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No Shoes in the House!
Parent’s Hearing
Close The Fridge!
The Portrait

The Portrait

2 years ago

Contagious Yawning
Zombie Apocalypse
Bad Restaurant Service
Slow Reader

Slow Reader

3 years ago

Watching Sitcoms

Watching Sitcoms

3 years ago

The Intruder

The Intruder

3 years ago


    REAL KILLA•2 minutes ago


  2. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman4 minutes ago

    Gina:AYO STEP YO A** BACK meanwhile the students be like:*belly growling intensifies*

  3. Isryel Minyetty

    Isryel Minyetty9 minutes ago

    just saying tho can you not curse tho please

  4. NotMeowth

    NotMeowth11 minutes ago

    i love how this guys video didn’t change in the last 4 years apart from the among us things in the video and the flying out the door

  5. DavidGotGameYT

    DavidGotGameYT15 minutes ago

    It’s so entertaining but 4 years old

  6. rukayat dawodu

    rukayat dawodu16 minutes ago


  7. Aydison Dilworth

    Aydison Dilworth19 minutes ago


  8. nj and sonic 127

    nj and sonic 12728 minutes ago

    Gina has super powers

  9. Stacyann Gayle

    Stacyann Gayle31 minute ago

    1:08 it could been a song if you just put THIS instead of THAAT


    JUSTIN REED35 minutes ago

    I said IM NOT PLAYING THIS GAMES to my teacher in school then we went home

  11. Ismail Akhtar

    Ismail Akhtar35 minutes ago

    18 bruh Funny

  12. Message 142

    Message 14235 minutes ago

    And they said vine died

  13. •Cow Creem•

    •Cow Creem•41 minute ago


  14. •Cow Creem•

    •Cow Creem•41 minute ago

    At but he still got it

  15. William Mason

    William Mason43 minutes ago

    The video was unavailable for me

  16. Not Zombie farm zf

    Not Zombie farm zf48 minutes ago

    Among us

  17. nyasha timba

    nyasha timba49 minutes ago

    When he said UWE when saying that

  18. nyasha timba

    nyasha timba51 minute ago

    Mr Patrick: emergency meeting Mr Patrick: WHO IS IT Kevin: not me Ryan: backs him up Mr Patrick: finds out it is Kevin Mr Patrick: yeets Kevin Kevin: aAaAaAAaaaAAAhHH

  19. Kt The japanophille demon

    Kt The japanophille demon59 minutes ago

    1:32 I’d couldn’t hold my laughter anymore because it sounds like he’s both yawning and getting electrocuted

  20. That one Idiot

    That one IdiotHour ago

    Oh my God I thought you died You been gone for a long time

  21. DionCantGame

    DionCantGameHour ago

    0:39 Simp

  22. A really big Annoying Orange Fan

    A really big Annoying Orange FanHour ago

    Who else came from Roscoe Mcgullcudy’s video?

  23. gacha murica

    gacha muricaHour ago

    Whenever I'm losing an argument or someone yelling at me, I just shout "YOU GOIN' TALK TO ME NICE, YOU GOIN' TALK TO ME NICE , AND YOU GOIN' TALK TO ME KINDLY!"

  24. chi michael

    chi michaelHour ago

    Can't he just ask and go to the bathroom

  25. Jbgamer2.0

    Jbgamer2.0Hour ago

    Bought to hit 2 mill

  26. I am Bob

    I am BobHour ago

    Among us be like:↑

  27. sքɨʀɨt ɨռ tɦɛ sҡʏ

    sքɨʀɨt ɨռ tɦɛ sҡʏHour ago

    He finally made a Video or maybe i havent watched him in along time

  28. Burrito Boi

    Burrito BoiHour ago

    Communism 100

  29. Ruby Jackson

    Ruby JacksonHour ago

    Waiter: No, My feelings aren't hurt *screen goes black and white* John Cena: Are you sure about that!! Me: Sad vibes to the max

  30. Billy Hsu

    Billy HsuHour ago

    He can’t use the fridge, only mom can

  31. Marisa Kintu

    Marisa KintuHour ago

    I like the Erza background music XD

  32. retarded hotdog

    retarded hotdogHour ago

    So much emotion😢

  33. Deborah Paini

    Deborah PainiHour ago

    Teacher: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Nobady: Literally Nobady: Me: AnaOoP-

  34. Dbg kreeps

    Dbg kreepsHour ago

    This nigga too funny 😂

  35. Mmai 030

    Mmai 030Hour ago

    Kevin got Jazz-ed (if you know, you know)

  36. King Of Fury

    King Of FuryHour ago

    Among us is a hungry stomach 🤣🤣

  37. stan marsh

    stan marshHour ago

    How could you have a memory of this

  38. Marisa Kintu

    Marisa KintuHour ago

    Happened next to my crush :"D

  39. Jazmin TheArtist

    Jazmin TheArtistHour ago

    Highest quality content in youtube currently👌

  40. AK knight

    AK knightHour ago

    So... What's 6x3 ?

