Tom Stanton
Tom Stanton
Tom Stanton

I graduated with a degree in Aerospace engineering and was sidetracked by the endless possibilies of 3D printers.

  1. Tarun Mahashwari

    Tarun Mahashwari9 hours ago

    कितना बोलता है ये आदमी

  2. Bogdan Matis

    Bogdan Matis10 hours ago


  3. CodeMan1131

    CodeMan113110 hours ago

    0:05 POV: you're playing bad piggies with RTX on

  4. The General

    The General10 hours ago

    ......not bad for a ginger.

  5. Gugu Lettu

    Gugu Lettu10 hours ago

    That was fun to watch, well done, I learnt something new about super capacitors 👍🏼☺️

  6. Grin Reaper Of Trolls

    Grin Reaper Of Trolls10 hours ago

    Sokka wants to know your location


    VIRGIL RADU11 hours ago

    Just curios about your CNC router. Can you give us some details about it?

  8. Dennis N

    Dennis N11 hours ago

    I am 57 years old and have been flying RC incl large jets for many years. I have now bought a 3D printer and I am so pleased to see a Young man doing this sort of thing and blending old skills with modern tech. Very well done I am sure you will go far in life

  9. Gistas Banaitis

    Gistas Banaitis11 hours ago

    Tom : builds a trebuchet Castles : panic Tom: I made safest projectile Castles : calm stuff decays over time and castles will probably fall apart by themselves Castles : panic

  10. Nói Kristjánsson

    Nói Kristjánsson11 hours ago

    ODM gear need, want plz

  11. Aidan Preuss

    Aidan Preuss11 hours ago

    There is one thing we all got to like 1:22

  12. Alejandro VG

    Alejandro VG12 hours ago

    Did you really expect that to work with all that cheap hw? Latency from data output to processing unit must be terrible. Idea is great though, but you cannot trust cheap Arduino shields for that use

  13. Ipunk

    Ipunk12 hours ago

    bit complex using gyroscope to give stabilization

  14. CMDR RDZ

    CMDR RDZ12 hours ago check out this video to see what i mean for the "venturi pump" turns out there is already name for this in the aviation industry "aviation aspirator" 4:26m in video, or TLA "tank liquid agitator" its the same principle. who ever in your setup i assume some sort of valve will be required due to the small amount of air available. (my idea is to use this to lower the comsumption of the system, but i guess it could be used to add power instead). up to you to chouse the best aplication.

  15. Michal Urbánek

    Michal Urbánek13 hours ago

    for 212 pounds its not worth it guys, trust me I play sims for years and have a multitude of various joysticks from vartious price points. Save up some more and buy a Thrustmaster warthog. Or a saitek 56. When it comes to rudder peddals, the only good ones cost 500$ or 1000$ so just buy the cheapest set you can find.

  16. Nancho Party

    Nancho Party14 hours ago

    1:27 that ball flew so fast the camera failed to capture it in every frame.

  17. Jay Zed's Guide to Things n Stuff

    Jay Zed's Guide to Things n Stuff15 hours ago

    Your joy is more infectious than a new strain of CoronaLurgey. From one engineer to another, thank you for sharing your knowledge and work and a special thank you for inspiring others to get out there and explore other technologies.

  18. Alexander Mikas

    Alexander Mikas15 hours ago

    When you build in a step up DC/DC converter, you would be able to use almost 95 % of the capacitor energy. Of course the step up DC/DC converter is activated only when the voltage has dropped almost to the cut off voltage of the motor driver circuit.

  19. Beau Jamo

    Beau Jamo15 hours ago

    Hey, you’re channel is so awesome. Btw, I’m really interested to do this along with my kid, is it possible to know to get the list of equipment you used eg relays, motors, battery etc? Thanks!

  20. salsabeel vlogs

    salsabeel vlogs16 hours ago

    Finally hub motor is best for making e-bikes😁😁😁

  21. Bobis32 Commentary

    Bobis32 Commentary16 hours ago

    i went to and back from work 16 total miles everyday over 120 days ridden(i didnt ride when the weather was bad) i only experienced my breaks locking once going downhill at around 32.5Mph i was trying to slow myself so i wouldnt crash ended up causing myself to crash tumbled and tore 6 inches x 1.5 inches of skin my right arm with a bit on my back and side still not fully healed 4 months later still has some scar tissue and it was on a rim brake bike its just built well enough that at full pressure it will lock up the front tire

  22. Vasil Valchev

    Vasil Valchev17 hours ago

    Why not adding more gears to reduce lenght of cord needed?

