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Illusions of Time
The Odd Number Rule
Laws & Causes
Mind Reading

Mind Reading

2 years ago

Behavior and Belief
How to Talk to Aliens
Should I Die?

Should I Die?

2 years ago

The Stilwell Brain
Moral Licensing

Moral Licensing

2 years ago

The Origins of Disgust
Which Way Is Down?
The Napkin Ring Problem
Vsauce Live Stream!
The Brachistochrone


4 years ago

Fixed Points

Fixed Points

4 years ago

How Earth Moves

How Earth Moves

4 years ago

Math Magic

Math Magic

5 years ago



5 years ago



5 years ago

Messages For The Future
The Zipf Mystery

The Zipf Mystery

5 years ago

Who Owns The Moon?
Human Extinction

Human Extinction

5 years ago

Is Cereal Soup?

Is Cereal Soup?

6 years ago

Is Earth Actually Flat?


6 years ago

Spooky Coincidences?
What Is The Earth Worth?


6 years ago

What is Random?

What is Random?

6 years ago

Some Surprising Things
The Web Is Not The Net
Where Is This Video?


6 years ago



7 years ago

Moving Illusions

Moving Illusions

7 years ago

Why Are Bad Words Bad?
Cruel Bombs

Cruel Bombs

7 years ago



7 years ago

Our Narrow Slice

Our Narrow Slice

7 years ago

How People Disappear
last words

last words

7 years ago

Why Do We Clap?

Why Do We Clap?

7 years ago

Why Do We Get Bored?
What Will We Miss?
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    19:17 I wonder if she's named after the Astronoid song, or if the Astronoid song is named after her?

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    Leech14 hours ago

    That took a lot of time to learn about time in which I will only remember bits of it next time when I have the time to reflect on it.

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    This is disturbing 2:48

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    Me and Michael are the same age, that's a illusion of time I can't get my head around, he's well more advanced than I am 😂

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    it's 2032 now and this video is no longer valid the start anyway

  9. Ivan Trifunjagic

    Ivan Trifunjagic14 hours ago

    This video helps a lot on how to be aware of oneself. How modern media is eating our lives. It is critical to our now and pointing out the problem we face now. I just got aware of it and thank you Michael for this video. Everyone has a problem that they are wasting their time but no one thinks they have time for anything. And that's because you are never bored but you are never learning new stuff and having a new experience. We need to translate to short long time perception. One step backwards for a lot of steps forward.

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    For me I will miss the end of Israel 💔 I want see the end of Israel

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  16. Andre LaBranche

    Andre LaBranche14 hours ago

    Brilliant. This video is, dare I say, quite timely - at least for me. I spent much of today thinking about how social media and digital technology in general have fundamentally changed the way public consciousness works (in the US, anyway). The history of the US is short and volatile, but through almost all of it, public discourse was constrained by physical distance and slow information travel. There was nothing other than a person's local reality competing for mind-share, so for the most part, local reality was the primary reality. People who share a locale are related by shared truths - 'local facts'. That shared foundation is (I think) the key ingredient that unlocks the slow-moving, eventually-consistent corrective power of the group. An individual might make a mistake or have an otherwise aberrant reaction to the same stimulus that reached many others in the area, and it is precisely the unusual nature of that reaction compared to the local average (or that of the next town over) that creates the possibility for people to deliberate on those differences - maybe that person needs to be reeled back in, or maybe they are blazing new trails and everyone should follow. Now we live in a time when a large portion of many people's existence is not tied to any persistently shared locale, and public discourse barely obeys the laws of physics. Commensurate with that is a whole new kind of attention-based economy that we clearly are still extremely naive about. I think people are roughly about as gullible as they've ever been, on average - but when they're all wired together and they catch the same harmful stimulus there is no local group to catch them. I'm 44 years old and spent a lot of time on the Internet before it exploded in popularity, and also spent a lot of time being a person without the Internet. Experience that straddles that event horizon is rare and getting rarer, and I think about it a lot. Yadda yadda yadda, today's public consciousness is laregely defined by lucrative divisiveness, fever pitch, much anguish... and as far as I can tell, no widespread realization of the importance of sharing local facts with a community of people who can help keep each other on the straight and narrow. That's where I was before I started watching this video. Then about halfway through, you start in on another one of your magical turns where it feels like you're pulling me in a direction that's just out of focus, yet is simultaneously very compelling - then WOOSH - like the disorientation after disembarking a rollercoaster, I'm led directly to the notion that *of course* the fundamental shift in how people experience time is a very important part of this as-yet unstated B-plot. You rock, dude ;)

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    Such a terrific video. So many concepts I've been thinking about a lot, and I'm also in my 30's, so this is very relatable to me currently. See you in 2031 for a revisit lol.

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    I'd contest the "short short" related to tv and/or other digital media as simply put a problem for new technologies being used by unconditioned humans. Personally, I have many Long short-short long relationships to gaming and/or browsing the internet and/or watching shows. These things were important to me because I grew up not only around them, but in a world that is dominated by them. Because of this I can understand the nuances of the relative realities not simply as an external reality but one in which are a major part of my internal reality filled with friends, loved ones, and valuable skills and lessons. I would argue that this could be considered similar to the discovery of America, or the dinosaurs themselves where you don't really consider the new mammal on the block unless you grew up in a world where they dominate everything. More on that I would also point to old Japanese paintings of tigers and humans to make my case where tigers aren't necessarily the top of a Japanese person's mind due to the fact they no longer dominate and moreover have significantly less relevance to modernity. I think this makes the case that the "short short" experience is simply a relativistic experience that applies only to specific scenarios and is not a base truth.

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