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  1. Pianomma

    Pianomma39 seconds ago

    I feel cheated. Again! It's like Jack dies all over again. It was okay to break our hearts one time. But twice? I hold nothing against Team Lucas, it's just the way they treated Team Nathan that I dislike. Leading all the Team Nathan fans on like that is just cruel! It's hard to get over a death and when the viewers finally got over it, they just break half of the hearts for a second time...was that really necessary? If they wanted Elizabeth to end up with Lucas, they should have done it way sooner. But now many hearts fell for Nathan. It's just not fair. You definitely could have done it better...

  2. Jemima Peach

    Jemima PeachMinute ago

    So SILLY that she goes to him just because he was going to be a BABY and Leave!!!! uhhhhh after the way she's treated Nathan she doesn't even deserve ANYONE!!! BAD CHOICE WRITERS.

  3. Carmen Cupido

    Carmen CupidoMinute ago

    OMG! NO!! What a huge disappointment!! This doesn't feel right as a guide line for the show and not even as a love story! What have the writers done?? Do you really want to tell men in general that in order to obtain the favors of a woman, they have to impress with trips and gifts?? This is terrible! I have been following WCTH for the whole 8 seasons but, I'm afraid, I'll stop here! How sad!

  4. Christna Stubbs

    Christna Stubbs2 minutes ago

    Extremely disappointed. I’ve loved the show for a long time. I even stuck through after Jack’s death, but I think this is the perfect time to walk away. I enjoyed 7 seasons and I’ve enjoyed being a Heartie. I hope season 9 is a success, but I won’t be watching.

  5. ATee

    ATee2 minutes ago

    I think dragging the triangle on for a good 3 seasons was not good at all. There should always be a good balance not get viewers too emotionally invested for such a long time then crushed at the very end. Maybe the new writter wanted a part of the triangle too but surely Elizabeth could have decisively picked in the first few episodes, then give viewers time to recover and enjoy the show. They can easily lose a good chunk of viewers.

  6. Jordan Hawkins

    Jordan Hawkins5 minutes ago

    Lucas was the only choice!!! Yayyy!!! I’m so happyyyyy! #TeamLucas

  7. Tatyana Mitelnikova

    Tatyana Mitelnikova9 minutes ago

    Elizabeth always gasped around Nathan and eyed him whenever she was with Lucas. At the end she decided she loves Lucas after all. That’s so interesting.

  8. Stella

    Stella9 minutes ago

    New writers is whats needed to save this one time great show.Strange for Elizabeth to be with Lucas no chemistry.Ned and Florence relationship was the only one that made sense this season.

  9. Kathy Borth

    Kathy Borth10 minutes ago

    Still team Nathan, but what a kiss...

  10. Forever Dreamers

    Forever Dreamers16 minutes ago

    OMG!!!! This Kiss was INCREDIBLE!!! 😘😘😘You could feel the passion and chemistry between these two!! 🔥🔥🔥 It was even better than what we were hoping Lucas and Elizabeth’s first kiss would be!!! These two are meant to be together!! Can’t wait to see the next chapter of their love story unfold!!! 🥰🥰♥️♥️💗💗 #TeamLucas #TeamLucaBeth

  11. Cheryl Pearson

    Cheryl Pearson18 minutes ago

    We don’t get this channel here. I’ve said it before, there is no way a young Christian school teacher would’ve ever picked a saloon owner to date! Ever. So not feeling it. Just yuck. Ewww.

  12. AH vdBK

    AH vdBK18 minutes ago

    it is a disapointing surprise! I love Lucas, but I think he is not the right man for Elisabeth! I think he can get over Elisabeth. He is a gentleman, but needs a wife like Fiona. I don't think he can make Elisabeth happy for the rest of her life. Yess, they waited, but so did Nathan! I think Elisabeth is still running from the fear to lose an other husband in the line of duty. So now she thinks she is happy with Lucas, but his line of work is also not what she wants for her family: drinking and gambling :-(

  13. Sandra D

    Sandra D20 minutes ago

    Team Lucas😂❤️😂 It was an Amazing Climax! It was Everything, the KISS❤️ The thought of losing each other, solidified what they had been feeling, genuine Love. Propelled the Passion through the Roof❤️ Next Season is gonna be Great❤️

  14. Oswaldo Leyva Balanzar

    Oswaldo Leyva Balanzar21 minute ago

    #TeamLucas wuuujuuuu!!! ❤❤❤

  15. Vasilia Luz Aleli

    Vasilia Luz Aleli24 minutes ago

    I had never picked sides for Elizabeth's next love. I am simply enjoying the show. But I have to tell that the way they were building the chemistry between Nathan and Elizabeth was stronger, then the one Lucas and Elizabeth had until now. They should have done it differently from the start in my humble opinion. Building the love story between Elizabeth and Jack was amazing. Building the love story between Elizabeth and Lucas it was not! To me the ending doesn't seem right! The momentum was not there!

