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  1. Nell B

    Nell B22 hours ago


  2. L W

    L W22 hours ago

    Dorian's theory at 17:00 about trailing into Tom King's The Vision story is excellent.

  3. Mář çųş 7777

    Mář çųş 777722 hours ago

    1 question is 8 the last episode of wandavision

  4. Morgan

    Morgan22 hours ago

    I love eriks reactions and talks about the whole marvel universe stuff because you can see he actually enjoys it

  5. Baldski

    Baldski22 hours ago

    Spiderman is so hype that people are gassed just by the title

  6. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller22 hours ago

    The incompetent bobcat topically whine because gender naively pedal above a miniature plane. wrathful, knowing giraffe

  7. Calm God

    Calm God22 hours ago

    When Everett Ross Said Zemos Plan fell apart and he replied "did it?" It was foreshadowing the Events of Infinity War/Endgame

  8. jack kitten

    jack kitten23 hours ago

    Dr strange magic is orange‚ orange marker?

  9. missmarie

    missmarie23 hours ago

    Basically "No more sorcerers" instead of "No more mutants"

  10. Chris Campling

    Chris Campling23 hours ago

    One of the misquoted lines ever he neve says hello clarice in silence of the lambs

  11. Kris Murphy

    Kris Murphy23 hours ago

    Vision vs White Vision in episode 9

  12. Ian Gallagher

    Ian Gallagher23 hours ago

    2 things. First, this movie will be delayed to May 27, 2022. Second, the OH-OH-OH looks like a reference to Ho Ho Ho, since this film is gonna be a Christmas release.

  13. bakstroker1971

    bakstroker197123 hours ago

    Where's Reptile?

  14. TheDisell

    TheDisell23 hours ago

    I feel like someone needs to revisit the interviews with Paul Bettany to see if he’s serious or laying it on. Cause maybe he was talking about himself. Like vision vs vision fireworks. A true thespian wink wink.

  15. Hiraeth_H

    Hiraeth_H23 hours ago

    Azazel from x men has a demonic appearance

  16. Black Rocket

    Black Rocket23 hours ago

    Disney buying them is the best thing that could've happened for the X-men. Now their story will hopefully make sense when it gets made

  17. Marcus Short

    Marcus Short23 hours ago

    paul bettany saying a big cameo is coming!! its actually the fact he will be working opposite himself 'vision vs white vision' ha ha

  18. oSlinky

    oSlinky23 hours ago

    Oh my god I used to watch u so much 3 years ago, I am so glad I found u again

  19. alan arkham

    alan arkham23 hours ago

    Or its a reference to the tesseract as the key to open the portals?

  20. Darrick Crawley Jr.

    Darrick Crawley Jr.23 hours ago

    DC's going dark and I love it 🔥

  21. Curtis Jordan

    Curtis Jordan23 hours ago

    I really wish they did something with The Leader

  22. Aaron Nichols

    Aaron Nichols23 hours ago

    I’m still thinking about how Aaron Davis was in homecoming, and he mentioned miles aswell. I really hope we see him soon.

  23. Yeshua Miranda Morales

    Yeshua Miranda Morales23 hours ago

    Hong Kong is not part of China ass.

  24. Corey Moyers

    Corey Moyers23 hours ago

    My 10 year old was quick to point out that Blue + Red = Purple. Not sure if that means anything in the MCU lol.

  25. Ryan Rickaby

    Ryan Rickaby23 hours ago

    Stop tryin to get money from China, u don't care about gays, Muslims or any minority if u support anyone working with china..... thats like working with David duke and saying well he has alot of people and we like money....... but leave it to diseny and the nba to give 0 fugs about freedom and put money first....

  26. Slam Badger

    Slam Badger23 hours ago

    Isn't Richard E. Grant ment to join Marvel soon? I can't remember as who, and it probably doesn't make as much sense as other theories, but i just feel like he is somehow going to be the mysterious cameo that Paul Bettany has talked about.

