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  1. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    U can’t leave ur girl for 3 days and exsoext her not to think shut

  2. Dave James

    Dave James11 hours ago

    Don’t understand why people want to be on TV so much. Especially to broadcast they’re dirty laundry. Have these people no shame. Why didn’t she go to the police instead of a TV show. They are drama queens and look like they’re enjoying themselves but they are talking about child abuse from a step grandad. The lie detector is not excepted by UK courts because it’s inaccurate evidence. He is probably innocent but anyone would react to accusations like this.

  3. Fly Eagles Fly!

    Fly Eagles Fly!11 hours ago

    I can understand the boyfriend acting that way towards him because he was the other man but the female was annoying and hypocritical

  4. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    U still don’t say at another girl house or travel with them disrespect and weirdo

  5. proud2bpagan

    proud2bpagan11 hours ago

    "You exaggerate..." The mating call of the yellow bellied,abusive coward

  6. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    She still deserve more respect! Period! Show love to her ur girl and don’t put ur hands on them

  7. iiasretii

    iiasretii11 hours ago


  8. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    Good luck to him shit . She’s angry

  9. Jae Aiko

    Jae Aiko11 hours ago

    normally the accuser is the one cheating

  10. Splayjose

    Splayjose11 hours ago


  11. Jamie Everett Askew

    Jamie Everett Askew11 hours ago

    I can see how much pain he's in.

  12. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    This girl said 4! She’s tripping !!!!! No love can allow me to stay when u cheat fuck out of here

  13. Patrick Tankersley

    Patrick Tankersley11 hours ago

    She's nuts

  14. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    These shows should have to have follow up!

  15. Holliwood

    Holliwood11 hours ago

    Steve is wrong

  16. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    Worries me cos no tears on her

  17. Jamie Everett Askew

    Jamie Everett Askew11 hours ago

    He failed for molesting his two grandchildren.

  18. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    Yea I’m benge watching Steve lol this a year old.

  19. Axel Villagrana

    Axel Villagrana11 hours ago

    Why the mom built like that hahahahahahha

  20. Quandooo

    Quandooo11 hours ago

    Mane, Steve done said “Take the keys out” 😂😂😂

  21. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    This makes me so mad looking at they bedroom

  22. RideTheLightning

    RideTheLightning11 hours ago

    Those who falsify rape should face the same amount of time a rapist would face.

  23. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    He’s a shame as a man! U shouldn’t eat if ur children don’t have a fucking bed! Blow up beds are 50.00 from Walmart! Some beds online are 100.00 get the fuck out of here

  24. Michael Feltenberg

    Michael Feltenberg11 hours ago

    I don't understand why they didn't just test him for an std

  25. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    Some people come on this show to get free shit ! Wish y’all had to fund me pages for parents who get their children taken away for false shit !

  26. jbzhummerh2gamer

    jbzhummerh2gamer11 hours ago

    Remember he's 18? My asshole! He's an adult! He should know better than to just believe rumors, with no proof to boot!

  27. Lee Soares

    Lee Soares11 hours ago

    Selfish mother blamed her son so she could be free and drink😡

  28. Sammilee123

    Sammilee12311 hours ago

    Why do people put themselves in situations to even cheat! Some shit can be tempting but leave the situation! Don’t put urself in the situation to even cheat

  29. xl-BlessedMyOpp-lx Lzzz

    xl-BlessedMyOpp-lx Lzzz11 hours ago

    How tf the redhead girl gon cry no tears

  30. Jvvg Sghhy

    Jvvg Sghhy11 hours ago

    It shows like this I wonder if they're fake like obviously Jerry Springer's fake but this show I don't know anybody who would willingly make themselves out to be a pedophile so I think it has to be real right??.. but people will do anything for money

  31. john langstaff

    john langstaff11 hours ago

    DAN is a prick.

  32. dan Hanks

    dan Hanks11 hours ago

    The 2nd guy who came out looks fairly dodgy

  33. DeTroitLionsPisTonsTiGers ReDwinGs

    DeTroitLionsPisTonsTiGers ReDwinGs11 hours ago

    She sounds like she's acting when she's talking lol fake as hell

  34. jbzhummerh2gamer

    jbzhummerh2gamer11 hours ago

    Kim knows who did it. Maybe even she did. Who knows?

  35. Italian Rose

    Italian Rose11 hours ago

    I bet the mom is calling CPS.

  36. Sally Campbell

    Sally Campbell11 hours ago

    Wow...she’s such a LIAR!! Not sure why she wants her mother in law out of her kids and husbands life but she does

  37. Jadashï

    Jadashï12 hours ago

    Lmaooo I love her!!!!😂😂😂😂

  38. Jay RueMars

    Jay RueMars12 hours ago

    i know this isn't the time or place but did that one song by billy joel pop up in anyone else's head when they saw the title? thought it was a lyric video for a second, was sad to see what it really was.

  39. LittlePigBoy

    LittlePigBoy12 hours ago

    Too bad lie detectors don't do anything

  40. Quandooo

    Quandooo12 hours ago

    Since Steve neva said it LADIES that goes for y’all too, even if yo man cheat on you you can’t put yo hands on him 💯

  41. The Extremist

    The Extremist12 hours ago

    Why the mans in the jacket look like Stev-o if he smokin meth

  42. Andre Green

    Andre Green12 hours ago

    I feel so sorry 4 that dude, his mom ruined his life. He overcame drugs and alcohol & his moms domed him out. She thought about herself, that’s really selfish. I hope he never speaks 2 her again.

  43. SingingWithLily

    SingingWithLily12 hours ago

    is she still drunk from the trip

  44. Rob Milstein

    Rob Milstein12 hours ago

    This is actually the original opening scene to *insert Kevin Kosner movie here*

  45. Anthony Balista

    Anthony Balista12 hours ago

    You could tell that Steve immediately thought she was full of shit.

