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  1. Go Weeb

    Go Weeb14 minutes ago

    But if you knew that the device might fail why didn't you record it when you tested it and got the other discs to work just in case? Video ruined.

  2. JUPITER 12

    JUPITER 1216 minutes ago

    hello can you put a mechanical drive?????????????

  3. wally man

    wally man20 minutes ago

    I was born in 65, and yet I don't recall these things. Strange. Maybe they were bigger hits in the UK as opposed to here in the states???

  4. Chris N

    Chris N36 minutes ago

    i'm willing to bet the lenses out of an old projection TV would fit near perfect. i have stacks just like it and they are optically perfect.

  5. john howard

    john howard39 minutes ago

    Had one

  6. BrokenSet

    BrokenSet41 minute ago

    Favorite bit, about 15:00 exactly, a bit of bathos from Kenny Everett consuming a chart-topper.

  7. deathcorelover

    deathcoreloverHour ago

    Where can you buy the blue LED thing that shows how loud it is in your room?

  8. Hungermantwo

    HungermantwoHour ago

    you can now eat music

  9. mattihp

    mattihpHour ago

    Odd thing, Donald goes camping plays as part of a christmas setlist every year in Sweden. If only half the country watches it.. it would be an off year

  10. Turrebo

    TurreboHour ago

    My laptop touch screen is scratched where the screen touches the touch pad when closed. It is tempting to try and buff it out with Brasso, but it will probably destroy the screen. No doubt someone has already tried that and put the result on USlikes.

  11. Kek5kopF

    Kek5kopFHour ago

    Before wondering why it has no power you should put in the batteries in the right orientation 4:34

  12. C M B

    C M BHour ago

    These devices were $h1t then and even $h1tter now.

  13. Vibrator !

    Vibrator !Hour ago

    PVC / acrylic mirror tiling (for bathrooms, kids' rooms) is a cheap, easily-workable material - doesn't have quite the optical clarity of glass mirror but it's night'n'day compared to the original mirrors there..

  14. william perry

    william perryHour ago

    Should be called the "record ruiner"

  15. Glenn Tang

    Glenn TangHour ago

    "Random names"? Hasn't really changed that much, at least in some industries. See: Haswell, Coffee Lake, Bulldozer, etc. Prescott has actually been reused in a CPU arch.

  16. A Birb

    A Birb2 hours ago

    I appreciate you bytecrushing your outro music. Did you use the actual HitClip recorder? Or just bytecrush it in editing software?

  17. Verrek Nog Aan Toe

    Verrek Nog Aan Toe2 hours ago

    Title says “heathy” ice cream maker. Should be freezing I guess


    ANGRY BATMAN2 hours ago

    some was using an iphone cam..crappy pic lol

  19. Kevin Loughin

    Kevin Loughin2 hours ago

    It probably doesn't really matter much to anyone, but that TL084CN chip is just a common operational amplifier, certainly not unique to CX. The 13700 chip is a very low noise specialized amplifier, maybe part of the CX system, or maybe just a low noise pre-amp for the very low voltage signals coming from the stylus. I suspect you actually have the single chip version in that cheap turntable.

  20. Mark Moffatt

    Mark Moffatt2 hours ago

    I was 2 months away from being born when that first video from the camcorder was recorded how wild

  21. NobleOmnicide

    NobleOmnicide2 hours ago

    What is that faint little blurb of audio at the end?

  22. supersaxyguy

    supersaxyguy2 hours ago

    Oh my God I had that but I had a version with a hand crank where you stared into a light source to see the cartoon. It was of Mickey Donald and Goofy hunting for ghosts.

  23. BubblePuppy

    BubblePuppy2 hours ago

    Use a auto headlight polishing kit on the mirrors.

  24. Bluehealer100

    Bluehealer1003 hours ago

    I have never seen one of these here in the US but I do have a talking view-master sitting on the shelf behind me!!!!

  25. Maintenance Bay

    Maintenance Bay3 hours ago


  26. WhyteLis21

    WhyteLis213 hours ago

    Looks more like a poor mini 1950's theater projector, rather than an actual common home consumer device to me. Lol.

  27. Geo Atavist

    Geo Atavist3 hours ago

    I had the hand-crank one with 'Mickey's Trailer' in the 70s. By 1980 I was already fully into the world of Star Wars toys.

