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  1. james alexander

    james alexander20 hours ago

    I have like 10 rc cars

  2. william martin

    william martin20 hours ago

    Useless car i nedd motorbike and o wanna ride my sexy giirlfriend

  3. Friday Anighoro

    Friday Anighoro21 hour ago

    The straight united kingdom noticeably saw because drake technically wonder apud a cut august. boring, judicious hockey

  4. Du other 1

    Du other 121 hour ago

    8:13 strap it to your back and you budget doc oc

  5. Du other 1

    Du other 121 hour ago

    4:55 ya cool unit they walk through a table

  6. Lajeni T Lajeo

    Lajeni T Lajeo21 hour ago

    I want a toy fast and strong car for 90 rupees in Indian carnes

  7. Frosty Ruiter

    Frosty Ruiter22 hours ago

    hell yes

  8. Aayan's Creative Lab

    Aayan's Creative Lab22 hours ago

    Bay bay bay bay bay bay bay

  9. ꧁RadicalRick꧂

    ꧁RadicalRick꧂22 hours ago

    Should be 11 Amazing tools TechZone would like to have!

  10. nepali keto

    nepali keto23 hours ago

    Jungle hasn't safety of snake bite

  11. Kentro Ken

    Kentro Ken23 hours ago

    todo gracias a #techlord01. Acabo de obtener mi cuenta de Instagram en menos de 30 minutos. Es el mejor hacker retriever que se haya visto hasta ahora.

  12. Kentro Ken

    Kentro Ken23 hours ago

    todo gracias a #techlord01. Acabo de obtener mi cuenta de Instagram en menos de 30 minutos. Es el mejor hacker retriever que se haya visto hasta ahora.

  13. Kentro Ken

    Kentro Ken23 hours ago

    todo gracias a #techlord01. Acabo de obtener mi cuenta de Instagram en menos de 30 minutos. Es el mejor hacker retriever que se haya visto hasta ahora.

  14. ian daniel basco

    ian daniel basco23 hours ago

    Im dead before i see a robot boss

  15. Thunderstormworld

    ThunderstormworldDay ago

    The last gadget is just another gadget to distract a driver to take your eyes of the road and cause an accident.

  16. Athena Tran

    Athena TranDay ago

    Surprised to see a clip of Olympic recurve archery in the outro 🥰

  17. The Punisher

    The PunisherDay ago

    2:47 Ah yes, exaclty what i need: My neighbours repeatedly slamming a ball against the wall all night...

  18. Spartan King

    Spartan KingDay ago

    Watching this makes me wish I was rich

  19. Spartan King

    Spartan KingDay ago

    I wanted everyone I’m ordering right now I just forgot I don’t have money 😔

  20. Ben G

    Ben GDay ago

    China sure loves Buick!



    The mini scanner can be used in exam centres for manipulation

  22. Umesh P

    Umesh PDay ago

    Do those mini guns make a lot of noise like the real ones do? Im concerned about ear damage

  23. 21deangelo

    21deangeloDay ago

    Thought he was goin to say the jetpack was 250$ lol

  24. 21deangelo

    21deangeloDay ago

    185 for a camera with no recording?

  25. Dennis Johnson

    Dennis JohnsonDay ago

    Useless expensive gadgets. That should be the theme of video.

  26. Dennis Johnson

    Dennis JohnsonDay ago

    WTF ? 700 dollar do nothing light show . Whats the armor part ?

  27. Fate Breaker

    Fate BreakerDay ago

    Not the last 2....but the 2 products before the last one.....complete and total scams.


    VIHAAN JAINDay ago

    i love you tech zone

  29. maxiHeRe

    maxiHeReDay ago

    that part where it comes....ooooOoooOOOOOOOOooooooooo AW.SOME

  30. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto TodorokiDay ago

    That wizard game would be a lot more better in SAO

  31. Ashraf Rt

    Ashraf RtDay ago

    I love smaller gun but I will not get it

  32. kai eidon تقديس

    kai eidon تقديسDay ago

    Niice 🆒😊

  33. ꧁RadicalRick꧂

    ꧁RadicalRick꧂Day ago

    2:22 does it come with ejection features? Say some unwelcome guess won't get off it!

  34. chris

    chrisDay ago

    snapon box is for aircraft mechanics

  35. Sebastian Moi

    Sebastian MoiDay ago

    Makes gun video and starts with an airsoft gun.

  36. xGARIDx

    xGARIDxDay ago

    Yes of course i would buy them if i was a millionaire 🤭

  37. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 1211Day ago

    😱 OMG!

  38. walter bracey

    walter braceyDay ago

    Carbench is a direct rip off to Car-o-Liners speed bench

  39. CHP 2652

    CHP 2652Day ago

  40. Juan Hernandez

    Juan HernandezDay ago

    The mean butane maternally puncture because minibus immunohistochemically produce despite a fascinated current. lovely, bright community

  41. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 1211Day ago

    It’s very important for my car.

