How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous

We drop stuff, we bounce stuff, we throw stuff, we catch stuff. How good #44Club

  1. Brady Carr

    Brady Carr13 minutes ago

    Drop a basketball hoop mate

  2. bnpaka

    bnpaka30 minutes ago

    @bnpaka -IG

  3. Sam Ford

    Sam Ford38 minutes ago

    TKOR springs to mind with this vid 👍🏻 great vid guys

  4. Lance Heckel

    Lance Heckel40 minutes ago

    I don't have and Instagram but you can contact me here and get my email lol. Worth a shot

  5. Mix Rtt

    Mix Rtt56 minutes ago

    IG: maxjwright ❤️

  6. Spooky_ lxix_uwu

    Spooky_ lxix_uwu57 minutes ago

    This guys really want to destroy they're eardrum

  7. Connor Sturt

    Connor Sturt57 minutes ago

    Oh mighty chopper

  8. Abhimanyu Thakur

    Abhimanyu Thakur58 minutes ago

    This channel's all video of 2 years ago is in trending

  9. Cameron Nelson

    Cameron NelsonHour ago


  10. jayo sandoruts

    jayo sandorutsHour ago

    IG : dxnt.dub I wouldn't of thought a giant magnifying glass had enough force to melt solid gold.

  11. Charles W.

    Charles W.Hour ago

    I have to say I'm a little disappointed Gonson didn't check the toilet water rotation in the northern hemisphere( vs the southern) while he was here.


    JAZZ GENTRYHour ago

    Phantom coming soon

  13. ELGameshツ

    ELGameshツHour ago

    Nooo the Green car of my Summer car game

  14. Sarah Dew

    Sarah Dew2 hours ago


  15. Maxwell Talarigo

    Maxwell Talarigo2 hours ago


  16. Emma Reilly

    Emma Reilly2 hours ago

    I am only 9, so I don't have insta but I am still trying to get the gold though.

  17. Rozaxis

    Rozaxis2 hours ago

    Me with globophobia (fear of balloons popping): Watches this on 1% volume

  18. Djeyusuf sufuskjs

    Djeyusuf sufuskjs2 hours ago

    POV: you got pumpkined

  19. Axple Fifteen

    Axple Fifteen2 hours ago

    he only got 2...

  20. Popastun NZ

    Popastun NZ2 hours ago

    _jpvdw_ let's go boys !! What a banger, so good I actually watched it twice !!


    CMPNINJA2 hours ago

    Mate that was sick I’m have aullsreling and half American

  22. AmaZon 884

    AmaZon 8842 hours ago

    я из 2021 года

  23. CreatureOTNight COTN

    CreatureOTNight COTN2 hours ago

    Why does everyone throw backhand compared to forehand?

  24. Hikaru Kwando

    Hikaru Kwando3 hours ago

    The cube cost 1099 dollar!

  25. Paul Hodgson

    Paul Hodgson3 hours ago


  26. CreatureOTNight COTN

    CreatureOTNight COTN3 hours ago

    2 years later china says bro you cant use that i've sneezed and the worlds gone into lockdown.

  27. CreatureOTNight COTN

    CreatureOTNight COTN3 hours ago

    Bogans be like, dude if i keep hitting a golf ball off the dam will it fail and I end drowning.

  28. gregstein 1889

    gregstein 18893 hours ago

    @mc_christ my insta handle

  29. Liam white

    Liam white3 hours ago

    Why don’t they use walkies talkies?


    RICK ASTLEY4 hours ago

    Bullet vs oobleck

  31. Sarah Bee

    Sarah Bee4 hours ago

    Ig: xxsarexx

  32. Lamczak

    Lamczak4 hours ago

    if they sold this car in Poland they will make money more than that video on youtube

  33. Jonathon Gleadhill

    Jonathon Gleadhill4 hours ago

    IG jono885 Nice work boys.

  34. Lamczak

    Lamczak4 hours ago

    Sprzedając ten samochód w polszy wyjdą lepiej niż za ten filmik xDD

  35. Lars Kristian's Channel

    Lars Kristian's Channel5 hours ago

    Them standing so close to the drop is just insane.

  36. Notademocrat

    Notademocrat5 hours ago

    why do they look so different

  37. Ali Kellaway

    Ali Kellaway5 hours ago

    Instagram/IG: @ali.kellaway

  38. little leggs 11

    little leggs 115 hours ago

    I’ve watched this channel for years but never had a yt acc so yo

  39. Veigar Bjarni Sigurðarson

    Veigar Bjarni Sigurðarson5 hours ago

    I was so shocked that I threw the ipad away when the ball went into the camera. YOU NEED TO NOTIFY

  40. Veigar Bjarni Sigurðarson

    Veigar Bjarni Sigurðarson5 hours ago

    100000. 0000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 t

  41. Veigar Bjarni Sigurðarson

    Veigar Bjarni Sigurðarson5 hours ago


  42. Wojtek Miecznik

    Wojtek Miecznik5 hours ago

    Shitty film

  43. Troy Mccarthy

    Troy Mccarthy5 hours ago

    Insane melting point love it @mr_grimm_gaming



    Tugsten: karate master metal

  45. Κωνσταντίνος Θεοδοσίδης

    Κωνσταντίνος Θεοδοσίδης5 hours ago

    278 579

  46. James Graham

    James Graham6 hours ago

    Its a girl

  47. Indika Chandrasiri

    Indika Chandrasiri6 hours ago

    Please guys name him Rexander 🙏

  48. MrT0AST1

    MrT0AST16 hours ago

    Call it “fathers toothpick”

  49. Trains Australia

    Trains Australia6 hours ago

    Drop a 1.000.000 watermelons

  50. Didier YT

    Didier YT6 hours ago

    And yet your phone still manages to crack from 4 feet

  51. Pulp_Criminal Gaming

    Pulp_Criminal Gaming6 hours ago


  52. Quest Kaiser

    Quest Kaiser6 hours ago

    Has he gotten his tooth fixed yet?

  53. B2K-Boomer

    B2K-Boomer6 hours ago

    Ig B2K-Boomer How to melt gold fast 101

  54. Bails

    Bails7 hours ago


  55. Mel Norbury

    Mel Norbury7 hours ago

    that was amazing keep it up

  56. Nietzsche's Übermensch

    Nietzsche's Übermensch7 hours ago

    I think their English gets worse with each video. I can't understand 80% of what they're saying.

  57. Andrew Vaga

    Andrew Vaga7 hours ago


  58. stonks!

    stonks!7 hours ago


  59. Dreiback

    Dreiback7 hours ago

    You know that if aluminum gets too hot, it maked toxic gases, right?

  60. chevylegen45 yt

    chevylegen45 yt7 hours ago

    I love how he said to 1mil likes and they got it

  61. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    30 minutes

  62. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    29 minutes

  63. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    28 minutes

  64. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    27 minutes

  65. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    26 minutes

  66. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    25 minutes

  67. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    24 minutes

  68. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    23 minutes

  69. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    22 minutes

  70. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    21 minutes

  71. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    20 minutes

  72. kiki avila

    kiki avila7 hours ago

    22 minutes

  73. Scoty Stobbe

    Scoty Stobbe7 hours ago

    IG: @scotystobbe

  74. MQ Gaming

    MQ Gaming7 hours ago

    6:08 there's something mysterious in the left of the screen which runs/flys super fast towards the axe head