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  1. John Young

    John Young7 minutes ago

    Add Tiger to this list

  2. Sugar Jones

    Sugar Jones8 minutes ago

    No mention of the second water cat?

  3. khanbibi

    khanbibi20 minutes ago

    #oddtopic Omg that is weird

  4. Missy Dee

    Missy Dee22 minutes ago

    Who told this man to talk like this?!? It's so annoying and distracting. I can't imagine having a conversation with him...or anyone ....trying to sound like a proper narrator. If you have a unique or great narrating voice...there would be NO reason to ruin it by speaking like this guy. It's a shame b/c the potential is there..? Maybe?

  5. elle j Loesch

    elle j Loesch29 minutes ago

    I’m not real, thrilled with the Akita, or the German Shepherd, however...the Shepkita, for me, is the PERFECT dog. Maximillion Diamond, was the best. A tad of a stubborn attitude, high prey drive, protector, and loved people. I miss my boi, everyday, and I doubt I’ll ever have another, as perfect as he was. 🥺😢

  6. Missy Dee

    Missy Dee34 minutes ago

    Not impressed at all. Kind of annoying 1st of all, 2nd I do NOT like the idea of sinking ships to make artificial reefs and habitat for wildlife. It seems like it's the new excuse to sink a dying ship rather than beach it and take it a part appropriately (b/c of course that would be more expensive than sinking it) and 3rd the footage was like 3 seconds long. I thought we would see more footage of that opposed to annoying animations. Just MY opinion.

  7. Sugar Jones

    Sugar Jones42 minutes ago

    Ahh crah coke island lol

  8. Ted Byrne

    Ted Byrne48 minutes ago

    A knife thru hot butter???

  9. Matthew Lane

    Matthew Lane58 minutes ago

    Hes one of there favorite people, yeah I can tell😂

  10. Fallen Neiborhood

    Fallen NeiborhoodHour ago

    Scam alert scam alert scam alert

  11. Matthew Lane

    Matthew LaneHour ago

    This is some super heart warming stuff!

  12. Fire and ice And Everything nice

    Fire and ice And Everything niceHour ago

    Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see the bird of paradise on this list why not? It’s beautiful

  13. Yipi

    YipiHour ago


  14. GathKingLeppbertI

    GathKingLeppbertIHour ago

    Titicaca. Heheheh

  15. Bonnie Enright

    Bonnie EnrightHour ago

    Two facts...no old people lifts and 80% of humans have occasional or permanent back problems. Can’t imagine why. Doing things this way makes your boss lots of money.

  16. corrie fenner

    corrie fennerHour ago

    'Blue sharks..' Shows great white shark.

  17. Shane Pageau

    Shane Pageau2 hours ago

    So when you fall in with a man eater and you dont get on its good side the stomache and eyez and gills are what you must target those target areas are open to friendly contact as well learn anything extra to aid in surviveal i say

  18. Waneta Wentz

    Waneta Wentz2 hours ago


  19. Chris Bearce

    Chris Bearce2 hours ago

    Conservation obviously have a under hand devle deal, that dolphin inpertickuler is going extended, if that guy didnt help faster extinction, what's the harm in helping , its bin stranded for god knows how long couldnt fight ya if it wanted, answer , they want it dead and I bet there tied to the democratic party

  20. Gloria Oxendine

    Gloria Oxendine2 hours ago

    He tree or email is

  21. The Greek85

    The Greek852 hours ago

    My EX...should be on this list!!!

  22. Chris Bearce

    Chris Bearce2 hours ago

    Anaconda, if your gunna be stupid u got to be tuff, if you know there are anacondas and still go swimming, u diserve 1 too be eatin,2 a world star jackass award

  23. Sorgalus

    Sorgalus2 hours ago

    Thought: "How do you know if you just didn't get all your memories you have when you woke up today?"

