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Taking that Jump forward. Join me on the 2nd flight and this one giant jump!

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  1. Arthur Jarrot

    Arthur Jarrot17 minutes ago

    Je suis français et je te propose comme vidéo pour la prochaine fois : est-ce que Raz peut mourir uniquement de dégâts de chute ? Sinon vu que le maximum c'est 500 combien de fois ?

  2. dzaki maulana

    dzaki maulana50 minutes ago

    Maybe you should add the "real raptor"

  3. AirPegasus

    AirPegasusHour ago

    Raz meets Raptor? Bro you've juiced this so much it looks like you're out of ideas lol

  4. Theo Hoff

    Theo HoffHour ago

    When u realize that raptors are as good as 9 npc's

  5. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou2 hours ago

    3:41 the Wolverine sitting on the bean bag on the edge of the spire was me lmao

  6. Aaron Anderson

    Aaron Anderson3 hours ago

    Shark 1

  7. Aaron Anderson

    Aaron Anderson3 hours ago

    Midas will probably get his revenge

  8. Reza C. Lockmer

    Reza C. Lockmer4 hours ago

    the fact he went through all dat work for this vid is crazy😌

  9. MONO

    MONO4 hours ago


  10. Dominic De la rosa

    Dominic De la rosa5 hours ago

    I am in team Raptor

  11. Grant Everitt

    Grant Everitt6 hours ago

    i liked your video(:

  12. Mr. Jellybean 9

    Mr. Jellybean 96 hours ago

    Poor Raven, she became a skin for sweats 🤢

  13. Austin Price

    Austin Price6 hours ago

    Love the vide

  14. Evan Schumacher

    Evan Schumacher7 hours ago

    I thought Raz would destroy the raptors. I guess I'll use raptors to do the quest for the spire where you have to kill Raz

  15. Blazin Brax

    Blazin Brax7 hours ago

    I actually went back and looked at it and the raptors won cause they killed raz then died by explosion

  16. David Hotch

    David Hotch8 hours ago

    what happens if you be mystique and kill a Spire Guardian and go by a another one.

  17. XD Dewie33

    XD Dewie338 hours ago

    Epic Games

  18. Royce Ojeda

    Royce Ojeda8 hours ago

    I was about to say how did you get Wolverine in this season?

  19. Bad Lime

    Bad Lime8 hours ago

    Battle lab is back baby!!!!!

  20. Hydra Spirit

    Hydra Spirit8 hours ago

    Raz: finally a worthy opponent. This battle will be legendary Raptors: raptors, assemble

  21. kenson jacquet

    kenson jacquet9 hours ago

    noooo do not subscribe do not do ti .😛🤬🤮🤢you not good

  22. Aidan O

    Aidan O9 hours ago

    Banger by post

  23. It’s Jaden

    It’s Jaden9 hours ago


  24. Daylan deleon

    Daylan deleon9 hours ago


  25. Rickroll'd ΔΔΔ

    Rickroll'd ΔΔΔ9 hours ago

    1:45 thank you for the season 4 music!

  26. Andres Rinconeno

    Andres Rinconeno9 hours ago

    Always amazing pat

  27. Rhoda Baisden

    Rhoda Baisden9 hours ago

    I clicked faster than James charles can say hey sister

  28. FC_DARTH

    FC_DARTH9 hours ago

    Wow doom 2000000000000000000000000iqed you guys

  29. Jordan gaming guides and more.

    Jordan gaming guides and more.9 hours ago

    One time when I put rad in a tree he didn't attack me for ten secs

  30. wold cup fish

    wold cup fish10 hours ago

    By post hire 3 Ais vs 3 wolfs

  31. wold cup fish

    wold cup fish10 hours ago

    By post hire 3 Ais vs 3 wolfs

  32. LandonVR

    LandonVR10 hours ago

    Alright now your just click baiting, Wolverine isn’t in the game anymore

  33. Justice Blair

    Justice Blair10 hours ago

    If I use your code can you gift me toon meowscles

  34. Twerk Nation

    Twerk Nation10 hours ago


  35. Derek Diggett

    Derek Diggett10 hours ago

    How I think raptors win

  36. Ryann Martin

    Ryann Martin10 hours ago

    When u listen closely he’s a fortnite news person

  37. Vihaan Rahate

    Vihaan Rahate10 hours ago

    That ending was kinda anticlimactic though

  38. XKhalidX Sus

    XKhalidX Sus10 hours ago

    Boss raz is so annoying I can never beat him

  39. Moustache Kid

    Moustache Kid10 hours ago

    Yes "Boss Wolverine" aka a player

  40. fake toxicbomber

    fake toxicbomber10 hours ago

    What if boss raz meets raz with the unstable bow and grappler bow it's okay if you can't get both of those I understand it might be too hard so if you can't at least try to find a primal stink bow or fire bow

