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  1. John Logan

    John Logan3 hours ago

    I cut and welded underwater for over 20 years. I know a little bit. Never use AC AROUND WATER ,we used 400 amp dc for cutting . Use good rubber gloves, sea water in a much better conductor that fresh water. Now days they have thermic cutting rods and you can cut steel with 12 volts , you still need a high flow oxy regulator. And I still have my silver fillings, even tho it felt like I i had a mouth ful of aluminum foil at times. I once hit my diving partners.helmet with 300en or 400 amp cuttung rod, it knocked him out , he had burns on his c heeks , it arched from his air intake and out his exhaust chin buttion. He had a headache for a few days. He got even with me ,but thats another story. Jack

  2. Eddie Lyles

    Eddie Lyles3 hours ago

    The cleverness of your hidden "subscribe" messages never cease to impress me.

  3. Turbo print3d

    Turbo print3d3 hours ago

    You have better tools than the shop I cut my teeth in lol, I would have marked 4 points and used a height gauge to index it in a vice . Its amazing what you can make with almost nothing lol . Good job looks pretty good .

  4. Turbo print3d

    Turbo print3d4 hours ago

    I want one , that's super sweet.

  5. mikethunder84

    mikethunder845 hours ago

    Isn't 0.1" a tenth of an inch not a thousandth (0.001")?

  6. mikethunder84

    mikethunder845 hours ago

    Every video you make...🤌🤌🤌🤌

  7. Gordon Deitz

    Gordon Deitz6 hours ago

    Use your hinky mini lath to make a micro lathe. I have a midi lath that works just fine. It's a wood lath though I've made tin candles bases for old timey candle holders.

  8. Ronak Dhakan

    Ronak Dhakan7 hours ago

    Now you only need to acquire a tungsten rod to start making APFSDS rounds for tank cannon and selling them to shady countries.

  9. Marlo Breding

    Marlo Breding7 hours ago

    Anyone notice the Big Bolt with Rolled Threads used as a prop to talk about cutting threads?

  10. Max Signori

    Max Signori7 hours ago

    Just to be picky, the water doesn't boil. Usually it boils at the very end when the lower chamber is almost empty and the pressure drops. At that point you can clearly hear the gurgling noise and it's time to turn off the gas (a bit earlier than that is not bad, I'd say). EDIT: I forgot, you'll want to keep the fire low or you'll burn the coffee!!!

  11. Reforged Criterion

    Reforged Criterion8 hours ago

    Never fails to amuse me listening to Alan Alda explain this amazing world. Move over Morgan Freeman.

  12. jaiya dragan

    jaiya dragan8 hours ago

    First off your a psychic how did you know I was going to say the bit was dull

  13. Austen Hoogen

    Austen Hoogen9 hours ago

    Why is your stainless so stained? 😬

  14. Caffers

    Caffers9 hours ago

    "If you're built anything like me, your arms will be attached at your shoulders" 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Magic Smoke FPV

    Magic Smoke FPV9 hours ago

    You sound like Green Beetle.... Or is it the other way around...

  16. Jcewazhere

    Jcewazhere9 hours ago

    Uh oh, did you check with Warner Bros before including those Happy Feet? :P

  17. Lee Harvey Griswold

    Lee Harvey Griswold10 hours ago

    Hi, you mention a few times that your lathe cuts a bit of a taper, is there any way to fix it? And if so can you make a video?

  18. Penboard!

    Penboard!10 hours ago

    Add even more to that, note this: Take a 36 tpi tap, set the lathe to 36 tpi speed - and you get a single thread... set the lathe e.g. at 9 tpi and cut with the 36 tpi tap - and you get a 4 start thread.

  19. LemonLeafCoin

    LemonLeafCoin10 hours ago

    a machine from the lathe 70s

  20. Kevin Inglis

    Kevin Inglis10 hours ago

    Which bathroom does it use?

  21. SP3KT-R Racing -

    SP3KT-R Racing -11 hours ago

    just dawned on me why they took my license! just got you a sub

  22. schnick

    schnick11 hours ago

    4:11 Subscribulator !

