3423 hours ago

    Well if it's NOT the Red Wings hitting rock bottom, then it's the Predators chasing the top pick for the '21 Entry Draft. Hockey in Tennessee is unwatchable right now.

  48. Charles Cummings

    Charles CummingsDay ago

    im a preds fan and have been for a very long time. your dead on. poile has to go along with the coach. with as many coaches that there are available we should capitalize wile we can.

  49. Battlebots Creator

    Battlebots CreatorDay ago

    This coming from a pats fan tree I want to say thank you for saying what you said in this video it actually helped with the sting of the loss I know we won’t be back for a while and I’m ok with that I’m just happy that we did what we did for as long as we could and I respect you tree and your Steelers I hope we both find great success in the future

  50. Zion Newkirk

    Zion NewkirkDay ago

    He didn't say anything the ENTIRE video! This is still one of the funniest ones he's EVER done!!!🤣🤣😂

  51. erich84502ify

    erich84502ifyDay ago

    Bobby Petrino alert and Michael Vick, *Ding*

  52. I am Bored

    I am BoredDay ago


  53. Brennan McKinney

    Brennan McKinneyDay ago

    The Predators hired John Hynes over Gerard Gallant, let that sink in

  54. Fusion Cyborg

    Fusion CyborgDay ago

    This is why you don't locate your NFL team in Georgia.

  55. Jeff Smyth

    Jeff SmythDay ago

    the last time the Leafs were in the Stanley Cup Finals: Man had not walked on the moon The Beatles were still a band The VCR had not been invented. The push button phone had not been invented. Cruise Control was not available in cars. The pocket calculator had not been invented.

  56. njyankeesfan

    njyankeesfanDay ago


  57. Jack Humm91

    Jack Humm91Day ago

    I’ve been a Miami fan since 2007 so phins up no matter what

  58. BobBigWheels

    BobBigWheelsDay ago

    I'm curious if any networks have approached him to make a show for them? Possibly with the new tv deal, somebody might be willing to.

  59. Hermancrablegs

    HermancrablegsDay ago

    Wow you did an amazing job of analyzing everything wrong with this team... didn’t even have to try to be funny the facts took care of that. Hated you for the pekka rinne thing lol this is spot on.

  60. Andre Barnes

    Andre BarnesDay ago

    Hello I'm Chris Hanson

  61. Cameron Jensen

    Cameron JensenDay ago

    Nobody: Urinatingtree: BLOW IT UP!

  62. KillaKam

    KillaKamDay ago

    COME THE FUCK AT ME!!!!!!!!

  63. Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson

    Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm JacksonDay ago

    The nhl seems like probably the only league (maybe nba now too, not as much tho) in north america where theres ALOT of language barriers, even from coaches possibly! Why get a player who only speaks finnish if no other players or the coach or even any team staff speak finnish?! Go to fucking craigslist and get a translator for ten bucks an hour!! How hard can that be??

  64. Alex Gall

    Alex GallDay ago

    The refs....

  65. TheChopperStick HD

    TheChopperStick HDDay ago

    Pitt Basketball has been bad since Cardiac Kemba killed their team in 2011.

  66. Mike West

    Mike WestDay ago

    They should raise a banner for getting a urinating tree video

  67. nerfgoonie

    nerfgoonieDay ago

    Anyone else dislike Mikerophone??? i do lol

  68. englenn806

    englenn806Day ago

    And it’s gotten so bad that Now Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle

  69. Ethan Petro

    Ethan PetroDay ago

    AB has done what the Steelers haven’t done in 11 years... win a Super Bowl

  70. Grover Rogers

    Grover RogersDay ago

    The winter storm and power loss is due to my friends and family not denouncing and admiting the Astros cheated.

  71. zack irvin

    zack irvinDay ago

    I knew this video was coming eventually. And I don't disagree with it. But man it still hurts to know their window is truly gone.

  72. Ryan OSRS

    Ryan OSRSDay ago

    you just enjoy Roethlisberger coming back for another season or two.Lmao

  73. Michael Marche

    Michael MarcheDay ago

    They shouldn't have traded Subban.

  74. CadenDATboss

    CadenDATbossDay ago

    Shoving left wing propaganda down the throats of their viewers doesn’t help them either

  75. MidnightScout

    MidnightScoutDay ago

    I’m waiting for the Flames video after that Sens loss on Thursday

  76. Nicholas Jay

    Nicholas JayDay ago

    I still remember Preds fans declaring that Nashville was the new Hockey town, USA 😂. So much for that.

  77. thresholdhouse

    thresholdhouseDay ago

    when i saw my Preds hire Hynes last season, i thought “oh god, this is the Jets hiring Gase of the NHL”

  78. Daylen Eddins

    Daylen EddinsDay ago

    Im here after the Flames get torched 6-1 by the Ottawa Senators

  79. John Wick

    John WickDay ago

    trashtalkers punching the air rn

  80. Semir Gerkhan

    Semir GerkhanDay ago

    Rinne is 38 already? Time flies...