  41. JoJoKnuckles

    JoJoKnuckles10 hours ago

    Pls do raptors vs raptor (npc)

  42. Stephanie VanRiper

    Stephanie VanRiper10 hours ago

    Idea since battle lab is back. See if the friendly or enemy bots can beat Raz there.

  43. TheChristina1369

    TheChristina136910 hours ago

    Raz is probably stronger then the mechs

  44. TomDeNub

    TomDeNub11 hours ago

    Getting Famous off the comments day 34, so I can be livin' the dream later 🗺️

  45. Isaiah Alvarado

    Isaiah Alvarado11 hours ago

    That was epic

  46. Carter Family

    Carter Family11 hours ago

    Op and strong

  47. SwxshRL.

    SwxshRL.11 hours ago

    Pat here is a video idea for you :what happens if boss raz meets boss Raptor

  48. Super MKGaming

    Super MKGaming11 hours ago

    Raz is gangsta until the Dinos show up...with a grapple gun

  49. flame but his profile pic is cursed

    flame but his profile pic is cursed11 hours ago

    Chad melee and Virgin range :)

  50. Kian on g fuel

    Kian on g fuel11 hours ago

    What if you fake being raz

  51. Shanescottkristain Power

    Shanescottkristain Power11 hours ago

    here shout out plz

  52. Akshar Boy

    Akshar Boy11 hours ago

    115 like

  53. Conor Naughton

    Conor Naughton11 hours ago

    Imagine being the 98%

  54. Carter Family

    Carter Family11 hours ago

    Raz is horribly op

  55. Filip T

    Filip T11 hours ago

    I like your videos

  56. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow11 hours ago


  57. C6 Entertainment

    C6 Entertainment11 hours ago

    We needed variety in Fortnite Content. And your here providing! Thanks.

  58. Yaqzn

    Yaqzn11 hours ago

    What happens if frogs meets boss raz frogs win 3/0

  59. Derrick Spears

    Derrick Spears11 hours ago


  60. C6 Entertainment

    C6 Entertainment11 hours ago

    less go

  61. Samuel_Gaming_123

    Samuel_Gaming_12311 hours ago

    Next: what if boss raz meets boss raptor

  62. Isaiah Alvarado

    Isaiah Alvarado11 hours ago

    By post I love your vids so much they epic

  63. Alyaa Alkaabi

    Alyaa Alkaabi11 hours ago

    Wwoowowwowo draww😱

  64. Murfy Garcia

    Murfy Garcia11 hours ago


  65. Human Haker9

    Human Haker911 hours ago

    Hello skedadudlers

  66. Snow Gloater

    Snow Gloater11 hours ago


  67. Ryan Naem

    Ryan Naem11 hours ago

    First to say first

  68. RaptorNinja6

    RaptorNinja611 hours ago

    Raptor pack

  69. Isaiah Alvarado

    Isaiah Alvarado11 hours ago


  70. Alyaa Alkaabi

    Alyaa Alkaabi11 hours ago


  71. Junior_Pandas1198

    Junior_Pandas119811 hours ago


  72. shill213

    shill21311 hours ago

    I love you’re vds

  73. Fishyamry 4life

    Fishyamry 4life11 hours ago


  74. FireX❶

    FireX❶11 hours ago

    IDK what?

  75. Xx god Djkd

    Xx god Djkd11 hours ago

    First comment

  76. Evan 45

    Evan 4511 hours ago


  77. Amist

    Amist11 hours ago

    ᴵ’ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ. !!!

  78. C6 Entertainment

    C6 Entertainment12 hours ago

    This is why Chapter 2 is sick.

  79. The Erard Kids

    The Erard Kids13 hours ago

    My name on fortnite is Jaxon-e123

  80. Ali Makes Content

    Ali Makes Content15 hours ago

    I subbed! Keep it up, *the Good content*