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  1. New Yardley Sinclair

    New Yardley Sinclair5 hours ago

    Arent these players decked out in armor and helmets? Lol just run to the tunnel

  2. New Yardley Sinclair

    New Yardley Sinclair5 hours ago

    Is it really your "former team" when it's a new name and city lol

  3. New Yardley Sinclair

    New Yardley Sinclair5 hours ago

    It's a game guys. Ppl need to chill lol

  4. Quinn Sebrei

    Quinn Sebrei6 hours ago

    Wentz op

  5. Why Whyerson

    Why Whyerson6 hours ago

    Burrow and Herbert would’ve been 1/2 either way works but 1 got hurt.

  6. Green Bike

    Green Bike6 hours ago

    Lol 5ft 8 inches is apparently short. Someone is triggered

  7. Jennifer Martin

    Jennifer Martin6 hours ago

    I am a Washington fan

  8. boseefus macmurphy

    boseefus macmurphy6 hours ago

    I still see mike alstott when I watch shameless in kevin. I thought gruden was bringing back the fb. Could work against the 3-4 fronts of today..

  9. boseefus macmurphy

    boseefus macmurphy6 hours ago

    I thought in the year 2000 football was played between cyborgs and aliens.

  10. Shelby Johnson

    Shelby Johnson7 hours ago

    I was at that Bengals game when Dillon broke the record!! That was my first NFL game I ever attended.

  11. Yo Mom

    Yo Mom7 hours ago

    Whose here after Winfield won a super bowl 🥺👏🏾❤️

  12. Oprimi

    Oprimi7 hours ago

    If you haven’t almost killed your best friend over a local game of madden on ps2 are you really even friends???

  13. Andrew Loyd

    Andrew Loyd7 hours ago

    Awful lot of psychologists in the comments, apparently. lmfao

  14. ChuckyLarms

    ChuckyLarms7 hours ago

    Imagine the “Jacked Up” segment airing today. The internet mob would lose its mind

  15. AJ TV

    AJ TV8 hours ago

    I stick by the Madden 08 phrase of Curry catches everything

  16. Stop being a bundle of sticks

    Stop being a bundle of sticks8 hours ago

    I miss the 90s

  17. canton7180

    canton71808 hours ago

    archie manning......peyton and eli, seriously there is not a better example, I've rich kids go to camp and seminars from grade school all the way through prep, money cannot buy raw talent it can only polish that talent.

  18. Jason Schwefel

    Jason Schwefel8 hours ago

    A T1, more accurately a DS-1, is 1.544 Mbps. In 2000, dial-up modems, maxing out at 56 Kbps were still the predominant mode of access, though cable internet (generally maxing out at around 5 Mbps) was making inroads, as was DSL. Only business had a T1, as a practical matter.

  19. Josh Drumheller

    Josh Drumheller8 hours ago

    True story: The Ravens returner in the Super Bowl, Jermaine Lewis, when he returned that kickoff for a touchdown, you see him point up to the sky. His son was stillborn just before the Super Bowl. He dedicated that kickoff return to him. Quite a sentimental moment.

  20. xeroabyss

    xeroabyss9 hours ago

    1:26 🙃

  21. Stewart Jones

    Stewart Jones9 hours ago

    70s chicago sportsfans were wildin

  22. Todd Cribbs

    Todd Cribbs9 hours ago

    Thank you for mentioning the area code

  23. Rafael Delgadillo

    Rafael Delgadillo10 hours ago

    The Saints first playoff victory in franchise history happened during this season too.

  24. Jason Downs

    Jason Downs10 hours ago

    I remember that Elway run. As soon as he did that I was like, oh, he’s going to win this. You just knew that he wanted it more.

  25. Michael Mace

    Michael Mace10 hours ago

    Football was so much better back then, & so was basketball too for that matter. If you were born in the mid to late 90s chances are that you've never really seen football like this, at least not for long, & because of that you don't really know what you're missing. It doesn't matter that there were legitimate reasons for the rule changes, you were frustrated by all of the flags thrown on a play that, only last year, was perfectly legal.

