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  1. Genz Naruto Kid

    Genz Naruto KidHour ago

    No cap I’m nine

  2. Genz Naruto Kid

    Genz Naruto KidHour ago

    What Mortal Kombat comes on my birthday

  3. Dezz JaXoN

    Dezz JaXoNHour ago

    Can't say she's a mutant yet. We'd have to know how witches get their power. Are they born with it, born with the capability, or do they learn it? We'd need to know this before we conclude she's a mutant

  4. Ryan Richmond

    Ryan RichmondHour ago

    Has anyone noticed that Wanda keeps saying “Stop it” while they are cutting Vision apart? She says it the same way Mrs Heart keeps saying it in episode 1

  5. Willy Weasel -

    Willy Weasel -Hour ago

    Hoped u enjoyed our movie


    PRĆÄP SÄRDÄRHour ago

    Please ask me movie name

  7. 2021 Trooper

    2021 TrooperHour ago

    I had the weirdest dream where I dreamt the trailer for the last episode. Basically some rogue sword agents sent in the mutants to kill Wanda but Agatha gets her hands on the mutants and now they work for her. Reed Richards is Monica’s Ex-boyfriend. Dr strange shows up and he fights Agatha, Wanda and her family parody a power rangers fight from the 2000s show. The human torch and Spider-Man are in the finale shot for some reason. The name of the episode was “we’ll be right back after these messages” I assume because Wanda’s home is basically compromised and she’s cut the show entirely

  8. Luke Barber

    Luke BarberHour ago

    What I think would be perfect is if they used flashpoint to soft reboot some characters and finally make a perfect batman. Snyders batman was the closest but he was still very far away, I dont know whats so hard about making a perfect batman, every single film always breaks his no kill rule or they miss out on crucial components of the character. Although I want to see what snyders overall plan was, I do want to see a proper justice league with a proper batman and his batfamily. However ezra will still be the flash, I dont have an issue with the guy, hes just nothing like the flash. WB have one chance to perfect the dceu and I really hope they know what they are doing cause by the sound of it, there are many issues with some of the plans and films and they keep race changing characters. If they dont make the dceu perfect, dc is completely finished pretty much, anything less than perfection just isnt good enough, especially with how iconic those characters are. Personally I think they should reboot the entire thing and make a perfect cinematic universe with extremely comic accurate characters

  9. BATMAN Editz

    BATMAN Editz2 hours ago

    Please react to the new Godzilla vs kong Chinese trailer

  10. LNS_CTDi

    LNS_CTDi2 hours ago

    Joe Pesci Mephisto needs to happen. 😂 😂

  11. Myles Dorsey

    Myles Dorsey3 hours ago

    You guys probably didn’t notice but for Batman’s there’s a grave that says Grayson talking about how robin is dead in that universe

  12. cablecow15

    cablecow153 hours ago

    If they are making her magical from the beginning.... it makes even less sense seeing as she has no training or lessons , the mindztone makes sense ..... this I dont like

  13. Tony Evans

    Tony Evans3 hours ago

    Pitch meetings are keeping screen rant on life support

  14. cablecow15

    cablecow153 hours ago

    Wiccan has the regular blue magic power

  15. Dr. Atom

    Dr. Atom3 hours ago

    I'm basically over with any DC cinematic project after the snydercut, and I'm a longtime DC fan (the suicide squad looks promising tho)

  16. Shajid Ahmed

    Shajid Ahmed3 hours ago

    Please react to chienese trailer..of godzilla vs kong

  17. OMG! Its Karen!!!

    OMG! Its Karen!!!4 hours ago

    Cavil and Gadot are 2 of the very few things DCU got right and to a lesser degree Mamoa and Levi. MCU gets casting after casting right, weave stories over 23+ movies and paying off moments today that happened 12 years ago etc and DCU can barely get anything right not directed by Nolan. Gender/race bending popular Legacy characters is just LAZY. If fine with bending a "dead" character, but not and established LEGEND like Superman. Cmon.. DOnt even get me started how WB/DCU has popular characters tied up seperate from the DCU catering to teen drama and having 2 or more of the same character. How many flashes do you need? Pick one and stick with one ffs dcu!

