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  1. Chace Mendoza

    Chace Mendoza11 hours ago


  2. Bálint Horváth

    Bálint Horváth11 hours ago

    Where the hell is raze again?? She's one of the best agents but isn't here... miss her so much (A Razemain said that)

  3. 19 year old

    19 year old12 hours ago

    0:49 What do the letters mean ?

  4. ClassicAcid

    ClassicAcid12 hours ago

    The moment the ult landed it synced with the beat

  5. Chaimongkol Paopao

    Chaimongkol Paopao12 hours ago

    in 0.17

  6. Chaimongkol Paopao

    Chaimongkol Paopao12 hours ago

    look at the name of the character getting healed its jett revive me please


    MINIXT12 hours ago

    i wish csgo was to do this, but those characters have barely and personality

  8. MrFourtyThreee

    MrFourtyThreee12 hours ago


  9. Davut Kahraman

    Davut Kahraman12 hours ago

    cypher:yırmağa gideyrum

  10. MJ

    MJ12 hours ago

    Phoenix really likes sniffing? Or scrunching his nose, looks like a habit.

  11. YeP a

    YeP a12 hours ago

    This is only a trailer for yoru

  12. Jose Sibarani

    Jose Sibarani12 hours ago

    0:49 huawei

  13. Danish Irfan

    Danish Irfan12 hours ago

    punk gang XD

  14. VO1D

    VO1D13 hours ago

    0:18 look at nicks jett revive me pls

  15. HdyMac22 Gaming

    HdyMac22 Gaming13 hours ago

    Why does Yoru sound Scottish on the comms?

  16. Yoxek TV

    Yoxek TV13 hours ago

    Valorant can i download valorant in ps4?

  17. MasterKill743

    MasterKill74313 hours ago

    pst!! we need arena 1vs1 as a game mode pls thx

  18. Arata

    Arata13 hours ago

    bruh vandal isnt semi

  19. Webby H

    Webby H13 hours ago

    Last player standing : PHOENIX : "JOKES OVER YOU'RE DEAD !!"

  20. James Steve S. Carmona

    James Steve S. Carmona13 hours ago

    Buff ur trash gun pls so innacurate +

  21. Anthony Twinto

    Anthony Twinto13 hours ago

    Can someone explain to me how at the end phoenix looked like jet

  22. wh oo ps

    wh oo ps13 hours ago

    Jett Revive Me Please

  23. MusicYT

    MusicYT13 hours ago

    This is so cool when i play the game its boring

  24. Chrono Gaming

    Chrono Gaming13 hours ago

    Every skill shot and kill was on point with the song beat and my head just vibing and shaking like i was in heaven

  25. Martin Paris

    Martin Paris13 hours ago

    "Male characters are the best" is what I got from this trailer.


    GCRACKED13 hours ago

    i love this song dude the riot games is the best music company :)

  27. DH RU BO

    DH RU BO13 hours ago


  28. Shrey Vishesh Singh

    Shrey Vishesh Singh13 hours ago

    lendi game

  29. Tetoh Nepohan rejean

    Tetoh Nepohan rejean14 hours ago


  30. The tablet User

    The tablet User14 hours ago

    Tracer:Ah a worthy oponent! Our battle will be legendary

  31. TECH H4CK

    TECH H4CK14 hours ago

    Anyone else see'ing "Jett revive me please"?? At regrowth.. XD

  32. Yozora

    Yozora14 hours ago

    0:19 Did u guys realize the name? Jett, Revive, Me , please

  33. bi han

    bi han14 hours ago

    Dude they should make a movie

  34. NotLian

    NotLian14 hours ago

    Viper probably screaming "REVIVE ME JETT"

  35. Edkun tolentino

    Edkun tolentino14 hours ago

    He cute so ama get him!

  36. 2Fk1629 Mzz1

    2Fk1629 Mzz114 hours ago

    2:12 I got 7day cool down in csgo Plz don’t do dis

  37. Владимир Буряк

    Владимир Буряк14 hours ago

    I really like the art quality, but he feels so edgy, i cant take him seriously

  38. 2Fk1629 Mzz1

    2Fk1629 Mzz114 hours ago

    Cypher should go play csgo instead lmfao

  39. yking MJ

    yking MJ14 hours ago

    Borderlands meets counterstike meets portal

  40. Intense chhari

    Intense chhari14 hours ago

    0:16 did some one notic that the names of those agent are "jett revive me"

  41. TheEmeraldCavern

    TheEmeraldCavern14 hours ago

    1:50 always confuses me How is it gonna show Jett shoot and her bullets slow down and then show Roru’s orb moving in real-time... If we’re being realistic, Jett would’ve dropped him ALSO if Jett didn’t actually die the first time she could’ve easily shot Roru to win the round while he diffused. Beautiful animation non the less lmao

  42. BALLjeet

    BALLjeet15 hours ago

    Nobody : Seige players: 0:13

  43. Ans Ghazi

    Ans Ghazi15 hours ago

    CSGO is Dead.