  23. Suno Toh Apne Dil Ki

    Suno Toh Apne Dil Ki17 hours ago

    This was first made by an 14 years old Indian girl. She made it for her science exhibition. Proud Indian🇮🇳

  24. Noah-Stuart Freeman

    Noah-Stuart Freeman17 hours ago

    Should do a air turbine engine and put it on a plane or a car

  25. Oogalook

    Oogalook18 hours ago

    I had my mind blown in College when I went to Tanner Electronics - a mom and pop shop in Dallas - and they had 50 Farad x2.7v supercaps. I dutifully bought 30 for like 2 bucks each. Anyway, I finally know what to make with them, so thanks, Tom!

  26. Lescha Elli

    Lescha Elli18 hours ago

    Compressor engine

  27. Ryan Paul Teruel

    Ryan Paul Teruel18 hours ago

    0:44 made me laugh

  28. meonatrix2

    meonatrix218 hours ago

    seems like a way to leave kerosin planes behind us?

  29. Alexander Kosolapov

    Alexander Kosolapov18 hours ago

    There must be a way to take out and store energy while it slows down and use this energy to spin up again on each rotation. This would solve the engine heating problem.

  30. cold owl

    cold owl18 hours ago

    Okay now attach an engine to it.

  31. Kyle Hall

    Kyle Hall18 hours ago

    For anyone wondering that seed is from a maple tree.

  32. farhan rahmaddani

    farhan rahmaddani18 hours ago

    smarter everyday just yeet a baseball at super sonic a few week later

  33. Andrew Frink

    Andrew Frink18 hours ago

    can't wait for the hydrolic version of this where there are basically two brake levels that work opposite of each other. Ideally one isn't a lever at all and doesn't need a servo, or maybe just a cam on one.

  34. Steven McDonald

    Steven McDonald18 hours ago

    Congratulations on the new engine design. Impressive work!

  35. Oogalook

    Oogalook19 hours ago

    Subscribed instantly, you rock.

  36. Vickie Sanders

    Vickie Sanders19 hours ago

    The shiny bobcat rahilly unfasten because plough physically drop from a thirsty weapon. uptight, imaginary cement

  37. Andrew Frink

    Andrew Frink19 hours ago

    I watched this back in September, and again just now. was just as good the second time. That wheel just stopping still is crazy.

  38. Brennan Perry

    Brennan Perry21 hour ago

    You made a catapult that spins. To call it a trebuchet is an insult to the very word.

  39. Latesha Presley

    Latesha Presley21 hour ago

    The pleasant kettle optically afford because system prominently describe like a false familiar famous brain. waggish, instinctive asphalt

  40. christian zöller

    christian zöller21 hour ago

    Nice animations to explane whats happening... more!

  41. Daniel Coombe

    Daniel Coombe21 hour ago

    That size trebuchet would actually be good for launching oil bombs. But, a trebuchet would be a long project.

  42. gaza1121

    gaza112122 hours ago

    If you wanted to increase the range would it be better to use a longer or a wider syringe? Longer would give more travel of the plunger but wider would give more power meaning you could increase the gear ratio.

  43. ernie5229

    ernie522922 hours ago

    "With the lithium-ion battery, I still had another 43 minutes that I could have flown." No. As time goes on, the voltage drops. As voltage drops thrust drops. At some time long before 43 minutes (with a corresponding 8 volts), you would not have enough power to fly the plane. Sure, it is possible to fly planes at this lower voltage. However, his test plane used a 4 cell battery, indicating that it was not designed to run at such a low voltage.

  44. wullxz

    wullxz22 hours ago

    Imagine turning the Trebuchet around and launching the balls all over the town. No one would know where they come from.

  45. Funnee Limzerd

    Funnee Limzerd22 hours ago

    419 joules, on the verge of greatness,


    ADRIANO PAULINO3023 hours ago

    inscreva no meu canal soldas in casa

  47. dadigitechman

    dadigitechman23 hours ago

    Hhhhhh, think I'm just gonna go back to botany. Anyone wanna buy a crap load of arduino stuff?