  26. Matthew L Robeson

    Matthew L Robeson10 hours ago

    I'm starting to think that KTO is an 8 year old whose voice dropped real early

  27. Juan Santiago

    Juan Santiago10 hours ago

    The A-train was the shit bottom line

  28. Grant Gobell

    Grant Gobell10 hours ago

    Didn’t even mention Pat Ricard when talking about today’s fullbacks 😔

  29. PubestG

    PubestG10 hours ago

    Omg I miss the blitz games so much who ever heard of pass interference lol or late hits for that matter

  30. Nick Voelker

    Nick Voelker11 hours ago

    Imagine playing LB against Tampa Bay back then. You get juked out of your cleats by Warrick Dunn just to turn around on the next play to get run TF over by Alstott.

  31. John Smith

    John Smith11 hours ago

    Pure nostalgia after hearing all these names. Also my dad ran into Priest Holmes at a car wash around 2003ish

  32. deathwished13

    deathwished1311 hours ago

    Ahhh the 07 flash in the pan year. Twas a mirage unfortunately then Mangini blew it up and sent us into the longest rebuild ever

  33. Ryan Sutton

    Ryan Sutton11 hours ago

    I'm a browns fan stuck with them my whole life they were bad until now go browns!!

  34. Zackery Giffin

    Zackery Giffin11 hours ago

    Of course it had to be Cleveland where we had a good running back coming up then of he got sick and inquired well I guess welcome to Cleveland.

  35. Kerry Fitch

    Kerry Fitch12 hours ago

    Yeah, I remember those games in the 70’s. Not fun to watch.

  36. Revy

    Revy12 hours ago

    I've always thought of the CFL being the harder leauge to play in. The field is bigger with less downs, and more defenders, there really is no run game to fall back on.

  37. JustWorkYoutubeHoly ??

    JustWorkYoutubeHoly ??12 hours ago


  38. Davis Winn

    Davis Winn12 hours ago

    RIP St. Louis Rams. We won't forget them

  39. Michael Hidalgo

    Michael Hidalgo12 hours ago

    Cool video thanks for posting 👌🏻

  40. Charles whitfield

    Charles whitfield13 hours ago

    Great video you did your homework on this bro ... I kept telling people that Bob Hayes was the fastest ever especially considering the conditions ... 40 yards and 100 meters is night and day ... I coached track and field for 28 years... Awesome Job 👍👌💪🏿

  41. Paul

    Paul13 hours ago

    Lebron is the most unlikable sports star in history of USA!

  42. Abraham Bueno De Mesquita

    Abraham Bueno De Mesquita13 hours ago

    Im amazed that you made it through a video about kickers and bad kickers and crazy things that kickers have done whiteout mentioning cody parkey

  43. Greg P

    Greg P13 hours ago

    Now we barely even have kickoffs

  44. Free Energy Education International

    Free Energy Education International13 hours ago

    Like everyone at capital hill this crowed should have run on the field and beaten everyone responsible. This whining namby pamby bullshit about not being violent against those who abuse you is exactly why we have witnessed the single largest upward transfer of power and money in human history these past 10 years and nothing good has happened to anyone living still to this day on less than 5 dollars a day everywhere on the planet. FUCK YOU ALL BURN THE PLANET DOWN A REBUILD THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL WORK, NONVIOLENCE WILL JUST GET YOU ANOTHER MLK SHOT IN THE FUCKING HEAD!

  45. Yourboy Goon

    Yourboy Goon13 hours ago

    Then y’all lost to the chiefs without their QB y’all will always be trash and will never amount to shit

  46. jtbjones

    jtbjones13 hours ago

    6:32 So you're telling me the Redskins could appear on TV as "Skins" but now they have to change their name completely? Oh how the times have changed.

  47. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith13 hours ago

    A friend told me Mike Alstott once said: "If you need 1 yard, I'll get ya 3. If you need 3 yards, I'll get ya 3. If you need 5 yards... I'll get ya 3"

  48. Diego Medina

    Diego Medina13 hours ago

    Thats nothing WWE legend Kurt Angle won a Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin neck 😳 😂😂

  49. MarkHardKnox

    MarkHardKnox13 hours ago

    You should make a 2nd video about all the same players now in there careers. I'll be back to check it out.

