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  1. Blaise Garcia

    Blaise Garcia12 minutes ago

    Can you please add Minecraft to the quest

  2. AlexE 20102

    AlexE 201022 hours ago

    Please facebook PlEAsE reove id check]

  3. Randy Vines

    Randy Vines2 hours ago

    anyone else just want to have a few pints with the boys on VR chat during lockdown?

  4. Randy Vines

    Randy Vines2 hours ago

    has anyone done this and can confirm the quest 2 works like this or is it just another perfectly designed advert?

  5. Leo Brown

    Leo Brown3 hours ago

    Absolute shite. Looks nothing like that and the app is horrific.

  6. PabXD

    PabXD3 hours ago

    It would be good if people got to use the quest 2.....

  7. Ren 89

    Ren 893 hours ago

    "The Oculus Quest 2 - Do all your work while forcibly tied to a Facebook account, so we can steal even more data about your private life"

  8. W18SHY

    W18SHY4 hours ago

    This feels like a zoom call😰

  9. Roblox Guy

    Roblox Guy4 hours ago


  10. Mineplayerminer SK

    Mineplayerminer SK4 hours ago

    So, If I want to give it to my child, I have to create them a Facebook account with fake birthday, right? Facebook is awful! I cant wait for bypasses!

  11. MrWonka191

    MrWonka1914 hours ago

    So presumably.... This won't work on other headsets?

  12. 111

    1114 hours ago


  13. Elkdog

    Elkdog6 hours ago

    I wonder if there'll be any differences in the puzzles. I am definitely interested in playing this, but I feel like if the puzzles are the same It'll all come back to me and will be too easy.

  14. Gary Redfield

    Gary Redfield8 hours ago

    I know this is the first medal of honor we get in years... I know you are scared but let me be clear with all of you... Im scared too

  15. Jim Talbot

    Jim Talbot8 hours ago

    Tell me, how exactly did you start up the oculus?

  16. Nicholas Yu

    Nicholas Yu8 hours ago

    Now if they just give an update patch with drive-able vehicles.

  17. ItzEvilEdward [EST 2020]

    ItzEvilEdward [EST 2020]9 hours ago

    Aw yes a good product that a company gave us in 2020

  18. goated panda

    goated panda9 hours ago

    Add this to quest 2

  19. drshuwho

    drshuwho10 hours ago

    I cringed soo hard when this came on

  20. real dog

    real dog10 hours ago

    I get it tomorrow

  21. Mbrads Gaming

    Mbrads Gaming11 hours ago

    So i was watching so random video and this ad popped up and while i was watching the vid my friend and i were playing minecraft and he kinda go upset and he said he was gonna block me and this ad started playing and i thought it was him playing it lmao

  22. Danny Stephens

    Danny Stephens11 hours ago

    Hopefully Riven and Exile will be next. Those were my favorites of the series.

  23. Ali VR

    Ali VR12 hours ago

    Nice headset facebook

  24. bartek barcio

    bartek barcio12 hours ago

    Can you do multi user on oculus quests we are waiting for IT.

  25. Alby

    Alby13 hours ago

    Anyone know the name of the song played in this commercial is?

  26. Jonathan Dick

    Jonathan Dick13 hours ago

    Can someone explain why we cant buy it in Germany at this point ?

  27. cemeter

    cemeter13 hours ago

    Hoping this is co-op, pleeaasssse!!!

  28. Light

    Light13 hours ago

    I climbed the tower in the middle. It was a bit difficult, my squad died a horrible death. The top is flat, like an arena

  29. SuperNoahHere

    SuperNoahHere14 hours ago


  30. DcsealCMB

    DcsealCMB14 hours ago

    Here lies 1.7 Onward, bc the next update made it a mobile phone game. Also, I just realized this advert is for the quest yet it shows 1.7 pre-dogshit graphics. Nice.


    NOT FLUFFY14 hours ago

    More like break strap

  32. Dutch Kayaker

    Dutch Kayaker15 hours ago

    What song is played during this commercial?

