1. Inderjit Singh

    Inderjit Singh22 hours ago

    I wish Leipzig win the bundesliga But it will be impossibile

  2. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor du23 hours ago

    451st comment

  3. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor du23 hours ago

    724th comment

  4. Edward Kelly

    Edward Kelly23 hours ago

    What happened to Schalke 04 in the past year? They only won 1 game

  5. JJB

    JJB23 hours ago


  6. Jumnya Riba

    Jumnya Riba23 hours ago

    This people claiming Mancity to win the UCL for the past few seasons but they don't even qualify for semi-finals. 😂😂😂 So called pundits😂😂

  7. Gemy

    Gemy23 hours ago

    Why left Chelsea? The poor guy wanted to play for his dream team,


    MUSIC LIFE23 hours ago

    City haven’t played utd yet 😂 rest is bottom table teams thats why🤪

  9. Sandesh Mishra

    Sandesh Mishra23 hours ago

    Champions elect 💙🔥

  10. Sandesh Mishra

    Sandesh Mishra23 hours ago

    It’s over how can they even mention I title race arsenal are beating lei that’s it

  11. Eklipse

    Eklipse23 hours ago

    Even if Messi retires, he would still be the best player in the world.

  12. jehad wadi

    jehad wadi23 hours ago

    I wish Inter kept Cancelo, unfortunately we had to sell him for financial reasons

  13. CAD Pond

    CAD Pond23 hours ago


  14. Fabio Luisi

    Fabio Luisi23 hours ago

    Hahahaha what a nonsense topic!!!😂😂 who wins? 😭😂😂😂 no one because tomorrow is not the final and it won't be Bayern vs man city!!

  15. David Smith

    David SmithDay ago

    None of the strikers in world at the moment are as good as Robert when it comes to finishing.

  16. David Smith

    David SmithDay ago

    What Leipzig need to do is repeat that against Liverpool . Everyone knows that they won't win the league.

  17. Yuf vac Weg suki

    Yuf vac Weg sukiDay ago

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  18. Luis G

    Luis GDay ago

    Hugo duro belongs in adult films 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. wwzach16

    wwzach16Day ago

    These guys are dumb. He asks a question and they answer a completely different version of the question

  20. Insert Caption Here

    Insert Caption HereDay ago

    The comeback was so good even Gladbach players were celebrating by the third goal.

  21. FeelsBadMan n

    FeelsBadMan nDay ago

    Messi struggling with Barca yet almost 20 goals in laliga... lol... that's his worst and terrible season ever yet.. imagine the stats.

  22. Sascha _GER

    Sascha _GERDay ago

    U talk about the best team in the 5y uefa ranking and also of the last decade . even with madrid and their 3 titles. Where is city with their billion investment? 17?

  23. Nikk555

    Nikk555Day ago

    Messi can't be compare to anyone....

  24. Sascha _GER

    Sascha _GERDay ago

    Love the confidence of city supporters. The higher they climb they deeper the fall

  25. Rocky

    RockyDay ago

    Who told laurens that Silva was rested for champions league?!

  26. Ghazi Ahmed

    Ghazi AhmedDay ago

    Can we all just take a second to praise Iliax our new POGBA.

  27. R_8_p_h

    R_8_p_hDay ago

    Basically the Italian coaches sucked at how they managed Cancelo, now Juve sucks defensively, whose fault is it in the head of the haters? Ronaldo...

  28. Nicholas Ackerman

    Nicholas AckermanDay ago

    Bayern, cuz pep refuses to play aguero

  29. Sudipta Golui

    Sudipta GoluiDay ago

    City no no no Bayern Munich win

  30. Slavi BG

    Slavi BGDay ago

    Lenglet playing basketball and Messi deserved a red card VARcelona at their best again

  31. Ernesto Pascual Rodríguez

    Ernesto Pascual RodríguezDay ago

    Man City still has to demonstrate they can beat teams as Bayern PSG Juve etc... They have been eliminated by teams such as Lyon, Monaco, Tottenham ...

  32. Shah Achilles

    Shah AchillesDay ago

    Gabriel is a perfect striker for guardiola. City look more fluid, and midfielder are able to score freely with him in the team. he can pressure opponents defender, open spaces, link up play, can play multiple position upfront and so much more.

  33. Perceptionist /

    Perceptionist /Day ago

    I hope Barça can do it again on Wednesday. A Copa del Rey final would be vital for this team and Koeman who are in a transition right now.

  34. Rafi David

    Rafi DavidDay ago

    MOTM award + an assist/goal in a 2-0 result. Top scorer in La Liga yet he’s having a bad season? WOOOW King Leo WOOOOOOOOOW 🙌

  35. Josh Cox

    Josh CoxDay ago

    I see this happening honestly it's almost like peps setting up the team for him already 😂

  36. Russel Stephan

    Russel StephanDay ago

    Also Lewandowski is the best player in the world right now. I'm a big Ronaldo fan but it's a shame the guy dont get enough credit.