  41. Thekid L

    Thekid LHour ago

    should have been 7*6 no one knows that.

  42. Cøzi_Bear

    Cøzi_BearHour ago

    Excuse of the day: ‘it wasn’t me..?’

  43. Baldimerl

    BaldimerlHour ago

    Why would he ruin his own Christmas by making this video when people who look just like him steals his gifts.

  44. stan marsh

    stan marshHour ago


  45. Goku Jr

    Goku JrHour ago

    When he snatched him out his butters I started dyin on god

  46. Ayden Fetters

    Ayden Fetters2 hours ago


  47. edgetastic

    edgetastic2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who felt like their stomach was actually growling when his did.

  48. プリクルミニ

    プリクルミニ2 hours ago

    Halloween was only 3 weeks ago? geez..

  49. niclapy

    niclapy2 hours ago

    I need that button tho. 🚨

  50. Honey _

    Honey _2 hours ago

    “My eyes burn” “Did u try blinking” 💀

  51. Austin Clapshaw

    Austin Clapshaw2 hours ago

    Is it bad my stomach started growling when I watched the video

  52. niclapy

    niclapy2 hours ago

    Worth the wait! 🥸

  53. A Google User

    A Google User2 hours ago

    OHHHH, that's why he needs so much dish soap

  54. Jelly kitty

    Jelly kitty2 hours ago

    Omg that's wierd I yawn when Jenna yawned omg lol 😂😂and I stopped yawning when the video ended 😂😂

  55. Blue.

    Blue.2 hours ago

    More like when your telling the truth but your parents give no shit

  56. Baldimerl

    Baldimerl2 hours ago

    Well, at least he tried, I mean, I don't try at all

  57. Marie-anne Napess

    Marie-anne Napess2 hours ago

    Is 18 Ok

  58. Cristopher Ramirez

    Cristopher Ramirez2 hours ago

    My stomach growled when his stomach growled XD

  59. DJ McKinney

    DJ McKinney2 hours ago

    You have to like man some good music it’s the bomb

  60. DENISOOO78 Pro

    DENISOOO78 Pro2 hours ago


  61. Zachariah Valcius

    Zachariah Valcius2 hours ago

    long time no see bro

  62. American Raptor Gaming

    American Raptor Gaming2 hours ago

    Me watching this Him: stop stop watching this Me:ok Him: watch raid sha.. Me: you sneaky son of a

  63. Raatri Sarkar

    Raatri Sarkar2 hours ago

    I had an exam a few days ago for 2 hours and my stomach was growling the half the time. Thank god no one really noticed.

  64. Derek Huntley

    Derek Huntley2 hours ago

    Omg I’m DEAD

  65. Nakia Hardin

    Nakia Hardin2 hours ago


  66. Linus Van Pelt

    Linus Van Pelt3 hours ago

    My stomach is growling

  67. Faith

    Faith3 hours ago

    came here because of that genshin impact video

  68. Buddy Johnston

    Buddy Johnston3 hours ago

    everyone in this comment section under me keeps saying “so easy 18 6X3 =18 people are dumb”, and then you look at their pfp...

  69. TheCrazyimp99

    TheCrazyimp993 hours ago

    If I was kevin I would say well you are grading these

  70. Laa_Laa_ÓwÒ

    Laa_Laa_ÓwÒ3 hours ago

    Lol among us

  71. Полина арт

    Полина арт3 hours ago


  72. Kenneth Hentoloro

    Kenneth Hentoloro3 hours ago

    1:12 wait that's new?

  73. Tee-Jay

    Tee-Jay3 hours ago

    When he said "my salad." I felt that😔

  74. Princess Ofpettiness•5H Stan•

    Princess Ofpettiness•5H Stan•3 hours ago

    How did he fit all of that food in that bag lmaooo

  75. Makoto TV

    Makoto TV3 hours ago

    So are we just gonna ignore Ryan? *He was a real one*

  76. 1ChillyVibe YT

    1ChillyVibe YT3 hours ago

    After u guys were yawning I started yawning too LMaO

  77. An Ace

    An Ace3 hours ago

    Watching this again after 2 years is still funny

  78. Aspect demon

    Aspect demon3 hours ago

    The fact that he does this by himself is amazing

  79. Mizu Izzu

    Mizu Izzu3 hours ago

    Anyone from Genshin Impact Meme? The one with paimon and xianling