  50. callmedenny thebigbrain

    callmedenny thebigbrain13 hours ago

    Imagine having Tim Tebow and Von Miller on the Same team. Two clutch players

  51. Aye Aye Ron

    Aye Aye Ron14 hours ago

    Marshall Faulk turned 30 in 2003. thats why he lost gas just like most running backs

  52. Jared Patterson

    Jared Patterson14 hours ago

    Madden 05 was the best

  53. Kolton Hegstrom

    Kolton Hegstrom14 hours ago

    Best player I've ever watched, and its not really close

  54. annachiegordon

    annachiegordon14 hours ago

    Tecmo Super Bowl will always be the superior game no matter how many years go by.

  55. Ad2 Gamerdizz6u

    Ad2 Gamerdizz6u14 hours ago

    Congrats the browns beat the best team in football but there coming from Indy to la

  56. RTTT

    RTTT15 hours ago

    I play in the Russian League of American Football (I am from Cleveland) if you are interested in doing a video about foreign American Football leagues I would be happy to talk to you about ours. It's official name is the EESL (Eastern European Super League).

  57. Robbins2324

    Robbins232415 hours ago

    My brothers and I burned threw 4 copies of madden 02. Because we played it that much

  58. Gene Clark - Self Development Quest

    Gene Clark - Self Development Quest15 hours ago

    LOVED Alstott!

  59. Bob lester

    Bob lester15 hours ago

    Do one on the Matthews

  60. Cantguardjay

    Cantguardjay16 hours ago

    Title says NFL stars, then immediately shows lebron first clip of the video

  61. Ryan Rhoades

    Ryan Rhoades16 hours ago

    Scars all over my elbows and knees from turf burns and a few concussions from head hitting the turf

  62. Will Delarosa

    Will Delarosa16 hours ago

    Let's separate the MEN from the BOYS!!!!!....

  63. Ryan Rhoades

    Ryan Rhoades16 hours ago

    We had Madden bowl tournaments in the 2000s. There were some plays that couldn't be stopped

  64. marcus laker

    marcus laker16 hours ago

    The NFL was different? Yeah, it was football...it’s WWE now. Sensationalism!

  65. Raihan Alfitra

    Raihan Alfitra16 hours ago

    Dear Vince i'm not the first and not gonna be the last. You could use the money you used for the XFL to bought WCW contract thus signing big stars and actually make the INVASION means something.

  66. Logan Marin

    Logan Marin16 hours ago

    Change the title it’s a browns video lol

  67. Krandle 47

    Krandle 4717 hours ago

    I honestly prefer football back then, even if my teams (Bears & Jets) almost always sucked. The game was far more enjoyable to watch before all the rule changes

  68. P M

    P M17 hours ago

    Larry Allen. Next!

  69. F.B.Eye

    F.B.Eye17 hours ago

    No Manning’s and no Matthew’s

  70. Robbie Gee

    Robbie Gee17 hours ago

    13:06 wow, there was a player called Shannon Sharpe. Just like the guy that argues with Skip Bayless, former QB for Tampa.

  71. NFL Mastermind

    NFL Mastermind17 hours ago

    Am I the only one who realized way more guys ran for 1,000 yards than he said. Guys like David Montgomery, who only had 18 less yards than Josh Jacobs

  72. John Jackson

    John Jackson18 hours ago

    Thing about it the game is dead!!! With social justice. All time low super bowl rating.

  73. cr 95

    cr 9518 hours ago

    If Tom Brady had to endure the hard hits that QB's had to take he would have retired by 35. I have no interest in todays' flag football.

  74. Jannie Ray

    Jannie Ray18 hours ago

    In my town we call mob moss

  75. J P

    J P18 hours ago

    YEAH #40 A-TRAIN!!! Love that guy, defenses did not.

  76. OG since GO

    OG since GO18 hours ago

    I can name u 5 years post Saban that Alabama would have busted Cleveland's ass... GO DAWGS

  77. G Real40

    G Real4019 hours ago

    Alstott had the mentality that i will not go down unless you bring down my legs. No leaning/falling forward as I take on a hit

  78. MrBalooJ

    MrBalooJ19 hours ago

    That's right!! Put respect on Alstott's name!

  79. Jason Boness

    Jason Boness19 hours ago


  80. James Stewart

    James Stewart20 hours ago

    Before we get started, Mike Alstott was the SHIT