  28. Cobalt Dragon

    Cobalt Dragon3 hours ago

    "these originally cost 69¢" nice

  29. Maintenance Bay

    Maintenance Bay3 hours ago

    15:43 Well my weekend just got booked 🎧

  30. Rob Son

    Rob Son3 hours ago

    You only have to demagnetize the readhead. I know the audio looks too bad for that but really that's all

  31. saif naqeeb

    saif naqeeb3 hours ago

    Wow that radio voice at 8:12 was...weird

  32. bumboclat

    bumboclat4 hours ago

    For everyone asking why the recording is so much gone, just try to watch a childhood VHS. magnetic recordings are just not made for eternity.

  33. SB-338 NTB

    SB-338 NTB4 hours ago

    I swear I had a dancing robot that used these cartridges but I looked at the hit clip dance bot and I know it wasn't that one. I can't seem to find the one I remember anywhere

  34. Adrien Brasseur

    Adrien Brasseur4 hours ago

    11:11 the mini disc format looks like a gamecube disc ??

  35. bumboclat

    bumboclat4 hours ago

    It's battery powered so the kids can use it during long car drives. Every parents will happily pay the price of D cells when it shuts the kids up in the back seats.

  36. Buddog18 Personal

    Buddog18 Personal5 hours ago

    was this re-uploaded? youtube I fucking saw this already!

  37. Ron DLH

    Ron DLH5 hours ago

    Great video, thanks again, a step drill would be a better option to drill the hole in the casing

  38. AllTheGearNoIdea

    AllTheGearNoIdea5 hours ago

    Your not kiss me with that beard

  39. The Worst

    The Worst5 hours ago

    🤔...What did that chap go to prison for...❓

  40. The Worst

    The Worst5 hours ago

    One actually worked...🤯🤯🤯

  41. The Worst

    The Worst5 hours ago

    He plum buffed out the scratches...🤯🤯🤯

  42. Michael Saparito

    Michael Saparito5 hours ago

    I like the idea of lights dancing to my favorite music not only at Christmas. I'm wondering if there's a product with sound sensitive programmable lights like these but for any time of year. The string of lights would have to be strung up on something in order to experience the effects properly... I'm just not sure what that would be exactly. I suppose I could string them back and forth on the wall in a big geometric shape using nails like 1970s string art. Hmmm. 🤯 But that would look terrible when they weren't lit.

  43. Michael Saparito

    Michael Saparito6 hours ago

    Updating firmware for Christmas tree... 😄

  44. James Von Blitza

    James Von Blitza6 hours ago

    No worries things break. It’s called use. Love your channel. Thank you.

  45. The Worst

    The Worst6 hours ago

    I'll only trust Sully Sullenberger for a water landing...👌🏼💯✔

  46. Royston Clark

    Royston Clark6 hours ago

    A very interesting video thanks for the info.

  47. The Worst

    The Worst6 hours ago

    I hope you got to keep it...👌🏼💯✔

  48. JRex

    JRex6 hours ago

    Me and the Bois getting into prison so we can play smash melee with a CRT

  49. Sensorium

    Sensorium6 hours ago

    Hey man. Do you still have the Muzio you reviewed in this vid? I’ll pay good money for it. I have one and I need another to make my studio setup symmetrical. They aren’t selling them anymore apparently. Let me know :)

  50. The Worst

    The Worst7 hours ago

    Seems like a brilliant device to have in an apocalyptic situation...👌🏼💯✔

  51. Abdullah Jatt

    Abdullah Jatt7 hours ago

    I have a sharp gf 777 mention in the start :D I also have 2 sets of grills for it, one set with original stickers and other without the stickers.

  52. Anthony Wake

    Anthony Wake7 hours ago

    My last mini disc recorder was purchased off ebay about 20 years ago, i got it from a soldier that apologised for the condition of it as he'd used it over in Afghanistan. The Sony recorder is bashed up but it works, although when field recording, the unit picks up its own mechanical noise. I don't care as I like that the unit has that history.

  53. PeetaPan

    PeetaPan7 hours ago

    the idea is logical, that's how they recorded when this was first invented.

  54. Random Electronics and Displays

    Random Electronics and Displays7 hours ago

    I know it was a kid's toy but the handling at the start felt quite heavy handed, lots of rough banging. It feels like one day, you'll be opening something, springs are going to fly everywhere and you won't be able to put it back together. Or maybe I'm biased from handling fragile equipment quite often.