  33. R G

    R G15 hours ago

    Song by Najat aatabou and chemical brothers took the tune and made this one. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  34. David Gavin

    David Gavin16 hours ago

    This game wasn’t solvable without jotting down a ton of notes. It comes from a time when games were really hard and weren’t aiming for instant gratification as most modern games are. I wonder how this will translate to VR, where taking notes is not really an option.

  35. zZSkarbogZz

    zZSkarbogZz16 hours ago

    Drückste down down down....

  36. SuperSönke

    SuperSönke16 hours ago

    In Germany we say: ICH WILL DEN SCHEIß AUCH HABEN!!!!

  37. Mr. Boy Games

    Mr. Boy Games16 hours ago

    Just let us use oculus accounts on oculus platformsFacebook!

  38. Mr. Boy Games

    Mr. Boy Games16 hours ago

    Why is this A feature FaceBook ruined oculus

  39. Wackydave Bobbybobbin

    Wackydave Bobbybobbin16 hours ago

    I love how the song in the ad says, "My finger is on the button," like it's a bad thing, and the oculus quest 2 has buttons on the touch controllers. I know it's just like a metaphor for how immersive the games are but I just find that funny.

  40. Cotton Coyotes

    Cotton Coyotes16 hours ago

    Hey oculus please respond... I am on my phone for my oc2! And I DONT KNOW MY STUPID PIN SO I CANT BUY ONE LITTLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please just tell me. I am not happy! And most likely, I’m going to sell/get my money back! This is really dumb because I am NOT going threw all the trouble just to FIND 4 NUMBERs! Please please make a video on this! It is not helping me! I’m sorry im being rude but... just no, no! I CANT BELIEVE IM SO STUPID I CANT FIND MY STUPID PIN!

  41. reidamli

    reidamli17 hours ago

    Where is the five digit code in the headset?????

  42. kelpme kelper

    kelpme kelper18 hours ago

    I already bought quest 2 what app is this infinite desktop?

  43. Brady

    Brady18 hours ago

    and now people are having their purchases deleted because their accounts aren't "up to par" to the zucc

  44. Dylan’s Destiny

    Dylan’s Destiny18 hours ago

    WOW yankee with no brim?!?!?!?!!?

  45. Baldi Roblox

    Baldi Roblox18 hours ago

    Can i play games that i bought for my oculus quest 1?

  46. Baldi Roblox

    Baldi Roblox19 hours ago

    Can you still use nicknames?

  47. douglas Oliveira dos Santos

    douglas Oliveira dos Santos19 hours ago

    Very cool

  48. Warrior Will 2

    Warrior Will 219 hours ago

    *youtube really needs to chill with these 15 second no skip ads*

  49. Ziimbiian

    Ziimbiian19 hours ago

    Ok but where's the yellow 911 Carrera S

  50. 雪クマsnowbearr

    雪クマsnowbearr20 hours ago

    The reason they want your fb account is to connect with other people, stop making it something it isn’t. T

  51. 雪クマsnowbearr

    雪クマsnowbearr20 hours ago

    just 6 more days 6. more. days. I’ll keep you guys updated.

  52. Lowe Hellman

    Lowe Hellman20 hours ago

    Do oculus have a discord server?

  53. Shiro Tagashi

    Shiro Tagashi20 hours ago

    ew another battle royale game with "realistic shooting" Can game companies make good games with the format of TF2 gameplay? Single shot weapons are so much better. Its either you hit or you miss with them.

  54. coolinspire funnybook

    coolinspire funnybook21 hour ago

    thumbsup for oculus that had successfully make VR a thing that far better than previous one a reality.( previous one is make nausea and bad graphic ) the next big step is to make way more cool sofware for oculus and make it more affordable for developing countries.( should make it as common as vg console such as xbox / ps ) one last wish for oculus is can make the hand image in the screen look whole ( not like being cut in the low end ) ?

