Dogs are love. Dogs are life. Welcome to the Super Cooper channel, which is dedicated to documenting all the funny moments, fails, and good times we spend with our two beautiful dogs, Cooper and Koda.

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  1. Baby Bre Jacobsen

    Baby Bre Jacobsen3 hours ago

    For Super cooper you should do a day in a life


    JASON NJOO3 hours ago

    Super Cooper Channel

  3. allisonharranmua *

    allisonharranmua *3 hours ago

    Dog: holy shit this is the best thing ever! Cat: i did not approve this change to my quarters humans, you will pay for this

  4. Tony Dearmon

    Tony Dearmon3 hours ago

    try to do her wrost sound thunder

  5. Pauline Rose Esteban

    Pauline Rose Esteban3 hours ago

    1:20 the black cat is also curious I guess it wants to play with the ball too

  6. StellarFoxie

    StellarFoxie4 hours ago

    Cooper was like “dad tell her I’m right here!”

  7. Jacob Adobe

    Jacob Adobe4 hours ago

    You guys should do I vid when you only pay attention to one dog for a day

  8. neslihan holland

    neslihan holland4 hours ago

    Bella : * falls of the box * me : * crys *

  9. david18861886

    david188618864 hours ago

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  10. Wes Disbro

    Wes Disbro4 hours ago

    I’ve been here since day one man. You guys formed my childhood and I couldn’t be more appreciative. Thank you

  11. manish agnani

    manish agnani4 hours ago

    Thanks for the heads up. I will never have rocks in my house

  12. KillerWolfPies

    KillerWolfPies5 hours ago

    I love koda he so fluffy

  13. maxine faulkner

    maxine faulkner5 hours ago

    Every episode cooper gets a toy 🤣

  14. maxine faulkner

    maxine faulkner5 hours ago

    Koda:must get all waterrrr

  15. Wayne Wayne

    Wayne Wayne5 hours ago

    The rock thing is just fucking stupid.

  16. Rain Yatsu

    Rain Yatsu5 hours ago

    Oh yes, rich people flaunting off that they can do whatever they want all the time

  17. K J

    K J5 hours ago

    I haven't watched cooper in a long time and I'm so happy he's big and strong and happy now

  18. Water Boy

    Water Boy6 hours ago

    worst clickbait ever

  19. LampDoesVideogame

    LampDoesVideogame7 hours ago

    So the upper middle class spends its time... Cleaning the rocks that go behind their stairs? 😂

  20. Lova Waterlord

    Lova Waterlord7 hours ago

    Bella was like: Um.. no

  21. D BG

    D BG8 hours ago

    Your welcome.thanks

  22. OGKrushz

    OGKrushz8 hours ago

    What music does he use for Koda

  23. TDC flyer

    TDC flyer8 hours ago

    Koda: Meh, well of you insist... Cooper: Ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy!!!!! Cat: WTF, strange stuff? That's so not cool...

  24. Seabass P

    Seabass P9 hours ago

    Wow, that doh really really freaked out...... twat...

  25. Brandon Andirude

    Brandon Andirude9 hours ago

    LoL Cooper you are the best

  26. John Kristian Aasen

    John Kristian Aasen9 hours ago

    dat sniffer always makes me happy. <3 Koda

  27. Good Fortune

    Good Fortune10 hours ago

    That is one happy doggie lol

  28. Eagles_Eye

    Eagles_Eye10 hours ago

    Not the weirdest dog. The goodest doggo

  29. Jaime Denio

    Jaime Denio11 hours ago


  30. Jaime Denio

    Jaime Denio11 hours ago


  31. Ella Downing

    Ella Downing11 hours ago

    That is so cute

  32. Camilla Pedersen

    Camilla Pedersen11 hours ago

    My dog didn’t give a shit that I was calling her name, she just kept sleeping.

  33. Zaphods2ndhead

    Zaphods2ndhead11 hours ago

    A Golden being a Golden! Love it.

  34. Jordzeeboi

    Jordzeeboi11 hours ago

    First bath

  35. Umai Kalmisir

    Umai Kalmisir11 hours ago

    Rocks in that bimbos head, hard work is putting up with these dumbos

  36. Who Me

    Who Me12 hours ago

    Awwww those Koda cuddles looked nice!! :)

  37. neo217041

    neo21704112 hours ago

    Dog number 2: the democrats that keep voting Democrat because they keep falling for the same politrickcians.