  23. Tom Cooper

    Tom Cooper12 hours ago

    Why not modify your SHOES ?! lol

  24. Andrew Uribe

    Andrew Uribe12 hours ago

    “China Hubub” times were simpler back then.

  25. Hulda Lucien

    Hulda Lucien13 hours ago

    The alleged c-clamp correspondingly suck because cyclone regrettably unite pro a coordinated foot. mature, sweet nut

  26. T-PLUS

    T-PLUS13 hours ago

    More than a 2 hours class lecture, this is so cool. Cleary explained with practical experience.

  27. Hulda Lucien

    Hulda Lucien13 hours ago

    The miscreant ptarmigan cytochemically employ because wasp neuroanatomically name at a discreet humidity. overrated, cloistered jury

  28. john90430

    john9043013 hours ago

    Pretty close to the end, an ad popped up for some company that rolls threads. Rolled threads are so much stronger than cut threads, but the cost of the machinery must be astronomical. Not affordable for a hobbyist, that's for sure. But I started thinking that there is no way to roll internal threads... or is there? Has anyone heard of, or seen such a thing?

  29. Linc Qimiq

    Linc Qimiq14 hours ago

    How big metal that hold in the jaw ??

  30. Darryl Braun

    Darryl Braun14 hours ago

    "And that is still hot"... I don't know why but that made me laugh out loud :)

  31. Agean Ageanic

    Agean Ageanic15 hours ago

  32. Stang413

    Stang41315 hours ago

    I like these dirt bike videos

  33. Andrei Fasola

    Andrei Fasola15 hours ago

    If this is a hobby, whaddya do for a living T? I have a feeling I'm gonna end up like you in a few years: with a garage full of these expensive toys.

  34. Mark M

    Mark M15 hours ago


  35. Mister Tibbs

    Mister Tibbs16 hours ago

    how was the first lathe made without a lathe?

  36. Slikx666

    Slikx66616 hours ago

    Now all I need is a lathe.

  37. john Killen

    john Killen16 hours ago


  38. ajhatti2011

    ajhatti201116 hours ago

    I caught the AVE reference there.

  39. whistle3man

    whistle3man17 hours ago

    Great video. Well thought out and informative. I enjoyed it and I'll be looking to build one of these. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Luiz Fellipe Carneiro

    Luiz Fellipe Carneiro17 hours ago

    And now he got a maho

  41. Алексей Неверов

    Алексей Неверов17 hours ago

  42. Алексей Неверов

    Алексей Неверов17 hours ago

  43. Алексей Неверов

    Алексей Неверов17 hours ago

  44. Nathan Parrow

    Nathan Parrow17 hours ago

    Hi Tony, I recently found your channel and have gone back in time and watched every video you have made so far. I hope to watch the ones that you have already made in the future some day! Not all of us can move as freely through time as you can. Really love your sense of humor and amazing skill set. I recently acquired my second lathe and my first knee mill and have been going crazy buying tooling and trying to get it all up and running. I would love to send you some photos of my setup sometime.

  45. Lizard-Truth

    Lizard-Truth17 hours ago

    this is great. I love the editing. suscribed!

  46. Andrei Fasola

    Andrei Fasola18 hours ago

    Your wife let you keep a mini lathe in the living? No wonder you HAD to marry her.

  47. Jay World

    Jay World18 hours ago

    Darnit I almost fell back when he coughed the same time I coughed as well lol.

  48. JellyCarrot

    JellyCarrot18 hours ago

    I had issues with my car, it ran funny the engine ran really uneven, so i called up my friend who has a Car repair shop, he told me to limp the car over there and he started to check the engine, after a like 20 minutes or so and he said he wants to check the spark plugs and started to pull them off, and when he got them out he was shocked in what kinda condition they where, rusted nasty and the spark tip was round no sharp edge anywhere it was worn to a ball he told me he had never seen anything like this in his 30ys on the job

  49. stuarth43

    stuarth4318 hours ago

    happy 2021 Ole Bean

  50. Chuck Legg

    Chuck Legg19 hours ago

    Full of square information as always, your videos are great with a little comedy. Thanks Tony!