  24. mohd amin yeo

    mohd amin yeo2 hours ago

    Cut down your mashed potatoes and those fizzy drinks bro...😂

  25. David Brassington

    David Brassington2 hours ago

    Get a new voiceover artist for God’s sake. His ‘fry’ is soo dated.

  26. BrianPlayz2012

    BrianPlayz20123 hours ago

    How About A Human Vs A Slipper Huh Huh Huh Huh😠😠😠😡😡😡😡

  27. Lincon Smith

    Lincon Smith3 hours ago


  28. Irish salt miner 29

    Irish salt miner 293 hours ago

    No11 is on the North Sea coast, not the Atlantic...

  29. John Tjanaka

    John Tjanaka3 hours ago

    That penguin's story is amazing, heard it many times, but still ...

  30. Aika Ortega

    Aika Ortega3 hours ago

    Commonwealth avenue? What's dangerous with that? HAHAHA I live in the Philippines

  31. Shane Pageau

    Shane Pageau3 hours ago

    Why are they dubbing the macoes mouth so it was bleeding big deal nasty very nasty sharks those macos

  32. Shane Pageau

    Shane Pageau3 hours ago

    How about maykeing a hole in a barrel for lions big enough morrons they employ morrons to care for high maintanence deadly animals

  33. Rachael Dirusso

    Rachael Dirusso3 hours ago

    That is one tough cat

  34. Shane Pageau

    Shane Pageau3 hours ago

    Thats sad the hunting dog got stuck and suffered that way where was his master must have been an ameture hunter

  35. Jillyjogs

    Jillyjogs3 hours ago

    I live in a village in the UK, and haven't seen a fox in years - unfortunately there are too many humans that can think of nothing better to do than kill them, using the reason they are 'vermin'. Humans are the only vermin on this earth.

  36. William McGarvey

    William McGarvey3 hours ago

    The "Sea Beast" was a fake, and not even a good fake

  37. Charles holden

    Charles holden3 hours ago

    What is chance that the "Meg" is just what happens to an older better fed Great White shark, as a lot of larger G W sharks were hunter to almost extinction for there size and only recently being a protected spices has stated to grow larger, we should also look @ the food that the "Meg" would have eaten. Whaling would have put a big strain on their food supply and there for their growth. So is it possible that what we see sometimes as a Larger then normal G W shark could be the "Meg" or could the "Meg" be an older form of the G W shark? How long do G W sharks Live and how big can they Grow?

  38. Matthew Thomas

    Matthew Thomas3 hours ago

    You said it at the beginning, if you can't train the dog or take care of it properly, maybe you should get a cat.


    EVIANA BONG3 hours ago

    Im a gemini- But the gemimi's are not that bad!-

  40. Turin Baartman

    Turin Baartman4 hours ago

    All those cars are wack and not normal all those cars sucks its bullshit I don't like non of them

  41. Carl Thompson 99

    Carl Thompson 994 hours ago

    Why is your voice so annoying can't bare to watch

  42. Robbie Vengence

    Robbie Vengence4 hours ago

    Jesus the narration is abysmal.

  43. Terri Park

    Terri Park4 hours ago

    I have a Pit/Lab he weighs 101 pounds at 2 years old and can be very stubborn.

  44. King kong

    King kong4 hours ago

    The private bill tribally present because join perplexingly tour on a berserk haircut. tremendous, level mist

  45. Dom Crete

    Dom Crete4 hours ago

    Horse meat or cow meat what the difference by the way it super good

  46. Brooke Morrow

    Brooke Morrow4 hours ago

    You have the second MOST ANNOYING VOICE ON USlikes.

  47. Dom Crete

    Dom Crete4 hours ago

    I'm heating a kinder surprise listening to this

  48. David Brassington

    David Brassington4 hours ago

    Er, nice one on the Alpha Romeo?

