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29 days ago

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KOTOR and Mandalorian Talk
What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

2 months ago

  1. Sir T3abäggins

    Sir T3abäggins19 hours ago

    I'd rather it be K'KRUHK or even the characters from Jedi Fallen order to maybe give a tease to 2nd game I feel like if Luke did train Grogu he would've been mentioned or such cause Grogu has healing abilities which could help Snoke which could've been like a bargaining chip for Kylo to join him without blood being spilt

  2. Jon Hobbs

    Jon Hobbs19 hours ago


  3. slepyjestrab

    slepyjestrab19 hours ago

    I was dissapointed with AShoka in that i thought they will soften her voice to resemble more the Rebels series. And also CGI her face a bit, to be more alien, this one looks like yes expensive, but still a cosplay.

  4. Inaren Commander

    Inaren Commander19 hours ago

    I thought Ahsoka's voice was off. Obviously it wasn't Ashley, but the look was great. Gogurt's (which is better than his actual name) name is stupid. I'm going to keep calling him Baby Yoda or The Child. Why did Ahsoka not use the Force against that lady at all? Other than those things the episode was amazing. The Thrawn name drop? Jaw dropping.

  5. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker19 hours ago

    Impressive you stop me from being bad and evil

  6. SpetsnatzLegion 336

    SpetsnatzLegion 33619 hours ago

    Dave took a triple backflip with two twists into the lore and we are loving it

  7. Wheat thins03

    Wheat thins0319 hours ago

    I personally think Yoda will come to Grogu as a force ghost

  8. iNdA

    iNdA20 hours ago

    I loved that Ahsoka had her german dub voice from Clone Wars and Rebels. I nearly cried when I heard that. Man, what a ride this episode was. THATS STAR WARS @Disney! Long live the Filoniverse! I have spoken! That's the way!

  9. Luc-1908

    Luc-190820 hours ago

    Well The Mandalorian was a good show. But after this episode, it's over.

  10. Eddy A.

    Eddy A.20 hours ago

    The magistrate vs. Ashoka was definitely a callback to when Beatrix Kiddo duels O'ren Ishii in Kill Bill Vol. 1

  11. Ninja Red

    Ninja Red20 hours ago

    Listen when you have a bad guy in the prequel’s you can almost guarantee it’s because of the Jedi that they are a bad guy no seriously almost all of the villains have a connection to the Jedi it is almost like a Jedi make the world worse and should only exist to counteract the Darkside

  12. Habu12

    Habu1220 hours ago

    I hope upon hope that Grogu becomes liek the fan art version of young Yoda. Dashing and savage.

  13. criz nittle

    criz nittle20 hours ago

    It was called The Jedi not for any singular force user, but rather the group as a whole

  14. STAT 01

    STAT 0120 hours ago

    Bro I literally felt like a kid again. This episode was so god damn awesome. This is Star Wars. This is the way. This show is a blessing & a savior. Sorry don’t mean to throw negativity in this but this is literally holding up Star Wars & still making it more interesting almost every episode. So thankful for Dave & Jon

  15. MrStaticHead

    MrStaticHead20 hours ago

    Is cyan a canon lightsaber color?

  16. Chunky Funky Monky

    Chunky Funky Monky20 hours ago

    So basically, if Vader had the BEST technology Sideous offered, Vader would’ve literally been a god

  17. Saurabh Gadekar

    Saurabh Gadekar20 hours ago

    A lightsaber wielding force sensitive mandalorian Yoda... I didn’t sign up for this level of awesomeness!

  18. Davy Cash

    Davy Cash20 hours ago

    I’m interested to see if there will be flesh raiders on Tython lol

  19. Dragon Blood X

    Dragon Blood X20 hours ago

    I thought the Jedi would be Ezra Bridger not Luke watching it, but the way you said it sounds cool as well. Can't wait!

  20. Nomad Unbroken

    Nomad Unbroken20 hours ago

    Grogu needs armor. His egg is gone and he needs to be protected and learn how to protect himself. He’s a foundling

  21. TM5

    TM520 hours ago

    What if the other Jedi is Cal Kestis. What do you think

  22. Brendon Martin

    Brendon Martin20 hours ago

    Yawning during your own vid is so distractingly basic

  23. Chris

    Chris20 hours ago

    I'm thinking when they go to that jedi temple either: 1. Ezra shows up 2. A new character shows up 3. Mace??? 4. Luke or a young Ben Solo maybe??

  24. Eagle Beagle

    Eagle Beagle20 hours ago

    It’d be so cool if they somehow integrated Captain Rex into this series and we finally get to see him in a live action Star Wars movie/show.


    VOGOTAKREED20 hours ago

    This thuuumbnail. I would have been so sad if I was waiting to watch the episode later and this popped in USlikes recommended

  26. Grayson Cooke

    Grayson Cooke20 hours ago

    Grogu is a good name and all but “baby yoda” is forever his name

  27. Infinit 0

    Infinit 020 hours ago

    This is my theory, as the child stays with Mando, he'll become the first Jedi- Mandalorian hybrid. Can you say, "bad ass". Wow just imagine a Mandalorian with Jedi force wielding powers. Damn.