  27. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith23 hours ago

    Can't believe that you have all missed the biggest Easter egg

  28. Xanaly Lee

    Xanaly Lee23 hours ago

    So I have a question how would you use the 6 infinity stones like I just see ppl snapping but that doesn't really explain much

  29. Patrick Jackson

    Patrick Jackson23 hours ago

    Sharma gorath is coming and who strange will be taking on with wanda in multiverse of maddness

  30. DK Sports

    DK Sports23 hours ago

    Erik is the Tony Romo of marvel talk

  31. Johnny Cabrera

    Johnny Cabrera23 hours ago

    I think they will use the next Captain America to introduce a lot of characters like Wolverine and Deadpool. Cap could bump into Deadpool in the time stream and all hell breaks loose. Those are a few theories. The way Agents of Shield ended created 2 time lines or 3 (if you wanna retcon AOS to bring it back into the main, endgame time line.)

  32. Oli. Y

    Oli. Y23 hours ago

    My theory for the finale cameo is Nick Cage as Ghost Rider 💀

  33. Shelbi Arnold

    Shelbi Arnold23 hours ago

    After watching episode 8 I’m pretty sure Paul was talking about working with himself 😂 That explains why he was even allowed to mention a special cameo. Basically to get us all hyped up and throw us off from expecting white vision 😅

  34. tired af

    tired af23 hours ago

    God TVA seems cool! I wanna be a TVA agent now. 😩

  35. Merrill Slaven

    Merrill Slaven23 hours ago

    I remembered the attempted assassination from “The Dead Zone”

  36. Nicholas The Atlantean

    Nicholas The Atlantean23 hours ago

    silver surfer

  37. Joanne Paul

    Joanne PaulDay ago

    Holidays merging in the office has a feeling like different parts of the multiverse coming together (different time(lines)?)

  38. Renato Rodriguez

    Renato RodriguezDay ago

    Did I see a sketch of the time machine of Back to the future?

  39. Nugget Comics

    Nugget ComicsDay ago

    Taskmaster reminds me of the Arkham night

  40. TV show Edits

    TV show EditsDay ago

    Episode 8 tho:

  41. Elle Moore

    Elle MooreDay ago

    7:13 Set for a different film eh... WandaaaaaViisionnnnn lmao

  42. DeAngelo Poellnitz

    DeAngelo PoellnitzDay ago

    Hancock just pulled out

  43. Edgar Seis

    Edgar SeisDay ago

    Hexagons are Bestagons ;)

  44. Nick Roy

    Nick RoyDay ago

    Empty did anyone else hear that

  45. Kristine Schilling

    Kristine SchillingDay ago

    the red and white room with vines.. looks more like a run down broken storage room with all that crap in there. much more logical explanation than a weird throne room. reminds me vaguely of the planet they were on in Ragnarok.

  46. Quentin Bates

    Quentin BatesDay ago

    Dorian brought up some really good theories!

  47. Michael Street

    Michael StreetDay ago

    Eric I'm calling it now, the grey vision is ultron

  48. Ashe Marlow

    Ashe MarlowDay ago

    I mean, the Avengers pretty much put everything back perfectly so the only anomalies are old Cap and living Loki

  49. 66_____Sachin Mathew

    66_____Sachin MathewDay ago

    Wanda is the real scarlet witch.

  50. Yseson _

    Yseson _Day ago

    Clint broke down and went to his knee T'Challa saw it and decided this is the death of another king so I will kneel which is big respect.

  51. Monster Man Alex

    Monster Man AlexDay ago

    We still need a musical episode reference. Mark My Words. Maybe a Finale Dance Battle....nope. nevermind. Well...maybe.

  52. Supreme Decem

    Supreme DecemDay ago

    His shirt says find x could this mean find x-men ???? Because it does say on the shirt found x and circled so does he find the x-men or mutant gene?

  53. Ozlo Strauch

    Ozlo StrauchDay ago

    Found something in ep 1 when Wanda is making vision look "Normal" he is across from a mirror that mirror has no reflection as if he wasn't really there probably a minor detail but could have been used earlier.

