SCP Explained - Story \u0026 Animation
SCP Explained - Story \u0026 Animation
SCP Explained - Story \u0026 Animation

SCP Explained - Story \u0026 Animation is bringing you animated stories and tales about the SCP Foundation and beyond.

Brought to you by a few fans of SCP that also work on The Infographics Show.

  1. Skeletron At day

    Skeletron At day17 hours ago

    096 am I a joke to you

  2. Moo But No

    Moo But No17 hours ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Steve from Minecraft next to a wall

  3. Matthew Jacob

    Matthew Jacob17 hours ago

    2 meters see guys social distance or else.....

  4. Monkey Man

    Monkey Man17 hours ago

    Some of these were a little sad. Some just want to chill or go back to life before being an anomaly. Or to be normal.

  5. Christian King

    Christian King17 hours ago

    Would love to watch this guy duke it out with scp-682. That would be an even enough matchup to watch!

  6. Uno Carb

    Uno Carb17 hours ago

    Are we cool yet?? Am I cool yet? I guess I will never know..

  7. Crazyy127

    Crazyy12717 hours ago

    If this camera was real it would be so easy to get doxxed it would be a fucking nightmare

  8. Jacque Corpoix

    Jacque Corpoix17 hours ago

    5:33 World's Best TOTH-brush

  9. AzuriteStar

    AzuriteStar17 hours ago

    Me who's still deciding on a name: guess I'm immune

  10. Forever Alone

    Forever Alone17 hours ago

    I remember going to one of the scp foundation places during a containment breach...

  11. Martieene

    Martieene17 hours ago

    With a bunch of nonsense numerology and forcing the numbers to work the way you want them to work, you can get this SCP's number to spell out "CAT" Basically 3 = C (3rd letter of the alphabet) 1 = A (first letter of the alphabet) Now the 66, the T, is a bit more tricky. But, there are 26 letters of the alphabet. If you were to run across the alphabet twice, with the goal of reaching the "66th" letter, you'd end up with 14. (26*2 = 52, 66-52=14). T, is the 20th letter of the alphabet. So, 14+6 = 20 = T CAT. All I wrote here is fricking nonsense yet I find it kind of amusing.


    KALPESH PATEL17 hours ago

    scp 953 please please\

  13. Barzilla Boobee

    Barzilla Boobee17 hours ago

    He was approximately 170 Centimeters tall🙌🏾he was 5'5😒


    KALPESH PATEL17 hours ago

    scp 953

  15. Lincoln H

    Lincoln H18 hours ago

    D-Class: cuts 066 with scissors *Megalovania starts playing*

  16. Priya Pavithran

    Priya Pavithran18 hours ago

    Anyone noticed one of the file says scp 5455 and not scp 5545?

  17. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki18 hours ago

    cain would simply win due to able being neutralized

  18. del d

    del d18 hours ago

    me: ah yes, enslaved scp

  19. Zak DaRak

    Zak DaRak18 hours ago

    YOU DID, YES <3

  20. it was me dio

    it was me dio18 hours ago

    Play this at 0.5x speed the voice sounds like so lazy

  21. Dakuu75

    Dakuu7518 hours ago

    I wonder what UnAmerica looks like...

  22. Shota Aizawa

    Shota Aizawa18 hours ago


  23. Ridwan

    Ridwan18 hours ago

    I really don't want my picture to be taken by that Camera.

  24. Exhilirous

    Exhilirous18 hours ago

    Imagine literally having the power kill even indestructible entities capable of destruction possibly beyond comprehension. Then being stopped by some R O C K

  25. Angelica Clet

    Angelica Clet18 hours ago

    Scp 999 can make you happy trough the screen ^_^

  26. Pranav Adhikari

    Pranav Adhikari18 hours ago

    they should sent scp cane He has a very memory remembering possibility right؟

  27. ChardVark

    ChardVark18 hours ago

    Theory: it lives on the 2 dimensional plane but is so strong it can interact with the 3rd

  28. zintosion

    zintosion18 hours ago

    are we cool yet?

  29. shadowsa2b

    shadowsa2b18 hours ago

    You know, as scientists, youd think they would try something else besides just fulfilling its printed demands. Like maybe putting the notes directly into the furnace instead, sealing the note slot, attacking it with explosives or cutting tools, pouring water in to quench the flames, locking down the entire site to prevent anyone going inside and falling under its influence, relocating it to a sealed, heat resistant containment unit, or just simply ignoring all its notes and not reading them. Anything other than simply feeding everything it wants and more into its furnace. Very unscientific

  30. Jashayla Page

    Jashayla Page18 hours ago

    I know this is obvious, but your voice makes me feel comfortable despite the terror I feel.

  31. Draven K.

    Draven K.18 hours ago

    What about a group photo? 🤔

  32. Kakashi of the Sharingan

    Kakashi of the Sharingan18 hours ago

    Here Be Dragons

  33. Eman Caindec

    Eman Caindec18 hours ago

    Watched this on the day it was uploaded. Awesome!

  34. Echo fest

    Echo fest18 hours ago

    ngl i kinda want more of these wholesome scps.

  35. riefdamaniac -official

    riefdamaniac -official18 hours ago

    That guy is gross he never showers his whole life

  36. Lian Kyle Mamaril Acunin

    Lian Kyle Mamaril Acunin18 hours ago

    Is This Real

  37. Flakes

    Flakes18 hours ago

    1:40 "it was drawing him in" I see what u did there

  38. Eidon Everchoosen

    Eidon Everchoosen18 hours ago

    Well Dr Bright blew it up with the explosive bombs tricking it to attack and he managed to destroy it in 50 things he is not allowed to do.

