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  1. Gary Juffa

    Gary Juffa8 hours ago

    You tap like chicken..🤣🤣🤣.. Connor vs Khabib: "taps like chicken "

  2. Vinny LT

    Vinny LT9 hours ago

    it doesn't matter. its probably better he missed weight so he can fight in his actual division. The guy is shredded, and I can only imagine he is already massively dehydrated. fighters need to stop cutting weight. like this.

  3. Greg Volcy

    Greg Volcy9 hours ago

    The fact that he didn’t even make the weight class above his.....

  4. Thomas Brobozki

    Thomas Brobozki9 hours ago

    Jon Jones was very, very sus. Just the way he was speaking, you can hear in his voice he’s afraid & lying😬

  5. The last Emperor

    The last Emperor9 hours ago

    More weight classes.

  6. Valentina Narvaez

    Valentina Narvaez9 hours ago

    Saludos cordiales uoii

  7. Eugene Donato

    Eugene Donato10 hours ago

    Lewis is a good fighter but not a great fighter. He relies on his power and that’s it nothing else . of course he’s got some wins but look at most of his opponents they were sloppy match ups .. There was one time UFC wanted to really test Lewis and that’s when he fault Mark Hunt who was pretty much out of his prime.. And Mark Hunt beat him into giving up .

  8. Juan Mata

    Juan Mata10 hours ago

    He started feeling himself after what the reporter told him things like that built his ego and he started to believe it himself

  9. all4one together4all

    all4one together4all11 hours ago

    We all know Tito is a character but still he had a valid point

  10. Jo Balard

    Jo Balard11 hours ago

    Loosing contrôle 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Jesus Cabrera

    Jesus Cabrera11 hours ago

    The one dislike is probably from the mugger 🤭

  12. Les Blàse

    Les Blàse11 hours ago

    0:52 NEVER gets old 🤣😂

  13. Johny R

    Johny R12 hours ago

    This is steroids. You don't miss weight by that much on standard notice by just eating the wrong things. Something went wrong with his regimen.

  14. CLOWGang

    CLOWGang12 hours ago

    Conor mcgregor.. Big mouth

  15. S N

    S N12 hours ago

    Imagining missing weight by 11.5 pounds and saying it was because of food poisoning. Name one human ever who hasn't lost a substantial amount of weight after contracting food poisoning.

  16. Ydusisi Dhidisi

    Ydusisi Dhidisi12 hours ago


  17. Bernie

    Bernie12 hours ago

    I flagged this video for misleading and downvoted

  18. Peter Guirguess

    Peter Guirguess13 hours ago

    Rafael , Thiago , Warley (the guy that beat coby Covington) and any other Alves - missing weight runs in the family. No Alves ever made weight consistently

  19. Goro Sees All

    Goro Sees All13 hours ago

    Dana: And then he starts fucking crying like he's on american idol


    PHATBOIPSYCHO!13 hours ago

    Wanderlei like that one kid in the back of the class not paying attention

  21. Maz Terbate

    Maz Terbate13 hours ago

    Ha ha, If that was any 170 pounder my ass... Basically saying if it was anyone... Yeah, He woulda fired them but woulda been hired back within a year. No way they turn down Conor size amount of money. There still growing as Dana always says.

  22. Majdi Anzi

    Majdi Anzi13 hours ago

    Such a child

  23. Thebass

    Thebass14 hours ago

    Damn I hate that burns didn’t drop that weirdo

  24. Naz4utube

    Naz4utube14 hours ago


  25. Al Snow

    Al Snow14 hours ago

    The dude is crying because he only wants to beat up smaller guys and now can't

  26. ButterBall

    ButterBall14 hours ago

    Dana White probably won't cut him but I guarantee you he'll never be allowed to fight t featherweight again

  27. Jackleman1000

    Jackleman100015 hours ago

    Dana hated Kevin Holland and started calling him Big Mouth. Ironically, he did more good to Hollands career by calling him that. Now Big Mouth is a mainstay

  28. TheNickpesci420

    TheNickpesci42015 hours ago

    Dude took the wrong kind of steroids for that canp I guess lol. UFC is full of juice heads

  29. erikd131 Weaver

    erikd131 Weaver15 hours ago

    Conor McGregor vs Kamaru Usman

  30. CF F

    CF F15 hours ago

    Highly motivated CONOR

  31. D B. Sarvestani

    D B. Sarvestani15 hours ago

    Me me meme me lol 😂 Sound Conner makes when he taps

  32. BR4KTZ

    BR4KTZ16 hours ago

    Don’t even bother watching this video it’s shit

  33. R

    R16 hours ago

    Stop talking show fight

  34. Tether

    Tether17 hours ago

    Reporters: “did you guys hear that?” Can I see your notes?”

  35. Vierri78

    Vierri7818 hours ago

    habib the Best

  36. ŃØŤ ĐĘĄĐ

    ŃØŤ ĐĘĄĐ18 hours ago

    Bro stop making videos

  37. Michael Mars

    Michael Mars18 hours ago

    Dana wishing Punk could of won a match. Punk brings a million WWE fans with ppv buys.

  38. GTV

    GTV19 hours ago

    What a disaster... I don’t think the UFC has had such a back to back missed weight debacle like this before.

  39. Nicholas Medovich

    Nicholas Medovich20 hours ago

    Daniel hardy watch this video NOW

  40. curtis bragg

    curtis bragg20 hours ago

    Dana White Thanks for having the BALLS to have Gina's Back. Well done you have my respect!! The only thing is she was correct in all she said!

  41. Swedish

    Swedish20 hours ago

    was he allowed to fight still?

