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  1. The Spark

    The Spark4 hours ago

    Most shots are within his normal "reach area", it´s when a goalkeeper reacts to shots outside of his standing reach on a consistent basis that clubs become interested.

  2. Ernesto Jacinto

    Ernesto Jacinto9 hours ago

    Reinildo, Mocambique esta contigo...


    LENON OFICIAL10 hours ago

    Tuve que verlo aquí porque Pietra hace sangrar mis oídos

  4. Nathaniel Hart [Student]

    Nathaniel Hart [Student]10 hours ago

    lets go marcelos getting upgraded

  5. manuel rueda

    manuel rueda11 hours ago

    Viva la france

  6. Mutenda Jaoharah Mugalu

    Mutenda Jaoharah Mugalu13 hours ago

    Wow that is a good song💓💕

  7. Mr JOKER

    Mr JOKER14 hours ago

    Where is the NEYMAR. I don't know

  8. Nisanur Nama

    Nisanur Nama16 hours ago

    Gomis geri gel 😭❤💛

  9. Alaa Kurdi

    Alaa Kurdi19 hours ago


  10. • NoUserName •

    • NoUserName •20 hours ago

    Thats the worst feeling as a goalkeeper

  11. Ma Khin

    Ma Khin23 hours ago

    Save myanmar

  12. telescope

    telescopeDay ago

    2:52 Как всегда легендарная защита МОНАКО в действии (африканский зоопарк)

  13. Friedrich Nietzsche

    Friedrich NietzscheDay ago

    Hope lille win the title fuck psg

  14. papadajnia 1184

    papadajnia 1184Day ago

    Lewandowski ballon dor!!!!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  15. papadajnia 1184

    papadajnia 1184Day ago

    Lewandowski ballon dor!!!!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  16. papadajnia 1184

    papadajnia 1184Day ago

    Lewandowski ballon dor!!!!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  17. Heyublueup

    HeyublueupDay ago

    Up the villa

  18. Wewe Wowo

    Wewe WowoDay ago

    Goal de tunisien 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳✊🏿

  19. Joker Joker

    Joker JokerDay ago

    Aah L'arbitrage Français

  20. Deep Voice

    Deep VoiceDay ago

    Canada in the house 🇨🇦

  21. Romata

    RomataDay ago

    bien jouer a toi mais jte bois 1v1 #humour

  22. AFK *

    AFK *Day ago

    Yazıcı is the best

  23. Hamim hadi k

    Hamim hadi kDay ago

    Did you get this refree fron isl 😅

  24. Zulfa Daude

    Zulfa DaudeDay ago

    Mexer tho🔥🔥✅

  25. Recep Cecen

    Recep CecenDay ago

    Beyler burak nerde?

  26. Alibaba group21

    Alibaba group21Day ago

    Some people like Zlatan doesnt deserve to live a good life because he always play dirty game but this is how the world is.

  27. Ninja Tepz YT

    Ninja Tepz YTDay ago

    Lol that referee is really crazy

  28. Андрей Арсеньев

    Андрей АрсеньевDay ago


  29. Awab Adam

    Awab AdamDay ago

    this Ligue is better than what people think

  30. Martín Palacín

    Martín Palacín2 days ago

    Allez PSG...

  31. Ravi Desai

    Ravi Desai2 days ago

    No words for ligueone

  32. g u

    g u2 days ago


  33. Gabriel Pazmino

    Gabriel Pazmino2 days ago

    those 2 goals were so bad

  34. Gabriel Pazmino

    Gabriel Pazmino2 days ago

    at this point Marseille have no chance of making it top 5

  35. ara messi

    ara messi2 days ago

    love this guy

  36. Alfie Lee

    Alfie Lee2 days ago

    I love how this is not a comment section on Nice-Nimes. Its a comment section on Lees-Melou's card on Fifa.