  37. Russel Stephan

    Russel StephanDay ago

    Man City might lose. Bayern Munich will win.

  38. ba thich thi

    ba thich thiDay ago

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  39. Easysoft baba

    Easysoft babaDay ago

    Black man always saying the truth ❤️❤️❤️👍 Messi is

  40. steven forrest

    steven forrestDay ago

    Bayern Munich!

  41. Mike9103

    Mike9103Day ago

    It’s not played tomorrow though so why not just wait?

  42. Khakalethu Mbixane

    Khakalethu MbixaneDay ago

    I have learned something today on ESPN Not to listen @ Juls no more His obsessed with 1st France league and Mpappe

  43. Grace King

    Grace KingDay ago

    When Sarri sold cancelo that was when i knew he didn't know what he was doing

  44. N H

    N HDay ago

    The disrespect- the best player in the world is Kimmich or Lewandowski right now

  45. Chaedar Indra Pramana

    Chaedar Indra PramanaDay ago

    all three assists from Goretzka are world class.

  46. Jordan Salvador

    Jordan SalvadorDay ago

    2:40 when u forget to switch defenders lol

  47. King Samed TV

    King Samed TVDay ago

    The shocking news is that Liverpool will win the champions league this season

  48. Kevin Wang

    Kevin WangDay ago


  49. Oscar Herrera

    Oscar HerreraDay ago

    Hahahaha IDIOT


    MESSI VIBEZDay ago

    Laliga title race getting heated

  51. Nikhil Kumar

    Nikhil KumarDay ago


  52. Joe Campbell

    Joe CampbellDay ago

    These comment sections have to be full of kids lmao

  53. Levi Unknown

    Levi UnknownDay ago

    City will win if it was right now because we are in the best form in the world and nobody can touch us

  54. P K

    P KDay ago

    Shaka changing his opinions like socks

  55. farshan at

    farshan atDay ago

    Bayern would eat them alive

  56. Aditya Raut

    Aditya RautDay ago

    2009 Barca was something like Magic 🪄

  57. Raihan Ahmed

    Raihan AhmedDay ago


  58. Elias jönsson

    Elias jönssonDay ago

    I hope spurs win the EL, only becasue i like the style of Mourinho, i like him as a person.

  59. Disaster Artist

    Disaster ArtistDay ago

    my money is on ManUnited

  60. Da NewDay Limpopo

    Da NewDay LimpopoDay ago

    The goals were not set Pisces for Manchester City

  61. Abdifetah I. Omar

    Abdifetah I. OmarDay ago

    Your biased. Messi and ronaldo are the past they are not the best at the moment based on figures. Shame


    DOLPHINDay ago

    kylian is not the best player in psg lol.

  63. Brian Kin

    Brian KinDay ago

    Kouliboly who?

  64. jeff kennedy

    jeff kennedyDay ago

    man city have 2 squads, no wonder they're miles ahead

  65. Sledge Dog

    Sledge DogDay ago

    Came back here to laugh at clowns like Gab Marcotti, a notorious Bayern haters. Haters keep hating, doubters keep doubting, Bayern keeps thrashing🤫.

  66. R3Load

    R3LoadDay ago

    How can Real Madrid be the inform Team of Spain? Barca havent lost a game since December in LaLiga and only drew 1-2 times. In LaLiga we have actually been really really good this year

  67. M S

    M SDay ago

    Hot take: there are no good defenders in today's game. Even the "top" defenders are average at best compared to history's greats.

  68. Kreflo Dollar

    Kreflo DollarDay ago

    Dan's outfit is hideous

  69. Vincent de Oliveira

    Vincent de OliveiraDay ago

    30 seconds in and Jules spitting out nonsense 😝

  70. Mrs Kitchen Fairy

    Mrs Kitchen FairyDay ago

    Bayern will beat MC easily :) they are not even close to Bayern :) we will see in 2 months who really knows something about football. :) MC doesn't have these edge.. they do not have special players... which Bayern have so many..

  71. thebailes1972

    thebailes1972Day ago

    No . It's not over till we can officially not be caught points wise.

  72. mohammed ashiq

    mohammed ashiqDay ago

    Sevilla man saving the day!

  73. Bachir TBD

    Bachir TBDDay ago

    how can a player score 24 goals and give 9 assists in all competitions at the age of 33 in what is considered to be the worst season of his career and still be called a finished player ?? Maybe we shouldn't apply the "normal" football standards to him and judge him by his own standards

  74. Vang Cruz

    Vang CruzDay ago

    That is right. Talent have nothing to do with winning, only attitude. WOW!

  75. Cornelius G

    Cornelius GDay ago

    Bayern would spank city

  76. Kareem Monsur Omotayo Donkaymoh

    Kareem Monsur Omotayo DonkaymohDay ago

    By the time Griezman return to action I'm sure he gon deliver.... Koeman is trying to make them all valuable to help the team

  77. N19Boosie Boo

    N19Boosie BooDay ago

    You all think that this will be a final...i got it,but i'm just sayin that one Englisch Club will be in the final....💙👌🏿💯