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Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera

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  1. Roblox Boy

    Roblox Boy18 hours ago


  2. Rodena Abdelsalam

    Rodena Abdelsalam18 hours ago

    Alex is not fat and he is cute

  3. ashley ware

    ashley ware18 hours ago

    hi i love u and ur sisters vloges

  4. Musrrat Shaheen

    Musrrat Shaheen18 hours ago

    Done done done

  5. Ratari Grazette

    Ratari Grazette18 hours ago


  6. Tushar Dagar

    Tushar Dagar18 hours ago

    The song for jatie was dope broo 🥰🤙🤙

  7. Lakshya Sharma

    Lakshya Sharma18 hours ago

    Bro ur really bad at pranks

  8. Thea Faour

    Thea Faour18 hours ago

    L love hes hair end he is a Nice pearsen end dont lisen to some

  9. Kavya Jain

    Kavya Jain18 hours ago

    04:22 omg lexxxxxxiiiiiii🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. aizen gaspar

    aizen gaspar18 hours ago

    alex is cute

  11. vanessa ramsey

    vanessa ramsey18 hours ago

    You should be spending your birthday alone BECAUSE OF THE PANDEMIC

  12. Miranda Wysocki

    Miranda Wysocki18 hours ago

    compliment for alex nice shirt!

  13. Samiksha Shrestha

    Samiksha Shrestha18 hours ago


  14. Hanna Friedlander

    Hanna Friedlander18 hours ago


  15. lion gammer

    lion gammer18 hours ago

    Happy birthday Brent 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊

  16. Xoxo Xoxo

    Xoxo Xoxo18 hours ago


  17. Swathi Shetty

    Swathi Shetty18 hours ago

    It's exactly why girls have harder than boys:))

  18. ryan galbraith

    ryan galbraith18 hours ago

    Done you are the best

  19. Emlyn Joseph

    Emlyn Joseph18 hours ago

    "COUPLE SEASON BUT I AM ALWAYS ALONE" Pierson:uh uh uh what what?what about me?am i the grandma?or the clain nome? idk what that clain nome means but thats what i heard lol

  20. Iko Yimmo

    Iko Yimmo18 hours ago

    He is kind

  21. Shakira Ward the boxer

    Shakira Ward the boxer18 hours ago

    Done 😁

  22. Thea Faour

    Thea Faour18 hours ago

    Alex is cool en pritty end he is so so so so å good twin

  23. Isabella Gutierrez

    Isabella Gutierrez18 hours ago

    Brent:I think we should take this to the other level Smacks with broom* Lexi:that’s what u get

  24. Maritta Gostanian

    Maritta Gostanian18 hours ago

    There is one million like, where is the video for you marring Pierson for 24 hours?

  25. Ida Love

    Ida Love18 hours ago

    House tour plsss

  26. Joshua John

    Joshua John18 hours ago

    alex ur a good guy

  27. Emlyn Joseph

    Emlyn Joseph18 hours ago

    c'mon Lexi just learn his name it is not that hard!!!! it is B R E N T !! BRENT JUST LEARN OR U WILL MAKE HIM SMAD (SAD+MAD=SMAD) LOL

  28. LOL with me Bryson G

    LOL with me Bryson G18 hours ago

    Lysol got the prank idea in Jeremy from drake and Josh lol😂😂😂

  29. Rosie Brennan

    Rosie Brennan18 hours ago

    I need a boyfriend to have sex with 😘😘😘😍❤❤

  30. Rosie Brennan

    Rosie Brennan19 hours ago


  31. Rosie Brennan

    Rosie Brennan19 hours ago

    I love when people fall in love with me

  32. Angelina A

    Angelina A19 hours ago

    And by the way done I'm done subscribing and giving a👍 all the best for your future's😂😁

  33. Jan Paelinck

    Jan Paelinck19 hours ago


  34. Mae Walker

    Mae Walker19 hours ago

    Brent over here hyperventilating

  35. Colin Deuber

    Colin Deuber19 hours ago


  36. Aarti Kumari

    Aarti Kumari19 hours ago


  37. Sanjida Sikander

    Sanjida Sikander19 hours ago

    4:22 Everyone: Best friends or something else????? Me: Obviously something else!