  42. HeroWillRose N

    HeroWillRose NDay ago

    Sand cleaner for all beaches just gotten better for all beaches lovers.

  43. HeroWillRose N

    HeroWillRose NDay ago

    Oceans Cleanups machine is the best invention for all humans needs. Kept inviroments cleaner and safer.

  44. Mr Meek

    Mr MeekDay ago

    $2,200 TreadReader. I have these things called eyeballs that come standard on most humans.

  45. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 1211Day ago

    Those guns are strong enough to destroy my undestroyable targets

  46. chris daniels

    chris danielsDay ago

    There are adds every minute! This is becoming verry irritating. Its why i stopped watching cable tv years ago.

  47. Andy Dosty

    Andy DostyDay ago

    Call of Duty in Reality

  48. Cheyenne Keeper

    Cheyenne KeeperDay ago

    i mean $84 dollars for being safe around sharks eh i say it is worth it

  49. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 1211Day ago


  50. Brandon Wagner

    Brandon WagnerDay ago


  51. Dan The Man

    Dan The ManDay ago

    Maybe people will even want to go on a b0at again

  52. Nils mit Stapler

    Nils mit StaplerDay ago

    Damit die fetten Amis noch fetter werden.

  53. Jeff Womack

    Jeff WomackDay ago

    7 meters long and 20 1/2 meters wide? Damn it Billy Bob I told you to stop drinking at work!!

  54. The Lombax

    The LombaxDay ago

    Hmm I wonder which company was offering an endorsement.... because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a coffee machine before. It’s nothing new

  55. George B

    George BDay ago

    Mirror, compass, knife, magnifying glass, flint fire starter, whistle, good quality pocket multi-tool, first-aid kit, fishing line and hooks in a pill bottle, small good quality triple A flashlight & batteries. Hachette and a folding saw. nylon cord.And maybe a folding shovel.

  56. David Brandenburg

    David BrandenburgDay ago

    like to see john survive a fast turn



    GMC: "Cool huh? But I don't want to be the user."

  58. Drew Fuller

    Drew FullerDay ago

    Love the thumbnail. Starts with plastic knee pads, with hardware store casters, and goes straight to IRON MAN! Somebody trying to make rolling knees, look like a much cooler idea.

  59. Anita bowleg

    Anita bowlegDay ago

    But is it water proof?

  60. Life Covers

    Life CoversDay ago

    they all look the same

  61. fun time

    fun timeDay ago

    Imagine a girl wearing these kneepads instead. 😂😂

  62. Jose Manuel Callejas

    Jose Manuel CallejasDay ago


  63. Garrett B

    Garrett BDay ago

    I’ve never met someone who needs a fidget spinner due to lack of focus and golfs 😂

  64. Tazrahzeljr

    TazrahzeljrDay ago

    "Robots dont make mistakes"..... ......hmmmmm id like to challenge that lol

  65. KAOS

    KAOSDay ago

    Car Bench UL-300 is a death trap waiting to happen! I can't see anywhere where you could put pins along the bottom to stop the scissors on the right hand side from dropping in case there is a wiring fault or ram seal failure or weld failure

  66. Umesh P

    Umesh PDay ago

    Ill buy anything like the end RGB thing even if its a bit costly i will once i grow up

  67. shuichi kagaya

    shuichi kagayaDay ago

    hmmmm "bench fence" that kinda rhymes 🤔🤔

  68. Soldier 1st Class

    Soldier 1st ClassDay ago

    Colt 1911? Why not a musket?

  69. May the Schwarz be with you

    May the Schwarz be with youDay ago

    SNAP ON: What if we made a car to fix your car?

  70. ShayLa Gerlt

    ShayLa GerltDay ago

    Very 🙂




  72. Andrew Miller

    Andrew MillerDay ago


  73. Andrew Miller

    Andrew MillerDay ago


  74. Andrew Miller

    Andrew MillerDay ago


  75. Sailor Shreeve

    Sailor ShreeveDay ago

    we need some of these iags in the big city riots now

  76. Charles Castillo

    Charles CastilloDay ago

    It's clear they don't do their research, 5:31 This cane is a flimsy coiled up piece of foil meant for entertainers and magicians. It crumples under its own weight when swung with any amount of force and is only capable of being twirled around. It cannot and will not save your life on the street from a mugger and will get you killed while you fumble around with your crumpled up shaft that has just wrapped itself around your hands because you treated a dancers cane like a bo staff.

  77. Fation Veizi

    Fation VeiziDay ago

    I want to be able to afford the Bruder

  78. AnonymousMusic 2625

    AnonymousMusic 2625Day ago

    dude, if they made the Tesla Cyber Truck do this, im definitely sold!