  49. Tremayne Onyeanus

    Tremayne Onyeanus5 hours ago

    The super clarinet provisionally pretend because caption histologically whine qua a tasteless reading. fragile, paltry pigeon

  50. Selam To

    Selam To5 hours ago

    Wow amazing thanks so much.

  51. John Davey

    John Davey5 hours ago

    Less than one minute into this and the narrator must be called Mr. Wanker. ....what a tosser ! Can't watch this crap ! Could've been and should have been interesting .

  52. Mark Honerbaum

    Mark Honerbaum5 hours ago

    A nice cliff, large rock.

  53. Norah Colman

    Norah Colman5 hours ago

    Those monkeys actually look like baboons to me!

  54. Zachery Twohig

    Zachery Twohig5 hours ago

    I liked and subscribed because it honestly isnt worth the risk

  55. Joshua S. Alama

    Joshua S. Alama5 hours ago

    thos cars are so coll

  56. Debbie

    Debbie5 hours ago

    My sister rescued an American bulldog when she moved to Australia . The biggest softie I’ve ever seen. X

  57. Michael Edgar Horský

    Michael Edgar Horský5 hours ago

    💓 20 💓 21 💓 02 💓 28 💓

  58. Kristy Anne

    Kristy Anne5 hours ago

    This narrator's voice makes me want to throw him in a cage filled with every one of these animals.

  59. Palamirtam Marimuthu

    Palamirtam Marimuthu6 hours ago

    Thank you....✔️👌💞🤓

  60. Vilma Zbrankova

    Vilma Zbrankova6 hours ago

    Odvážné mosty. 😯

  61. Dalena Parks

    Dalena Parks6 hours ago

    #ODDTOPIC I think this one is FAKE

  62. Vilma Zbrankova

    Vilma Zbrankova6 hours ago

    Odvážný průjezd . Vlny nahaneji hrůzu.🌊

  63. Alan Gane

    Alan Gane6 hours ago

    I have a greyhound he is my best mate protects me as I protect him

  64. Ace Criss

    Ace Criss6 hours ago

    The voice that drives you crazy, after a few minutes I bounced outta here.

  65. Alicia Dasilva

    Alicia Dasilva7 hours ago

    You know she made that shit

  66. Gab Storey

    Gab Storey7 hours ago

    Philippines won't have those ... neber in their wildest dreams. Thats how bad they are

  67. Serena De Jager

    Serena De Jager7 hours ago

    Maybe learn how to pronounce local names in South Africa properly and sharks are not mammals

  68. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez7 hours ago

    The abrupt armenian identically improve because purple consistently slip apropos a quick store. automatic, boring bun

  69. axel anceaux

    axel anceaux7 hours ago

    mongols !

  70. Paul Nguyen

    Paul Nguyen7 hours ago

    Sink holes is one of the signs that the Bible mentions will happen in the End Time.

  71. oneconcerned

    oneconcerned7 hours ago

    Factsopedia's narrator mentioned that Pope Benedict XVI (the 16th) resigned but failed to mention that it was commonly known at the time that there was a huge sex scandal in the Vatican with sex trafficking in the Vatican by those working in the Vatican! When Pope Benedict XVI was confronted with this and was implicated or accused of being part of the cover-up, he resigned! So it's not enough to tell the viewers that he resigned and then remain very vague about his resignation. Viewers should be told more or videos like this are not being very forthcoming, but just perpetuating the problem of cover-ups.

  72. jordan walker

    jordan walker7 hours ago

    If we are talking theory why couldn't the sun be the opposite side of a black hole the planets the stars being pushed out the light creating massive heat and light source so were just slowly floating away from the light hole so to speak space travel and many other things need to be looked at to sustain lift for a massive group ( humanity) from climate to next planet and wait for climates to evolve and prepare for the next however long leap frog jump of life is to happen again lol just theory, in the end we may never know just live it thats all ya got everything else is relied on our children( our legacy)then on, make a legacy not a theory or do both lol 😆 smile its all good your laughing at me and ty for taking your time to read this have a blessed day

  73. Cerebral Lag

    Cerebral Lag7 hours ago

    Roses are red, violets are blue. This is all bull crap, and you know it too.

