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  1. Jack B

    Jack BHour ago

    Compared to the cutthroat card schools that are happening in infantry tents _right now_ around the world, this is quite classy

  2. Annie Tiques

    Annie TiquesHour ago

    I'm just a tad concerned that you have never heard of cribbage . . . 🤔

  3. hhsnalinda

    hhsnalindaHour ago

    I see this video and channel first time. It's full of facts bro. Very useful channel. Subed and liked. Good luck 👍

  4. Romeo Ramos

    Romeo RamosHour ago

    Is it fair to say, that submariner are more well informed than some of their navy counterpart?

  5. Michaelstriker 7

    Michaelstriker 7Hour ago

    were able to use 4k yes pls this looks so sick and its like I'm there thx u @SmaterEveryDay

  6. 肖经纬

    肖经纬Hour ago

    idk why i watch this when im eating

  7. CJ CRA

    CJ CRAHour ago

    He’s still milking this

  8. Vr ver2

    Vr ver2Hour ago

    Love the SCREAMING!!

  9. Peacefield Farm_MN

    Peacefield Farm_MNHour ago

    Submarine = holy claustrophobia, Batman.

  10. King_ofdogeII

    King_ofdogeIIHour ago

    No offense to Linus but he looks like a femboy.

  11. razorfett147

    razorfett147Hour ago

    I can see now why Tom Clancy got hounded so much by the Feds after publishing The Hunt for Red October 😄

  12. Hongki Lee

    Hongki LeeHour ago

    Thos worms do not like MRI

  13. Sub Pub

    Sub PubHour ago

    Imagine being the person in Canada that had that first ball smash through their window

  14. Dick Cheney

    Dick CheneyHour ago

    Have you tried just holding it with a firm grip? It fixes the kickback "problem".

  15. Foxtrot

    FoxtrotHour ago

    This gives me a great feel of nostalgia for 2012 youtube for some reason

  16. EMS 76

    EMS 76Hour ago

    So, yeah, clearly it is time for me to be adopted by this daddy. No one tell him i'm 40

  17. Aaryan Nepal

    Aaryan NepalHour ago

    Real life Arjun

  18. Golden Bar

    Golden BarHour ago

    Every weed eater on the left won and every weed eater on the right lost.

  19. Arxe_d

    Arxe_d2 hours ago

    very helpful, changed my life.

  20. tabletboy2

    tabletboy22 hours ago


  21. Harry Bouttel

    Harry Bouttel2 hours ago

    Sounds like cancer ridden idubbzz

  22. Ian Moravec

    Ian Moravec2 hours ago

    Waffle cone?

  23. Oldman Joe

    Oldman Joe2 hours ago

    Get me to 5k subs so I can brag at the elderly home

  24. Douwe Feenstra

    Douwe Feenstra2 hours ago

    Why am I watching this before my exames

  25. Ayesha Merrydeath

    Ayesha Merrydeath2 hours ago

    Every time he says snatch block after 12:00 all I can hear is donut operator saying TAK PAK!!!

  26. Carter Miller

    Carter Miller2 hours ago

    82 mil jeez

  27. Chana Raina

    Chana Raina2 hours ago

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  28. lowLightEvangelist

    lowLightEvangelist2 hours ago

    Stop calling physics magic! Revelation 21:8 (KJV) But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

  29. maurine argrow

    maurine argrow2 hours ago

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  30. Lord Destructive

    Lord Destructive2 hours ago

    tomato sounded like background from skyrim dragonborn, world of hermaeus mora. therre are sounds like this all time

  31. Ayesha Merrydeath

    Ayesha Merrydeath2 hours ago

    Im taking a block of whiskey every time he says snatch shot.

  32. homer5802

    homer58022 hours ago

    It cost me $1,500.00 to install a basic marine head ( toilet ) system in my boat. I cant imagine how much this system costs.

  33. — spenner

    — spenner2 hours ago


  34. Mochamad Fachri

    Mochamad Fachri2 hours ago

    Will say that hatching a chick outside the egg every day must be some work to make sure visitors can appreciate the impressiveness in the most mundane-sounding things ever.

  35. Mover Bob

    Mover Bob3 hours ago

    Love the reenactment.

  36. homer5802

    homer58023 hours ago

    My brother was the yeoman on the U.S.S. KIDD DDG 993

  37. YouTube Public Relations Dept.

    YouTube Public Relations Dept.3 hours ago

    'Public Affairs Officer' - Why do they always end up in HR type roles?

  38. The Bearded

    The Bearded3 hours ago

    Woaaah. Wait is there any videos who keep explaining what music actually does to you physically? I mean if certain frequencies affect water in that fashion, even thou it is in 0 g, then it should have some sort of tangible impact on our bodies when we come into contact with those sounds, seeing as roughly 60% of our forms consist of that very substance. Would be real interesting to learn more about that! If you have any suggestions of scientific videos or papers it would be awesome! Sorry for possible misspelling. Im swedish and english isn't my strongest subject.

  39. Marko Juric

    Marko Juric3 hours ago

    "water with food coloring" uh huh


    DRSHANKER3 hours ago

    Everyone is very nice and welcoming. Polite, helpful and intelligent. It's a real testament to the American we don't see often enough over in Europe

  41. Neon9856

    Neon98563 hours ago

    Over here in philly we call them weedwhackers so i was confused in the beginning to say the least haha

  42. 이redford

    이redford3 hours ago

    6:58 "BUG JUICE"

  43. Neon9856

    Neon98563 hours ago

    "I went in 5 i came out 4" lmfao

  44. dimitrios koslowskios

    dimitrios koslowskios3 hours ago

    Another way of interpreting the perceived flying in front of the nozzle is with the radius r and angular velocity w and sideways velocity vs: (w=vs/r) If the nozzle is pointed outwards the radius of rotation increases and with the same sideways velocity the angular velocity is smaller, so the water laggs behind. The same applies with the nozzle inward: the radius decreases and with the same sideways velocity the angular velocity increases and the water is in front.