  16. IviMutz

    IviMutz29 minutes ago

    Just sad... 🤷‍♀️ #teamnathan

  17. Norja Bremmer

    Norja Bremmer30 minutes ago

    Not to rain on anyone's parade but the fact that she chose Lucas makes absolutely no sense to me. The writers and actors fully led us on the way Elizabeth led on Nathan. It always felt forced or unsure with her and Lucas. There was natural chemistry with Nathan and because he is a mountie like her dead husband she didn't give him a real chance. The writing, dialogue, subtext, the way she interacted with them both pointed to her falling for Nathan. I feel well and truly played and completely disappointed and to make matters worse, it was hinted that Nathan and Faith may end up together. HUH???? Make it make sense. This is my favourite show and this is the first time I'm not excited for a new season. Perhaps it will make sense eventually but I definitely won't see the show the same. I also feel the need to say that I see the value of Lucas as a character, just not with Elizabeth. They just don't fit in my mind. The only authentic chemistry and passion I saw between them this entire season was in the kiss scene. I'm sooo hurt.

  18. AH vdBK

    AH vdBK32 minutes ago

    Disappointed in the ending! I love Lucas as a character, but not with Elisabeth: a saloonowner and a teacher and mother: not a good fit! ALso they said they left clues during this season 8, but they all pointed to Nathan! That Elisabeth choose Lucas was a disappointed surprise! I think Nathan was a better fit for her life. I also think Lucas can overcome a rejection better than Nathan: he saw the constant chemistry between Nathan and Elisabeth and her son. Lucas should have a wife like Rosemary or Fiona: full of new progressive ideas. I look forward to season 9, but don't let Nathan and Faith get together! Faith should wait for Carson to return. Let Nathan get a new love, a new character who comes along with Abigail Stanton...

  19. melissa pike

    melissa pike35 minutes ago

    I'm happy who Elizabeth ended up with. I'd like to Nathaniel but he was always going to be a shadow of Jack. It wasn't going to dishonor the memory of Elizabeth and Jack's love.♥️😍

  20. Lucas & Elizabeth Page

    Lucas & Elizabeth Page35 minutes ago

    This is everything. A moment 3 years in the making and it did not disappoint. Cannot wait for Season 9. It will defnitely be devine.

  21. Cina Brown

    Cina Brown36 minutes ago

    I wasn’t expecting all of that 🔥🔥 Wow!

  22. Houston85

    Houston8537 minutes ago

    Exactly keep your season 9! it's not so much the final choice, I respect but how you deceived the fans of the show. No respect and especially the series loses all credibility with a final decision out of nowhere, sloppy, no consistency, as if the writers had turned around at the last minute. Uou take your fans for imbeciles ready to swallow a tissue of inconsistencies. As many fans say that Elisabeth and Lucas are leaving to live the high life elsewhere because we have lost all the fundamentals! Next season, following the comments, lucas will suddenly become a simple man, take off his suit, put away his candles, become a good father. you're kidding us! When it suits you without respect for the psychology and personality of the characters, people are unrecognizable at the snap of a finger! Lucas's charming, dark and a little pretentious side suddenly disappeared to make us believe in your relationship. I am really disappointed by the lack of credibility and the inconsistency, I who loved this series!

  23. Ginaida Jimenez

    Ginaida Jimenez38 minutes ago

    I’m so happy ❤️ I’ll be watching this video forever.

  24. wlter convito

    wlter convito38 minutes ago

    Never Watch it....i m done

  25. Alice Skewthorpe

    Alice Skewthorpe39 minutes ago

    That's done it for me... Now she's with a pub owner... Really...??? I guess money talks over a Mounties without finance behind him... Sooo disappointed... Expected better... What will the mothers of the school children say??? I know I wouldn't be happy to have a gambler in the equation... May be the Mountie will have the last say when a law is broken...? Gamblers aren't without their vices? I'll just go back to watching the first 6 seasons that made sense... Unsubscribed...