  48. Petar Đuričin

    Petar Đuričin23 hours ago

    The video Is great the only complain is that in my opinion at least it should be a little bit shorter

  49. Risen Snake

    Risen SnakeDay ago

    I like how he just slapped integza with a bottle

  50. Brett P Scholten

    Brett P ScholtenDay ago


  51. Mike

    MikeDay ago

    This is seriously impressive

  52. grzesiek1x

    grzesiek1xDay ago

    what i have recently noticed is sometimes there is a "security" circuit in the batteries which limits the current so this is why sometimes the tests are not very precise when you compare different batteries etc. because you look at the volatage and capasity and you think hmm it should be the same but it is not but not because of the battery itself...

  53. Matthias May

    Matthias MayDay ago

    Place the nozzles on the tips of the rotor blades. Some early helicopters had this design. It had done trouble with hit gases. Since you use cold compressed air there should nothing to be worried of. Placing nozzles on tip of the rotor will drive the rotor and save the weight of the turbine and gear.

  54. Streamz Now

    Streamz NowDay ago

    whats the name of the capacitors and voltage rating I would like to order some

  55. Brian Strow

    Brian StrowDay ago

    Would love to see it with counter rotating propellers and if you could control the direction with some creative steering mech would be cool

  56. Charlie Chimp

    Charlie ChimpDay ago

    Next level experiments, awesome

  57. peter h

    peter hDay ago

    I had never heard of that before

  58. Jonáš Priškin

    Jonáš PriškinDay ago

    have never heard of it, but it is very satisfying and shows how sw is becoming so much more powerful yet cant work without the hw :D

  59. Lou Slade

    Lou SladeDay ago

    I think you may have sent that tennis ball to space

  60. Phino K.M.

    Phino K.M.Day ago

    That's actually pretty genius. I wonder if the vibration from acceleration and deceleration is much of a problem for the aircraft itself and potential gear, like cameras etc.

  61. Serai Resana

    Serai ResanaDay ago

    The anxious tin inevitably attract because libra lally extend by a dizzy mini-skirt. aberrant, homeless women

  62. Shane Powell

    Shane PowellDay ago

    What would happen if you added more weight to the hoop?

  63. James Small

    James SmallDay ago

    Check out the RC F-35

  64. Carlos_A_M

    Carlos_A_MDay ago

    Ah yes, a "rocket" that does not work with a rocket engine. Tho tbh it would be cool af if this ignited a rocket engine after the propellar stops

  65. captain kirk

    captain kirkDay ago

    I'm a little lost here beforehand it was about a jet powered bicycle and now it's now you end it with this why is USlikes screwing with me today

  66. RainCloud Nimbus

    RainCloud NimbusDay ago

    Got an idea. Make a generator that hooks up to your bike and when it charges a battery all the way, you can use a speed boost on your bike

  67. Chahit Uppal

    Chahit UppalDay ago

    how much do supercapacitors cost?

  68. Aubrey S.

    Aubrey S.Day ago

    This guy deserves ten times the subscribers. Amazing work, Tom!

  69. Argon Racing

    Argon RacingDay ago

    "Coander Effect"

  70. Alexander Kosolapov

    Alexander KosolapovDay ago

    Try to split the incoming stream in two halves and turn them towards each other so they will cancel each other's energy.

  71. Kaashu

    KaashuDay ago

    one trip to america and look what u have become, from air powered drones to 7 hr cat powered useless phone charger LMAO

  72. Alexander Kosolapov

    Alexander KosolapovDay ago

    Try to curve the bucket in way that the water (or air) gets redirected back to the incoming stream.

  73. Found Wheels

    Found WheelsDay ago

    Longer launch ramp

  74. M Y

    M YDay ago

    Can't we add vertical thrust to keep it up in air...🤔

  75. Lydell Aaron

    Lydell AaronDay ago

    Very cool! The motor's acoustic signature is unique.

  76. Nunyo Business

    Nunyo BusinessDay ago

    maybe you should give it landing gear. or protection.

  77. domsau2

    domsau2Day ago

    Coolest copter ever!

  78. RockMonster1000

    RockMonster1000Day ago

    So many beautiful castles destroyed by the likes of you. Congrats mate

  79. Sanjana Ravishan

    Sanjana RavishanDay ago

    super ☺

  80. さあはたらま

    さあはたらまDay ago