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  1. Roxy Cullens

    Roxy Cullens8 hours ago

    🥃😭👌🏾Wow why was the end so touching tho!!!



    Why did Michael cross the road

  3. Vinyá

    Vinyá8 hours ago

    Okey Vsauce, this is pretty cool. How about some space video next? Pretty sure we all would appreciate it.. very much :)

  4. sophia nishimura

    sophia nishimura8 hours ago

    genius!!!!!!! loved the video

  5. Fit Central

    Fit Central8 hours ago

    Vsauce: "Clapping is the diarrhea of sound". Justin Bieber: "Hold my beer".

  6. Una piña random Del internet

    Una piña random Del internet8 hours ago

    the translation to this in spanish is si yes

  7. c l o u d

    c l o u d8 hours ago

    I paused the video before the end knowing he was going to put some creepy shit and when I look in the red bar THERE IT IS

  8. Commander Rockwell

    Commander Rockwell8 hours ago

    Every time I watch one of these videos I become filled with fear of the end.

  9. arr3

    arr38 hours ago

    i liked the video plz notice me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 100 k

    100 k8 hours ago

    where is the sun

  11. STM

    STM8 hours ago

    If you want to avoid a climate disaster abolish the capitalist system, infinite growth and inequality ruin everything. 100 companies are responsible for 71% of climate change, a billionaire flying around the world, using NFTs etc. has more impact than many normal people. workers of the world unite!

  12. Commander Rockwell

    Commander Rockwell8 hours ago

    sauce wtf

  13. Stuarmanha

    Stuarmanha8 hours ago

    Concept of time is always awesome from human perspective. The idea that the samurai government of japan only ended in 1867... not to mention Cleopatra living closer to us than the construction of the pyramids etc.etc.etc.

  14. C F

    C F8 hours ago

    Nobody actually believes in the Flat earth, it’s actually a fake conspiracy made up by the NSA which is often used to “tin foil hat” those who believe in real conspiracy’s. It’s a very effective form of distraction to discredit people by association.

  15. Kendall Jones

    Kendall Jones8 hours ago

    7 of those justin Bieber's aren't known

  16. Prateek Mahajan

    Prateek Mahajan8 hours ago

    Thank you so much

  17. Captainpep

    Captainpep8 hours ago

    Space is cool

  18. Sean

    Sean8 hours ago

    Can we get 1:1 scale planet sticker my room is pretty plain

  19. Another Bot

    Another Bot8 hours ago


  20. Archer Faith

    Archer Faith8 hours ago

    He has returned

  21. bruh bruh

    bruh bruh8 hours ago


  22. Ricardo Arvizu 2 Backup

    Ricardo Arvizu 2 Backup8 hours ago


  23. Leode Siefast

    Leode Siefast8 hours ago

    This is all mind blowing! Fantastic video. The flow of time is scary, man! That one about the stegosaurus and the T-Rex, wow! A similar one I heard about was that the Ancient Egyptians and their pyramid building days were as far back to the Ancient Romans as the Ancient Romans are to us! I still can't get my head around that! To us, they both just seem....ancient history.

  24. Oddest Sokko

    Oddest Sokko8 hours ago


  25. James Niño

    James Niño8 hours ago

    Me watching this while eating breakfast:🤮🤮🤮🤮

  26. Jacob Lennon

    Jacob Lennon8 hours ago


  27. WCGwkf

    WCGwkf9 hours ago

    The kiss lmao wtf

  28. Kelly Kelso

    Kelly Kelso9 hours ago

    How elegantly rendered. Thank you.

  29. Ratsienhawe n8tive

    Ratsienhawe n8tive9 hours ago

    Wait were talking about a mirror an then we got to eyes

  30. Kosta

    Kosta9 hours ago

    this aged poorly...earth is proven to be flat

  31. Zwodo

    Zwodo9 hours ago

    Freaking Uranus 🤣

  32. Isn't this Fun

    Isn't this Fun9 hours ago

    Hey @Vsauce, agent you forgetting the Sun is also a part of the solar system?

  33. Ethevillager

    Ethevillager9 hours ago


  34. Liam De Paux

    Liam De Paux9 hours ago

    Yo yo warn me before you go in for a smooch, now I gotta watch the whole thing again to smooch back

  35. Dan Dunning

    Dan Dunning9 hours ago

    This is what stories should be!

  36. Helena McKay

    Helena McKay9 hours ago

  37. [Anima.]

    [Anima.]9 hours ago

    We love you Michael

  38. Luiz Guzman

    Luiz Guzman9 hours ago

    That kiss at the end took it personal😘

  39. Mr. Blue Sky

    Mr. Blue Sky9 hours ago

    "So I did something about it" Later that day... "Breaking News! Toy company owner killed with a note on his body saying: Make the Planets to scale."