  26. shelleyvalles

    shelleyvalles39 minutes ago

    Wonderful movie, great soundtrack!😊💝

  27. Filo Badosa Plana

    Filo Badosa Plana44 minutes ago

    Per fi !!!! Visca Elisabeth i Lucas❤️sisplau que neflix pengi ja la temporada a espanya 💕

  28. JessiK DC

    JessiK DC45 minutes ago

    I'm so sorry but no season 9 for me. I'm done with the show. Elisabeth said once that she was fooled by life because of Jack's death. Right now I feel fooled by the producers they said it was a "choice" ???? Elisabeth did't give a chance to Nathan ! I'm sorry no more WCTH for me. Elisabeth didn't give ONE CHANCE to Nathan. No chance at all !!! No diner she didn't have a chance to really know Nathan. In fact Nathan fans are heart break right now. The producers said it was a choice but it wasn't. It was Lucas from the beginning. They fooled us. That's what I feel right now ! So sad I will never watch againI'm so sorry but no season 9 for me. I'm done with the show. Elisabeth said once that she was fooled by life because of Jack's death. Right now I feel fooled by the producers they said it was a "choice" ???? Elisabeth did't give a chance to Nathan ! I'm sorry no more WCTH for me. Elisabeth didn't give ONE CHANCE to Nathan. No chance at all !!! No diner she didn't have a chance to really know Nathan. In fact Nathan fans are heart break right now. The producers said it was a choice but it wasn't. It was Lucas from the beginning. They fooled us. That's what I feel right now ! So sad I will never watch again

  29. Samantha Gutierrez

    Samantha Gutierrez50 minutes ago

    #TeamLucas won!!!!! I am soooo happy! They are perfect together

  30. Linnea Svensson

    Linnea Svensson50 minutes ago

    is he really leaving the show?

  31. D Arant

    D Arant52 minutes ago

    Writers must have voted for Biden

  32. Wilson T

    Wilson T53 minutes ago

    Real legend right there

  33. Andreea and

    Andreea and55 minutes ago


  34. D Arant

    D Arant58 minutes ago

    I guess the writers made a pack to destroy this show. I will never watch WCTH again. Hallmark has gone down the drain

  35. Nicole Grane

    Nicole Grane58 minutes ago

    Hallmark, This was by far the most disappointing and disastrous display of writing and story plotting that I have whitened. The entire season was a back and forth tug-a-war, drawing viewers in with a hope of a happy ending, or at the very least an ending that made sense. The Elizabeth character is strong willed and confronts challenges-this is what has endeared her to the viewers for 7 seasons, this is what kept the fans returning. The entire Elizabeth storyline this season was anything but endearing and frankly, if it weren’t for the rest of the brilliant cast and their characters carrying this season, I wouldn’t have had the desire or mental strength to finish it. I found myself cringing in all scenes Elizabeth. While I truly love Erin and how she has developed Elizabeth, pre season 8, the constant train wreck she was forced to partake in, and drag Nathan as well as Lucas through, episode after painful episode, was

  36. rach a

    rach a59 minutes ago

    Not happy ....

  37. Denise Alston

    Denise AlstonHour ago

    I had a feeling Elizabeth was going to go with Luke I was hoping I was wrong but I wasn't I am very disappointed. I was hoping she picked Nathan maybe it was his red unifom. I have until next season to decide if I'm going to continue to watch.

  38. Jenny Smyth

    Jenny SmythHour ago

    This was magical! The way he was out of focus behind her, to the way they ran together, to the multiple kisses, to how breathless and relieved she was. I love that they talked of patience and brought back Lucas’s dialogue from Union City in season 7. This love story is one for the history books! Best I have ever seen on television. Thank you!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  39. Murtaza Ali

    Murtaza AliHour ago

    I love this drama but last two seasons are not available on Netflix and I just watched these bits on USlikes to guess the story.