  46. Brently Williams

    Brently Williams12 hours ago

    I can tell from body language who did what and for these guys to be on that is crazy as hell come near mines it's over with

  47. Karl Harris

    Karl Harris12 hours ago

    I hope they give people counselling. This dude was hurting a lot.

  48. Cameron Owens

    Cameron Owens12 hours ago

    rusty funny ashh

  49. Aaron Kelly

    Aaron Kelly12 hours ago

    Steve: Alright Aaron, you took a lie detector test to find out if you’re addicted to my show and the results are.... you did not tell the truth Me: STEVE! I SWEAR IM ADDICTED! I CAN’T STOP WATCHING! Steve: Nope, that was a lie. And with that being said, YOU CAN GET THE HELL OFF MY STAGE!

  50. Rice Farmer

    Rice Farmer12 hours ago

    i was dying, the molester sounded like a dying seal when he was crying

  51. Kool Statue

    Kool Statue12 hours ago

    I don’t trust these tests even if I witness the crimes with my own eyes. The only tests I trust are DNA tests #Maury

  52. Distracted Artz

    Distracted Artz12 hours ago

    “You know I’m gay as hell” , when he said that you know he fam well wanted to dip it low like some jerry springer ratchet shit lol

  53. Adam Davis

    Adam Davis12 hours ago

    4:03 woooow she must feel pretty stupid

  54. FloridaSam*45

    FloridaSam*4512 hours ago

    So right outta the gate here w the yelling at her (now fully grown) kids and then the very first thing outta her mouth to try and plead her case is that she knowingly left 3 children under the age of 5 in a bathtub that was filling up with water. 😑

  55. Taylor TheEngine

    Taylor TheEngine12 hours ago

    wow... he had an opportunity to own up and apologize for a chance at forgiveness and redemption, and he traded it away for a lie. Damn this guy is mental. I feel bad for the girl, because this dude's lie meant more to him than she did.

  56. Adam Davis

    Adam Davis12 hours ago

    Woooow he should've left her ass! She didn't tell the truth in the last questions and they wanna start over!?! Maaaaan people nowadays are fucked up

  57. J312z3y11

    J312z3y1112 hours ago

    She must love getting slapped around by her Boyfriend... very immature!

  58. Phoenix Whiler

    Phoenix Whiler12 hours ago

    Melatonin doesn't kill

  59. Linda Owens

    Linda Owens12 hours ago

    She don’t deserve a child

  60. Rick Arra

    Rick Arra12 hours ago

    What a POS he is, and she's really cute. He made a false report. Tell the police.

  61. jbzhummerh2gamer

    jbzhummerh2gamer12 hours ago

    So what is the first thing she is saying, I literally can't understand it. 5:21-5:28


    HEATHEN12 hours ago

    Look at this woman’s body language. She’s guilty. Her face says hey I’m innocent but her body says fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  63. leviathan

    leviathan12 hours ago

    steve calling his wife his nacho doritos is more romantic than anything anyone ever said to me

  64. Cayla Johnson

    Cayla Johnson12 hours ago

    Shes lucky to have such a great guy. She needs to get it together and stop projecting her childhood onto him. Like girl he loves you.

  65. Stuart Quillen

    Stuart Quillen12 hours ago

    I feel sorry for her too but Hays she’s going to heal from all the bad things that happen

  66. Chelsea Holder

    Chelsea Holder12 hours ago

    She dumb dumb💀😑😅

  67. Sanjay Rishi

    Sanjay Rishi12 hours ago

    When I saw him rocking back and forth, I was like this is the man.

  68. CbChoreography

    CbChoreography12 hours ago

    Send her to jail

  69. 87alsjth

    87alsjth12 hours ago

    LOL the boyfriend is SO PRESSED 😂

  70. Patrick Howell

    Patrick Howell12 hours ago

    Karma a butthead on her.

  71. Edith Gauthier

    Edith Gauthier12 hours ago

    This man is so arrogant! Incredeble!

  72. FloridaSam*45

    FloridaSam*4512 hours ago

    Wow. The girlfriend is actually a bigger scumbag than the father trying to drop his parental rights!! She is not just totally cool and 100% supportive with that part, but also (being the complete waste of space that she IS) wants to have MORE kids with THIS fuking LOSER!?!?! 😡🤮 What a perfectly disgusting pair!!

  73. Gregory Vita

    Gregory Vita12 hours ago

    My mother wrongfully put me in prison for 19 yrs. My heart truly goes out to Jeff. Wish I could contact him through Facebook

  74. Kasiva Mary

    Kasiva Mary12 hours ago

    I'm sorry but this is STUPID.

  75. Cayla Johnson

    Cayla Johnson12 hours ago

    She needs to be sued for defamation of character.

  76. BigSky

    BigSky12 hours ago

    The victim suffers twice because they are horribly abused & then hold it in & afraid to tell anyone. Please speak out! Tell anyone that will listen, teacher, nurse, friends, online help. Just get it out there so you can start to heal & to save other possible victims. Hope the uncle rots in jail.

  77. Lynn Roberts

    Lynn Roberts12 hours ago

    Did anyone see the orb fly by on grandma's screen right after she found out she was grandma?


    STEVEN EVENS12 hours ago

    How is that not a legendary meme @5:59?

  79. Paulette Skinner

    Paulette Skinner13 hours ago

    You can tell just by the way the kids flinch and react to her screaming in their faces.

  80. Daries Bennett

    Daries Bennett13 hours ago

    Stop being wicked and be with the opposite sex like you're supposed to be. Good for them