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  1. axeriia

    axeriia17 minutes ago

    I like benji until saw this video sorry 😢

  2. Willow Frazer

    Willow Frazer22 minutes ago

    Omg after watching this I feel so bad for jeyjey he loved him so much🥺🥺and now I dont see Benji the same😳😭

  3. ela

    ela37 minutes ago

    an apology is an apology, even if it’s 5 months late. jeyjey had to take his time too, i can’t even imagine the things he’s been through?? like just the THOUGHT of being called a “groomer” when YOU KNOW you didn’t do anything wrong

  4. María Espinoza

    María Espinoza57 minutes ago

    I'm so happy that you're okay, no matter how it's gone, we'll always be supporting your real fans❤️

  5. Skye Lopez

    Skye LopezHour ago

    He really sounds so sad

  6. nothing special just sam lolz

    nothing special just sam lolzHour ago

    wtf. Benji has some explaining. I'm so sorry we didn't hear your story then we started to think that you groomed someone.

  7. Aliciasucks :3

    Aliciasucks :32 hours ago

    He sounds rlly hurt ,I lokey feel bad he dosnt look happy , I think this is affecting him ,with everyone saying ‘to late’ and shit like that , he’s trying his best with English and play he needed a brake with everything that’s why he didn’t make it sooner

  8. Roblox Serbia

    Roblox Serbia3 hours ago

    im crying.

  9. Gabbie H.

    Gabbie H.3 hours ago

    Yes, he may have took a while to post this but he needed to recover. This isn’t something that creators make a drama vid on and continue with their career the day after. This is involved and hurt people and I really appreciate them both making videos and giving a chance to both of them to explain their sides.

  10. Eleanor Percival

    Eleanor Percival3 hours ago

    i feel like he can't win in this situation. after what happened, people begged and pestered him to address it. he needed space, and they didn't respect that. after he posted it, they refuse to watch it or hear his point of view. they can't really make judgements without hearing both sides of the story. they can't say address it then ignore it when he does. what do they want from him? there's nothing he can do now except from improve as a person, which is what i think he's aiming to do.

  11. Aslan Lynxx

    Aslan Lynxx3 hours ago

    Remember we aren’t the one forgiving him benji was the one suppose to forgive him and he already did.

  12. ɪ sɪᴍᴘ ғᴏʀ hanako

    ɪ sɪᴍᴘ ғᴏʀ hanako4 hours ago

    I will forgive you but what u did tp benji wasn't cool I might join ur fandom again thank even those it a bit late

  13. MimiVlogs 1

    MimiVlogs 14 hours ago

    No one, absolutely no one: Jey Jey at the beggining: 😏👌. Like if he has long hair HAHAHS

  14. Valerie C

    Valerie C4 hours ago

    i’m not saying that i’m on his side or whatever but the boy who said that he was “groomed” needs to be held accountable.

  15. radically

    radically4 hours ago

    Ok but like still I can’t really trust you guys even tho you guys did your own apologies that was nice, and good. But I can’t.

  16. IamYoonmin’s Princess

    IamYoonmin’s Princess4 hours ago

    Not y’all acting like it’s up to u guys to say who’s guilty and who’s not, or which apology is fake or not, or who lying and not🤦🏾‍♀️can u guys just stay in ur place and mind ur business they’ll figure it out and maybe get better, it’s up to them. it has nothing to do with us. And don’t show hate towards anyone, we are all humans and make mistakes all the time that is part of our nature. We learn to grow and move on from the past😊...all the best❤️

  17. Tanya Nawani

    Tanya Nawani4 hours ago

    Why cant yall just appreciate how he literally made a video in englsih when its not his first language...even if he isnt late he obviosuly would need a break..

  18. lol Hi

    lol Hi5 hours ago

    stop saying “wow it took long enough” it’s clear he was going through a rough time and he needed some time and courage to post this.

  19. Malena Piñero

    Malena Piñero5 hours ago

    Stop saying in comments that human do things wrong, he literally was with a minor and tried to acuse a minor, if I really doesn't want to see his nudes he should block him, and he could spouse him as a weirdo, but he didn't, I don't believe him not because he tock a long time, I don't believe him because he is causing a minor for just being stupid, is a minor, and you know that people can destroy others on internet. And is so easy to make a fake screen like that. I hate that people only talk about him missing Benji and not about the actual reason of the video. (Sorry for my English, is not my first lenguaje)

  20. Andrew Ascencio

    Andrew Ascencio6 hours ago

    I understand where he’s coming from I’ve been in a similar situation as him before

  21. Regan Welsh

    Regan Welsh6 hours ago


  22. ra1nhq

    ra1nhq7 hours ago


  23. ray morow

    ray morow7 hours ago

    I really appreciate this apology. I could tell that you put a lot of thought and effort into structuring your explanation in a mature way. I am sorry for the shit you had to go through after all of this information came out. Everything now makes a lot more sense, knowing your side of the story. <3

  24. Kacey May

    Kacey May7 hours ago

    Wait I literally have no idea what is happening can someone explain?

