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7 months ago

  1. Sammy Ritz

    Sammy RitzHour ago

    White people when they see one Bird of Paradise:woahhhhh Us native papuans:🙄 seen better 🤣

  2. Who's There

    Who's ThereHour ago

    this is so relaxing

  3. Purnawan Qhohiri

    Purnawan Qhohiri9 hours ago

    Terus lestarikan alam kekayaan kita mohon di rawat dan di jaga demi bangsa dan anak cucu kita untuk selamanya !! Dari Jakarta Aku cinta negeri ku Indonesia raya 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  4. H恵美子

    H恵美子10 hours ago

    There's an owl I think outside my house that makes a short screech every 2 minutes. I think it's a barn owl.

  5. QUAIL꺆

    QUAIL꺆10 hours ago

    well made CG

  6. Lesta rixx

    Lesta rixx11 hours ago


  7. agpshadow

    agpshadow17 hours ago

    Marco Polo

  8. Zahra Kamil

    Zahra Kamil19 hours ago

    bro stop you're scaring away all the hoes

  9. Lyle 84'

    Lyle 84'19 hours ago

    kek kek kek *swoop* kek kek kek kek *swoop* I hate that!!

  10. soul reaper

    soul reaper23 hours ago

    Beautiful ❤❤

  11. Abani Halder

    Abani HalderDay ago

    infinite inexhaustible

  12. braddo pitto

    braddo pittoDay ago

    Nature: Let me evolve this bird with some dance moves... Scientists: What for? Nature: Fo Dem ladiessssssss.

  13. MedardoJr Lazarte

    MedardoJr LazarteDay ago

    Wow!!!! Bucketlist to visit!!!

  14. Mason Finley

    Mason FinleyDay ago

    They sure are intelligent little birds aren’t they? Right now there’s a huge flock in the big trees outside of our house

  15. cmdmd

    cmdmdDay ago

    Yet, a bottle of champagne would knock him out.

  16. Kuato Hendrik

    Kuato HendrikDay ago

    Harus di jaga satwa yg ad di Papua mantap

  17. 바나나

    바나나Day ago

    I'm here cause I saw a crow talking to me idk what's the meaning of it

  18. peace world

    peace worldDay ago

    What the profession name of this wild sound recording 🤔

  19. CJ Jimenez

    CJ JimenezDay ago

    Barn owl : taser Screech owl : radar? 😂

  20. Balaji Tidke

    Balaji TidkeDay ago

    I inspired to looking sweet birds 🙏🌴🌳🌲&also Thank you 🙏🌴🌳🌲

  21. Stephanie Hickman

    Stephanie HickmanDay ago

    My first time doing this and i still ID birds that I see in my backyard.

  22. iAmSkilldog

    iAmSkilldogDay ago

    I love owls.

  23. Priscilla Salzberg

    Priscilla Salzberg2 days ago

    Can the Phillipine eagles be cloned or artificially inseminated to preserved the species? If they are all in one geographical location Burma, Phillipines, Indonesia and something happens in that location including fungi, soil destruction, lack of food, destruction of habitat then the entire species is wiped out. Bring them to an entirely different geographical location ie. US, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Africa, India, England. Some countries exterminate these beautiful eagles, then when they are extinct the same countries that exterminated them wonder why they are not around anymore.

  24. Priscilla Salzberg

    Priscilla Salzberg2 days ago

    I am trying to get Phillipines to bring them to somewhere other than pretty much the same area. Singapore is pretty much the same area. Let me blunt. Bring them to a European country or Canada or the U.S. or Russia. Someplace with a different culture and location than Singapore and Thailand and Phillipines. Bring them to South America then. There is tropical forest there too. I am not certain that they require rainforest. That is where they originated but with those feathers they probably could survive the cold. They don't have to be in the cold anywhere, any country. If a country ie Canada, U.S., Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, England, New Zealand, Finland, Poland, Cuba, Australia has a zoo, it can warm the indoors to the temperature suitable for the breeding pairs. There can be wildlife preserves that treat the Phillipine eagle differently. They are kept in one geographic location with one culture and when that location and culture fails the entire population dies out. If they are sent to other locations and the other locations succeed then the species will not die out. The Phillipines wants the Phillipine eagle to only live in Phillipines but they are not successful in maintaining the species. The Phillipine eagle habitat is being destroyed and they are not successfully making a comeback in captivity. They may not need a tropical forest. They DO NEED FOOD, and CLEAN WATER, NO POISONS, LAWS PROTECTING THEM.

