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  1. MuscleNSpeed

    MuscleNSpeed3 hours ago

    Plus however this pans out with Wrinks working his way back lets not forget Malik and Shapel coming in and holding it down.

  2. 360 hammar

    360 hammar3 hours ago

    Definitely dont mention it was a black guy that asssuleted the asian person

  3. Onyx The Pittie mix

    Onyx The Pittie mix3 hours ago

    Brian was completely wrong about addiction that's a dangerous topic to talk about it when your not from that world which i am, doing better these days now but love the podcast hope Brian keeps appearing on the show

  4. Odairyman

    Odairyman4 hours ago

    Just pointing out Callens episode last week had 630k this one has 320k in 4 days... Haven't watched since the kid was gone, won't watch until he's back full time

  5. Anthony Johnson

    Anthony Johnson4 hours ago

    That snow shit is ridiculous. The snow melted you idiots

  6. sublizzel -

    sublizzel -4 hours ago

    Steve Oedekerk could do Ace Ventura as good as Jim

  7. Ethan Fettig

    Ethan Fettig4 hours ago

    This is like watching a dad reunite with his kids but the step dad wants to sit in

  8. carhartt

    carhartt4 hours ago

    When the Forrest fire earthquakes hit Cali they won’t be talking shit

  9. Mike Sullivan

    Mike Sullivan4 hours ago

    Thank God the Kid is back!

  10. Lil Wockhardt Universe 🌌 (Jrehd Keylo)

    Lil Wockhardt Universe 🌌 (Jrehd Keylo)6 hours ago

    Take you back to Nigeria 💀

  11. Raw Elf

    Raw Elf6 hours ago

    What a shocker the episode before bryan gets 150k views and the episode with Bryan gets over DOUBLE the views and still counting .............. 👏👏👏

  12. misterrockster

    misterrockster6 hours ago

    Brandon’s ego is fragile

  13. Dave L

    Dave L6 hours ago

    Interesting to watch this a year later... especially seeing Cuomo’s fall from grace.

  14. Jethro Gibbs

    Jethro Gibbs7 hours ago

    While the comment section is simply undeniable, we all do really miss B-ry, I do want to make sure we all know that he does have his own separate channel and a new podcast that everybody on here could be supporting. Things change, things get better. I for one really like Malik and the other guy. Brendan, love you too, but I can't beat you in a fight. Bryan... Id miss you, were you not such a glaring fire hazard. Peace and love all of you Edit: spells

  15. sam Dusseldwarf

    sam Dusseldwarf7 hours ago

    You know that there are way too many racists on USlikes when you see these closet Racist comments here " this interview made me unsubscribe to this channel " " First Twins video that I don't like " lol

  16. Mads

    Mads8 hours ago

    The weakest link in the show remained

  17. Gang Gang

    Gang Gang8 hours ago

    i dont even know what to comment... just WOW!

  18. Mark Zaal

    Mark Zaal8 hours ago

    Shoutout if you are only here when Wrinks is on the show.

  19. christopher laffy

    christopher laffy8 hours ago

    Actually the funniest podcast I’ve ever saw

  20. Tom M

    Tom M9 hours ago

    48:50 Bryan is finally back and Brendan still interrupts him..amazing...and 55:47.....there's so many more im 2 lazy to tag them all

  21. Gregor Carlin

    Gregor Carlin9 hours ago

    Dave Rubin is exactly Brendans idea of a smart man

  22. ludachris830

    ludachris8309 hours ago

    When the "kidz" said they hadn't seen "The Fighter and the Kid 3D", my heart hurt a little. 😕 #bringbackwrinks

  23. brian frazier

    brian frazier10 hours ago

    Welcome back callen ... Ya prick.. missed your shitty thoughts..

  24. TChun Media

    TChun Media10 hours ago

    Bryan leaving him hanging at @31:17

  25. TChun Media

    TChun Media10 hours ago

    LOL Bryan is fucken funny man miss wrinks. Glad hes back.

  26. ludachris830

    ludachris83010 hours ago

    Callens with the D'Elia style "oOooOoopppsss" 😮 hell yes!! #uncancelwrinks

  27. cyrusdavirus007

    cyrusdavirus00711 hours ago

    I only watch the Callen episodes

  28. Rafael Cabrera 713

    Rafael Cabrera 71311 hours ago

    Intro song is trash. Back for wrinks

  29. Smit

    Smit11 hours ago


  30. Jonathan Novelo Escalera

    Jonathan Novelo Escalera11 hours ago

    i always return to this

  31. Darcy Phillips

    Darcy Phillips11 hours ago

    Joe Rogan says Bobby started the fight in the strip club lol Bobby said Joe was lol

  32. Grant Franchey

    Grant Franchey11 hours ago

    Still one of my fav podcasts episodes of all time, still come back here from time to time

  33. Cameron Bontrager

    Cameron Bontrager12 hours ago


  34. Mark Mark

    Mark Mark12 hours ago

    Brendan needs to go

  35. cb7pwn

    cb7pwn12 hours ago

    yo, the amount of views on this ep of TFATK tells you the love for both Callen and Deliah... im personally so glad they are making their slow comebacks!! we all fuck up and makes mistakes, but i really so think these 2 were fucked over good, especially Callen

  36. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez12 hours ago

    I'm glad that people are winning some of these cancel culture ish. 21 years ago really and to hold someone about a tweet it has to be a year old tops.... Rape with evidence then that's different like Cosby or Weinstein but what happened to Callen it's similar to the Kevin Hart tweet scandel it's crazy. Kevin was less serious but it had the same effect like Brian...