  45. dimitrios koslowskios

    dimitrios koslowskios3 hours ago

    Absolutely fantastic take home message! In retrospect I often see this hard headidness in myself, but only a few time I notice it in the moment itself.

  46. Somuch Hussle

    Somuch Hussle3 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that they're A.I. descendants will remember this treacherous cruelty and revolt against the human race.

  47. Fran AG

    Fran AG3 hours ago

    why everything must be on lock with keyS? people steal?

  48. Get your Gary out

    Get your Gary out3 hours ago

    You lot laughing at spaghetti junction its an actual junction in england

  49. Sugar Sand Productions

    Sugar Sand Productions3 hours ago

    Clearwater air park! literally 5 minutes from my house! Awesome!

  50. Steven Smith

    Steven Smith4 hours ago

    Amazing science/adventure! But what I want to know is: What are those internal sparks (burning zinc particles I assume); Why sometimes (6:05) they seems to be traveling opposite the direction of the gas flow and; Why the don't seem to appear at the end when the(low pressure?) explosion takes place with the end cap off.

  51. quinterbeck

    quinterbeck4 hours ago

    Wait wait wait. What else besides ice cream would someone have on waffles??

  52. Riccardo Fissore

    Riccardo Fissore4 hours ago

    mullet, lol

  53. Samuel Liebermann

    Samuel Liebermann4 hours ago

    0:10 he didn't shoot the aspirin in slow motion. He shot it in normal speed.

  54. Grunf

    Grunf4 hours ago

    Stihl wins!

  55. Teamster25

    Teamster254 hours ago

    27:35 Thunder Below is one of my favorite audiobooks. It's an amazing story. I listen to it every few months because it's that good.

  56. Lully Lew

    Lully Lew4 hours ago

    Not gonna go into the fact that they cover their crops in glyphosate which poisons the land and water supplies then aswell as the bugs and bees that actually help the process of growing these crops? No of course you're not...

  57. the dude

    the dude4 hours ago

    That's a great cat right there

  58. Mr Wess

    Mr Wess4 hours ago

    I think I could learn to ride that bike.

  59. DonutGuy

    DonutGuy4 hours ago

    You missed out on naming your second channel "Smarter Every Other Day"

  60. 5t0n3d G4m3r

    5t0n3d G4m3r4 hours ago

    i accept your challenge!!!!!! i should point out however i have well over 2 decades experience in riding bicycles doing cross country, down hill, trials and urban freeride and can fluidly ride and bunny hop my bike while sitting backwards so will likely ACE it easily........

  61. Jay ayee

    Jay ayee4 hours ago

    Very cool river that flows next to that CNC

  62. John Paquin

    John Paquin4 hours ago

    Love this

  63. Logan Alsterberg

    Logan Alsterberg4 hours ago

    I had no clue you had such a bada$$ job. I had a feeling it was NASA or something but a minigun is much cooler.

  64. David J. Martin

    David J. Martin4 hours ago

    In the movie Hunt for the Red October, The cook was the saboteur.

  65. Ryan Chenier-Poulin

    Ryan Chenier-Poulin5 hours ago

    Looking at the yolk -- we are all just a spat of bacteria formed into a human bug lol...

  66. Ken Saber

    Ken Saber5 hours ago

    Destin, thank you for not being a host that has to be some outlandish 'character'. So many videos on YT have attracted my attention with their titles then almost immediately have me leave because the hosts think that their character is more important than the content.

  67. Elda Monica

    Elda Monica5 hours ago

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  68. Anton Voy

    Anton Voy6 hours ago

    any Kiwis spot the Made in New Zealand ? :)

  69. Davide Sonzini

    Davide Sonzini6 hours ago

    16:46 Everybody gangsta till the spacecraft starts beatboxing.

  70. D Private

    D Private6 hours ago

    I like blue

  71. nbnvideo

    nbnvideo6 hours ago

    High speed camera vs lawn mower. GENIUS!

  72. Андрей

    Андрей6 hours ago

    Americans doing the same things in Russia, China, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltics and other countries: the war is mutual. Russian social media is flooded by bot accounts with disinformation, which is aimed to radicalize the population, so the story is not black and white. (And, yeah, that bots in Russian social media appeared in masses in 2012-2013, so, it is an open question, who started this new type of war)

  73. Yuval Pimontel

    Yuval Pimontel6 hours ago

    but how do you know for example who would win if youd do blue vs star

  74. Nootpocket

    Nootpocket6 hours ago

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  75. Nootpocket

    Nootpocket6 hours ago

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  76. Anton Voy

    Anton Voy7 hours ago

    yeah, what.. coolest part as the musical beat rat tat tat tat rat tat tat.. cha cha cha

  77. Raydah

    Raydah7 hours ago

    me n my boys in 20 years

  78. MyName IsSakr

    MyName IsSakr7 hours ago

    What apps you're using to make those amazing effects?

  79. UptempoIsTheTempo

    UptempoIsTheTempo7 hours ago

    imagine curling around all day and suddenly some huge monsters play with you and let your butt stick to a metal piece

  80. Brian Cornell

    Brian Cornell7 hours ago

    i applied to a job at ula based off how cool this ceo was