Thomas Sanders
Thomas Sanders
Thomas Sanders

  1. Biscuitman

    Biscuitman3 hours ago

    this makes me cry because i used to watch them with my cousin

  2. Demon Hunter

    Demon Hunter3 hours ago

    Can you do more of these?? This is adorable and amazing and amazingly adorable

  3. Garroth Hogonokami

    Garroth Hogonokami3 hours ago

    3:49 EEEE!!!!^^ I LOVE THAT MUSICAL!!!!^^

  4. Kate Cosette

    Kate Cosette3 hours ago

    "You........probably.......shouldn't......." *burning anticipation* " a father." I DIED

  5. Angel Hunter

    Angel Hunter3 hours ago

    I have a nickname idea for Virgil!!!! Ready... wait for it... Sister Scary Loquacious!!! Do you like it?

  6. Katherine Hush

    Katherine Hush4 hours ago

    33:54 omg Virgil's smile! he looks genuinely happy PRINXIETY

  7. Lalander 101

    Lalander 1014 hours ago

    Me before: ew bad snek Me now: *googling sassy snek king compilation*

  8. Jimmy Shadd

    Jimmy Shadd4 hours ago

    Ahhhh i miss old Thomas

  9. Pi-chan

    Pi-chan4 hours ago

    1:24 *Me as an Ace* WTF Lo, this is so disturbing and uncomfortable *Me knowing Thomas is Gay* LOL that's rich! EDIT: 4:28 "Then you kill it" Well, Roman, I'm wooed <3

  10. Quinn McNulty

    Quinn McNulty4 hours ago

    Where's the fifth jam? The Reference: Logan during 12 days of Christmas say 5 crofters jams

  11. Will Reese

    Will Reese4 hours ago

    👏👏👏 So great!!!

  12. Alex Riptide

    Alex Riptide4 hours ago

    I would have thought Thomas would have picked acting and Jon singing. This is interesting

  13. Alex Riptide

    Alex Riptide4 hours ago

    I have to reexplain shipping to my mom every time I mention it

  14. Lumine owo

    Lumine owo4 hours ago

    Thomas, I doubt you will see this, but what about "Sailor Apollo"? You both have a very bright and cheerful personality and I felt it suit you!

  15. Bob_Plays.Roblox 123

    Bob_Plays.Roblox 1234 hours ago

    4:55 🤨🤨

  16. Gwen Pines

    Gwen Pines4 hours ago

    To Thomas: THIS WAS EPIC!! And keep an eye on poor Virgil, he seemed more stressed than usual

  17. Loveless Beloved

    Loveless Beloved5 hours ago

    Ahhhh pat! So cute notes!

  18. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki5 hours ago

    Time out can’t Roman and Virgil just walk over and read the pins and stickers? Why do they force poor Thomas into these situations?

  19. shiny turtle13

    shiny turtle135 hours ago

    bring this siries back pls

  20. Grace Turner

    Grace Turner5 hours ago

    Why did it take until SvS when Patton clearly says "Kiddo simply put decite is an inner coach that acts with the one intention of self preservation." He is speaking in faver of decite! Logan also speaks in favor of decite as a character several times before SvS!

  21. AmLoba2288

    AmLoba22885 hours ago

    So is this a creative visual representation of an anxiety attack?

  22. lilian pazmino

    lilian pazmino5 hours ago

    you should react to don't threaten me with a good time animation also love your vides

  23. K P

    K P5 hours ago


  24. Saberfang

    Saberfang5 hours ago

    That was so fucking awesome!

  25. Himiko Toga

    Himiko Toga5 hours ago

  26. Grace Turner

    Grace Turner6 hours ago

    When Patton says five ruined kids films we all know that Vergil laughs a bit but, has anyone else notesed that Logan also seamed to be hiding a smile, and Logan slightly laughed at 5 second cookies!

  27. Michela Winokur

    Michela Winokur6 hours ago

    virgil has purple eyeshadow when he's happy/excited i'm-

  28. Gwen Pines

    Gwen Pines6 hours ago

    Roman didn't tell anyone abt Remus because it's just too weird to explain like "By the way, I have an identical twin brother who lives in the closet and eats deodorant." Also, Virgil might have had a sketchy past, but he's definitely not bad. No "bad guy" would willingly turn themself into a sock puppet, sing about feelings, and then sing the Sesame Street song when they turned back.