  40. Erika Scordamaglia

    Erika ScordamagliaHour ago

    I can watch this over and over!!! Soooo good! 💋❤🔥

  41. Kristin - Happy Texan

    Kristin - Happy TexanHour ago

    Insomnia sucks, so here I am. Okay, so I'm not a huge WCTH fan but I do enjoy the simplicity of the show. (I'm a big fan of the homespun, so long as it isn't so sugary that it gives me a stomachache so wretched that I'm drinking Pepto straight from the bottle). I didn't get to watch last week's episode since our cable dish died and had to be replaced, so I was curious about how the finale would turn out. And personally... it felt to me like when Anne 3 came out. It was a decent enough movie in it's own right, but the characters weren't really themselves and they were (quite literally) not living in their own time. Heck, in their own universe! It felt "off" and topsy-turvy. Up was down, left was right and Green Gables was the house on Haunted Hill. In this case, with the WCTH finale, it seemed like another alternative universe happened. It was like being shown a re-enactment from a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. (Remember those?) When Elizabeth and Lucas were on the bridge, it felt to me like the equivalent of Anne Shirley snogging Moody Spurgeon and not Gilbert Blythe. Zero chemistry. On that bridge I didn't see two fictional characters in love. Instead, I suddenly saw two actors not really liking what they were doing. I actually like Lucas just fine, even though his character does feel 2-dimensional. (I give that a pass - but only for a while - b/c this is Hallmark we're talking about). The man just feels like he's always putting on a show. He dresses nice, is successful and a romantic... but at least in the past Nathan and Elizabeth have bumped heads! At least Nathan was actively putting pieces in place for the possibility of starting a new life. At least he proved that he was willing to give up his job - and without hesitation - just to give Elizabeth peace of mind. At least he proved early on what - or whom - his first priorities were. With Lucas, all we got was a man that likes romance in general and claims to be patient. (Even Nathan bests him on that little point). And Nathan and Faith? Was that little scene just filler or a harbinger of things to come? Either way, it reminded me of fan fiction from a group of kids. This entire episode felt like it was given the same care and attention a short-order cook gives a flapjack on a grill. Yeah... I realize I just rambled about a tv show I'm not obsessed with. I just find it a little sad that entertainment in general has gone so downhill over the past decade or so. WHERE are the real writers? Hallmark needs to wipe the slate clean. Every single series and movie feels the same. Cookie Cutter movies with cookie cutter characters having cookie cutter conversations.

  42. Linnea Svensson

    Linnea SvenssonHour ago

    And now I'm done, I'm so freaking disappointed.. I don’t like Lucas.. I want Nathan and Elizabeth together..😭 I've never been this disappointed..

  43. Faison ODST

    Faison ODSTHour ago

    Amazing... and lovely!!

  44. Georgia Barker

    Georgia BarkerHour ago

    What a dry goodbye...

  45. Dianne Pedler

    Dianne PedlerHour ago

    Great choice writers, a schoolteacher and a saloon owner. That really works.

  46. aram

    aramHour ago

    I've waited whole season to hear if there was going to be a season 9 but now I'm not interested anymore. I just don't understand. How do you build a story for 3 seasons (3 years) and then do a total 180. This just makes the last 3 seasons pointless.

  47. mingebag56

    mingebag56Hour ago

    Not going watch anymore buy from Australia

  48. Priscilla Robertson

    Priscilla RobertsonHour ago

    Well!! Nathan deserves the BEST! AND IF THAT'S FAITH, then so be it!

  49. Anamaria Cabato

    Anamaria CabatoHour ago

    I’m happy Elizabeth found clarity and chose Lucas. Erin, Chris and Kevin performed so well that we were drawn to opposing sides. The story is Elizabeth’s story and now she has a lifetime of love to share with Lucas and LJ. Elizabeth loves the people in her community and Nathan was part of that. If it had gone the other direction I’m not sure if I’d watch as well because it was so contrary to what Elizabeth was expressing in her words, eyes and body. But there are so many other wonderful story lines that I’m excited to see unfold in S9. With Lucas I can relax after 12 weeks of roller coaster of emotion. What a treat for the final scene in their library. Thank you to all the people behind the scenes for all you do for WCTH.

  50. Ally Spong

    Ally SpongHour ago

    Well that’s saved an hour of my life!!!! #turnoff

  51. She Loves to Travel

    She Loves to TravelHour ago

    Well that was disappointing

  52. ForNaturalBeauty

    ForNaturalBeautyHour ago

    I am a Nathan fan all the way but I am glad this love triangle is over. I knew she was going to choose Lucas because Nathan reminded her of Jack. It played out like I thought. Nathan and Elizabeth had earlier moments but they never had a romance or chance to really grow their relationship. The writers are going in a different direction. If they don’t bring it next season folks are going to fall off. Lucas or Elizabeth haven’t said to each other “I am in love with you.” The ending talks about their love story. I don’t think this relationship is gonna last. Lucas reminds her of how she use to live with her family with all the glitter and gold. He wined and dined her. Remember Elizabeth didn’t want that life style. Lucas never wears anything rugged. In my opinion Lucas is a runner, sneaky and he can be bossy. If he doesn’t get his way, he gets an attitude, or he runs away. Let’s remember when Lucas came to town, he was running from something. He talks rude to Elizabeth at times. Nathan has never done that. It will be very interesting in how this relationship develops. I don’t want Faith and Nathan to be together, it will be nice if a new woman comes into town like a nurse, dentist, or school aged friend in his past. Nathan needs more story line and a woman.