  54. Calvin Henderson III

    Calvin Henderson IIIDay ago

    Maybe Black Widows been in a coma for past few years because of what happens in this movie

  55. Lunga Biyela

    Lunga BiyelaDay ago

    The big cameo will most likely be Mordo, who would have sensed Wanda's power as a sorcerer, along with Agatha and he'll want heads to roll.

  56. Michael Polivko

    Michael PolivkoDay ago

    That cube under “can’t find home” might be a reference to something in the 4th dimension

  57. Maximilian Fencl

    Maximilian FenclDay ago

    If the soul of vision came from Wanda, it would also make the whole scene more coherent because the scene actually has something to do with chaos magic everywhere except for the scene with vision at the sitcom

  58. Bradley Richards

    Bradley RichardsDay ago

    I really hope that WandaVision's next seasons will be a season per time period and explore how more time happened in the bubble and we only saw highlights.

  59. David Goodner

    David GoodnerDay ago

    OMG! I didn't notice Agent Goodner's name. Now she's my favorite character in the whole MCU!

  60. Singer Songwriter Mike

    Singer Songwriter MikeDay ago

    Well ep 8 showed Mephistos Symbol as a rune down in Harkness Basement i guess? Am i right?

  61. Paul Martinez

    Paul MartinezDay ago

    Is there any meaning to all the star charts and constellations in the SWORD HQ?

  62. brigade flash

    brigade flashDay ago


  63. Daniel Nascimento

    Daniel NascimentoDay ago


  64. Vallabh Padgaonkar

    Vallabh PadgaonkarDay ago

    I think .. that bat on Fire extinguisher is the reference to the Morbius ...

  65. SKIP AnKleZ

    SKIP AnKleZDay ago

    Andrew garfields suit was made of hexagons

  66. Peter Parker

    Peter ParkerDay ago

    The name glitching is not just like Wanda vision but also like the Spiderman: into the spider verse. Isn't that interesting????

  67. Jordan Buck

    Jordan BuckDay ago

    I feel like the No way home is for the villans. They won't be able to get home for some reason once they are put in the mcu.

  68. Gaming with Lindsey

    Gaming with LindseyDay ago

    Little did we know... It’s 🕺been💃Agatha 🕺all💃along🕺

  69. Jesse mo us vv

    Jesse mo us vvDay ago

    Notice how when morbius is jumping from wall to wall there’s purple smoke trailing behind. Couldn’t potentially be Agatha Harkness (but still a stretch). And only seconds before he catches an apple with RED SMOKE trailing it, could be Wanda maximoff

  70. Δημήτρης Ο Δημήτρης

    Δημήτρης Ο ΔημήτρηςDay ago

    Squidward bullshitted in the start, Loki was actually the first to hold 2 infinity stones

  71. MiaAmia505

    MiaAmia505Day ago

    I thought the title gonna be "stay at home"

  72. Dean 96

    Dean 96Day ago

    hey guys, do yall realize that everytime the episode ends, after credits for executive producer, they always zoom at Vision's eyes. every. frickin. episodes. are there a meaning of that? or nothing connects?

  73. olliethd15 gaming

    olliethd15 gamingDay ago

    I think mifsto is akshal hayword

  74. Christopher Saunders

    Christopher SaundersDay ago

    On the whiteboard. Up the top in the middle. It looks like the tesseract or a drawing of it. Am I just seeing things?

  75. Wilky Luo

    Wilky LuoDay ago

    Even they cannot watch you guys , no youtube there

  76. Karen Bunker

    Karen BunkerDay ago

    Ok I just said that vision would come back to life!!!!!! And he did!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Kingston Goldvin

    Kingston GoldvinDay ago

    That glitch might be a linkage to SpiderMan ITSV In which the spider gives a glitch and all 🤔🤔

  78. EusebioBermea

    EusebioBermeaDay ago

    Erik, yes; these other 3, not so much. . .

  79. Arya4K

    Arya4KDay ago

    I want i to be Nemisis and i want thor back in shape

  80. Marc Gommans

    Marc GommansDay ago

    Don't want to burst anybody's bubble but with Paul Bettany having mentioned he got to work with an actor he always wanted to work with, it seems very likely he's actually referring to... himself. Vision vs. Evil Vision.