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  1. Sky Chappell

    Sky ChappellHour ago

    You could order a egg and cheese of anything you ordered 馃槀

  2. ShadowCat11

    ShadowCat11Hour ago

    The imminent aquarius generically realise because switch pertinently knock to a ripe van. light, godly precipitation

  3. Isbae Puppy

    Isbae PuppyHour ago

    Yooo she killed me when she said 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna go bleed 馃└ all over my bed 馃泴 now 馃槀馃槶

  4. Charlie

    CharlieHour ago

    I got one of those recorders at the dollar store and this will make no sense but I threw it at my brother and it broke my brother is fine

  5. vackella

    vackellaHour ago

    this chick is funny!!!

  6. Rachele Catuzzato

    Rachele CatuzzatoHour ago

    I would like to say that I didn't look at her cats fighting for the whole video but that would be a lie

  7. castleportal

    castleportal2 hours ago

    Like your ear rings.

  8. Tahseen Malik

    Tahseen Malik2 hours ago

    Is she even driving?

  9. James Reale

    James Reale2 hours ago

    Does she have drive license 16 years old ??

  10. I hate u Want

    I hate u Want2 hours ago

    10 million soooon bestiee 馃ぉ馃ぉ

  11. ada

    ada2 hours ago

    u make me feel so comfortable idk how to explain it but i feel so relaxed and happy watching ur videos

  12. pam 28

    pam 282 hours ago

    Emma after everything that came out against James, please unfollow him and delete this video

  13. blaster 9

    blaster 92 hours ago

    on the 7th of March Emma will hit 10mil my prediction

  14. nysha

    nysha2 hours ago

    hi em

  15. Cat Ka

    Cat Ka3 hours ago

    Did this in august in Berlin. Was super fun. Gets you were you need to go

  16. Joshua Geschwandtner

    Joshua Geschwandtner3 hours ago

    You have the best sense of humour 馃槀馃憣馃徎

  17. Bobateaxo Offical

    Bobateaxo Offical3 hours ago

    This is sad everyone talks about u ur just a normal teen doing ur vids all they do is go in ur way and start talking crap at u I鈥檓 not a hater I鈥檓 like ur biggest fan emma if anyone talks about u and says somthing and talks shit talk back emma bc Ik u can do this with all ur strength

  18. it鈥檚 me Vegard biggest fan

    it鈥檚 me Vegard biggest fan3 hours ago

    I wonder why Emma puts that #4058

  19. Greysen Edwards

    Greysen Edwards3 hours ago

    yo when she said what up bitch in the parking lot i thought of lazer crawford

  20. Phoebe Street

    Phoebe Street3 hours ago

    omg pls do i give away i am broke and i am a coffee drinker pls pls pls pls pls pls p l s

  21. su

    su4 hours ago

    I actually relate to u on a spiritual level

  22. Ldm waleed

    Ldm waleed4 hours ago

    Emma: I care about people so much that I cry about it, it鈥檚 so weird Me: girl it鈥檚 not just some people find it weird and I know how that feels


    TRUE CRIME WITH ME4 hours ago

    And now im craving fast food馃槶

  24. Maliha Qazi

    Maliha Qazi4 hours ago

    House Tour?!

  25. It鈥檚 Iona Here

    It鈥檚 Iona Here4 hours ago

    This was a year ago??!

  26. xJorjaaa

    xJorjaaa5 hours ago

    at 8:53 are we not gonna talk about the cat


    DOM CALVITTO5 hours ago

    That's Hysterical when i Book a Hotel at Hilton Honors it's the Same Exact Elevator Music..

  28. Lynn Sawaf

    Lynn Sawaf5 hours ago

    I want her to remake this

  29. good June

    good June5 hours ago

    馃挄 Youngwo.men

  30. 诪注讬讬谉 拽驻专讗

    诪注讬讬谉 拽驻专讗5 hours ago

    i dont like your cloths, i like you dont care what other people think

  31. Vane Soto

    Vane Soto5 hours ago


  32. azreen wan

    azreen wan5 hours ago

    The classy wolf intraperitonally scrape because taxicab presently stretch of a expensive marimba. adhesive, truthful libra

  33. Julia Connery

    Julia Connery5 hours ago

    You should鈥檝e gone to Starbucks :,(

  34. moon_ child

    moon_ child5 hours ago


  35. azreen wan

    azreen wan6 hours ago

    The concerned park coincidingly escape because eggnog regularly fax plus a outgoing attraction. boring, judicious conga

  36. Koda

    Koda6 hours ago

    I love mcdonalds breakfast but hate their lunch menu.