  25. Aleksandra

    Aleksandra7 hours ago

    i support you <3

  26. Nadhifah R. A

    Nadhifah R. A8 hours ago

    I'm really sorry for what happened to you and benji and the hate you got. I hope you're doing a lot better.

  27. Mrs StealYoMan

    Mrs StealYoMan8 hours ago


  28. claudia astarita

    claudia astarita8 hours ago

    Te echaba de menos jayjay :(

  29. Tashvi ramgoolam

    Tashvi ramgoolam9 hours ago

    i forgive you, i hope you’re feeling ok

  30. Ash Johnson

    Ash Johnson10 hours ago

    It’s fun looking at these comments now, knowing that they aged tremendously lol

  31. ezel

    ezel11 hours ago

    i really do think his apology was true and that he meant it, yes, he should've adressed it earlier but as he said, he was healing. i dont even know what i would do in this situation. stop sending him death threats, youre not being a human at all when u do that.

  32. Pearlyish

    Pearlyish14 hours ago

    People be calling him a pedophile when he's sixteen with someone he thought was 16. Wtf

  33. Conor Byers

    Conor Byers14 hours ago

    This is not good enough. A 7 minute long apology. Benji's was a lot longer. Do better

  34. mayapants

    mayapants15 hours ago

    you did a great job on your english jeyjey :)

  35. leaf. jpg

    leaf. jpg17 hours ago

    Fuckk man I am so sorry. Cancel culture is so wack and I'm so sorry I took part in it.

  36. Thumbeni Kikon

    Thumbeni Kikon17 hours ago

    He's human and all human beings makes mistakes damn it. Benji already forgave him so people need to move the fuck on.

  37. Katya Natalia

    Katya Natalia20 hours ago

    Do not worry everything will be fine jorge and everything will improve I love you:'3

  38. Kloi Milliken

    Kloi Milliken20 hours ago

    this is so sad :(

  39. Twilight_Tai

    Twilight_Tai21 hour ago

    I’m so sorry this had happened to you

  40. liv and soph are awesome

    liv and soph are awesome21 hour ago

    i dont want to hate on him, but it jst seems like he wants to get back to tiktok... Not hating.

  41. -FLO-

    -FLO-21 hour ago

    A while before y’all accused him of everything and now that he come back and make an apology video suddenly everyone is like « omg this cancel culture is so toxic » like wtf

  42. Bruno Toledo

    Bruno Toledo21 hour ago

    I wont believe anything about the part that tried to tell everyone it was fake to silence a minor, the only reason theyre doing this is bc they got catched, yall forget things so fast

  43. creepy camp

    creepy camp22 hours ago

    yall switched up HELLA fast i ain’t forget

  44. 지루한지루한

    지루한지루한22 hours ago

    yall he seems genuinely sorry just forgive and forget

  45. Bean Bean18

    Bean Bean1822 hours ago

    Came into this video just to dislike but ended up liking bc he seems so sincere

  46. .

    .23 hours ago

    you know what, i actually totally forgive jorge. i think he’s handled this well, maybe not as well as he could but he now knows that. him and benji have dealt with this well and i’m glad they’re getting better each day

  47. Molly Evans

    Molly Evans23 hours ago

    Good on you for speaking your side 👍

  48. Ava Garza

    Ava Garza23 hours ago

    Im sorry , but i dont forgive you.

  49. Kylie carpenter

    Kylie carpenterDay ago

    I am actually sad 😔

  50. TheSassyUnixorn

    TheSassyUnixornDay ago

    Is this comment section moderated

  51. mariamxo

    mariamxoDay ago

    why is this on my recommendations now, it hurts man

  52. isabel

    isabelDay ago

    i honestly admire this so much, it takes courage to address a scandal like this with such genuine maturity when his life has been ruined for it; he’s not perfect but he never deserved the hatred he received before ever explaining his side and i value the fact that he took his time so that everything can be addressed with the insight displayed here♥️

  53. Lara Hoinka

    Lara HoinkaDay ago

    I don’t understand why ppl unlike this everybody make mistakes and he is a apologizing and as u can see he is very sad abt it and I think it cost him a lot of confidence and strength to post that.