  18. acidnova

    acidnova4 hours ago

    "I hate WandaVision" No, no you don't :)

  19. Truth

    Truth4 hours ago

    Erik Voss is like the English teacher of nerds😅


    SHA WRECK4 hours ago

    Iam done with DC after Zack Snyder's justice league,if they didn't restore the snyder verse.

  21. JungleHunter11

    JungleHunter115 hours ago

    Cavill IS Superman PERIOD

  22. JB_games

    JB_games5 hours ago

    When the ostrich scratched cage's face it was the ostriches worst decision in its robotic life. Edit: Did anyone realise that the killer employees are wearing something related to every robot?

  23. Liyah Pemberton

    Liyah Pemberton5 hours ago

    The “I wAnT yOu” really hit hard 😖

  24. The Wild Dice

    The Wild Dice5 hours ago

    Sadness... The original video is privated.😔

  25. eldiego68

    eldiego685 hours ago

    I’m sorry MK fans but this doesn’t seem right without Johnny Cage

  26. Mars Ailee

    Mars Ailee5 hours ago

    Vision is always worthy.

  27. MovieFeed Hindi

    MovieFeed Hindi5 hours ago

    The most Beautiful thing about this teaser is SIX GODS are Protecting SIX sides of mother box😍😍!!

  28. Piro

    Piro6 hours ago

    dumbest idea ever / stunning and brave. Hollywood srsly is running out of ideas...

  29. Rumuel Nathanael

    Rumuel Nathanael6 hours ago

    He said in an interview with 3C that he already have the whole sequel plot in his head and I hope we get to see that in the form of a movie too!


    LIGHT BEAR6 hours ago

    This movie was HORRIBLE you know because of all the awards


    JJ JOSIAH6 hours ago

    My one question is how did they dismantle vision if hes made out of vibranium. Or are just some parts vibranium

  32. BATMAN Editz

    BATMAN Editz6 hours ago

    I love the reactions on Ur anime I've Just Checked out🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. Bizzy Brown

    Bizzy Brown6 hours ago

    Lmao guys are making reaction videos to other content creators’ content ., tying the USlikesVerse together . USlikesVerse of Madness

  34. nini

    nini6 hours ago

    Onward is pixar's most underrated animation and its incredible imo

  35. UselessNutt

    UselessNutt6 hours ago

    The fact you guys didn’t catch the “Boom! You looking for this joke” 😔

  36. boomchiki

    boomchiki7 hours ago

    I hope we get to see gorr killing the greek gods xD

  37. Ten Sixteen Seventeen Designs.

    Ten Sixteen Seventeen Designs.7 hours ago

    you got watch the inside marvel episodes to see your custom shout out, they are at the bottom of the screen.

  38. Fairy Princess

    Fairy Princess7 hours ago

    I drink Snapple tea just like Nic drinks his Pop XD (I'm not even joking, snapple tea basically is all I drink)

  39. JaDereon Starr

    JaDereon Starr7 hours ago

    This is bullshit!, How do you have a perfect Superman and neglect TF outta him then try to kick him out?!! I'm all for the DCEU multiverse and Val Zod/Calvin Harris Superman but If Henry Cavill Superman is out, FUCK DC and WB, I want MOS2... 👏🏾👌🏾👏🏾✊🏾

  40. RocLobster

    RocLobster7 hours ago

    It's very easy to see why some wrestlers get hooked on pills. Wrestle for too long and at some point they'd need them to function cuz that destroys bodies

  41. Davy Jones

    Davy Jones7 hours ago

    Disney : Remaking unnecessary movies. WB : Rebooting necessary movies. They have their traits.

  42. F34RDSoldier805

    F34RDSoldier8058 hours ago

    That party coming back in the story and the Warrior being a big part of Shadowlands was so fucking good. Didn't even realize it was them until i saw the cinematic again.