  37. Isabella

    Isabella6 hours ago

    *Me sitting in my bed with my heating pad all sorts of hair treatment oils in my hair and a trashbag over it to protect my pillows on my 342nd day of quarantine* Emma: go shower

  38. Keara Ellis-Betts

    Keara Ellis-Betts6 hours ago

    15:09 I had literal war flashbacks. When I was a kid (probably 8 or 9) my mum had that exact same chicken bag and I was so embarrassed every time she used it and honestly idk why. It ripped and I remember her being really sad about it and she hasn鈥檛 found another one since. 馃ゲ

  39. Sara

    Sara6 hours ago

    Count how many times Emma said fucking in this video馃槶

  40. Isabella Marie

    Isabella Marie6 hours ago

    Everyone hates colored skinny jeans right now so I think I need to wear them

  41. nylahw

    nylahw6 hours ago

    the reason it got crusty and infected is probably because they used a ring for a fresh piercing ( if ur thinking of getting a nose piercing good piercing places won鈥檛 OFFER a ring. u will get a stud)

  42. Shuetyee L.

    Shuetyee L.6 hours ago

    WAIT, her voice started to change right after she's 17

  43. Brandon fandoe

    Brandon fandoe6 hours ago

    really love that drum break馃挄

  44. 转诪专

    转诪专7 hours ago

    Whoever is here on 2021 is a legend

  45. 转诪专

    转诪专7 hours ago

    Whoever is here on 2020 is a fucking legend

  46. 转诪专

    转诪专7 hours ago

    2020 babies over here

  47. 转诪专

    转诪专7 hours ago

    Where are the 2020 legends?

  48. Andi Emery

    Andi Emery7 hours ago

    Hahahaha your moms reaction. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  49. yozaleen shabeera

    yozaleen shabeera7 hours ago

    my biggest flex is that i have the same blender as emma chamberlain

  50. Logan Rempe

    Logan Rempe7 hours ago

    Hm. Pretty boring.

  51. l茅a et jack

    l茅a et jack8 hours ago

    Apple caramel cheese with peanut butter sauce would be just amazayn like wooowww you gotta try this Emma 鉂わ笍馃槶馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ

  52. Cezara 葰ubucanu

    Cezara 葰ubucanu8 hours ago

    Idk but red and yellow together makes me think of McDonald鈥檚

  53. 銉銈典互ANG3L

    銉銈典互ANG3L8 hours ago


  54. Roger C

    Roger C8 hours ago

    The spotty digestion echographically phone because boy reciprocally hand besides a big plane. racial, political paul

  55. U Lys

    U Lys8 hours ago

    I thought she was vegetarian, she just ate bacon on the sandwiches you can see the bacon has been ate.

  56. x aesthetic x

    x aesthetic x8 hours ago

    You鈥檙e vegetarian BUT you can eat cheese? 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  57. Rhianne Chua

    Rhianne Chua8 hours ago

    is it just me or do I just love her sense of humor?

  58. Gavin Stebbins

    Gavin Stebbins8 hours ago

    the fact that emma used to wear Pacsun in all her vids (ootd) and now she is like a brand ambassador is amazing.

  59. Sophia Rosadiuk

    Sophia Rosadiuk8 hours ago

    Omg, I grease my pans like that. It is sooo much easier to do it like that

  60. Nina Cruye

    Nina Cruye8 hours ago

    Love you too Emma! Always amazing laughs while I鈥檓 watching your videos 馃


    MORGAN SIMONE8 hours ago

    no one: Emma: .. they cracked a muhhfckin egg!

  62. gabriella morali

    gabriella morali8 hours ago

    i always get distracted by her cats in the back馃槱

  63. carminaa

    carminaa9 hours ago

    i literally love you. i hope u see this <3

  64. SaraKBeauty

    SaraKBeauty9 hours ago

    Was that ErikTheElectric reference in the beginning? 馃ぃ鉂わ笍

  65. alex dragun

    alex dragun9 hours ago


  66. chloe thompson

    chloe thompson9 hours ago

    i did NOT just get an emma chamberlain ad for an emma chamberlain video omg

  67. Elizabeth Song

    Elizabeth Song9 hours ago

    She鈥檚 so pretty holy shit

  68. Milla Obryant

    Milla Obryant9 hours ago

    ok lol

  69. Munti N

    Munti N9 hours ago

    this was a good year lmao

  70. Ximena P

    Ximena P9 hours ago

    Am I the only one that puts my phone on my forehead when she kisses the camera?

  71. Olivia Lauren

    Olivia Lauren9 hours ago

    Your so pretty I love u I watch u all the time and I know people say your ugly but your not I love u I love blond Emma and brown haired Emma and just know that a lot of people love u 馃槝 鉂わ笍馃ズ馃挅

  72. sophia Dainty

    sophia Dainty9 hours ago

    EMMA the micgridal thing when you showed the dottome it had a part of beacon!!!!and it had a bit out of it

  73. Layla Hardy

    Layla Hardy9 hours ago

    pov ur here from ranboo's stream

  74. Annelle Lansangan

    Annelle Lansangan9 hours ago

    Yes we are dating hahahah

  75. Zuri Brownie

    Zuri Brownie9 hours ago

    I would be honored to eat your cheese board bro

  76. Holy Tide

    Holy Tide9 hours ago

    you look mad cute tho no cap

  77. N Stnd4nbdy

    N Stnd4nbdy9 hours ago


  78. zoe dancer

    zoe dancer9 hours ago

    legit, gas, that how i know its coming

  79. ceci strawberry

    ceci strawberry9 hours ago

    guess what? the ad before this video was a pacsun vid w emma in it

  80. april h

    april h9 hours ago

    i had an Emma ad before this!