  54. flavi

    flaviDay ago

    it's okay baby we understand everything correctly, please try to rest and take care of you I'm proud of you i love uuuuuuuuuu sm jeyjey♥️

  55. xdvcngvyen

    xdvcngvyenDay ago


  56. Chelsea :0

    Chelsea :0Day ago

    I’m not saying what he did was right it’s just that he looks so worried and you can kinda tell that he’s sorry

  57. awkward person

    awkward personDay ago

    Well I'm happy I got both sides of the story

  58. duygu sena

    duygu senaDay ago

    jey jeey don't be sad.. we're all rooting for you, i hope you'll come back even better. [luv u :3]

  59. Maax

    MaaxDay ago

    Bueno esto es demasiado triste

  60. Sxmply_ Boba

    Sxmply_ BobaDay ago

    To all the ppl saying that it took him “too long” to post about it, you don’t know what he was going through and his mental health was probably bad. He could have addressed the situation quicker but, it wouldn’t be this good. (as in good I mean detailed and long, ACTUALLY talking about everything.) and like he said in the beginning of the video he had a script. His script might have been long you can’t assume. And honestly, how would you feel in his shoes? Everyone accusing you of being a child g400mer? Yeah. It would be hard I know you might be saying “I would just address it right away.” But think about it, being accused of being a child g400mer, being in a bad mental state, taking time to write a SCRIPT to make sure you are being as real as possible, and breaking up with your boyfriend. Yeah they might have broken up on good terms but still. It might have been hard for even BENJI. Thank you for reading.

  61. Enoluxh

    EnoluxhDay ago


  62. Sriya Jasmine Thiagarajan

    Sriya Jasmine ThiagarajanDay ago

    Thank you for addressing the situation hope you get better soon! <3

  63. PrincessPark 28

    PrincessPark 28Day ago

    To be honest, I don’t know who this guy is, or the other guy, but can someone explain this to me? I was searching stuff about fanfic and this came up, so I’m confused and this is the only side of the story I have heard, and I dni’t know who was cancelled and for what and whether it was true or not. Thanks!

  64. hdzhrszgn

    hdzhrszgnDay ago

    I think we should move one. Everything is clear , we know the story and what happened. So it’s pointless to bring everything up again and again. Every single human and younger people make mistakes and that’s alright unless you learn from what you’ve done. I hope we can empathise sometimes and make a step back so people don’t feel pressured for some mistakes they’ve done and make their life worse. I’m really happy for him and getting better from all of this. Let’s not judge, we don’t have to like or watch someone but at least respect people’s lives and how it will turn from now on. ))

  65. Tiffney lol

    Tiffney lolDay ago

    let’s remember that we can’t forgive his apology, only benji can and he has.

  66. — lilliana m

    — lilliana mDay ago

    this breaks my heart :( stop saying it took him so long to address this - he needed to heal.

  67. Curlyhead _kam

    Curlyhead _kamDay ago

    It’s sad because they truly loved each other but jeyjey also did something’s throughout the relationship. I believe he grew from that tho. It was the person wrong time type of thing.

  68. Chisito Supremo.

    Chisito Supremo.Day ago

    Fiesta Salsa😰😰🕴️🕴️🕴️🤝😍🙄🏌️🎂🕰️😠😳😳🙈☠️🪰🏌️

  69. Fadumo Gira

    Fadumo GiraDay ago

    Wtf is wrong with people like if they broke up stop saying SHIP or why did u break up. U also need to stop hating on him we all make mistakes. Just because he is a popular tiktoker doesn’t mean he’s perfect, humans have feelings too.

  70. Lee Schnake

    Lee SchnakeDay ago

    i feel so bad for them man. they didn’t deserve this.

  71. x ghost x x girl x

    x ghost x x girl xDay ago

    omg he changed the thumbnail of the video

  72. Isabella Davies-Cid

    Isabella Davies-CidDay ago

    So.. who do I blame..

  73. Kevin Tomlinson

    Kevin TomlinsonDay ago

    Thank you for addressing this jj🥺

  74. Kaleb Tyer

    Kaleb TyerDay ago

    It broke me when he said “i will forever regret hurting benji” you can tell he still loves him with his whole heart and that this breakup is hard for him

  75. Ana T

    Ana TDay ago

    Its ok jeyjey

  76. Awa De manzana

    Awa De manzanaDay ago

    Nadie es perfecto, todos cometemos errores y tenemos que aprender de esos errores para no causar más grandes los problemas pequeños

  77. Aliya Hromek

    Aliya HromekDay ago

    i can feel his anxiety and sadness through the screen. everyone takes their own time to heal <3 cancel culture needs to calm down and stop amusing shit seriously

  78. Sofi Cifuvilla

    Sofi CifuvillaDay ago

    Yall switch up so fast, stop making this people famous, sto canceling everyone for breathing, just fucking stop

  79. 93 Shayla Amara

    93 Shayla AmaraDay ago

    im so sorry :(

  80. Keita N

    Keita NDay ago

    I don’t know how to feel about this but I really wanna give him the benefit of the doubt