  43. John Alnair L. Gensola

    John Alnair L. Gensola8 hours ago

    Nicholas Cage aka The Janitor should be in Mortal Kombat

  44. Mike Mike

    Mike Mike9 hours ago

    Well spiderman because its from that comic lol

  45. Gayle Cheung

    Gayle Cheung9 hours ago

    WTF, Absolutely misleading title away in knowing nothing about this movie other than Dakota is in it... I don’t know how to write this movie disturbing long sick I thought he died so many times - How can you review a movie you haven’t even fully seen you just wash the fucking trailer worst worst review ever

  46. Mind Strong Motivation

    Mind Strong Motivation9 hours ago

    Ok I may be reaching but when I close my eyes and listen to Hayward’s voice and line about not everyone can bring their soulmate back online, his voice sounds like the voice of Ultron/James Spader. Listen again and tell me what you think.

  47. Abhinav Baruah

    Abhinav Baruah9 hours ago

    🖕Jim Jam Abrams!

  48. Ace Hasegawa

    Ace Hasegawa9 hours ago

    I love authentic interviews like this where you really get to pick the director's brain and get a chance to receive a deeper understanding of the movie. I swear near the end when he started talking about five nights of Freddy and he started the sentence with ‟we live in a society‟ my soul dropped 😅

  49. Mr. Krispy

    Mr. Krispy9 hours ago

    as an aspiring filmmaker myself, it’s nice to see y’all grow and get closer to your goals, interviewing directors and shit, it’s inspiring, keep up the good work yall!

  50. SuperMichael 98

    SuperMichael 989 hours ago

    They kind of did, it’s called The Patriot.

  51. Matt Ragusa

    Matt Ragusa9 hours ago


  52. Georgy Jacob

    Georgy Jacob10 hours ago

    Since we all saw Vision breaking apart outside Westview, it's certain that Vibranium is no longer considered the strongest metal.

  53. Brian Dane

    Brian Dane10 hours ago

    Would love to see you react to CinemaWins channel. Especially the MCU and DCEU ones he does!

  54. Michael Benn

    Michael Benn10 hours ago

    It's the DCECU!! When do they ever conclude anything?🤔 It's the reason they'll never catch Marvel..

  55. Mars Ailee

    Mars Ailee10 hours ago

    Dopest name drop in MCU history... "The Scarlet Witch"

  56. mercurywoodrose

    mercurywoodrose10 hours ago

    i still wonder who the commercial actors are. i feel they are important, and we have been misdirected about them. she looks very creepy and looks like she knows she is in a commercial. he looks like gomez addams. i have no idea. nightmare and mephisto? yeah, the scarlet witch reveal has shades of eastern european folklore, lycanthropy, witches, fairy tales. so she is a god. and the white vision is a vibranium sentient weapon with no soul. agatha is not a good person, but not fully evil. and she may need wanda on her side in the final battle, she did sort of wake her up.

  57. Alberto

    Alberto10 hours ago

    Heard that it’s cause Henry was asking more cash that even Tom cruise. Don’t know if it’s true or not

  58. Francisco Macias

    Francisco Macias10 hours ago

    Magneito will show up in the finale to destroy white vision

  59. JayrLISONDRA I M A G E R Y

    JayrLISONDRA I M A G E R Y10 hours ago

    Honestly, I'm fine now that we got the ZSJL. I don't care anymore if WB will not continue. At least we have the zacks trilogy. Looking forward to more zacks future projects outside DC.

  60. AnniBananni

    AnniBananni10 hours ago

    Guys, this was an awesome video, I loved the movie, Kevin Lewis seemed wicked awesome

  61. It's JONATHAN

    It's JONATHAN10 hours ago

    Can you please react on one of the top rap songs of Bhutan "MISSED ME" BY CHOGO Kunzang Chogyal

  62. EditDeath

    EditDeath10 hours ago

    The symbol on the door could also be Yggdrasil, the Norse world tree made up of nine realms, one of which is the home of the ice giants.