  53. Tina Manuel

    Tina ManuelHour ago

    So sweet and so loving! 💖I'm so happy & ecstatic that Elizabeth fell in love with and chose Lucas! It has been evident in the earlier Season 8 episodes where Elizabeth accepted to be courted by Lucas. As the season unfolded, the "almost kiss" scene showed that Elizabeth is already in love with Lucas. It just took time because Nathan had to reveal his secret and for Elizabeth to say she doesn't blame him. All along, the build up of LucaBeth's love story was consistent, despite sone twists and turns, as Lucas showed his steadfast and unwavering patience, care, support, thoughtfulness, and love. When he set her free, it is true love! 💖😍 And it paid off! The talk between Nathan and Lucas was earnest & honest! Nathan, though hurting, was a true gentleman. Thank you writers, very talented cast, director, and producers of WCTH! Looking forward to more adventures in the Lucas~Elizabeth love story💑, and the development of all the exciting changes in When Calls The Heart in Season 9! 💖👏😍

  54. Joel Jackson

    Joel JacksonHour ago

    Season 8 was the worst. I am done. Sound and looks like a soap opera

  55. Kheira KADRI

    Kheira KADRIHour ago

    So forced and fake. Music does not make everything to put a romantic touch. Passion would have been natural with Nathan after one entire season of expectation for him and for a great majority of the public. This is no respect for fans. And please do not provide any excuse: I do not give a damn. This show has become so poor and you did not raise the bar with this complicated season leading to nowhere. I am so happy to be released for ever. Enjoy season 9

  56. cruiher

    cruiherHour ago

    Not excited at all. At least Nathan and Allie won't miss their job!. What are we gonna see in Season 9? Elizabeth teaching at school and in her free time she Will help Lucas in the bar serving alcohol? Or even better she Will serve the alcohol and Lucas Will play cards...

  57. Sarah Brodman

    Sarah BrodmanHour ago

    I was so hoping it was going to be Nathan. Elizabeth was so cocky this whole season. She doesn’t deserve Nathan after mistreating and disrespecting him. She didn’t even give him a chance and get to know him on a personal level. The one time he did ask her out, she walked away. She acted like a spoiled and immature brat. I’m disappointed in Hallmark and Brian Bird. To be honest, I feel like this series is going down hill. Thoughts?

  58. Kheira KADRI

    Kheira KADRIHour ago

    So ridiculous! Keep "Faith" that you will certainly lose audience. Minus one (me of course)

  59. kattia Isabel López

    kattia Isabel LópezHour ago

    Cuando llega a Costa Rica la temporada 7?

  60. Benita Carmona

    Benita CarmonaHour ago

    Yay! I am so happy she picked Lucas!!!!! The build up for that first kiss all season was worth the wait. I felt her loss on the bridge and her tears when she saw him...so intense! She too had waited all season for this moment. I cried with her, I didn't even realized I stopped breathing...when they kissed it was romantic and fierce. The moment that sealed their love. I was so happy, I was breathing, clapping and crying all over again. My husband smiled and handed me a tissue. I can't wait for the next season to start already. Great job "When Calls the Heart".🤗🧡

  61. Kheira KADRI

    Kheira KADRIHour ago

    You should really be ashamed of the story line of season 8 and this poor finale. First deception and shock was Jack's death (not your fault) and now Elizabeth and Lucas are a couple, are you kidding us? You deserve that this season 8 is the finale season. As for me, I will no longer watch season 9 nor any show comIng from Hallmark channel. I do not like to be taken as a fool. Nathan is the most interesting character of your show, even more interesting than Jack and Elizabeth. Please respect fans and make a version of WCTH with Nathan and Elizabeth if you want to regain audience. People who are watching this show are appreciating classical romances not an attempt to introduce a boring supposedly "modern love" with no chemistry at all. Even Erin Krakow seemed to force the game with her fake loving glances at Lucas in the finale. They were those she had for Nathan during the whole season and for the last episode it is for Lucas? No really, I can't (as Elizabeth said to Nathan in episode Two). I can't any more with your show and your channel. Farewell

  62. Yelisbet Lucero

    Yelisbet LuceroHour ago

    My heart 😍😍😍😍

  63. Sue Fryer

    Sue FryerHour ago

    I am sad ,just feel that it doesnt fit with Elizabeth , she was all about honour and good moral boundaries the herione walking off with her hero, where is Luke stands for everything that hope means their is no chemistry.sad but I respect that her was the patient one, but dont think you have my vote I havent watch any since 6 episode when I new where it was going sorry ,thank you for season before was hocked.