  25. Anand G

    Anand G2 days ago

    "Black-browed babbler found in Borneo 180 years after last sighting" Patrick Barkham @ Thu 25 Feb 2021 01.00 EST writes for Guardian.

  26. tshav ntuj kaj nrig

    tshav ntuj kaj nrig2 days ago

    I laughed so hard at the 2 and 3...

  27. Ayumi *

    Ayumi *2 days ago

    When I was studying abroad in upstart NY, I had a chance to camp in Adirondacks. I was lucky to hear the wail of loons. It was over 5 years ago, but I just keep coming back to this video... That was one moment in life that will stick with me forever. One day I will come back. Thank you so much for the video! Now I work in Tokyo, but this brings me back to Adirondacks in a second :)

  28. Debra Vanderbeck

    Debra Vanderbeck2 days ago

    "Who cooks for you"

  29. Sajid pradhan

    Sajid pradhan2 days ago

    I love loon calls. I feel calm

  30. Kathy Stewart

    Kathy Stewart2 days ago


  31. Charles TKH-580

    Charles TKH-5802 days ago


  32. isabel cristinae

    isabel cristinae2 days ago

    Tem que ter em português assim não dá pra entender nada

  33. Jazz -

    Jazz -3 days ago

    Here because I’m trying to describe the sound of an owl in my English creative piece. I know what to write now- EEEEEEEEEEE

  34. Lacey Prokop

    Lacey Prokop3 days ago

    I have a question, which i have been unable to find an answer for online. When do American Crows typically mate and is their mating call anything similar to the classic Cawh cawh cawh? I have a Congress in my neighborhood these days (going on 3-4 weeks) and I don’t understand where they have all suddenly come from or why. I’m in the Four Corners of NM. I opened my back door this morning and there were easily 20-25 perched on my fence, immediately were startled, but then it was like a horror movie where more moved with that group and stooped down and flew from my rooftop and neighboring houses and they all just went from one rooftop to the next. They have been obsessively calling starting at 7am. Is this typical American Crow behavior or is it on omen (lol)? Thanks!

  35. The Driver

    The Driver3 days ago

    Barrrrred owllllll.... Damnnnnnn

  36. Devika Rani

    Devika Rani3 days ago

    This year my count was on coastal India. West coast . The day I watched the sea eagle fly over me was a great feeling.

  37. John Jordan

    John Jordan3 days ago

    The Barred owl sounds like the ghost of a dead horse.👻🐴

  38. Strilliade

    Strilliade3 days ago

    What a distinctive sound. I think some must live in my area, but I have very few memories of ever seeing any. Guess I’ll have to keep an eye out.

  39. Anjishnu

    Anjishnu3 days ago

    I love that sound!

  40. Jared Chance

    Jared Chance3 days ago

    So am guessing if you have 80x80 binoculars that's good ?? Can anyone tell if that's good!??!?

  41. Cockatiels and California birds

    Cockatiels and California birds3 days ago

    Thank you so much for hosting! It was great!

  42. Adolfito Thesinister

    Adolfito Thesinister3 days ago

    They looks like a Phoenix Bird

  43. Larry Carr

    Larry Carr3 days ago

    How do I access my list of birds?

  44. Ice_Fire

    Ice_Fire4 days ago

    Quick video hack to make the video go by 'faster.' Put the playback speed at 2, or any other that you like, and open the transcript (use the three dots near the thumbs up buttons). Then read along with the video, or just listen. Reading helps you take in the information better.

