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    KFC FRILLAN2 hours ago

    I can’t wait for Schalke vs Regensburg next season!!!

  2. Welcome to my Walton

    Welcome to my Walton2 hours ago

    OMG-Niles Petersen

  3. Mavs 275

    Mavs 2752 hours ago


  4. Flxks boxed u

    Flxks boxed u2 hours ago

    Upamencano will join Bayern in the summer so be ready fcb fans the quintuple will be in town

  5. Zarga Ahmed

    Zarga Ahmed2 hours ago


  6. Fabienne Dehaese

    Fabienne Dehaese2 hours ago

    haaland is better

  7. mxrcl grr

    mxrcl grr2 hours ago


  8. Jesper Carlsson

    Jesper Carlsson2 hours ago

    I like how the subtitles says “Airling Haaland”, surprisingly accurate.

  9. Kenan Çorbacıoğlu

    Kenan Çorbacıoğlu2 hours ago

    He died in 2009. The reason he died was suicide.

  10. PROD. DAO

    PROD. DAO3 hours ago

    upamecano 86 lets go


    HERLING HAALAND3 hours ago

    every time i watch this video i fell emotion

  12. EAZY- E

    EAZY- E3 hours ago

    Vay bee

  13. BURAK Kıng ._.

    BURAK Kıng ._.3 hours ago

    Türkler yorumaaa hakannnnn neuere nasıl gol attın aq 🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴

  14. tuttytree

    tuttytree3 hours ago

    One of my saddest and a Happiest days ever 💓

  15. Marlon Herr

    Marlon Herr3 hours ago

    I like Schalke more, but I think Dortmund wins, but I'm also a huge Haaland fan

  16. Callum Coman

    Callum Coman3 hours ago

    I love how the commentator says "let us know in the comments".😆

  17. Marlon Herr

    Marlon Herr3 hours ago

    Nürnberg have more Titel than Dortmund

  18. Joshua Grant David

    Joshua Grant David3 hours ago

    Bundesliga highlights are the best.. form the editing, music, commentaries, everything. I only wish that it would be longer bcs most vids are just 1 minute long

  19. Gigi Perales

    Gigi Perales4 hours ago

    He is amazing😍 he knows exactly what to do.

  20. nic

    nic4 hours ago

    Well Barcelona 5m euro bye🖐️

  21. ruysk

    ruysk4 hours ago

    I hope he will win a title in Dortmund but i think Dortmund have to improve the team a bit.

  22. Máximo Beadea 3%

    Máximo Beadea 3%4 hours ago

    1:18 best celebration of all time!!

  23. Giorgi Mindiashvili

    Giorgi Mindiashvili4 hours ago


  24. Stranger Things

    Stranger Things4 hours ago

    I'm finally healing

  25. Дауке 11

    Дауке 114 hours ago

    I heard that Adminho answers to comments,is it true??

  26. Gabriel Ismael Martins Duque

    Gabriel Ismael Martins Duque4 hours ago

    Hello My name is Timo Werner I you from Latinoamérica

  27. Cadam2019

    Cadam20194 hours ago

    I swear he slinks around the pitch like a tarantula, must be those long limbs.


    GRYPHON TV4 hours ago

    i wish he will not leave Dortmund

  29. Golden boy

    Golden boy4 hours ago

    Cool as you like jedan sancho 🔥🔥💯💯🙈❤

  30. Stojan s

    Stojan s4 hours ago

    Bolje od Ronalda

  31. naztycostarikan

    naztycostarikan4 hours ago

    K.NAVAS & 3straight champions league titles : has entered the chat

  32. Sadia Sheikh

    Sadia Sheikh4 hours ago

    Phil Foden , Erling Haaland , Kylian Mbappe , Mason Greenwood

  33. Amandeep Singh Hura

    Amandeep Singh Hura4 hours ago

    Bundesliga plz like my comment Bundesliga >Ligue 1 ,la liga ,Liga no's Halland and sancho ❤❤❤❤👌👌

  34. Evgeniy Gorodkov

    Evgeniy Gorodkov4 hours ago

    Шальке 04... D

  35. Edgar Rodriguez

    Edgar Rodriguez4 hours ago

    Future Chelsea boy!!!

  36. Amelia Fullbrook

    Amelia Fullbrook4 hours ago

    Gulacsi a legjob I'm Hungarian

  37. Mariusz Kozar

    Mariusz Kozar4 hours ago

    And hi is still the same fresh!