  64. Helen Standing

    Helen StandingHour ago

    Great news! Whatever people think of the exact plot/detail etc, it’s so important to celebrate dramas suitable for all age-viewing. I hope we see Abigail back too. Looking forward to the S8 DVD - subtitles please! ❤️

  65. Tatyana Mitelnikova

    Tatyana MitelnikovaHour ago

    How could she pick the guy, who told her “what would know about love?” This is so strange. I wouldn’t call him a perfect choice.

  66. Summer Roman

    Summer RomanHour ago

    Elizabeth's body language and googly eyes were always toward Nathan. Lucas was about to leave town again people! Listen to what he says on the bridge....he flees and doesn't fight for love...Nathan however is willing to fight! There are other sides to Lucas that Elizabeth has not seen yet! Lucas is always watching her and can be a controlling character. He is talking about Elizabeth but never baby Jack. Is he ready to be a daddy

  67. CJ Dahlberg

    CJ DahlbergHour ago

    So good, passion and love. Just the way it should be.

  68. Len

    LenHour ago

    Honestly never liked Nathan much this season with his self serving attitude with Elizabeth (couldn't picture and never made sense it being him). I'm glad it wasn't him but saying that I do hope Nathan finds someone who he can be himself and open up and liven him up. Fiona was a good choice. Though this scene with Faith felt like something could be there.

  69. kristine g

    kristine gHour ago

    OMG. OMG!! YES!!!! 💕 Lucas and Elizabeth!!! Yey! FINALLY! 😍

  70. sabrina kirani

    sabrina kiraniHour ago

    What a romantic scene...finally they kiss!

  71. Helen Standing

    Helen StandingHour ago

    I really love how this series contrasts to the Hallmark movies - life isn’t always full of happy endings, people don’t always get what they want. Looking forward to more seasons!

  72. Linh Tran

    Linh TranHour ago

    The conclusion was very disappointed for me! But I am not watching the show because of Elizabeth! When Jack died, that was it for me! I want to see something more with Bill! And Faith definitely. I am so done with Elizabeth! 🙄🥱🥱

  73. Sandra White

    Sandra WhiteHour ago

    Well won’t be watching anymore, don’t like the way the store is going he’s not for hir. Buy buy when calls the heart .

  74. Len

    LenHour ago

    Looking forward to Elizabeth & Lucas love story and relationship going forward with her completely opening her heart and embracing each other.

  75. Jeissy Sandoval

    Jeissy Sandoval2 hours ago

    Can’t stop re-watching the scene 😍😍😍🔥

  76. Helen Standing

    Helen Standing2 hours ago

    I’m glad Elizabeth is with Lucas - pairing her with another Mountie just didn’t seem right to me. Spinning it out made more sense than the way she and Jack took so long - Elizabeth had so much extra to work through / process this time. Love that Lucas was of strong enough character to wait for her - such a good contrast to many relationships today. Look forward to seeing the whole season on DVD, hopefully has subtitles.

  77. Sarah Kelly

    Sarah Kelly2 hours ago

    All I can say is wow!!! He is her Epic Love! Her true North!!! Thank you to all of the writers and actors...this was worth waiting for. The scene between Nathan & Lucas was exceptional. I look forward to seeing Nathan have his Epic love story as well for he deserves it...a fresh start. I always thought that there were more storylines with Elizabeth and Nathan in parallel but not together. Looking forward to Season 9. 💖

  78. Melissa Hamlin

    Melissa Hamlin2 hours ago

    The Elizabeth love triangle is gone way to long I would Rather watch Lee and Rosemary , and the other ones !!Elizabeth you’re really getting boring !!

  79. Linh Tran

    Linh Tran2 hours ago

    Carson left the show? It makes no sense! I like Faith and Carson! This does not end well with me!!!

  80. sabrina kirani

    sabrina kirani2 hours ago

    Yeyyy.. I m happy WCTH hasn finished yet