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  1. Katie Fyock

    Katie Fyock11 hours ago

    Do you coupon at CVS? If so can you teach us how to do the coupon thing that I've heard so many people talk about where they end up getting free stuff there?

  2. Judye Bush

    Judye Bush11 hours ago

    Aldi’s has a poor selection in spices.. FYI Walmart is changing over to fresh herbs and spices.. much healthier so Kudos to Walmart for an improved change

  3. justbean007

    justbean00712 hours ago

    So for years I’ve been going to chipotle and getting the bowl with a free tortilla and salad dressing... until I went last week to a new chipotle, and they charged me .75 cents for the tortilla! So I guess not every chipotle is free.

  4. Dana Michigan

    Dana Michigan12 hours ago

    Black pepper! The SAME tin of black pepper at Aldi costs $2.65 / tin as opposed to $1 at DT!

  5. truthseeker60403

    truthseeker6040312 hours ago

    Thanks for the hacks!

  6. PB Jae

    PB Jae12 hours ago

    Prime Video is slightly better then Netflix.

  7. Princess Strega

    Princess Strega12 hours ago

    I just checked my Prime Account, neither Sundance nor BritBox offer free 30 day trial. 7 days yes, 30 days no. NickPlus isn't even available to me through Amazon. FWIW I am in Phoenix, AZ.

  8. BeComing Nyrell

    BeComing Nyrell13 hours ago

    This just made me want pizza at 634am🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. Ashruz _

    Ashruz _13 hours ago

    Starbucks measures per size as they make it... light ice doesn’t matter.

  10. Susie'sSoap&Stuff

    Susie'sSoap&Stuff13 hours ago

    It would be awesome if you could do a price comparison from Costco to Sams. We have both nearby, but we won't buy the other membership unless I can justify the expense. TIA!

  11. Beverly Johnson

    Beverly Johnson13 hours ago

    Burger King

  12. Josh Medeiros

    Josh Medeiros13 hours ago

    Personally based on my experiences the more your too specific with how you want your items on your order especially in fast food. They’ll almost always still mess the order up. Lol.

  13. sacha combs

    sacha combs13 hours ago

    At Chipotle, North Port, Florida i was charged a quarter for the Tortilla. In Miami its free..I guess it depends on the location

  14. Patricia House

    Patricia House14 hours ago

    Best fast food burger: Wendy’s Carolina Classic. I’m not sure if it’s available nation wide, since I live in NC. It includes all-beef chili, mustard, onions & minced slaw. Very different from the usual fare.

  15. Janet

    Janet14 hours ago

    Dollar tree Laxative pills. 24 in a bottle. I was buying Ducolax pills which are 3 to 4 times more expensive. Its the same exact pill. Wow

  16. Savannah Dockins

    Savannah Dockins15 hours ago

    Thank you for what you do. It saves us busy people lots of time and money.

  17. Matthew Fanning

    Matthew Fanning15 hours ago

    At burger king at least in my area the app has a $6 small bacon king meal which saves almost $4. The thing is you dont even have to use the app just tell them at the order box that you have a promo code and use 9484 it has worked for me everytime

  18. Douglas model garages video

    Douglas model garages video15 hours ago

    I get the 2 for 20 pizza hut special, and dinner for the next night ,great hacks on fast food

  19. L337D34TH

    L337D34TH15 hours ago

    Love the vids but I dont eat fast food as much at all compared to some of these wonderful people in comments. Stay safe and dont stop making videos or mcdonalds will sue you for showing hacks!

  20. Michelle Beermann

    Michelle Beermann16 hours ago

    The outage information from Gas Buddy is incredibly helpful before and after a hurricane. I have used it during more than one storm to help my family and my friends find gas. Also, check fuel company websites during a natural disaster. During Hurricane Irma, WaWa designated certain of their stations in my area as ones that would be stocked first with gas (they were scattered throughout the counties in my area). Knowing which WaWa to go to was another item of information that helped me and my friends.

  21. Nicolina DeVine

    Nicolina DeVine16 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing with us today !!!

  22. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana16 hours ago

    Local dollar general is over crowded and messy, last time the clerk waited on me while eating string cheese and she never put down the cheese, she one handed the whole transaction.

  23. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana16 hours ago

    I went to McDonalds last night, the first time in a long long time. Over $9 dollars for a large quarter pounder meal, holy cow! I had forgotten that their diet coke is awful and the fries seemed more salty than I remembered and the quarter pounder was just okay. Why, why did I go there, why?

  24. Brenda Payne

    Brenda Payne16 hours ago

    I thought Five Below was inexpensive clothing.....I didn't know it was this type of store. There is a new one near me, close to an Aldi. Now I have to go. Thanks for the video.

  25. steve costello

    steve costello17 hours ago

    When I go to subway I tell them to put all the veggies in a bowl so my bread won't get soggy before I eat it they have no problem and put the dressing on it as well.

  26. Andrew V Reed

    Andrew V Reed17 hours ago

    the wink was just to 'salt'y! that 'fry'd my tator, lol!!

  27. Teacher David- -Eat, Play, Learn

    Teacher David- -Eat, Play, Learn17 hours ago

    what time is consider EARLY and LATE to fill up the gas? 🤔 pump gas on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the best deal 🤩

  28. Nicollette Blackeagle

    Nicollette Blackeagle17 hours ago

    The best burgers in my opinion is Wendy's.

  29. Patrice Betts

    Patrice Betts18 hours ago

    It was verrrrry romantic!!

  30. bonnie’s nails

    bonnie’s nails18 hours ago

    I’ve been told that Costco gas is a lower grade ? Anyway you could clarify this we are in Canada?. Thx love your videos