  29. milk before the cereal

    milk before the cereal6 hours ago

    15:09 *and thats when my logince obsession started.*

  30. Ruby Leyshon

    Ruby Leyshon6 hours ago

    Me* i want virgils emo jam ( reads desc ( only ships to Us and canada ) im so sad gonna cry I'm in UK WHYYYYY THOMAS WHYYYY your the best btw love ur vids

  31. your local froggie

    your local froggie6 hours ago

    me watching vines fromn Thomas Sanders: me: he is the same!

  32. likely love

    likely love7 hours ago

    3:07 how does Janus forget the one Iconic thing for logan

  33. Ledres Lupos

    Ledres Lupos7 hours ago

    Virgil just being angsty while Logan is dumping for Patton lmao-

  34. Melon Pie105

    Melon Pie1057 hours ago

    oh boy, have you heard the Vietnamizes version of Cinderella?! holy sh** it is dark af! at the end, Cinderella kills her step sisters, puts their heads in a can of soup and feeds it to her step mother, then her step mother dies of shock! you're welcome for the nightmares 🙂

  35. Mayo

    Mayo7 hours ago

    "What a blast from the past" -Thomas Sanders, 2016.

  36. Holly Spivey

    Holly Spivey7 hours ago

    i get to do a reading log in my English class on this episode it makes me feel powerful

  37. Fireheartl

    Fireheartl7 hours ago

    How dare you make us like Janus. <3

  38. Jamie Ozzy

    Jamie Ozzy7 hours ago

    When will we get met the orange side? I’m so looking forward to him! Gonna get me some of that jam!

  39. Mayo

    Mayo7 hours ago

    Patton is secretly Tenya Ida from My Hero Academia.


    MARIAM GAYED7 hours ago

    How can u speak so fast-

  41. AverageAnimeFanGirl

    AverageAnimeFanGirl7 hours ago

    I was pumped for these jams, especially since I already love Crofters. After receiving a sticky package full of glass the other day, not so much. And it seems like there's a growing number of people with this problem who aren't hearing anything from Crofters. I'm just so sad and incredibly disappointed. I know the fault probably isn't on your end, but is there any way you can contact Crofters to see what's happening? My package didn't have a fragile warning or even padding to protect the jars....

  42. Chuga Gaming

    Chuga Gaming7 hours ago

    I love how good he sings

  43. •Gacha Cookie•

    •Gacha Cookie•7 hours ago

    Me: *associates Logan with dolphins because they are (according to google) the most intelligent animals* Remus: licking the blow hole of a dolphin Me: ... I forgot about that line... what have I done 😭😭😭😭

  44. Harmony Dettman

    Harmony Dettman7 hours ago


  45. Oxford

    Oxford8 hours ago

    the sheer amount of references in this video makes me so happy

  46. Shiloh Wilder

    Shiloh Wilder8 hours ago

    totally random question: but does anyone know what the music in the background is called when Thomas was talking near the end? it starts at around the 47:30 mark (it's super faint though btw)

  47. Girl_Got_SAS

    Girl_Got_SAS8 hours ago

    "In a romantic sense?" "Why not"

  48. Lucky 101

    Lucky 1018 hours ago

    "I'll add it to the list. " Fanfic writers (such as myself): * sniff sniff * I smell... A N G S T P O T E N T I A L

  49. L. Wallen

    L. Wallen8 hours ago

    @Thomas Sanders You don't know me. I'm just another random person on the internet and I don't know if you read these but if you do I'd like to say thank you. Whenever I'm having a bad day and I just need a reason to smile, I know I can watch your videos and I'll immediately feel better. There's been a lot happening lately, both in the world and in my personal life (what with dysphoria, anxiety over coming out, depression, family issues, etc.), and it's all just been really overwhelming. There have been days where it's really hard to keep going. At one point I actually considered not continuing. Then I found your videos and all that around June last year and things started to get a little bit better. I had something to look forward to again. It's not just about the actual content. I mean sure, that's a big part of it, but more than anything it's the way that you make me feel seen. Like I matter. And it's not just me, there are lots of people who appreciate that all-around kindness more than you might realize. It might not fix everything right away, but it is a really, REALLY big help. Anyway, I realize that I'm rambling and if you ARE in fact reading this you're probably thinking "Man, this is a long comment," so I'll wrap it up now. I just wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you Thomas Sanders. You saved my life.