  28. Red YSZ

    Red YSZ20 hours ago

    No more Baby Yoda time to call him GROGUUUUU

  29. Llywarch ap Gweirydd

    Llywarch ap Gweirydd20 hours ago

    This is Bullshit

  30. Amy Zhang Beauty

    Amy Zhang Beauty20 hours ago

    Mace windu

  31. Chris

    Chris20 hours ago

    This episode was INCREDIBLEEEEEE

  32. Dyrim Skolon

    Dyrim Skolon20 hours ago

    The younglings and mace windu revenge

  33. Isaaru Narom

    Isaaru Narom20 hours ago

    this is my all time favorite book series, read them in highschool and loved them. recently listened to audio books of them on auduiable and it was AMAZING

  34. Nina malkova

    Nina malkova20 hours ago

    Dit is wonderlik, iets moois en almal sal daarvan hou. Moenie lank wag om jou liefde te kry nie: ▶

  35. Michael Araiza

    Michael Araiza20 hours ago

    What if it's Ben kenobi that saved baby yoda.

  36. Enclave 0fficer

    Enclave 0fficer20 hours ago

    So.... ... do you think they already called benedict cumberbatch or do they do it next week. #thrawn #TheMandolorian

  37. Arik Heglund

    Arik Heglund20 hours ago

    Sebastian Stan as Luke!

  38. Matthias Steffen

    Matthias Steffen20 hours ago

    Holy sh*t ur theory is sooo good. I watched episode 5 season 2 the mandalorian yesterday and ur theory is exactly right.

  39. Qwest500

    Qwest50020 hours ago

    I immediately noticed Ashoka wasn't holding her lightsabers in her usual unorthodox grip, but then it looked like she switched to her grip after she lost one of her lightsabers in the fight. (Sweat mode activated)

  40. Callum Cooper

    Callum Cooper20 hours ago

    I hope Grogu ends up contacting Ezra through the force so we see more of Ashoka and Mando hunting for Thrawn and Ezra

  41. Im ForeverMarked

    Im ForeverMarked20 hours ago

    Im.hoping theory mentioned something. I've watched many reactions and ep reviews and no one mentions that baby Yoda was at the Jedi temple and someone took him during order 66. No one mentions the fact Baby Yoda was maybe minutes? Half hour? Hour? Hours? From being another youngin victim of ANAKIN. Baby Yoda was about to be killed by Anakin. My kind exploded and I went wild when I heard about this. Who took him? I need to know who sons life! My adorable son would of been killed by Anakin... makes me think deeper in the youngin slaughter.. I grouped them in my mind. This makes me think of them individually. Again cant wait to learn who this hero is that saved Grogu. Many beers for you, to who this mysterious hero is.


    SKYWOLF GBM20 hours ago

    If he didn't sell out to Disney for 4 billion 💩 could've been very different.Disney is gr8 though but too much pc femiNazis crap

  43. That Car Guy

    That Car Guy20 hours ago

    If we get Mace... My god man... Disney has the money too.

  44. Fatih Aslan

    Fatih Aslan20 hours ago

    Sebastian Stan is coming as Luke Skywalker. There is no other way.

  45. 99s_max

    99s_max20 hours ago

    baby yoda name gregor change my mind

  46. Phantom Rabbit

    Phantom Rabbit20 hours ago

    6:54 I was laughing so hard😂

  47. Legacy Legend

    Legacy Legend20 hours ago

    I didn’t even realize you were crying when I was in the watch party

  48. axizz100

    axizz10020 hours ago

    Star Wars Theory - This is the best episode evvvaaa Star Wars Explained - Mehh

  49. Cambren Terry

    Cambren Terry20 hours ago

    I feel like Ezra may reach out to grogu... 🧐

  50. Sparkles Make Everything Better

    Sparkles Make Everything Better20 hours ago

    When she said the thing about “I know what attachments do to people.” made me want to cry. She saw her master, the person closest to her who was like a brother/father figure to her, turn to the darkside and would go on to wipe out so many people because of fear and attachments

  51. Jonah Rosales

    Jonah Rosales20 hours ago

    I wanna see cal, and it would make sense because at the end of fallen order he destroys the Holocron but says let the force determine their destiny or something. But the holocron had the location of young force sensitive beings. Couldn’t grogu be one of these? Also maybe he feels grogu when he goes to tython and goes straight toward him becuz of his past mission maybe🤷🏻‍♂️

  52. Robo__Dog__4000 __2

    Robo__Dog__4000 __220 hours ago

    I kinda hope an older cal kestis will sense grogu and end up training him

  53. John Porter

    John Porter20 hours ago

    Yo, off topic: I WANT THAT HAT!