  55. Positive Mio

    Positive Mio7 hours ago

    Well what a fantastic review as always A comparison I have always been curious about two cars, but I do admire very much would you ever do a review of your new car the Mini.

  56. mnky75

    mnky757 hours ago

    Me: I wonder if I can build one with a Raspberry Pi? Girlfriend: You have a Google Home Mini!

  57. Anthony Wake

    Anthony Wake8 hours ago

    Hey, are you that chap off youtube, another great video (definitely not a jerk) 😂😂

  58. vegsmashed

    vegsmashed8 hours ago

    I am interested in the box.

  59. David Mighty

    David Mighty8 hours ago

    In Japan, there is a disk-type magnetic recorder with Groove that Matsushita, and JVC, which was a subsidiary of Matsushita at that time, developed a product under the name "Magnafax" in the 1960s. I have seen the actual machine several times, but please refer to the web page published by the owner. The selling point was that it sounded better than the dictation machines of Grundig or Telefunken.

  60. Marty MkFly

    Marty MkFly8 hours ago

    When recording was great!!!!

  61. Kinto

    Kinto8 hours ago

    I actually quite enjoy this kind of background music

  62. The Laptop Lagger

    The Laptop Lagger8 hours ago

    Just the other day I got myself a Sony PS-FL77 front loading turntable, I'm absolutely smitten with it.

  63. Clive Flint

    Clive Flint9 hours ago

    Be aware that currently DPD are charging import tax of £72.65 on top of the price which included TVA of £66.65. Got to love Brexit for making stuff more expensive. This would also mean that any extra cassettes ordered would suffer the same extra payment.

  64. Iidi Knavely

    Iidi Knavely9 hours ago

    it sounded excellent to me too .

  65. David Mitchell

    David Mitchell9 hours ago

    Seen one of these for £4,000 on ebay. I certainly would not pay that kind of money.

  66. Orias X

    Orias X10 hours ago

    This is very cool,I’ve never knew something like this exists so thanks for the video!

  67. Penny Carter

    Penny Carter10 hours ago

    David Cameron said a few years ago when he was talking about going over to DAB only he didn't realise how much of the UK couldn't receive it. Here in Mid Wales I can't get many of the stations

  68. swiftpotato

    swiftpotato10 hours ago

    I had the Disney Movie viewer hand cranked machine with Herby, Goofy and The Rescuers. Good memories, keeping them at that too. Although it would be great to mod the cinema with a mini projector, Raspberry Pi and a small screen.

  69. Spintechfilms

    Spintechfilms10 hours ago

    Watching Techmoan build something is legit the most peaceful thing ever to watch

  70. Raccoon Soft

    Raccoon Soft10 hours ago

    Wish batterys looked like that nowadays because those look awesome

  71. Robeon Mew

    Robeon Mew10 hours ago

    Doesn't Casette mean the same thing as a cigarette? cigar <> case? Ergo cassette tape means a small case of tape?

  72. Oliver Wright

    Oliver Wright11 hours ago

    I have a old carver amp that I use for my main setup, and it has the same motorized volume knob, except it has a little green led on the end. Never gets old watching it.

  73. art and crafts show with gaurav

    art and crafts show with gaurav11 hours ago


  74. non ya

    non ya11 hours ago

    Man aiwa used to make the best headphones

  75. PC No

    PC No11 hours ago

    When I was in 1st grade, during the second half of the school year, which would have been the spring of 1968, they had super-8 cartridge projectors in the school library which looked and worked very similarly to this machine, only they were much more substantial. They had similar loop cartridges with things like time-elapsed sequences of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. I wonder it these were built under the same patent licenses, or if the patents had expired by 1973.

  76. Shane Ramiller

    Shane Ramiller12 hours ago

    I have Sony one that shockproof and water-resistant

  77. André Fiset

    André Fiset12 hours ago

    20 years ago i spend over 10k$ of transistorized equipment from a hi-fi shop the sellers also said tubes are garbage. Now i am all tubed and my ears and wallet thanks me.

  78. Tim Hagedorn

    Tim Hagedorn12 hours ago

    kids nowadays: it can't even get 60fps

  79. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith12 hours ago

    Would Bare Metal foil, as used on scale models to replicate chrome plated parts, work to replace the mirrored finish on the plastic parts?

  80. George Twigge

    George Twigge12 hours ago

    They are the best