  50. Alexander Harrison

    Alexander Harrison8 hours ago

    Did we just get Rick Rolled?

  51. Lex Bowen

    Lex Bowen9 hours ago

    "How do you know spanish?" "*I* don't even know spanish!"

  52. Lex Bowen

    Lex Bowen9 hours ago

    Valerie: "Yes."

  53. My Cat Is Annoying

    My Cat Is Annoying9 hours ago

    As soon as I read the title I knew anxiety was gonna be there

  54. SaharaCoyoteBoi

    SaharaCoyoteBoi9 hours ago

    3 things I love about "Logan's Lowdown" 1. When Logan's Lowdown first pops up, Patton is so happy to see him. #logicality 2. Just like in a normal video game he pops up with information throughout at many times. 3. You can actually see the moment Janus and Logan swap out. It's at 23:20, when the little hook comes in, that's not just a hook- that's Janus's.


    SAVANA REHERMAN9 hours ago

    Patton changing the lyrics to make Virgil happy is EVERYTHING!

  56. Sam

    Sam10 hours ago

    I can't help but wonder what Remus' room looks like😂

  57. It’s Kawaii Cookie uwu

    It’s Kawaii Cookie uwu10 hours ago

    i love how ive watched this video at least 15 times and im just now noticing the fact that Logan made quotes the author of Frankenstein 5:08

  58. Pancakes.on.a.blanket ᗴ

    Pancakes.on.a.blanket ᗴ10 hours ago

    Time to go on a sanders sides marathon again

  59. Noah Álvarez

    Noah Álvarez10 hours ago

    4:32 I just realized that Logan was about to say “But he is his brother” 3 months late but I got it 😂

  60. Alyssa the random artist

    Alyssa the random artist10 hours ago

    I hoped Virgil would come because he calmed down the aurgeing

  61. General Vic

    General Vic11 hours ago

    Skip accepting anxiety behind the scenes and makeup Roman meant it attending wizard in’s school

  62. tiadiff

    tiadiff11 hours ago

    "but life shouldnt be lived without enjoying the simple pleasures from time to time!" all I could think while hearing that was "but a life free of jokes is incomplete!"

  63. #lemachine

    #lemachine11 hours ago

    The true question here is........... DOES THOMAS SHIP KLANCE??????????

  64. Cube 3710

    Cube 371011 hours ago

    I remember The Disney Pranks!

  65. Ruby Parr

    Ruby Parr11 hours ago

    Does anyone else get legit gender euphoria when he says "and nonbinary pals"?

  66. GayPanda

    GayPanda11 hours ago


  67. Shadowcat107

    Shadowcat10712 hours ago

    This sounds amazing. I love the MV.

  68. Kawaiichan Bang

    Kawaiichan Bang12 hours ago

    I love how anxiety give the cute movies some dark massages

  69. ThatOne Rat

    ThatOne Rat12 hours ago


  70. Zoobie the Popplio

    Zoobie the Popplio13 hours ago

    When will you and Danny Gonzales make a video again?

  71. skyla santos

    skyla santos13 hours ago

    Virgil: Hufflepuff Patton: Ravenclaw Roman: Sliytherin Logan: Griffendor Remus: Hufflepuff (I think) Janus/Deciet: SNAKEY!

  72. skyla santos

    skyla santos13 hours ago

    When you mess with theater kids:

  73. Tony T

    Tony T13 hours ago

    The intro is like when you are annoyed by your own ad! 😂

  74. the dwarven gamer

    the dwarven gamer13 hours ago

    Wow you kinda cute even though I'm pretty straight

  75. Me Aung

    Me Aung14 hours ago

    2:42 his face is everything-

  76. •Itz Tori•

    •Itz Tori•14 hours ago

    7:05 the way Virgil smiles there is so cuteeeee

  77. officiallacrossestick

    officiallacrossestick14 hours ago

    Roman seems like he’d be so fun to watch movies with

  78. Tony T

    Tony T15 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Virgil seem like anxiety that has depression?

  79. ꧁ᴛᴏxɪᴄ•ᴠᴏᴍɪɪᴛ꧂

    ꧁ᴛᴏxɪᴄ•ᴠᴏᴍɪɪᴛ꧂15 hours ago

    Throughout this whole episode I've been having a gay panic FOR Thomas

  80. LunaMoon11a Kitty

    LunaMoon11a Kitty15 hours ago

    New Sofas. Ok