  38. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian Rodriguez19 hours ago

    It’s at 1 MILLION

  39. Angelina A

    Angelina A19 hours ago

    In this point I even think alex will get a girl while Alen does nothing but it also can be opposite because Alex just likes to prank that he likes people but it ends up back fireing for him

  40. Tony Zakour

    Tony Zakour19 hours ago


  41. Rosie Brennan

    Rosie Brennan19 hours ago

    I love all of your videos and I have sub to u

  42. Irene Song

    Irene Song19 hours ago

    I am so sorry Alex that so much people were mean but I think you are wonderful and cheerful always full of emotion!

  43. Angelina A

    Angelina A19 hours ago

    And brent that goes to you too* sadly Pierson might become Jeremy's Jeremy don't worry you'll easily get girls while ben dom brent will be left alone

  44. Bella Davis

    Bella Davis19 hours ago


  45. Shamwara Panton

    Shamwara Panton19 hours ago

    Lexi won the wrap battle

  46. Aradhya Thakkar

    Aradhya Thakkar19 hours ago

    Who else just love Christmas anyways

  47. Kosi John

    Kosi John19 hours ago

    he's Alexander in the movie Alexandra irl, and isaac in light as a feather

  48. Axa Maria Alphonsa

    Axa Maria Alphonsa19 hours ago

    "Done", BTW, love your videos brent.

  49. Debs Wilson

    Debs Wilson19 hours ago

    Jonas Brothers and Shawn Mendes

  50. sk gamer lord

    sk gamer lord19 hours ago

    ❤ love from US

  51. Matthew Kennedy

    Matthew Kennedy19 hours ago


  52. Kimberly Hama

    Kimberly Hama19 hours ago


  53. Juan Miguel Mesina

    Juan Miguel Mesina19 hours ago

    I hate dj hes a show up like if you doo

  54. Benson Dagbey

    Benson Dagbey19 hours ago

    Who thinks pirson is beautiful than eva , eva jealouse bierson

  55. 10 minute crafts 123 go

    10 minute crafts 123 go19 hours ago

    It worked

  56. Leilana A

    Leilana A19 hours ago

    you are sooo cute Brent 🥰

  57. Kristal_ Editz

    Kristal_ Editz19 hours ago

    He’s a sidekick the first one I Saw and then I was like he’s a sidekick

  58. Bella Boylan

    Bella Boylan19 hours ago


  59. Benson Dagbey

    Benson Dagbey19 hours ago

    Done and done

  60. maricarmen arriaga

    maricarmen arriaga19 hours ago

    Brent win the rap batle

  61. Sadie Kalidonis

    Sadie Kalidonis19 hours ago


  62. Angelina A

    Angelina A19 hours ago

    You better ask her out before she goes to ben

  63. Alexia Zenington

    Alexia Zenington19 hours ago

    Sorry for not saying this sooner, but happy belated birthday 🎁 🎂 🍰 Brent! I hope you had an amazing birthday and that’s this was just a prank

  64. Olea Campos

    Olea Campos19 hours ago

    I love Christmas and the song was so good and the puppy was super cute that was mostly why I watched this video

  65. Angelina A

    Angelina A19 hours ago

    Ohhh dom dom dom why don't you just confess your feelings to sophie c'mon man your loosing your chance

  66. Candice Rand

    Candice Rand19 hours ago


  67. let's create! with Manju

    let's create! with Manju19 hours ago


  68. Angelina Asarisi

    Angelina Asarisi19 hours ago

    I would go back to 3rd grade

  69. Aamukta Moturi

    Aamukta Moturi19 hours ago

    My parents are a mix of both


    HECTOR DIAZ19 hours ago

    DONE!!!! Brent I’m such a huge fan of you I watch your videos all the time!!!!! Vines they are so funny keep up the good work❤️❤️❤️❤️

  71. Frank Columbo

    Frank Columbo19 hours ago

    How are growth and I’ll run.

  72. jolie 322

    jolie 32219 hours ago

    you used 6 songs that i love

  73. Remie Gracie

    Remie Gracie19 hours ago

    alex i love your smile <3

  74. Free_ wxlly

    Free_ wxlly19 hours ago

    I actually like being single so much freedom


    COUNTRY KNOWLEDGE19 hours ago


  76. MrMicroPicks

    MrMicroPicks19 hours ago

    looks like the broom worked

  77. Benas J

    Benas J19 hours ago


  78. Mahnoor Imran

    Mahnoor Imran19 hours ago

    Lysm ( love yall sooo much)