  54. Bob Brown

    Bob Brown20 hours ago

    Darth Yoda. Can't wait 👍

  55. 500pizzas

    500pizzas20 hours ago

    A clan of two ✨

  56. 99s_max

    99s_max20 hours ago

    how old is she at the time? my math is bad

  57. Reilly McComb

    Reilly McComb20 hours ago

    Not to mention Rey sucked ass

  58. Knight Captain

    Knight Captain20 hours ago

    So if Thrawn shows up will Grand Moff Gideon still be in charge or will there be a fight for power? I can’t really see Thrawn taking orders from Gideon.

  59. procraftbrothers

    procraftbrothers20 hours ago


  60. Adrian

    Adrian20 hours ago

    Yasss none of that sequel bs !

  61. Skip Aday

    Skip Aday20 hours ago

    Hear me out - Grogu was trained at the Jedi Temple at the same time Anakin was there. So Yoda would have known about Grogu. Sometime after the Clone Wars someone took Grogu from the temple and hid him. Now flash forward to Empire Strikes Back. Luke is leaving Dagobah and Yoda and ghost Obi Wan are trying to convince him to stay. Well, Luke flies away and Obi Wan says, “That boy is our last hope.” Yoda responds, “No....there is another.” We all just assumed Yoda was talking about Leia. But what if - dare I say it - Yoda was actually referring to Grogu.....? 😱

  62. R Aaron

    R Aaron20 hours ago

    I love watching these to see moments when tears come to your eyes. Just so wholesome and great to see someone getting pure joy from this. Keep doing what you do man. Subbed 4 life.

  63. ChromaticAN

    ChromaticAN20 hours ago

    i think Cal Kestus is gonna be the jedi who shows up

  64. Skvora Limited Media

    Skvora Limited Media20 hours ago

    Sooo, Lucas was going to mix in some of the juicy, juicy Legacy's Talon and otherwise go with what Solo established? Hells yea! Just the couple ideas there goes right along Jedi Knight games, whole Jedi Academy arc, and so much incredible established content that would've been amazing. We could've legit gotten Kyle Katarn on big screen! C'mon the two of you, you don't want to bash how Disney straight up shat on all of that? Carrie Fisher could've played at least 2 of these new movies and it would've done the whole franchise right. And then Disney could've made their bloody spin-off trilogy for the new spazzy generation.

  65. oopopp x

    oopopp x20 hours ago

    Ahsoka referring to Anakin as a Jedi Knight and not a Jedi Master is DISRESPECTFUL asf!!!

  66. Emmdoz_2803

    Emmdoz_280320 hours ago

    Wait so doesn’t this series take place 5 years after ROTJ and the end scene of rebels with Sabine and Ahsoka takes place directly after ROTJ? So isn’t it possible that they already found Ezra or something, and him and Sabine are off somewhere else whilst Ahsoka tries to track down Thrawn?

  67. Ali Ostrowski

    Ali Ostrowski20 hours ago

    It would've been cool for her to appear to him before he sacrifices himself telling him she is proud to have been his master

  68. Tuna Eren

    Tuna Eren20 hours ago

    I want Ashley Eckstein’s voice 😩😩😩

  69. Arik Heglund

    Arik Heglund20 hours ago

    I bet the palpatine took him

  70. Alin Alexandru

    Alin Alexandru20 hours ago

    Din got a spear. Hopefully nobody will be trying to crush his head this time

  71. Daniel Casas

    Daniel Casas20 hours ago

    I really don't think Luke will appear in the mandalorian, and I hope he doesn't, I feel like we just need to let the Skywalkers alone and focus on other characters, like Ezra, which would make a lot more sense given he is a Filoni's character

  72. ChanWin17

    ChanWin1720 hours ago

    Something that confuses me from this video is why this is trending for a video breakdown...of a star wars TV series...

  73. TheBazHammer

    TheBazHammer20 hours ago

    Personally I don’t want Luke in The Mandalorian. His arc is already destroyed by TLJ, so I want the mando to set up Grogu as separate future story to the whole Rey arc. I think it’ll be Ezra or maybe even Cal that reach out to Grogu when they get to Typhon

  74. Monkey Man

    Monkey Man20 hours ago


  75. EVEmasta

    EVEmasta20 hours ago

    Godamn and 1.6 million people saw this including me... Hey reply back to me whenever windu actually pulls up to mando season 2

  76. jared struyde

    jared struyde20 hours ago

    Would a Mandalorian drive a DeLorean if cars existed in star wars? Lol

  77. oopopp x

    oopopp x20 hours ago

    It's crazy how each episode is getting better and BETTER!!

  78. A Prince of Ice and Fire

    A Prince of Ice and Fire20 hours ago

    Until Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau tell us the actual story, my head canon is that Grogu was eating chicken nuggets and drinking chocolate milk in the Temple's Cafeteria when Order 66 happened and Madame Jocasta rescued him and brought him to a recovering Mace Windu who eventually got him off planet.

  79. jenny Lewis

    jenny Lewis20 hours ago

    HeLlO ThErE

  80. Leo Perales

    Leo Perales20 hours ago

    I think Grogu will be a force yielding Mandalorian. He's a foundling and because he ages slower than Din once he passes Grogu will inherit Din's beskar and wear it to honor him. By the time Din passes Grogu will have more control of the force.