  38. Jocelyn Cales

    Jocelyn Cales12 hours ago

    I did that to my cat

  39. Yarely Rivera

    Yarely Rivera12 hours ago

    I love how Koda jumps on couch to get close to Chelsea

  40. JLJLJL 06

    JLJLJL 0613 hours ago

    Ofc she likes the egg plant 😂

  41. James Taylor

    James Taylor14 hours ago

    that's so cool , im cryin with laughter

  42. nikkidash

    nikkidash14 hours ago

    I only watched to see if the thumbnail matched. Nope.

  43. 288theabe

    288theabe14 hours ago

    Cat’s like, “these humans and dogs are idiots...”

  44. Charisse Villar

    Charisse Villar14 hours ago

    I almost got blind by staring at the sun

  45. Erin Murphy

    Erin Murphy14 hours ago

    Koda seems so much happier now yay!

  46. Lion koo

    Lion koo14 hours ago

    Watching this makes me cry. My dog just died today.

  47. Amanda Jefferson

    Amanda Jefferson15 hours ago

    Bella was like, yeah no.

  48. Darth Orion

    Darth Orion15 hours ago

    no cap koda looked like he wanted to go on the couch for years look at him smiling Have you seen koda smile simply from hearing his name

  49. Vinay m

    Vinay m15 hours ago

    Koda is the biggest baby alive ❤️

  50. Max Power

    Max Power15 hours ago

    1:46 cutest dog ever Koda is the best

  51. Kuyinto B

    Kuyinto B16 hours ago

    Koda-Bear just gives me life.

  52. ashutosh parija

    ashutosh parija18 hours ago

    Cats will be cats.

  53. Carol Tricarico

    Carol Tricarico18 hours ago

    Koda is so goofy! Fun video.

  54. Sienna Hassy

    Sienna Hassy18 hours ago

    How cute!!

  55. JagoFettNZ

    JagoFettNZ19 hours ago

    LOLOLOLOLOL 👏👏👏☝️👍God look after this bunch please!! 🙂❤

  56. Zethan Yeo

    Zethan Yeo20 hours ago

    Is think his sick because he drinks water out of the water

  57. Ron Simons

    Ron Simons20 hours ago

    Nice gadget for your pets, but my dogs get a very large bowel of ice water changed twice a day. Gotta clean the feeding area twice a day anyhow, so might as well fell the bowel. Very cute dogs btw.

  58. Amara Gumede

    Amara Gumede20 hours ago

    I think Bella used to love both of them when she was a kitten, but when she started loving Trev, and started to understand their relationship, she got major jealousy

  59. Argentlite lo

    Argentlite lo20 hours ago

    I wanted to see the thumbnail, but I can settle for this.

  60. Ed

    Ed20 hours ago

    Sad and pathetic really... you should be fined by the spca.

  61. Double E

    Double E20 hours ago

    My friend has a kitten named roca and it looks like bellA

  62. Fatima Hussain

    Fatima Hussain21 hour ago

    The cat didn't care

  63. batsonelec C

    batsonelec C21 hour ago

    they both looked right into the camera the whole time, they know the deal. Also, Bella, she didn't give a crap about you, she never does. Dumb cats.

  64. Mark Scott

    Mark Scott21 hour ago

    1:32 Chelsea's laugh is really cute

  65. pickle boy

    pickle boy22 hours ago

    Koda looks so funny when his head is between the pillows

  66. Double E

    Double E22 hours ago

    I love your dogs

  67. Double E

    Double E22 hours ago

    I love your vids keep. It up follow your dreams never give up you can b anything you want to b

  68. LongJourneys

    LongJourneys22 hours ago

    Koda's tail is like a shark fin behind the couch.

  69. Jewish Banker

    Jewish BankerDay ago

    i had one for my rabbits and they just chew the cable

  70. Mr123asianguy

    Mr123asianguyDay ago


  71. Paige Gartland

    Paige GartlandDay ago

    Bella said “no peasant”

  72. charlotte duncan

    charlotte duncanDay ago

    and he is just a big baby

  73. Chaka Turner

    Chaka TurnerDay ago

    Bella is just like... Whatever and Coop is like yall I'm right here, Koda I don't even know, Coop, Koda, Bella they are all so cute

  74. charlotte duncan

    charlotte duncanDay ago

    1:13 Trev: He's just a big baby

  75. gibu002

    gibu002Day ago

    Moral of the story....... Dogs are cool, don't even bother with cats. lol

  76. Brandon Redmond

    Brandon RedmondDay ago

    Poor Coop! Once it's over he will never be the same.


    RPRIMICIDay ago

    Dog's trying to be an alpha-human I guess.

  78. Ronald Lai

    Ronald LaiDay ago


  79. JJ Dillon

    JJ DillonDay ago

    Who do you have those rocks?

  80. Anastasia 1023

    Anastasia 1023Day ago

    That stair area is really cool! What's the purpose of the rocks below them?