  74. Christina King

    Christina King7 hours ago

    I used to have a pet squirrel and his name was trooper I rescued him from chit monks they had killed his parents and pushed him out of his nest.

  75. stephan devriesere

    stephan devriesere7 hours ago

    "Nobody has seen or hear it fall, it just appeared the next morning" . Are you fucking serious, look at that clusterbomb. It's rusted as hell and has been there for a long time. It is still a pretty dangerous item because it has been exposed for so long and therefor probably very unstable.

  76. oneconcerned

    oneconcerned8 hours ago

    This information is not new. I've read books on this a few decades ago. The problem is most Catholics in the U.S. and Latin America don't read about their own church's history and so they are ignorant of such things. The Catholic Church's priests' involvement in exterminating refugees in Rwanda is just a continuation of what this organization's priests have been involved with for centuries in Ireland, England, Latin America, the Caribbean, Northern Africa, and throughout Europe during the Middle Ages when it was open season on any Christian groups were not under the pope's control...even before the Protestant movement came out of the Catholic Church. But, then again, most people don't read history, don't care, and are blind to the fact that the Roman Church is more devilish than "saintly." Even the narrator of this video made a mistake at the beginning by promoting the Catholic lie that the Vatican's history goes back to the 1st century. In the 1st century, there was no Roman Catholic Church or pope. And the Vatican was under completely pagan imperial control until the 4th century when Constantine pretended to be Christian after coming back from a war as the "conquering" general (or imperator / emperor) to take over the emire using the lie that he had seen a vision of the "cross of life" in the sky with the words "In this sign conquer" when that term "cross of life" was a code word for the ankh which pagans considered the "cross of life." Today, the symbol is depicted as a Latin cross, when it was really an Egyptian cross called an ank which resembles a capital T surmounted by an oval or circle (above the vertical bar). This symbol was adopted by Romans and is still used sometimes in the Roman Church and African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) although, once again, most people don't know! The very word Vatican itself is formed from the root word "Vatic" which is a form of the word "vates," which refers to a (pagan/demonic) divination or, should I say, witchcraft. But most people don't really know this. Being Christian has nothing to do with following the Vatican or the pope, who care less about Christ than the average Catholic or Protestant. uslikes.info/house/gp2B2syAxI1pk9w/video.html (temple of God and Baal).

  77. Cerebral Lag

    Cerebral Lag8 hours ago

    Resurrect extinct species they say... Has no one seen Jurassic Park? Don't do that.

  78. Martin Fraser

    Martin Fraser8 hours ago

    So much talking and so little content.

  79. Gail Capshaw

    Gail Capshaw8 hours ago

    I had a baby squirrel I raised. I was told I couldn’t name him because he was a wild squirrel and it just wasn’t right to do that. He became “Baby”. He was so friendly and affectionate. Everyone knew him in the neighborhood. They would give him peanuts and corn and little berries every no and then. I was washing dishes and saw him outside the window. I went out and as soon as he saw me, he came running! Jumped into my arms and just cuddled me. Then it was time to play. Which you can imagine is a bit rough and a little bloody. Those sharp claws and teeth aren’t to be taken for granted. He would run to a tree then run back to me and used me like monkey bars. We would sit and play everyday after that for at least 30 minutes. He eventually brought his lady and babies to meet me. I felt so honored. Of course, the Mom was very skittish of me, but, his babies weren’t. This went on for a few years until he didn’t come home to see me again. I knew at that point he wasn’t here anymore. I’ll never forget my sweet “Baby”. I had little houses for him and really cute feeders made from craftsmen around the area. Everyone in the neighborhood just loved him. He was my first precious life I got to save and raise.

  80. Rosa gomez

    Rosa gomez8 hours ago

    It still out there