  42. BBR

    BBR21 hour ago

    He has to contact the professional weight bully Khabib to help him cut the weight

  43. scure

    scure21 hour ago

    Like a child lmao. The part of him meeting Dana and doin nothin is gold

  44. Christian A.

    Christian A.22 hours ago

    He admitted on Ariel’s show he was high AF here 😂

  45. sneksnekitsasnek

    sneksnekitsasnek23 hours ago

    :56 dafuq?

  46. Jae Wall

    Jae Wall23 hours ago

    They were pranking dana

  47. Marco Wu

    Marco WuDay ago

    Kevin de Bruyne is massiv

  48. Shane Cormier

    Shane CormierDay ago

    Weight cutting makes people gushy.

  49. genericjohnsmithname

    genericjohnsmithnameDay ago

    I mean I think you would have to be stupid not to take steroids in a paid sport. I think a fair competition is a great idea but I mean ofcourse people are going to cheat. ohh i get it now connor said Im not on THOSE steroids hes getting better stuff lol

  50. Chris Lee

    Chris LeeDay ago

    The best post fight ever!

  51. Sam Luca

    Sam LucaDay ago

    Blaydes proved to be dull in this fight against the sharpness of Lewis' One-Punch-Knocking power.

  52. Pritish Randhir

    Pritish RandhirDay ago

    Brock should have never returned to WWE. He was good in UFC.

  53. TheCombatWorld

    TheCombatWorldDay ago

    This is so crazy

  54. Kibbie Lou

    Kibbie LouDay ago

    I wonder if Derek set that up with Volkov beforehand? Cuz, Derek doesn't seem like he overtly disrespects anyone (especially a nice guy).

  55. Filip

    FilipDay ago

    He didn't miss the weight, he missed the division. Dude is like 4% body fat, of course he can't possibly cut more.

  56. Drew Dukart

    Drew DukartDay ago

    Highlight video my ass.

  57. Brandon Villatuya

    Brandon VillatuyaDay ago

    Look on the bright side. You're body looks fantastic 😂

  58. Nasty Clutchness

    Nasty ClutchnessDay ago

    98% of the time if a fighter has shit shaven into their head during weigh ins they get KTFO.

  59. SR 71

    SR 71Day ago

    It’s not as if he had any more he could lose, guy was as dry as a bone

  60. YouThought _uTHOT

    YouThought _uTHOTDay ago

    It's time for him to give it up

  61. Fahad Hayee

    Fahad HayeeDay ago

    Uncle Chael deserves it

  62. Shaurma

    ShaurmaDay ago

    So DC AGAIN LOST. How steroids can give you fight technic?)) you can fight or not, that’s all. Steroids “good” for bodybuilding. But for UFC it’s nothing.

  63. greg welsh

    greg welshDay ago

    He should have cried earlier might have got off another half pound

  64. HI7CHY

    HI7CHYDay ago

    My man was ready for a body building competition.

  65. Randy Bobandy

    Randy BobandyDay ago

    Spicy take: He was coming off of TRT incorrectly, resulting in his estrogen levels being way too high hence the emotions

  66. Tyler the Shark

    Tyler the SharkDay ago

    They all knew before they stepped on the scale that they missed weight

  67. Charlie

    CharlieDay ago

    bro this guy looks like paulo costa little brother why he tryna fight at featherwieght lol

  68. BossFinale

    BossFinaleDay ago

    Not sure how he could have lost 11 more lbs. Already shredded.

  69. Mandlik Arsalaan

    Mandlik ArsalaanDay ago

    did he just asked a literal fighting machine that how much practice does he has before going into a match what kind of reporting is this? is water wet? is lava hot? what the bloody hell

  70. Reaper_ Death

    Reaper_ DeathDay ago

    Disgusting and unprofessional. I wrestled and boxed all through school and I've never come in overweight. Ever.

  71. Maine TurboDiesel

    Maine TurboDieselDay ago

    I think that all fighters in the UFC . . Title contenders or not should sit back and just realize how humble their life can be because it can change in an instant. Don't forget that every man no matter what your records reflect in one sudden " switch" and on Matt's case it happened to be a proverbial train wreck only literally ! Have everything taken away So. . . ."Connor" must say last name starts with Mc for example. . . . A guy could k.o. my ass sitting on the toilet if he wanted to. . . . should be great full. . . sit back and enjoy what he accomplished and not be belligerent about what you have done to succeed. I wish I had your talent. . . . but it's the heart and honor of Matt that will always make him my number one champion ! Humble. . confidence is and what he was. Forever champ in life also Matt be strong like always. . . just another opponent ! Kick ass

  72. N47_MÆT JÆCARE

    N47_MÆT JÆCAREDay ago

    Dayum, Ronda ugly af..

  73. Mantis 21

    Mantis 21Day ago

    I saw a comment about WWE. He would really fit in. Great mic skill and everything.

  74. Salah X

    Salah XDay ago

    The Russians were one of the biggest factors in defeating the nazis though

  75. Truhite 209

    Truhite 209Day ago

    Somebody get this man and his balls back to Texas so this crazy weather will stop

  76. K J

    K JDay ago

    Derrick "Nasty Nate" Lewis

  77. Jojo Baggett

    Jojo BaggettDay ago

    They need to just make everyone weigh in 30 mins Before the fight. Everyone moves up a weight class and be done with it. Sure go ahead and cut that weight but your gonna be fighting at that weight and will fight like shit.

  78. Justa Guy

    Justa GuyDay ago

    There should be a limit to the amount of weight you can cut for these fight. That guy is killing him self to lose weight so he can have an edge over smaller fighters. Than he cry’s like a baby when it doesn’t work out. That’s not a fighter I can respect.

  79. ken nney

    ken nneyDay ago

    tito a legend that's a joke right 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. Loki 69

    Loki 69Day ago

    Hey brother we want brock lesnar all weigh and press conference HD