  40. The Immortal Sun-kun

    The Immortal Sun-kun9 hours ago

    You haven’t lived until you’ve been kissed by Michael from Vsauce.

  41. Phantom Worral

    Phantom Worral9 hours ago

    His clock isn't working

  42. what should I name myself

    what should I name myself9 hours ago

    I can stop imagining his head as one of the planets floating in space


    STRABARY9 hours ago



    STRABARY9 hours ago


  45. Ennovi Cat

    Ennovi Cat9 hours ago

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  46. Python

    Python9 hours ago

    Some ppl can't see the horse and honestly it took me a while to figure it out but there's a horse there, you can show it to someone else but show it from a rotation where you can see the horse, and they will say they see the horse and then seeing the frog will be difficult for them.

  47. c l o u d

    c l o u d9 hours ago

    thanks to this video, the new scariest thing is purple squares

  48. Wajid Ali

    Wajid Ali9 hours ago

    What?? Uranus is ass hole!!!... 😳

  49. The Doh Bros

    The Doh Bros9 hours ago

    BlessYouTrustGod, Give Your life to Jesus.🙂🙂✝️✝️

  50. G.L.B

    G.L.B9 hours ago

    There's at least one

  51. lost wanderer

    lost wanderer9 hours ago

    Michael de stresses me, very nice

  52. Silky God12

    Silky God129 hours ago

    Lol litterally uranus

  53. Python

    Python9 hours ago

    It's 2021 and ppl still remember chernobyl right? Cause I do

  54. HEX

    HEX9 hours ago

    How did this become what kissing is to animal abuse

  55. Octavius Phoenix

    Octavius Phoenix9 hours ago

    Lmao I have to consciously/manually reason about most people's emotions/moods. I'm autistic, and I don't have the same mood recognition software

  56. CyberNightmare322

    CyberNightmare3229 hours ago

    I mean I would like to buy universe sandbox 2 but the only problem is that my computer is GTX which means the game will crash immediately :(

  57. Mr. computer

    Mr. computer9 hours ago

    life changing? no death changing

  58. Nishanth Menon

    Nishanth Menon9 hours ago

    I was just waiting for someone to research about the this topic. I completely failed to make someone understand that Covid19 is not a hoax. Hailing from India and seeing the pictures we see & hearing all the suffering, one would presume to acknowledge the disease. Instead, I repeatedly failed in making that person understand. I have a better idea now thanks to Micheal.

  59. þomas

    þomas9 hours ago

    Sigmund Freud created the kiss

  60. BudewGaming

    BudewGaming9 hours ago


  61. Paul Cooper

    Paul Cooper9 hours ago

    My comments are automatically deleted so I'll just post this

  62. Buddha Gang

    Buddha Gang9 hours ago

    Anyone else watch vsauce incredibly high

  63. KayKay2513

    KayKay25139 hours ago

    I wanna see the sun!!!

  64. spartanDJChalo

    spartanDJChalo9 hours ago

    Uranus is bigger than I thought! 😂 but seriously though I didn’t know it was larger than the Earth

  65. The wood chips

    The wood chips9 hours ago

    There’s just so much wrong with the intro

  66. Blue

    Blue9 hours ago

    So many pouns

  67. August Schroeder

    August Schroeder9 hours ago

    3:06 Aaaaaand that guy is now the president of the United States of America.

  68. Jacob Werner

    Jacob Werner10 hours ago

    I thought with jellybean jars everyone always underbid it

  69. Jonathan Moses

    Jonathan Moses10 hours ago

    A werid coincidence is dieing on your birthday

  70. Jacob p

    Jacob p10 hours ago

    I remember watching this video in middle school, and being very interested in the discussed concepts. Im in college now and my econ class is covering very similar concepts. Vsauce is an excellent educational channel.

  71. james Francois

    james Francois10 hours ago

  72. VisibleDragon66

    VisibleDragon6610 hours ago

    I knew Jupiter and Saturn where large, but I actually didn't see them to scale with the Earth and I am shooketh

  73. Furn

    Furn10 hours ago

    Michael has to live forever, God please don't delete him

  74. ᚺ 7

    ᚺ 710 hours ago

    yea who cares about logic let's just follow the twitter mob am i right?

  75. Yiri Securite

    Yiri Securite10 hours ago

    The day à girl tell you she's pregnant you'll find out if the past really did happen..

  76. Tealk Smith

    Tealk Smith10 hours ago

    So your honour that is why I do not plead guilty to touching that cow inappropriately

  77. burymeinpink

    burymeinpink10 hours ago

    If Bill Gates is so worried about society, he could start by not being a billionaire. Honestly, the fact that he's involved in this video makes it very hypocritical.

  78. Eeshwar Kadirvel

    Eeshwar Kadirvel10 hours ago

    Some USlikes or is a rip off of you

  79. Ameen Sayeed

    Ameen Sayeed10 hours ago

    So proud to have lived in dubai