  45. gaby rodriguez

    gaby rodriguez4 days ago

    Hi from Colombia. Let me tell you this video made me be speechless at such beauty. I got it to be shown to my students to make them kind of "enrolled into birding world". I really appreciate it. How beautiful it is. I am just starting into this beautiful world and you know in my country there are many wonderful species as well. Many thanks;)

  46. Kim Dahyun28

    Kim Dahyun284 days ago

    this is exhilarating

  47. 白文鳥のひなちゃん

    白文鳥のひなちゃん4 days ago


  48. Geanne Dsouza

    Geanne Dsouza4 days ago

    So much beauty in something so little!

  49. JAY MUTAMIM#reliji

    JAY MUTAMIM#reliji4 days ago


  50. Mitchell Brennan

    Mitchell Brennan4 days ago


  51. FederalReserve Brown

    FederalReserve Brown4 days ago

    awesome work gentlemen perfect in every way

  52. Alanna

    Alanna4 days ago

    Did the barred owl jus neigh

  53. Rainbow Light

    Rainbow Light4 days ago

    Ne evolution my friend, that's a wrong way of thinking. Everything is created by Divine Presence (by Heavenly Beings)

  54. moinul islam

    moinul islam4 days ago


  55. Hamid Amrane

    Hamid Amrane4 days ago


  56. ASLI Cikarang

    ASLI Cikarang4 days ago

    Birds of papua Indonesian

  57. Dark_Charger

    Dark_Charger4 days ago

    You need a lot of people with guns to protect the birds. They would shoot the poachers

  58. xLunax

    xLunax4 days ago


  59. Completely Random

    Completely Random5 days ago

    I love the wonders of birds but those trees keep triggering my trypophobia.

  60. blue birdy

    blue birdy5 days ago

    Parotia bird of paradise dance 0:50

  61. battakh family

    battakh family5 days ago

    Very nice....👍👍👍

  62. ooo nobody gives a shit _

    ooo nobody gives a shit _5 days ago

    0:31 owl looks high af

  63. Torrex kicau

    Torrex kicau5 days ago

    bird from indonensia emang beautifully👍👍👍

  64. riasuno kaze

    riasuno kaze5 days ago

    It's amazing photos. I'm uploading cute sparrows.


    HAFIDA MATTOUHI5 days ago

    سبحان الخالق المبدع ....لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك ماقدرناك حق قدرك

  66. The kitchen boy

    The kitchen boy5 days ago

    my grandma lived on Hancock Pond in Maine and I would always come over when I was younger and at around sunset we would go sit on the dock and listen to the loons because we both loved the sound. she passed away last month. :(

  67. nilam rao

    nilam rao6 days ago

    Naughty bird 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Michele Koenig Augeri

    Michele Koenig Augeri6 days ago

    I confess that when I saw the number of countries and individuals who participated I began to weep. At a time when the biodiversity of our planet is in such danger and the news about the natural world is so often dire, this reminder that there are people everywhere around the world who care enough to notice and acknowledge the creatures with whom we share this planet was really really appreciated. Thank you so much!

  69. Chuenguey Hwang

    Chuenguey Hwang6 days ago

    Nice.Thanks for sharing.

  70. cassandra Fashano

    cassandra Fashano6 days ago

    Great fun . We saw birds that were rare and my hubby, niece and I heard owls at night

  71. Fathimath Hema

    Fathimath Hema6 days ago

    my anwsers: bac nice song birds

  72. Diaz Diaz

    Diaz Diaz6 days ago

    Indonesia...secret of paradise

  73. Lamiyah Ar-Rahman

    Lamiyah Ar-Rahman6 days ago

    This bird is doing a swaying bounce dance. Like the colors

  74. Michael Overton

    Michael Overton6 days ago

    The beautiful Agila ng Pilipinas. Translation: The beautiful Eagle of the Philippines

  75. Chloe Zhao

    Chloe Zhao6 days ago

    Incredible...and he bowed 0:14 before he started the dance!! Perfection!!!

  76. Charlotte Fonrobert

    Charlotte Fonrobert6 days ago

    beautifully done!

  77. - TriforceWill -

    - TriforceWill -6 days ago


  78. Zunair Birds

    Zunair Birds6 days ago