  51. Incandescent Planet

    Incandescent Planet19 hours ago

    i cringed at the end there.... that was brutal!

  52. WeepingAngel256

    WeepingAngel25619 hours ago

    Tony: you can't make this stuff up. The guy who put threads on the inside and outside:

  53. Francis Productions

    Francis Productions20 hours ago

    Hahaha loved it!

  54. Opinionator52

    Opinionator5220 hours ago

    Fun and interesting as per usual... Thanks Man.... :o) . O,,,

  55. naota3k

    naota3k21 hour ago

    "Tools to Cutting Internal Threads on the Lathe"

  56. starhawke380

    starhawke38021 hour ago

    How many people paused the video at 7:20 to see if they could find a 1" 24TPI tap on Amazon?

  57. 1Texas

    1Texas21 hour ago

    Funny as hell! Not that hell is funny, but laughed so hard I think my old school teacher, in hell, heard me laugh.

  58. William Mielenz

    William Mielenz22 hours ago

    Thumbnail made think this was Futurama.

  59. adcurtin

    adcurtin22 hours ago

    Love the 3 axis MPG. almost certainly going to make one for myself.

  60. ajhatti2011

    ajhatti201122 hours ago

    Your freaking cut-away visuals are the best freaking part of these videos. The subtlety and humor is fantastic.

  61. ajhatti2011

    ajhatti201122 hours ago

    Well if my lathe breaks down I know who to call. Lemme know if you have a transmission go out in your truck.

  62. Fbnvs 93

    Fbnvs 9322 hours ago

    dimensions in mm?

  63. pida siouy

    pida siouy22 hours ago

    "Under a certain size" Me a 2 meter tall dutchman: bamboozled Thanks you clarified after tho

  64. union310

    union31022 hours ago

    What is the blueing that you use?

  65. K4TORG412

    K4TORG41223 hours ago

    you said in your privious video, you would show how to make a cutter. that would be very interesting to me. thanks in advance

  66. xtry511

    xtry51123 hours ago

    This is a great video.

  67. Tommy Duffy

    Tommy Duffy23 hours ago

    To cut a acme thread drill a hole in a suitable boring bar a drill and tap end use a round piece of tool steel like a broken centre drill grind your thread form you can set front clearance by turning the tool bit slightly!

  68. Victor Gomes

    Victor Gomes23 hours ago

    Awesome video! Very instructive and ludic. I just can't help but wonder, for scholastic and academic purposes, who is the rack? She is extremely beautiful!

  69. Gena Trius

    Gena Trius23 hours ago

    2:51 Footage of Tony actually cutting something? I didn't think you owned a saw at this point.

  70. Me

    MeDay ago

    The best ! Tony will have people imitating his video’ soon, or trying to. 😂😂

  71. Darshana International

    Darshana InternationalDay ago

    Use petrol and fire It will do make good joint

  72. Darshana International

    Darshana InternationalDay ago


  73. Edward Joyner

    Edward JoynerDay ago

    Ha! Latest Mattias Wandell live stream he wished you would show your face more. 😊. Sounds like comedy gold

  74. GummiGana

    GummiGanaDay ago

    I didn't realize Ray Romano was into machining.

  75. Nick Magerl

    Nick MagerlDay ago

    Electro-chemical cleaning of stainless is a nice option for cleaning stainless welds, also works great for removing rust.

  76. Aku

    AkuDay ago

    Ugh ugh! Uhh!!

  77. Dmitry Koshelev

    Dmitry KoshelevDay ago

    19:05 Stop! Was that bloody Crysis reference!?

  78. 1miltond

    1miltondDay ago

    Hydrolic pants remover 🤣😂

  79. 1miltond

    1miltondDay ago

    You are good real good thanks

  80. Nick Hall

    Nick HallDay ago

    Going to my lathe now to try this - thank you