  44. spicypho

    spicypho15 hours ago

    it said jett revive me please when she was healing the team on the names

  45. Arata

    Arata15 hours ago

    Korea vs China

  46. inu

    inu15 hours ago

    shout out to the director who pulled up the rapper Daichi Yamamoto

  47. Maniac Waffle 04

    Maniac Waffle 0415 hours ago

    Jett revive me please LMFAO

  48. Ugy Boogie

    Ugy Boogie15 hours ago

    Are they using an aim bot or is my aim just that bad?

  49. LuckyLyf

    LuckyLyf15 hours ago

    Hmm this is different, i'm sure i've read the comics, didn't yoru kissed phoenix to shut him up?

  50. I do stuff.

    I do stuff.15 hours ago

    1:59 "Oh crap I might not make it" "I gotta, *d e f u s e f a s t e r* "

  51. Thungthong Thimpia

    Thungthong Thimpia16 hours ago

    Wait... did Yoru only use classic gun ???

  52. Fuzzyjr1

    Fuzzyjr116 hours ago

    two bros agents the world good cinematic

  53. Arpan Pramanik

    Arpan Pramanik16 hours ago

    valorant now lags on low end pcs so no the minimum requirements should be changed

  54. SlaneSD

    SlaneSD16 hours ago

    I forgot this game came out during COVID. I remember it came out after quarantine started, but it doesn't feel like it came out _during_ COVID.

  55. summit

    summit16 hours ago

    Male Sombra, this game is a knock off.

  56. KevLAR 666

    KevLAR 66616 hours ago

    everyone:wow this cinematic looks great me:yoRu iS LefT hAndEd gUy

  57. adidas • 60 years ago

    adidas • 60 years ago17 hours ago

    like saying stop is gonna help.

  58. 808Only Beats

    808Only Beats17 hours ago


  59. ExtraMustard

    ExtraMustard17 hours ago

    This is kinda cool

  60. Amandeep chourasia

    Amandeep chourasia17 hours ago

    Release this game for mobile!

  61. Proz Bros

    Proz Bros17 hours ago

    Youro is a combination of Phoenix and omen

  62. Mr。 spikeFan

    Mr。 spikeFan17 hours ago

    Valorant mobile is soon coming right me excited to play

  63. 6 ustman 15 faris farhan

    6 ustman 15 faris farhan17 hours ago


  64. The Pyromaniac

    The Pyromaniac17 hours ago

    I know that Pheonix is essentially the games main character at this point, but is it just me or does anyone else wanna see Omen in a cinematic. I feel like we could have some massive lore drops.

  65. John Gabriel Cumigad

    John Gabriel Cumigad17 hours ago

    fall damage exist Jett: 1:01

  66. Rayan Yeager

    Rayan Yeager17 hours ago

    Bruh this looks like a nerf trailer

  67. Nines Vásquez

    Nines Vásquez17 hours ago

    "Let me show you how the boss does it" Every Phoenix before flashing himself

  68. ً

    ً17 hours ago

    RIOT. i want to play valorant but i dont have PC

  69. Meep Meep

    Meep Meep18 hours ago

    Can you please fix the vanguard because I have it and valorant still won’t work and I love the game :(

  70. Yoriichi

    Yoriichi18 hours ago

    If Jett has the operator she could have dodged Yoru's bullet.

  71. archangel

    archangel18 hours ago

    Btw at 2:46 you can see two people in the watch tower

  72. ranveer khande

    ranveer khande18 hours ago

    he shot through pheonix does that mean its team damage time?

  73. Jin Ascension

    Jin Ascension18 hours ago

    Did Phoenix seriously force buy bulldog? Just buy a spectre and shields.

  74. Tech Triangle

    Tech Triangle18 hours ago

    This is seriously sick man the animation is insane

  75. predator 69

    predator 6918 hours ago

    No joke but the music at the end is sick

  76. Richmond roy D. Soriano

    Richmond roy D. Soriano18 hours ago

    Wait did i saw see on the team heal part the user's name is jettt revive me please in every single one of them

  77. Nietabs

    Nietabs18 hours ago

    Christ. That radio voice, it sounds like Captain Macmillian

  78. soaring beasts

    soaring beasts18 hours ago

    my team when i say hold spike-

  79. Æ

    Æ18 hours ago

    I want comb knife .

  80. Tech Pc

    Tech Pc18 hours ago

    Damn this trailer is smoking hot🔥🔥