  55. N00b Shot

    N00b Shot21 hour ago

    I’m getting this for my bday

  56. Veronicca Lakewood

    Veronicca Lakewood22 hours ago

    I need this for the quest 2 . When is it coming for that ?

  57. Pro Clan

    Pro Clan22 hours ago

    Can you get me a free oculus quest with 2remotes please

  58. MI6

    MI622 hours ago

    It’s easier to use a button

  59. Dalton Owen

    Dalton Owen22 hours ago

    I am so sad because I was going to get an Oculus Quest 2 but now I can't BECAUSE OF STUPID FACEBOOOOOOOK!

  60. Anthony Salgado

    Anthony Salgado22 hours ago

    I just bought the oculus quest 2 and it’s coming on monday

  61. simona

    simona22 hours ago

    omg i cant wait to fall to my death!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Wolf Of Odin

    Wolf Of Odin23 hours ago

    Ha that's not how the actual game looks and plays

  63. Jason Panzer

    Jason Panzer23 hours ago

    Thanks oculus for the song can't stop listening to it now

  64. THS VR

    THS VR23 hours ago

    🇧🇷 amazing Game ✌🏻🎮

  65. Jason Pearse

    Jason PearseDay ago

    Well that didn’t take long. Already a game that doesn’t run on original Quest.


    ODINO_BOIDay ago

    I like how they shaming other ways of gaming by them having buttons basically implying that the oculus quest 2 has no buttons. But the funny thing here is that it does

  67. WiiThiCC

    WiiThiCCDay ago

    I feel like this was heavily inspired by the battle tactics thing in Ender’s Game lol

  68. Majichan

    MajichanDay ago

    tucker the bird peter the curb i think i smell money from Zuckerberg

  69. Nathan

    NathanDay ago

    0:05 Dude why are the pc fans configured that way and why is the computer backward bruh. No sane person would A) build it like that and B) set it up like that.

  70. Edwin Geovanny Gamez Rios

    Edwin Geovanny Gamez RiosDay ago


  71. J T

    J TDay ago

    I was so excited to get the quest 2 but i don't want nor need a Facebook account. I deleted my Facebook years ago because it turned into a garbage sharing platform. I don't need to know every thought anyone ever has and they don't need to know my thoughts. To make a social media sharing platform mandatory is insane. I will never buy these and I'm recommending everyone stay away from them. It would akin to me needing to sign up for a myspace account just to turn on my tv. No thanks.

  72. PugPop YT

    PugPop YTDay ago

    I just got it yesterday on the oculus quest. It’s so easy to make friends, second match I joined I met a kid and now we’re friends.

  73. MightyQuinn VR Realm

    MightyQuinn VR RealmDay ago

    Awesome!! I really need to try this game! For some reason I’m not getting USlikes notifications from this channel only🤔

  74. MightyQuinn VR Realm

    MightyQuinn VR RealmDay ago

    I can’t wait to see this and other technologies FB Reality Labs is working on that will help people with all types of disabilities! I’m a wheelchair specialest and could see AR & VR being a huge tool in removing the restrictions and boundaries for my clients! Keep up the great work guys!!

  75. MightyQuinn VR Realm

    MightyQuinn VR RealmDay ago

    I love Gravity Sketch!😃👍

  76. Fu ig Gigib

    Fu ig GigibDay ago


  77. Azoz xdx Mr johns aka master piece

    Azoz xdx Mr johns aka master pieceDay ago

    I rlly want play tiny town vr but I don't have vr );

  78. Amit Carbyne

    Amit CarbyneDay ago

    Please manufacture the headsets in India. It’s double the price here in India. Apple is also manufacturing their phones in India.

  79. Alveen Quinn

    Alveen QuinnDay ago

    MADISOOOONNNN !!!! I CANT. IM DEAD. Who else is here waiting for the new KDA M/V to drop ? XD

  80. Clovis Shropshire

    Clovis ShropshireDay ago

    Have it and LOVE IT. Extremely addictive and polished