  37. safwan zidan

    safwan zidan2 days ago

    Mandanda who spoilt the 3points match . Victory was obligatory but

  38. Aemilius

    Aemilius2 days ago

    L’olympique lyonnais est quand même le seul olympique ❤️💙

  39. İsmail Honey

    İsmail Honey2 days ago

    Burak nerelerde ya

  40. Naim Che

    Naim Che2 days ago

    Yusuf 1 dk sonra yok oldu a.g heralde gene oyundan aldılar :D

  41. INFINITY 1996

    INFINITY 19962 days ago

    Captain PSG

  42. Fer Bejarano

    Fer Bejarano2 days ago

    Le quito el gol😅

  43. Dalessandro Colas

    Dalessandro Colas2 days ago

    Memphis Depay idole love you ❤️

  44. ??

    ??2 days ago


  45. Elio Camaratta

    Elio Camaratta2 days ago

    Ponga huevo Lorient.

  46. Nycolas Rafael Garcia

    Nycolas Rafael Garcia2 days ago

    Barça will beat psg like this game

  47. Keith Lowe

    Keith Lowe2 days ago

    Great goal Fred. Hurry back to us....up the Villa ...AVFC

  48. Qyu - Vyu

    Qyu - Vyu2 days ago

    Portugal gold player in the world


    LORD PENNA2 days ago


  50. Balık Reis

    Balık Reis2 days ago


  51. Nico Bla

    Nico Bla2 days ago

    Don't understand. Isn't that a superb tackle from Metz player ? 😅

  52. たいすけ

    たいすけ2 days ago


  53. I love scarスカー

    I love scarスカー2 days ago

    私は日本人ですが、川島は本当に素晴らしいゴールキーパーだと思います アリガトウゴザイマスthank you!

  54. Aquack Aquak

    Aquack Aquak2 days ago

    Why is everyone asking for an upgrade. what game is everyone playing ???

  55. こんぽた

    こんぽた2 days ago


  56. ヨッシー

    ヨッシー2 days ago


  57. ああ

    ああ2 days ago


  58. 白色ワセリン

    白色ワセリン2 days ago

    Eiji Kawashima 🙌🙌🔝🔝

  59. Bullkathos

    Bullkathos2 days ago

    KeyLORD Navas mejor del mundo

  60. Jacopo Mastrogiacomo

    Jacopo Mastrogiacomo2 days ago

    lees melou pls up

  61. Levels

    Levels2 days ago

    Up the flipping Villa.

  62. Hunter _ Hamsi

    Hunter _ Hamsi2 days ago

    This is nothing Watch 4 red cards in 3 minutes in Turkey Super Ligue

  63. erick martinez

    erick martinez2 days ago

    canada has some interesting players

  64. Issiaka Adamou

    Issiaka Adamou2 days ago

    Ale les lisiene

  65. Paulo Roberto Vaz

    Paulo Roberto Vaz2 days ago


  66. DeBuDDi

    DeBuDDi3 days ago

    wp lille, hope lille can fight with psg

  67. Aztecax

    Aztecax3 days ago

    This league is a joke

  68. Marco Castelli

    Marco Castelli3 days ago

    Always happy to see the "Judas" Thauvin losing to Lille. ALLEZ LE LOSC !!!!!

  69. Henrique Santos

    Henrique Santos3 days ago

    No ano passado psg fez 5 a 1 nesse time ae

  70. met met

    met met3 days ago

    nagatomoooo 💛💖 we miss you dear Japan , huge loves


    KM ASSASIN3 days ago

    nice play

  72. Neal Thomas

    Neal Thomas3 days ago

    I played this angers team on dream leuge

  73. Futbol

    Futbol3 days ago

    Lan tek bu maça gelmişşiniz yusuf yazıcı için kesinn

  74. pavel olgiati

    pavel olgiati3 days ago

    Goloviiin is the best

  75. FootballReload

    FootballReload3 days ago

    0:37 The people who thought the other red card came from the keeper booting the ball at Cavani 😂

  76. Felipe Marques

    Felipe Marques3 days ago

    remember when psg try to win ucl with lavezzi, pastore and jesse rodrugues

  77. Dominic Harvey

    Dominic Harvey3 days ago


  78. trash compostor

    trash compostor3 days ago

    Can this vid add the time like 45 min etc

  79. Saxon Jedi

    Saxon Jedi3 days ago

    nicely done gulibert

  80. Alfred The Great, King Of Wessex

    Alfred The Great, King Of Wessex3 days ago

    Navas 🇨🇷 ❤️