  39. Funny dude

    Funny dude18 hours ago

    this is the reason why my parents don't let me go to art school

  40. Ooftownroad365

    Ooftownroad36518 hours ago

    Why don’t they try putting someone in who is wearing a scuba suit that is made to look like the scuba suits the scps are wearing and try to blend in

  41. Rafat Hossain

    Rafat Hossain18 hours ago

    this one gives lowkey Rick vibes, ngl

  42. Omega Steve

    Omega Steve19 hours ago

    Its like a dog but increased happyness

  43. Matthew Wilbert alvaro

    Matthew Wilbert alvaro19 hours ago

    Scp 055 doesn't exit

  44. Sans UNDERTALE

    Sans UNDERTALE19 hours ago

    How many Scps are out there and are there classified as safe Euclid or keeter just wondering?

  45. •hinata •

    •hinata •19 hours ago

    Maybe she use to have a partner that cheated on her with a woman and her love of men couldve have based on her ex aprtner who was never found

  46. Anubis gameing

    Anubis gameing19 hours ago


  47. Makoto Yuki

    Makoto Yuki19 hours ago

    He's a freeman don't worry

  48. Hentadeous

    Hentadeous19 hours ago

    The Thumbnails: Scp-173 The Video: Scp-650

  49. Jayden Dunn

    Jayden Dunn19 hours ago

    It is I, Dio!

  50. Awol Peace

    Awol Peace19 hours ago

    Parasitic worms from a dying civilization

  51. Nicotechnic

    Nicotechnic19 hours ago

    I been thinking about it for a long time now i am writing it.... The narrator in thees animations have a cool Voice and should be implementer into the scp game :) h Good videos your guys are making i wish i could take you with me to the real scp facility. But you know Security.... Good day :)

  52. Jayden Aiken

    Jayden Aiken19 hours ago

    also waht dose Euclid mean?

  53. Jayden Aiken

    Jayden Aiken19 hours ago

    SCP-1155 is acually a Euclid Class

  54. spirals 1

    spirals 119 hours ago

    WHOA!WHAT IF WE PUT THE AHY GUY IN FRONT OF HIM? TECHNICALLY 1155 'SAW HIM'(cuz his eyes look at anyone 2 metre far). It will be such an eepic war!

  55. Hoi

    Hoi19 hours ago

    It would be kinda hilarous if the only way to apprehend it was by shooting it with paintballs.

  56. Za Warudo

    Za Warudo19 hours ago

    SCP-1155: “YOU LOOK YOU DIE” SCP-096: “Hey! That’s my catchphrase!”

  57. Mikel Ramirez

    Mikel Ramirez19 hours ago

    6:58 "Bippity - Boppity - where - the hell - is my property?"

  58. Shawn Fore Lim

    Shawn Fore Lim19 hours ago

    The Street Slickers : Place A Vending Machine Me : Place A Window...

  59. Paul Chin

    Paul Chin19 hours ago

    Roblox got this game

  60. rob mitch

    rob mitch19 hours ago

    The more of these I learn about the more I can't help but think "stop hiding this stuff like a good 70% of these scp can have any of their damage minimized by people knowing about them. "

  61. SSaul

    SSaul19 hours ago

    The Gate Gaurdian

  62. Itz_blue

    Itz_blue19 hours ago

    Me and the girls trying to find Scp 999 In the foundation

  63. Nexus8702

    Nexus870219 hours ago

    This is one of my first SCP's I heard of and is one of my favorites


    DEVANANDHA B19 hours ago

    did u remamber me? from among us

  65. Simple Videos

    Simple Videos19 hours ago

    I want to hear about scp-529 Josie the half-cat

  66. tobaji

    tobaji19 hours ago

    We are still waiting second (and, in the case, third) part, it's a great story

  67. Joseph slams

    Joseph slams19 hours ago

    Just Put sep 096 and sep 103 is pocket dimension and leave it


    MR SCP ADMIN19 hours ago


  69. Sans The Pumpkin

    Sans The Pumpkin19 hours ago

    SoRrY i DoNt SpEaK gRaFtI dRaW sPrItE

  70. Justin O'Toole

    Justin O'Toole19 hours ago

    Has the perimeter of Un-London been explored?


    MR SCP ADMIN19 hours ago


  72. Rakpian Benjasatkul

    Rakpian Benjasatkul19 hours ago

    Saitama Busted through the wall of this facility Saitama: i heard there was imortal lizard!

  73. Mk1 Drones

    Mk1 Drones19 hours ago

    Thumbnail be like: *hooty*

  74. Aishirei Kazuno

    Aishirei Kazuno19 hours ago

    The only way to stop unstoppable threat SCP’s was SCP-343.

  75. Edzen Daniel Perez

    Edzen Daniel Perez20 hours ago


  76. Toxicstall

    Toxicstall20 hours ago

    I think a random civilian being like 'yeah sure I'll buy a warhead' is equally concerning.

  77. Awol Peace

    Awol Peace20 hours ago

    Neither shit nor shit-heap

  78. DoritoMan YT

    DoritoMan YT20 hours ago

    Tinder in a nutshell: The thumbmail

  79. Cold Gaming YTS

    Cold Gaming YTS20 hours ago

    No fucking way... You are telling me I glanced at that shit?