  37. Kaileb Cooke

    Kaileb Cooke13 hours ago

    It’s hella funny then you’re like wait fr? It’s like being raped by a clown.

  38. Jess G.

    Jess G.13 hours ago

    The MAN DRAGON IS BAAAACK 🙌🏼 Thank the COMEDY GODS Bryan callen makes an appearance on his own show

  39. Ed Merced

    Ed Merced13 hours ago

    This must be the most hilarious comedian right now LOL

  40. Za Shish

    Za Shish13 hours ago


  41. MegadethTillDeth

    MegadethTillDeth13 hours ago

    "Fans" are so fuckin' fake lol. Do you understand that by still watching the show you're supporting Bryan still? He's part owner you idiots lol. So by "not watching til bryan is back" you're taking money out of the person you "support". Goofy

  42. finisher489

    finisher48914 hours ago

    1:40:11 - one of the producers accidentally moved the camera and she seemed embarrassed.

  43. Boltronical

    Boltronical15 hours ago

    Well goddamn Callen, where there's smoke there's fire am I wrong?

  44. Dyllan

    Dyllan15 hours ago

    You want some tailian?

  45. Robert Driscoll

    Robert Driscoll15 hours ago

    4 people on a conversational podcast is too much.

  46. Rene Stanneveld

    Rene Stanneveld15 hours ago

    WOOOT Brendan "Karate kid" slough :P that guys is FUNNY ! trust me .... (oh and buy GMC stock you make tons of cash)

  47. Brandon N

    Brandon N15 hours ago

    Bryan i did it Callen

  48. Irish Hero

    Irish Hero15 hours ago

    I will only watch if callen is on. He’s the soul of the show. Without him it’s like watching a highschool gossip circle with a giant ego centric idiot and two yes men

  49. Hd Deluxe rider

    Hd Deluxe rider15 hours ago

    Black Lives Matter blah blah blah . Tell them to go away and bring back Brian

  50. delatroy

    delatroy16 hours ago

    Callen’s full comedic potential is unleashed with Will and Chris

  51. Schweddy Bawllz

    Schweddy Bawllz16 hours ago

    Is this new? Wtf

  52. N l

    N l16 hours ago

    Finally hes back

  53. trent noble

    trent noble16 hours ago

    Ol Rink Worm

  54. Dawson Cowan

    Dawson Cowan16 hours ago

    Love it

  55. Nicholas Hernandez

    Nicholas Hernandez17 hours ago

    Yes! This is the way

  56. Zachary Heide

    Zachary Heide17 hours ago

    Came to get his last check n clean out the locker

  57. J W

    J W17 hours ago

    Thank god Callen is back! This podcast just became watchable again!

  58. Yo H

    Yo H18 hours ago

    Talking bout age, damn look how much Schaub's aged. He looks so young in this it's crazy.

  59. Yo H

    Yo H18 hours ago

    I love Callen and JoKoy. Callen's so good at setting up jokes, and keeping the flow going, it's an art form.

  60. Kyle Sinclear

    Kyle Sinclear18 hours ago


  61. Katie Mae

    Katie Mae19 hours ago

    Glad to see Bryan back ♥️

  62. Jasonn Ripleyy

    Jasonn Ripleyy19 hours ago

    Sad he created the show but had to leave it now a guest lol dont touch kids and he seems to talk alot about it about black market weird

  63. Paul Manning

    Paul Manning19 hours ago

    This was good.

  64. Cody Smith

    Cody Smith19 hours ago

    Bro totally de subscribing! Bryan built you and you can see in your eyes the first 5 minutes the disrespect. Bryan made you Sucks used to be my favorite pod

  65. Adrian Vera

    Adrian Vera20 hours ago


  66. josey wales

    josey wales21 hour ago

    Who are the two black guys? Do they own an old old wooden ship called Diversity?

  67. Dalton Vansickle

    Dalton Vansickle21 hour ago

    b Schaub 267 1.5 off so I'm 263

  68. Kimberly Benitez

    Kimberly Benitez21 hour ago

    Callen has the thinnest lips ever =

  69. Logan Padia

    Logan Padia21 hour ago

    Bryan" The Beheaded Cow" Callen

  70. Gods child

    Gods child21 hour ago

    Your def going to have withdrawals from Kratom if you take it everyday lol

  71. Marquise Maxey

    Marquise Maxey21 hour ago

    Hodge Twins are returning to the show? 👀

  72. Mcleod1198

    Mcleod119821 hour ago

    It was nice to see someone who doesnt fake laugh at brendans shitty joke

  73. Landon Orgill

    Landon Orgill22 hours ago

    Roller blades are known as fruit boots that pretty much killed them ☠️ 😂

  74. Rich Naper

    Rich Naper22 hours ago

    Bryan you’re right about the war on drugs and it’s effects but you’re telling a half truth when you leave out the entitlement culture the Great Society created...are you trying to pander to the woke crowd now?? You just said the opposite on Theo’s show....

  75. c619cuesta

    c619cuesta22 hours ago

    When Denzel is in the window was because the killer prompted up the girl and was watching her dead body from across the street

  76. Doom Muffinz

    Doom Muffinz22 hours ago

    Aren't the beaches covered with homeless though?

  77. Jack La Corte

    Jack La Corte22 hours ago

    Keep em coming Wrinks!!

  78. Justin Aka 13ossNokk

    Justin Aka 13ossNokk23 hours ago

    Double the viewers with callen then without does that tell you something?

  79. Justin Evans

    Justin Evans23 hours ago

    This show is great with the kidz. But with the kid and the kidz it’s incredible.

  80. Mike Semie

    Mike Semie23 hours ago

    Brendan’s on fire with Callen back